Jeep cherokee test drive

JEEP Cherokee Test Drive

JEEP Cherokee test drive filmed in 2008. copyright holder http: //www.utro-ru…

Sergey Knysh – A very weak review, the topic of the engines was not discussed about the razdatok and the two of them did not say anything at all. A review for children from the fifth grade.

Koliban Serghei – Dear afftor … read the material !! have a complete set and richer !! leather wood aluminum + very economy Mercedes engine … with an active drive of 11-12 liters of heavy fuel …. Where do these experts come From / way !!! By the way, over 4 years, a new young car … only 60-70 thousand bears (filter fluids, pads and belts). Expert ….. damn!!

Signal strength – For all Cherokee, like BMW, the model is drawn by the grid

Vladimir Vladimir – The author is not in the subject at all. Not comfortable for him. And in Niva you are comfortable. Jeep is a 100% off-road SUV. Lightweight with a powerful engine, put the right wheels and fuck it with dirt and slides. And how he rulitsya, generally minutes. Whoever wrinkles will not forget it. And this author is used to driving on puzoterkah and crap here grinds. On dry slid out of the hill and look here the hero, fucking findings. Patriot SUV test tries. In addition to its high clearance, it has no positive qualities. Until the first mud fight.
And the jeep has a strong hodovka, everything breaks down. With a fool you can x .. break. Keep an eye on the car…
Not knowing a car, fucking the tests here and driving the blizzard to people.

Dima zinkevich – Classic suv jeep

Vadim andr. – This is Jeep Liberty and all Jeeps are made in Canada! At the chrysler american plant.
Why are you a smoker?!!

Francis wainwright – Fuck you between your legs.

Redsnake beats – I really like him!

Alexandr Yurchenko – Make a test drive subaru forester s-turbo 2001.

1987andreyka – And the United States is not a Cherokee, but a liberty jeep for beggars. The real Cherokee is much more interesting

TheFordFanCod – He’s bullshit

Andriy – Cool video, but what kind of engine do you have to get 17L / 100km?

Otvet – He is not worth his money. all the fault is a great off-road potential!))

Yuriy – Well, I said 17 liters per 100km! at 1:35

Apson Ukraine – Cherokee, not the one that was in the 90_s

Leha52rus – Oh Vanka, catch up!))) Pah-3 times
Next to the nine it went!!!…

Kostya kruch – It drives just like me 🙂

Darkmoose – This is 2008

Driving etiquette – Here recently I saw a Ford Mondeo test drive, it costs from 1,300re, and this Jeep costs 1,200re, =)

Vasya Petrov – Only UAZ, only hardcore.
Jeep cherokee test drive

ULZIMAKUM – Ivan, and you have BMWs in the reviews??

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