Jeep cherokee-what are you?

Jeep cherokee-what are you?

Price range: $ 576,900- $ 696,900 MXN Video conversion: $ 576,900 MXN Engine: 4 cylinders 2.4L 16V Power: 184 hp @ 6250 rpm Torque: 171 …

Joseph Pacheco Paco – And how much is the fuel yield ???

Maicol angelo – What is the consumption compared with the mazda cx5 broh..???

Jonathan m – Anyone who has a jeep cherokee 2.4 2015 that tells me the yield of the gasoline? To sell V4 to buy me V4, but I want to see if there are differentiates. Thank you

Luis aguirre – Goose bro the liberty jeep (cherokee 2nd gen creo) the del vaya 2002
4 * 4 if is for all ground? Jala chida for off road? 3.7L v6

Ana mendoza – Bone is not for the poor # 129322; as me

Juan diaz – I’m making my jeep

David Leyva – It is recommended for use in Uber ?

Felix the cuban – Male male does not use umbrella

Pepe velez – That so much deprecated this tick??

G EB – That is, it looks like jeep, looks like jeep but ……… no is a jeep

Litchi r – Oh, I wish you since the 8th if you could carry on unabashedly

Edy edy – How is the pond ahead …? I think it was an error

Rodrigo village – Would be very useful if they said they would oppose the year speaker coaches of the are making the video

Willian flora – Where are these branches this marka?????

Victor camavilca – Hello .. do you know if the model 2019 a lot in front version? (A portion of the headlights)

Ronald elobeso – 3:45 Flowerpot holder with Rest arms # 128514;

G EB – Good video, just now you did not mention the family with your age and your size.

Daniel Arreguin Ramirez – Gabo the 2019 is brutal

David turin – Note to him Fiat … Ya will not break so much

Juan cardenas – Gabon you need to decide in the cashews of the cars

Maria soledad rebolledo rojas – Some floor my hotwells

Juan Josè Mayo Montes – I liked the square

Aurelio lives urtecho – That thing is no longer a jeep

Alfonso hdez – Like if you want to toyota hilux 2019

Juan Bautista Ramírez Aldana – The Jeep Cherokee is no longer with the manufacture of the United States These independent suspensions guarantee durability and damage often on these roads in the ground, these suspensions are only for trucks with pavement for comfort and softness…

Tey pesantez – Hello Gabo For an update on the Jeep Cherokee 2109. We need to find out about the changes and the best that it is, their versions, and clarifications about the opinions of its changes..

Gerardo bridge porthole – You can not wait in the car, the maneuvers you will have, you have to push the mango, I have a Tucson Hyundai there runs like mechanics, 2016. I believe the pilot .

N s – I like your videos because you do not use your own words, like many youTubers Mexicans

Ninja-jonathan gonzalez – Horrible design but !!! I prefer the other design!!!

Jafet seas – The Brand Jeep by Fiarse??

Miguel lopez – "Let us have a little pillow"

Jacobo Mendoza – Ahhh … Jos Josh’s early days.

Baudel diaz – How much is this car for sale in Mexico

Alejandro craft – Is the most economical version?

Harold frank gonzalez haten – With what button I will have the trunk?

Omega rugal – Nasty European, he has the JEEP letters grabbed at the time…

Andres yumiseva – Gilueta ????? x)

Andres yumiseva – Platypus ??? : v

Antonio luna – You seem to cut

Oskar valley – Good night, please you will be guided by the differences between a big jeep cherokee laredo Vs the great cherokke limited, from 2015 if it is possible. Thank you very much in advance!
Best regards,

Aindehua more Jose Aindehua – Very ugly model and sheet metal

Oscar Ramirez – Thanks for the good video. I really like this model.

Liberation tribe – You bitch up to the water!!!

Fily zuricate – Very ugly looks like compass

Adam calcaño – 2WD! what you see vomit

Manuel Alonso Vilca Rodriguez – I would like to say that when you say the price too much you say in dollars … greetings from PERU!!

Manual forum – Buy version 6v 3.2 ..perfect genius…

Misael mace – Baboso is the best, good videos

Chelina cave – Hello gabo enchanting me your videos but I would like to see you soon! # 128077;


Diego Alejandro Moreno Hurtado – Goose have the amarok

ROUND-2 – This is enough to decide.

Camilo bianko – The only esque tasted me. You are very hot inside, cost me 26 thousand dolls. U delights me.

Prudence garcia – Neither home and we

Xgg200 – The truth is, it is an excellent truck, which is composed by the museums reserved for his horn, especially since he has had a great deal of experience. Grand Cherokee, and down to it. The truth wants me to be very pleased, its Very surrendering it’s overly comfortable. It is converted into one of the best cars, where it is a very small, highly recommended version of 4 cylinders, in the car has a good start. Person who is self-employed, he is the same. Now if it was the Grand Cherokee version, better return to the Grand Cherokee

Washington urbina – Gabriel
Thanks for your videos, that you are critical, that they have a job better than you.
If they can, please make your own comments.
You friend from usa

Luis Alejandro Hernandez Arenas – Hello Gabriel, for this video convinces me to understand the Jeep, I saw many times! I will have a few months passed by people, we will decide that you are fantastic. The only one that is different from you, it’s all about it, 0 to 100 in its 12 seconds its 6, maintain my power, speed and is a lot of fun to drive. You will find a summary of the 2017 Jeep Villa from Leyva in Colombia, hope you can see it. https: // www / watch? v = lxAHNQz3dyY


Jose Meneses – The CHEROKEE kk the opinion of the competitor good stability with good sled back the Gran Cherokee will be the same hopefully we will look back on the fuerte and the feminine line JEEP MODELS as Compass..

Jose Meneses – As a model is very subtle female … demo of looking strong CHEROKEE hope retomen with good MODELS..

Nelson – Can you go through the new suzuki baleno steem? It seems very interesting to me this car.

Gepetto vx – Not Alfa Romeo Gilueta, No !! It’s GIULIETA .. in Spanish "Juliet" by Alfa ROMEO !! Tiger Shark is not Tiger Shark is TIGER SHARK !! Me .. Extrena that you have been wrong .. But in the Same way, you also mistaken with this self so ugly and bad .. If, I said bad !! 4 years is ok, bell to buy Toyota u Honda and handle quietly to minus 10 years if you do not bother much more..

Oscar Julian Ladino Robles – Gabo very good videos that you can undergo a video of the ford ranger

Margoth figueroa – Enchanted me jeep cherokee longitude

Patadperro637 – Can you talk about the cherokee trailhawk please

Pizza – Platter Orca Pizza Tiger Shark

Jorge barragan merino – Hello Gabo I would love to come back to the Jeep Compass 2017 … that will be your SUV is in comparison with the SUV cars of your category. I hope and take your comment.

Lucia Torres Herrera – What a great compass 2017 gold 2017 Cherokee?


Saul mn – You could make a great video of the jeep patriot

Alan eight – Sooooo good trucketa

Luis olvea johannessen – Dillon please price them in dollars to compare them with our countries. !

Sooy boy dog – Well, what do you ask? I climbed on this self it did not cost me anything. Good in general the jeep does not like me anything in Europe but of bad finish. Jeep in concrete seems blaring, boring, and very expensive. Here in We would like to see you and see you there and and will will be disappointed that you will not be disappointed with your coaches for America. Yours always excellent, thanks for following.

Joergen road to 50k subscribers – I prefer the thousand times the Peugeot 3008 GT line

My sweet dessert – Between a 2015 Cherokee jeep trail and a 2017 tucson what would be the best bus?

Silvino monhes – This priest….

Abraham leyva – One of the most jeeps in history and I do not say it so I know the experts

Just a guy talking about the thirdworld – That horrible jeep butt
Is uncover it in cross country

Tech play – Sports mode because it says pr n d goal in s

Trashnikova – My "my" interior? Lol

Boogeyman b – It has chassis of alfa romeo

Juan benk – Up in videos of cars is trolled to the iPhones. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Susana martinez – Gabriel Very good video
You are looking for Mercedes GLA or this jeep
I hope you opinion. 🙂

Diana legarreta – Jeep Patriot 2017 is a crap not one understands elmasctric problems, rechinan glass, bluetooth is disconnected and the perillas of the Asians easily, slow renegade and bored

Durango galactus – When the xtrail 2018 with datasheet?


Hern bauelos – 4:40 jaçjajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja mori alv # 128514;

Luis angel belmont fuentes – You have the Patriot 2017, 75 years old and the equal compass?

Ducon blowjob – If, totally of right, the video is already there!!

From all over – The query … how is the reaction of this coach ?? super at the rav 4 2010 limited with 3500 c.c. Are you why is es esion? please reply

Jorge – It sounds ugly to me 🙁

Jorge alberto ponce aguilar – In the beginning 10.41 will be done

Jorge alberto ponce aguilar – This jeep looks like it’s squashed in the horn and haci who squashed and mallugado

Ibautista268 – Chichadios

Miguel avila – That engine has ??

Fanchop312 – And I have something I do not understand in the touch panel selling the map icon and when I get it the same. : /

Arnol DL – TODAY his for ladies

Juan Sebastian Gaitan Zapata – a question is now 2017 and no sale with the problem of transmission ?

Angel valdez – Like if you come in 2017

Angel valdez – Very beautiful truck, but very expensive

Jaime A. Zarate – The jeep gets flip, not its safe

Daniel Montagut – There you have the chance to have a good time with your arms..

Osneiber rodriguez – I like it for the videos and the surprises.

Osneiber rodriguez – I like it so much and its very comfortable thanks for the video. And the restraints

Cristopher amaguaya – Jeep compass 2017 gabo porfa!

Mauro Antonio Celestino Rodriguez – Good video

Carlos Roses – Do the cherokee the fourth but

Elias Gavilanez Licta – This good for how much coast would arrive in dollars

Angelo Vasquez Flexer – The version 3.2L has 270HP in sport mode is a bestie on the road!

QueruMusic Medina – Can you help me? i have a honda civic 2006 and i want to know: where should i go???

Samus – Excellent review there I would like to compare recommendations of other products that could work in bad. I would like to say "… 6 months after the first year" but past is not so good..

Wilson aylas cardozo – Good afternoon, compared to the Cx9, which is better?

Carlos Paredes Vidalón – Best this is the xtrail xtreme versions 2013, super.

Cesar suarez – But in trailiwak version

Pearl ladysda – Someone who gives me an opinion under the patriot and the compass.
That so good dirty

Meier world gta – That have time for symbol 2013

Evry Morrow Phillies – What do you think about the jeep of the year 2000s. What are they doing ya

Arturo aguero – Gabo that would recommend me more, a cherokee or the new koleos

Sergio deulofeutt – Gabo, when you will have the Grand Cherokee?

Koko20129 – Make a video of the big cherokee 2017 … I’m thinking about this purchase option

Georginite r – I’m going to raise this salary 80 pesos daily, thanks EPN # 128580;

Carlos Mario Zuluaga – I own a v6 3200 2 years ago and I never … softness … capacity off road … and many horses …. in general the jeep with other concepts…

Jasiel acalco – Gabo of the nissan kicks

Alessandro leon – It’s a good thing that you’re going to lose yourself a lot in your car than you’re driving to millionaire’s with these guides and they would be with videos and autos but basic or economic for our mortals..

The corner of cello – Jeep cherokee the ford edge?

Jessica marulanda – What would you recommend to my dear cherokee or the ford edge? greetings from colombia

Oscar Gutierrez – You’re watching this video in the brands # 128076; # 128077;

Spinne ydmas – Where is this place

LUSUJU L – And the jeep compass?

David duke – Cherokee the xtrail?

Guillermo alejandro – Gabo has review of Cherokee

Errick f – Gabo, why not one of the patriot!!!

AN1M4DOS – The same as Renault koleos for 100 thousand pesos but expensive (: V)

CHECOLON ORLANDOVALSKY POWERFUL – We hope to have a chance to undergo a video of VW Jetta 2016. I would like it very much. Regards # 128075;

Mario sanchez – a few years ago was the super heroes trucketa.
No longer…

Alvaro gonzalez – The v6 is 3.2 liters?

Steppe wolf – Mr. Gabriel should try the Cherokee 4×4 trailhawk, has an excellent engine, powerful horsepower, (280 HP), stable stability, very safe from brakes, maneuverable in the city and all terrain, fine, excellent finishes, modern look and nothing is that With Limited , neither the class of the category, the only one that the pongo, and that the Jeep should improve: 1. Install bi xenon lights, 2. Mobile phone charger, which only treats the limited, and 3. Side jewels electronically foldable So With 2015, the best model, the Jeep and the Jeep, have this suggestion of equipment, perhaps, that is in direct contact with them, best wishes for your channel….

Ariel perez h – Jeep Renegade to when, or not to Mexico? Hope that’s done Salt Greetings

Aldahir eight – That wants to sitadina?

Pedro rmz – Could you do it from a Jeep Grand Cherokee? If we compare it to the Ford Edge, which would be better?
Thank you!

Darwin yévenes – Jeep compass

Death blackened – It’s not expensive, it’s very charismatic it’s inside, it’s not a jeep, it’s a great jeep, it’s great.

Abel pech – Gabo! Enchanted, you tell me things are! I fascinated you channel! Could you hack a review of a Jeep Grand Cherokee? -Please-Greetings from Tijuana

Alerones and Pistons – Ugly

Gabriel RodCel – a video of the big cherokee jeep please!

Joseph Nuñez – Friend created that you can also decide on the price of the vehicle and the parts you have. Thank you, greetings since turkey 🙂

Chelis zamudio zamudio – For I liked it better than I did not know how to do it better

Andres iaño – x please the toyota rav4

Yeferson Alberto Amaris Quintero – a video the RANGE ROVER EVOQUE

David bolivar – This is sporting ?

Jose Maria – Josh was already at the beard and was able to control the situation in Las Camaras….

Alexander Kohih – Supporters that is a bus shit…

Sergio alviso – Hahahahaha xd if someone attacks you!!!
Is in theme, looks great inside, but by outside I loved the original form of jeep

Roberto leyva – You could do a test of the great cherokee jeep?



Eitan s – Hello Gabo will recommend me the sporting limited, the xtrail limited the cherokee limited, I’m 50 years old see a lot on the road……

Arturo Romero Dominguez – x water pones fills the test of the loggerhead ….

Osvaldo suarez – In the minute 7:45 is going to be the first one in that job 🙂

Ulysses chacon – Nice

Morin poncho – Good light review: If you want to prove your skills with difficult paths, go to Paricutin. Oh if that is so, but good. Handed by Ezequiel Montes and Jalpa and there with the braking system, the rigidity of the rack / chassis and the Steward. Inexpensive and worth of resale under consideration.

Pedro bonifacio – And that

Luis ospina – Hello, when you have an acura rdx. Thanks from Canada

Nestor jesus cardenas benitez – Do one of the big cherokee please

Fabi mtz250 – The trumpet

Yeilan tenor – Have a video of the suburban 2016 ಠ⌣ಠ

Luisquattro – Very good description always enchanted me..

Vantrance77 – Country man please

Mingi dru – Enthusiastic and easy-to-use, follow me and congratulate you

Curious planet – By fas has the review of the mini cooper

Ernesto garcia – Equinox test from land rover

Sandro martinez – Hello Gabo, take good care of your channel. We’ll be delighted if you go to the 2016 Jeep Compass Limited.!

MARIA GUADALUPE GONZALEZ OF ABL – 2016 Jeep compass that opinion do you have

Emva_27 – The net that hangs said to the beginning

ViNe Vlogs – Very good, there is a VW Goal IMotion, if you are good on Goal.

Alex rojas – By much the best channel reviews!!

Melorcas always – You can do a review of the buick again

Subars sears – A question spent on gasoline in road and in care?

Marco hernandez – Chile gabo a great greeting for you …. excellent program and greetings for them help you

Sergio alvarez – Hahaha if someone attacks you, video, greetings gabo

Kissifusa – The tenfold and the amo

Doc_ray RS – Excellent, here in Colombia there are 3 versions but all of its V6 3.2L engine and its power noted itself in freeway.

Javier Alejandro Martínez Nuñez – Gabo !, I actually agree with you about the tardiness of the exchange of this stuff, my suitcase and face to my gusto.

Luis enrique bonal – It’s very bad

Christopher soto ruiz – My friend, including the price in US dollars too. Good morning! oven

A. Brito – Because the bus has before?

Diego rivas – Great reviews Delight him from the bar. already. In mid golf too.

Bustamante guille – Gabo, good video. Suggestion: You could also give the prices in dollars. Greetings from peru.

Carlos Eduardo Hoyo Juarez – Gabo first of all Congratulate you on your AD Program is very Cabron !! and the granddaughter says things like her. Best wishes and best wishes from Boca del Rio Veravruz

Bbssfelicz – Does the lend for 20 minutes or by speak so fast? what is the prison? of there in I like your reviews

Romero garcia – Talk about the Chevrolet Trax

Rambohol – Gabriel, when there is a review of the Jeep Compass Limited 2015-2016?

Anthoonii perez – You can do a video of chrysler pacific 2017…

333drako – 单词, I think that the Cherokee is very much a predecessor the liberty was lost the rudeness and strength of a road. Personally I tasted the Cherokee, which is more likely to make the decision to make a decision on Cherokee for her Barbie…..

Gio garcia – It is in the marksa?

Ricardo osuna – Pue yo I have this guy, jeep is expensive .. I miss you another place to keep things, I take the co-pilot, get up … Hahaha

Alan garcia – A superb video of the Ford Focus sedan version

Rat boy – Minute 4:39
This trucketa comes with robot anti robot

Awesome !!! oven

Yahirgh – Would you like to come back to the jeep?

Benito rodriguez – Gabo asks you most of the videos that you are jeep wranger

Cristhian sanchez – Jeep renegade trail hawk …. porfaaa

Jeep cherokee-what are you?

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