Jeep cherokee- liberty (kk) service of preventive maintenance:

JEEP CHEROKEE-LIBERTY (KK) Service of preventive maintenance:


Heron – Greetings from Mexico, thanks for the contributions, I have a doubt: see install adriatic cooler of acceptance of transmission to jeep liberty 2013, I live in the frontier north and the climate is extreme very hot and cold question is not we Are not in Occasions Temperatures of 0? Thank you!!!

TV rating – Hahaha the ojitos where you want dirty hahaha

TV rating – Hahaha ojitos and ojitos well donated hahaha greetings … to mexican from chicago. USA Friend of me videos friend

Mary da silva – Hello Felipe I just bought a KK and I do not want to meet me, I do not???

Bad pacheco – Good afternoon, we have a lot of time, but we have a lot of things to do. That we go to sea we can hope for more

Alvaro Javier Vergara – Well angry this maintenance but they were passed as they rode the slap of the trasision

Jorge tahan – I have a jeep kk 2009, sometimes my box glides and when he gets heavy if he picks up the truck, when he gives me a walk in her hag What can I do? Thank you..

Pedro guerra – Good night Felipe I hope you can have me on a jeep kk 2009 but I do not like the electro fan of this work only when it laughs the temperatureura the moment to attach the air conditioner? I have noticed that it activates the Electro motor for a Period of time and the fan of the motor is sequestered on high. I hope you can help me.

Ramon acosta – If you are not drinking water, it is free from chilled water and chilled water, as well as chilli, from chorro) conditioned area no, ah You did not try the national soda.

Andrew Zack – Good friends bark, great video and a great job … by Jeep Liberty (KK) in the area of ​​Miami or Broward who has worked as a professional? Here there is the disassembly of the tapas and there is a complete cleaning as The video. If you can recommend me somebody!

Walth C.A.G.S – Good night friend I have a jeep liberty 2008 I have a problem and I will not be jalonea and if I am hoping and reading my comment yesta yuapu yes Work greetings since durango Mexico

Yadira almeida – Brother and I have a liberty and the enchanted light the serv4WD ABS and EPS

Cesar gdzs – What accepted for front and rear axle

Marco ayala – Good afternoon, friends I have a KK 2009 4×4 service, I imagine you are having that with the acceptance of transmission and the transfer. Can review?

Juan Carlos Pinero Ysea – Excellent video that I have seen many times with me However, before starting the specific maintenance with the box, I would like to consult them: since the boss has hacked the box has my tricks, the saloon of the workshop with a functioning of the same I’ve revisited his character and is a little bit like a silicon, but a boot. In the Jeep of Valencia I understand the "valve of neutral" and the "harness of pressure" based on the Justification of which the box was accepted. My question is really just that: box of acceptance by those pieces.

Marco dugarte – Hello, happy day. I need you support I have a KK 2013 4×4 when I use it when the weather is inclined. area of ​​It and the recirculation. The area of ​​the area is evaporated by the area The temperature of the Area is the lake of Buena fortuna

Steve Santamaria Tapia – From La Paz Bolivia. Thanks for the very instructive video. Question that is okay? I have a jeep liberty 2009.
That’s the kind of fluid brake I recommend. I need to make these changes. Very nice and grateful for the data.

Spider angel – Hey friend these tricky betrays gasoline filter?

Frank Ekmeiro – Hello and I want to meet you very much.

Ocean air – These jeep his extreme complicated cars and bags

RONALD E 7 E – I have a cherokke kk 2012 when I start the carousel like a turbine in the box only when I change the first second normal or serious grace

Ricardo diaz – Thanks for the videos that give me my help as for example

Rainner rivas – Congratulations on your video, very interesting information. If I place them in Caracas how do I do? I have a KK 2010 and I want to get some maintenance.

Jairo rincon – Friend I am buying a jeep kk 2010 with 90 thousand kilometers that will recommend worth the buylas ??

Ocean air – Cars for bags, complicated and expensive, those cars

Carlos Rodriguez – Best friend Felipe, really one learns every day with your excellent channel videos. The friend friend Philip, I have a great Jeep Cherokee 4.7L V8 year 2001. I propelled the machine by a recalent and damaged pistons and chambers. Now the slow-moving Truck is perfect for the moment when I put "D" in the revolution at 400 rpm and then as if it was going to fade, but it starts off well and there are changes with normality (now you don ‘Do not Have It The Truck Takes Care of the Small Business When It Stops It.Greetings since Maracay.

Gregor rojas – LO that I saw in the video was high professionalism, an excellent work and a great moderator, very didactic, congratulations.

Armando Meliton Lopez Rizo – God blends them friend felpe you and his companions for sharing their greetings from Mexico

Leandra useche – Friend will be able to regain me sunumero of phone
To see if I will do your business for all the maintenance of acceptance in the engine and the box

Telmo Ocampo Carracelas – How is I want and the maintenance?.

Christopher logan – Good friend I have a cooler 8 tubes just how to know how to to know the same way

Rafael urbina palaces – Solo the complete dick the bomb because the dick seems to get footprint to the bomb and does not come out, looks

Oskar ramirez – I have a Dodge Nitro 2007 3.7 4×4 engine that works with no sensor in the dashboard. It only happened to me when I went from 20 km to 40 km away from the back of the back, as if driven from behind, forward Accelerating there is left him. Some times there is the hit and the other, what will fall? From agreement you would have experienced that .. If I would appreciate it. Greetings from Monterrey Nuevo Leon Mexico


Benjamin sanchez gums – How to be able to pound a workshop?

Juarez wheels – How to change the light ahead of the boomer ???

Ennio alessandrini – Excellent explanation! Thank you

Wolf channel – Regards! Did you have a video to see how to install this cooler? por favor.

FRANCIS ARAUCANO – Very good video driver congratulations

Antonio Gallegos – I am from Aguascalientes, Mexico. Follow and congratulate your friends. I have a doubt that there are laughs with my liberty. … it happens that the electric fan (not a fan clutch), there are cycles of encased And erased normal to reach the 102 centigrade degrees. So there are 2 or 3 times without trouble. After that, again bringing them back to 102/103 degrees, he meets the fan, and he goes out that he was the trucketa. In refrigerant temperature sensing, the thermostat, in which changing what can be the cause of this symptom. Has the past gone to any occasion this same problem? Thanks for your comments and keep it up … best wishes!!

Jairo alvarado silva – Good afternoon friend, I see that you have experience with the Liberty, I see the problem in my heart, the presence of the head of the body, and the presence of the head of the body. You have any idea that could be?

Emilio batoni – I am in barquisimeto

Emilio batoni – Great friend videos like I can communicate with you

Angel cambero – Friend where I can get this manual repair

Wolf channel – Every time I change and I accept and clear the differences ?, My tricks have only the back and I am making noises when there are changes and I move back and I have a certain inclination of his sweat against.

Victor Antonio Branco Gomez – Good day, where is this workshop located?

Antony slim – What do you think about second bro? … if you are interested in any other car?

Mauricio montero – Good morning. I’m looking for a workshop and it looks like if it was closed. Is this information correct? If no, where can I find it? Thank you


Eduardo perez – Hello felipe I have a liberty kk of 2012 and when I climb mountains and I accept this transmission you can help me with the video and an additional cooler and like him. Greetings from Chile Eduardoeduardo.perez.mec@gmail

Hello felipe, congratulations from Chile by your videos,
His educative very, I have a liberty kk 2012, when i climb series takes themselves
The indication of high temperature in acceptance of transmission, for what he
Verify is necessary add to cooler additional, there in one of your videos
Commented that will explain how to install one and if you can recommend me
Model thank you, I hope you read this message FRIEND GREETINGS
From chile Hello Felipe, congratulations from Chile by your videos,
His educative very, I have a liberty kk 2012, when i climb series takes themselves
The indication of high temperature in acceptance of transmission, for what he
Verify is necessary add to cooler additional, there in one of your videos
Commented that will explain how to install one and if you can recommend me
Model thank you, I hope you read this message FRIEND GREETINGS
From chile

Oscar – Very good information, a good friend, I have a fallback in the code p1745, and if the fall, which would be recommended

Manuel Alexander Rodríguez Flores – I’m from Puerto Ordaz …? Do you know anyone in this area? … Greetings and Thank you very much….

Manuel Alexander Rodríguez Flores – Excellent video …. I am about to buy the Cherokee 2009 truck and I have been investigating about the same …. Do you think this is a good idea? Cherokke 2009 is so you can help me decide I am just in this Process …. Greetings and I hope you can help me with your sincere opinion….

Pablo bazan – And I can not do it any more

Pablo bazan – Buenos Aires as i can communicate with me i have the code p0882 and i appear pending the code p0755 and i insert the workshop that is falling from selenoides but i will tell you the code p0882 i will tell you that it is eenal debil del tcm and i want to do it if you can help me

Juan lives – Good brother give me your number for contact thank you

Gloria civira – Hello Very good afternoons where he finds his workshop mr felipe I have a jeep cherokee 2009 kk and they tell me that I have the damaged box

Martin González Martínez – Regards Teacher thank you for such excellent videos .. from Rosarito Baja California Mexico…

Chief hector – I congratulate you friend. As a result, he works with mechanics with love and dedication to his work by his iconic as mechanics. What do you want to have in Chile? good to have good there should be

Adrian hernandez – Hello, I have a question and I have the Jeep Liberty mod 2005. The I put the speed drive and the tugs the starting the exchange of the engine and the differential back differential will be the problem of the transmission of the guide My problem q. Great salute videos from Saltillo Coahuila Mexico

Marine mihair – Excellent video I have a Jeep Cherokee KK 2009 was perfect conditions break me the water handle the accomodation now begins to reheat that will be that is succeeding? Thank you

Juan José Rodríguez Aguado – Excellent work, here is broken into many paradigms with respect to the changes of acceptance of automatic and differential transmissions, as well as the 4×4, the theme of which is the exchange is accepted by the box (automatic transmission). We have vehicles (Silverados, LuvDmax, Great Cherokee, Ranger, etc. until 2011) are the 100 thousand km, so you have these preventive maintenance? Oh, I would like to see how to replace the liquid of the litter.

Andres leon – Good afternoon friend, I have a cherokee kk 2010, I would like to have a consultation, I am located in San Juan de los Morros, there is something to communicate with me, thanks.

Alf c – Hello Felipe, thanks for sharing so much information and videos.
I am looking for the change of acceptance and my filter for my CHEROKEE 3.7 Lts 2012 (Liberty), I would like to check that it would be easier to check the level of my misery. The factory rod of medication.
From already thank you very much and greetings from Argentina.

Eddson crossbowmen – Good night friend I know you have a lot more than you know and I want to change my kk 4×2 to 4×4 The constant is 4×4 button the thank you if you communicate with me 0424-6863544

Gratia fajardo – Where are you from?

Raphael v. – Thanks for sharing. you ask 1) the cleanliness of the differential group, is it able to pierce with pistol of area of ​​washed gasoline? 2) How many extra liters will the box contain when it is the additional box radiator? Thank you.

J proding – Friend use ARENA OF PLAYA there is nothing better than the arena

Miguel garcia – Good night friend Philip your videos I am of great help I would like to contact you for a quote and a quote for my email greetings Miguel García

Ariel acosta – Very good all felipe thanks !!

Arickson caba – My Jeep Liberty 2011 there’s my gasoline that can do ?

Freddy dragee – Thanks for the video salutes to the blessings

Banggood truck officials – Greetings from Mexico: michoacan is a mechanic very good and knows how to do things as a result! And they help you better in our vehicles!!

Arming fences – Gas station
Udos friend has a problem with a filter of a great cheroke 2008 and no where is a filed el filtration

Michael arias – Hello good day greetings whence your workshop and how much it costs all the fluid exchange service graceful video

Brian robles – Felipe wants to install the cooler to the transmission of a compass for you has 150 thousand kilometers and it has not changed and already! You will recommend it?

Yerson araujo – Ha Dios mio to buy all and now back to be born jjj

AUTOMOTIVE DIAGNOSTIC ARTEAGA – Good solo that the assistant should be using the acidic solvent he is using

Leonardo Vega – I do not know that my family, but very good, there is my time to consult, but this is KK how many militons had to do and serve this full tan? looks! and very good changed video

Hector enrique – Friend of a question you want to have with the video, I have a jeep WJ 1999 engine 4.0, I am currently running the engine with me all over because I break the piston, the slap that applies the accepted index of 10w30, I always have 15w40 since that time, when the disarmed held in the form of slam Of motor ?

Ronald rojas – Great video Very professional You are trustful of the work that hacks them into losers. I would like to know that part of caracas are located.

Hernan E. Millan N. – The first fall was the A / C which is not cold, the theme of the burn-out stop lights and the rear windshield wiper once activated, not even the car wiping out. In the meantime, they will have to change the TIPM (fusiblera And some things will come back as they trigger the other between the windshield wipers in the solution and the other way. Could you give me a light please, thank you Im very much fascinated . with the truck.

Noreyda of araujo – Hi greetings since my vzla darling a question i have a jeep liberty 2011 but is presented to me failita. I hope you can help me when you can not wait for me.

Hector enrique – It is possible to clean the radiator with this liquid that cleans the plastic deposit ?

Carlos Veliz – Excellent work !!! If you’ve been in the Cherokee area, you’ll be able to check out the bill, and you’ll be able to save your time in the city. There you have I want to congratulate you. We I’m from Barquisimeto and I would like to take my life with you, now my life is vibrating, is it difficult to wake up with the workshop? The reason why I’m from the Inside.

Gustavo enrique lozada zamora – Good night buy, which accepts the engine will lift the koke 2011.The buy with 120000 hard thanks

333drako – What a pity that you in Esten in Colombia was one of the hacks to change the face of the world and when you had it all Check why not in repair all change.
Your congratulations are fascinated by your videos in Colombian words-your friends have a hard time with them.

Eduard E. Vargas. R – Good afternoons I have a great cherokee 2007 the scan says high entry in the tcm another fall of the price of gasoline this good time but the deletes in the past 100 kms and or splits by the escape I tried and it is good. I BELIEVE THAT MY TRUCK IF THE CAN TAKE GREEN CANES JAJA WATCHES MANY VIDEOS FROM YOU ARE HUGE I HAVE HELPED TO CONCEIVE MY TRUCK

Victor jimenez – Brother the kk how many liters of accept the motor thanks by the auda

Emiliano morón – I would like to have my great cherokee 2006 limited, deep and assemble the master kit that you have the burden of the mine 04265179728

Cesar reyyez gomez – Excellent videos should explain very well the prosediomientos that seden yevar just greetings since mexico

Andersson goncalves – Excellent video !!! It is important to remember that it is important to remember that it is necessary that it hacks it correctly. keep climbing videos that his super interesting.

Ivan Villamizar – Good night friend where are you located in workshop?

Carlo gear – Good morning, esteemed I have a liberty kk 2008 4×2 has 170 thousand kilometers only owner, as you know the same in the treats bar of the box, the use of the truck is normal, inside the city, the carry a mechanic certified Jeep There I will not worry. I want to know if I accept it, thanks

Jonathan ramirez – Hello cheers, great video … that direction keeps in caracas? some phone?

Damian eduardo benitez – Sos a capo in the jeep materia

Damian eduardo benitez – Hello friend you have some video rolling and testing the Cherokee kk heating circuit 2011

Douglas lopez – So we have recently commented on the subject of a workshop of jeep agency, which we do not recommend to make the drain and change of acceptance of the box of speeds, that there is of certain in this, the soil will be the opinion. slanted Thank you.

Ascanium efrain – Friend delights me professionalism, I have a jeep compass 2007, I have the light of extended service, a friend of me scans and throws me code P0198 and P0038, who will know what you will buy for me and make the change, Aside from the Need I’m sorry that I had the answer, I hope the answer is excellent, excellent professional Excellent videos. I want to marry you workshop.

OMAR VELARDE – I wish here in Tijuana Baja California Mexico there would be a workshop as you would like it to be done with you FD AUTOMOTIVE you very well

Omar vw – Simply excellent Felipe Dios you are these talented companions that you have

Adrian lopez – Very well ticher excellent grasias

Raul villarroel – Good afternoon, very good video, but I have a question, the acceptance of the differential of the factory is the light truck is the mineral placement, are there any way to affect the performance of the different?, Looks, excellent contribution Work.


Williams erazo – Excellent videos as always friend Felipe Abreu, greeting from the thumb of central america "EL SALVADOR".
Anonymous companion with the social political situation … enriched goal Dios do not affect you work…
Wanted when you could have automatic transmission CVT, easytronic, robotized..
We wanted to see you by step by step….
Greetings have you outfit ali and emerson … ahhhh and little eyes … and BAGAVUNDO …. hahahahaha

Jesus david medina arcila – Excellent highly professionals

Daniel Lopez – Thanks for the videos

Victor bolivar – Friend Philip, if he accepts it from the box it is taken and that it is in the cage, it does not matter that it is contaminated in the turbine?

Victor bolivar – What is this type of stuff in The Differential? Then that cleans the differential differential loops lo dry it with rag?

Victor bolivar – Friend Philip who is willing to consult the technical information of the vehicles (diagrams, specifications, etc.)

A. Mak – Felipe remains the reason, the fundamental is the preventive maintenance. I am a satisfied customer to sweat, understood a Cherokee KK used for my wife. Felipe did, Aly Emerson does not compare to anything he had seen in mechanical workshop someone; This is an The gratitude of the mica of work and the compromise, of the fluids, electricity, mechanics, sled of the until the burned stop bombillo. I have a wife with a trick that It is invaluable and you have a great moral principle, the success of the world, we see for the next maintenance.!

Edgar A.B – Unite consulted. The tube that takes the heat of the automatic transmission is very doubled. What can you get to have? I can leave there?

Jose Colonel – Excellent you video hope that follow forward mr felipe from valencia wanted to contact me to review my cherokee kk and give me a budget for all preventive maintenance the trucketa has 50 thousand kilometers

Healtha ramirez – Good video friend Felipe I admired him .. greetings from tijuana baja california mexico.

Hector duke – Due to these light trucks to sleep peacefully knowing that they are served by Philip of Abreu’s team, they are guaranteed of professionalism in which there is very prolific way of working, best wishes for the hay of unpleasant Serbian Abraham. how much envy can Have to be living

Golem endorsements – What is the program for those?

Jose Daniel Valerio – Good friend water that soda could use for the dodge caliber is that the manual indicates the soda hoat and the only one that is found the mopar that is here in venezuela thanks in advance

Alejandro Martinez – A very good video thanks for sharing felipe

I will see. – Greetings, good videos, just by curiosity …. could you decide what I do to KK? If it is not possible to buy poya, the tensor and solenoids, and the final …. the recommend the silicon mopar, it is Very good. luck!

Oswaldo – Imagine the cost of this majestic mantle of the millennium of Bs, but worth the pity. Regards the total FD team. AUTOMOTIVE C…!

Harold lisano avila – Good day friend where you are ugly I would have a fault in a cherokee kk.

Eduardo nunez – Very illustrative and interesting, thanks to my thanks and greetings from Mexico, we hope that you will be ready for your country, here is your daily news for the 39 that, for the demonstrations!

Carlos Cruz Dominguez – Thank you very much for sharing so much experience..
a hug hug and put blessings for all us … from the state of mexico

Gerardo condori pariona – Excellent video maestro, great explanation … the question to draw the code of the solenoid of the transmission that scanner uses ?? the icarscan the launch pro 3 who is a tablet …. i’m a student of peru and i’m learning transmissions by that i’m looking for a scanner that is not so expensive ….

WZ Automotive Diagnostics – Emerson with their seriousness that they did not give up were weres friends of mine an abrasive big man


Rosnuel Jose Lopez Gonzalez – Estimated salutes, I am still pending your videos, I have a kk 2014 (Venezuela) There are my additional beehive, but small as 2 or 3 Tubes of this year? I wonder why I understand the medium medium, but very new, with only 20,000 km

Santeliz husband – My father-in-law live in a caravan and have a dodge dakota 2007 with 65,000 km, the talk of you to find out where you can get your thing

Santeliz husband – Friend follow his channel on YouTube, I live in United States, I have a jeep commander limited 2006 4×4 5.7. Not climbed

Andres giorgio – Congratulations on your job, greetings from a colleague from Puerto Ordaz.

Manual handle – You are here PAL $ # 128515;

Felipe gainza – You are here :. VENEZUELA would be the other one who would have the success in the work and blessings for an item. Rafael in neon do not hesitate to send greetings to greetings in the future

Juan Ignacio Ramirez – a greeting and an embrace don felipe, my comment is next, i work for mazda and here so we ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha it ha to the box t / y and no change the filter, is that These are we from 50 thousand km up to 90 thousand km but this kilometer and not for the translates of the box

Aaronon – Thank you very much for the sake of the audience..



Jose had come – Very well explained congratulations good work

Emilio hdez – Greetings since veracruz

Loved vidal loved vidal – All good work and professionalism team

Marco silva – Greetings Felipe, excellent as all your greetings videos from Monterrey Mexico and that God bless you


Ernesto ivera – Hello maestro felipe soy ernesto from mexico, excellent and professional in his work as always maestro, greetings and caress mucho, the command a big hug !

Edward – But the least how late to undergo one of these videos with cantv? xD

Raymundo lopez – You are always here to learn that you are always there, and you know how to get to know them and how to work on them. Am looking forward to a swap of a Hemi has a Plymounth duster inspired to follow me with my best salutes from Merida Yucatan Mexico.

Rodnal brook – Very good data give me … greetings from chile….

Carlosaraujo Araujo – My great cherokee limited v8 year 96 picks up and no picks

Manual bacelis – Excellent videos as always friend felipe, greetings since merida, mexico, not as things are in venezuela but that’s how they get ahead

Carlos Bascuñan Santa Cruz – Great don felipe, could you tell me, the good autotronica studio technician.
Thank you

Brian robles – I wanted to ask you! Can the can be a system of cooling to the box of a caliber 2007? pk supports 150 thousand km and is located on the coast. I was worried that he was going to ruin himself what was your opinion?

Rene rozzatti – Hello Felipe, can you not one get distilled water in Venezuela? Do you hear it or heard badly? Greetings from argentina

Luis hernandez – Regards friend and thanks for the help and transparency of shared work, I hope you will be able to share your knowledge with me as soon as possible..

Deiby garcia – Felipe in dictas underway friend

Ricardo tavizon ortiz – The one who knows them today GREETINGS from your server. Duramgo mex.

Tomas ignacio ruano – Felipe Felipe, shaking work equipment.

Eduardo26299 – Greetings of mexico

Eduardo26299 – Friendvery good videos served me upload upload diagnostics please

Songoland – Very good video, do not have these models of jeep, information and valuable. I just watch the video of the syos I think the same. How I would like to be working with you :). Ali work hard today, well, as you Said, the box works of new, thank God! aaha, i hope you also help me with the problem that i have in my exchange is this in some safe way. Definitely, it is thinking to invert in the machine So, what is the Desire for the pillar of the land, whether the tenure of the land is Good enough? mark "GOOD IN ORDER TO NOT KNOW USE OF THEM" .. in the fall another option that ismanism himself and give well to the Jeep. For disgrace, The love and the love of the good money we pay for, in the invoice itself. From the moment the preventive maintenance is the calve. Just say the thing but not for my answer … top of the page top of the page At 80mil Km high jeep that is changed and accepted for acceptance of acceptance (if that is what changed it) .. Answer and work that is completed in my work Shop: Changed accepted in the different "without disassembling Them", the suck with a machine and metering of new .. And referring to the acceptance of the exchange … There is no in this Model in exchange !! that by vidiaaa !! You can create it !! and I am dizzy, thinking that I know what to say, I have to say .. now with 98 thousand km I have a problem in exchange. . The will after the lift of the workshop carriage, The Grrr, Grrr, Grrr, Grrr. ?? back investigate by my account a little .. no the had put the friction edit !!! ..o understand, be puse by the tapon, and and goodbye to noise .. Pff, ya will tell me you, if you are not incompetent and do not have nor bitch idea .. yo ya what to think … But hey could follow with the story, ahaha, because at least this workshop is not the "workshop of the Jeep" .. asics of the commodity of the doubt .. so it was not with these different ".. ok .. guys when I got the friction to change, I did not know how many times I would like to work ev Ery day, even by phone has an official Jeep dealership, and will work with the boss to decide my model and all that (so that I could not decide on the measures to echo in each differential) .. because I do not guess exactly the Quantity, me, what is my surprise ??? .. that when I am working low on my coach I do not know that … a sad mortal valee … Jeep should be a crime! In the end, there is a Lot of news about me that I do not know … I do not think I can tell you that I do not like hacking … there is to hack a movie.B ut Well, little by little, I hope you’ll I find my own things and my Jeep. Now I’m linked to the problem of the overflowing exchange, but in that solution, see how to study how to change the distribution of elements and some parts of this set. New, many thanks for esotos Videos, his inspiring very. Greetings are a good like there

Beto chuy aguilar – Always good watching your videos sir. I hope you will be better off … Greetings and good day … I would like to ask you a question on some contact?

Hector enrique – Regards, how I communicate with you ?

Jeep cherokee- liberty (kk) service of preventive maintenance:

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