Jeep cherokee xj 4×4 expedition camper build

Jeep XJ Cherokee 4×4 Expedition Camper Build

Welcome to my Channel Trailer. My names Mike and I previously lived in the UK where I worked as a Bushcraft Instructor. My wife and I decided to pack …

Workshop & wilderness adventures – My names and I previously lived in the UK where I worked as a Bushcraft Instructor. My wife and I decided to go to live in England, get the Cherokee together and set off to a Northern Scandinavia where we found a new home in the Wilderness.
This channel is by no means a tutorial channel and I am no expert! 2.5 TD Cherokee and getting out into the wilderness. So, if you like videos about amature mechanics, manufacturing, truck modifications and shipping.

Randy anderson – Well done.

Timi – Very nice jeep! – Come check out my 1994 Jeep Cherokee XJ … your comments and feedback are welcome!

Travis lopez – What fender flares are those? I really like the look of them.

Legacy 4×4 and Off Road – Damn I love your XJ. Attacking so jealous!

BZComedy Channel – Epic jeep!

Ryan vicente – Really enjoyed this video-thumbs up!

Louis m – Hmmm saw this on my home page…

Matthews matt – Is that right? I’ve been on the fence

Nate5388 – Hi Mike, did you end up trimming the fender flares at all? Also, it looks like you have some mud flaps or extended liners under the flares?

B g – Pretty awesome skills u have to do that. Real nice work, I love my XJ. Even though some times she has fuckin bread.

Keith lea – Love the rear bumper. do you have a build video for it

Ryank – Awesome job. subbed…

Love to see more on your pull out drawers.

Mcgowan Richard – How do you think? I have a modified XJ and am thinking to do something like you did. Awesome rig!

Tony rodriguez – Sweet edit!

Julio Rodriguez – Hot dam mike can i take my 2001 xj jeep you can do it just like yours ,, you are talented sir, keep up these great videos and yes i just subscribe to your channel

Tonkor Jeep XJ 1997 – Sub bitch !! Nice build cheers from mexico lml

Ozzzar Mt Overland – Nice build!

Joe faucet – Awesome mike!

Mrwes100 – Love the intro!

Southern land adventures – I look forward to see what you have installed mate. Cheers.

Jeep cherokee xj 4x4 expedition camper build

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