Jeep xj gets lifted on 33s. Off road camera chase vehicle build!

Jeep XJ Gets Lifted on 33s. Off Road Camera Chase Vehicle Build!

Nelson Flores is one of the dudes BEHIND the camera and screen here at Hoonigan: he films, edits, and shreds dunes with the Terra Crew…. …

Cole robinson – Thanks for the sweet happy lads. The main reason I come on YouTube is for these videos

Danny mitchell – Love the xj content!!

Mr Free1 • 18 years ago – Golf balls are the best way to swing the tire. Cheap, quiet, do not damage and last forever. You’re welcome # 128522;

Nick bellows – How did you give that wider stance look?

Gheezy – What kind of fender flares are those

Chosenfate – 5:48 Staff infection?

Ben webster – Idiots…..

Only – When you guys are doing more jeep stuff?

Jesse ruiz – Is that a d35? If so trash it. Chrystler 8.25 are decent tho. Arriving the29 spline ones.

Hippie prince – Still no info how to get these fenders 🙁

Brandon boothby – Where can I get the fenders

Don Carlos Henderson – I used ceramic beads on my Buell XR12 Firebolt. Best thing ever!!!

K said how – 5:05 It’s actually a Dana 30….

Jack mehoff – Not a long arm kit … and the front is not 35 … its a 30 the rear is 35…

William france – What kidney and size are those?

Dakota zimmerman – I thought Brad was joking when he said he did not know much about Jeeps lol. Dana 35 is not the front axle, its the rear axle on older XJs and MJs and those are the crappy ones. The 97+ Jeeps like this one have the C8.25 axle, which is about as strong as a Dana 44. Dana 30 front axles Jeep could hold 35s, maybe not being thrashed like you guys though. 33s are probably the safe choice.

Justin miller – WJ knuckle swap. Dual piston caliper and crossover steering # 128076; # 127996;

Karl Silva, Jr – Where did those come from?

Myname is private – Your hypothetical some professional videographer in your YT vids ??? I think there is a Udemy race for that ….. take it for the love of all that is holy!!!!

Ronald russell – Do all the work and drive it off the dock and rips hit off-da

Muniz_World – More please

Terrell chapman – Need to wrap it.

Mr. Bigfoot – What kind of fenders???

Chandler jewell – What are the specs on those 33s?

Hippie prince – Where do I find these fenders to purchase

Diego martinez – Where can I get those flares?

Logan colin – Those fenders r gross should of just ran flat fenders

Lift98 – Soo, that’s a Dana 30 LP front. 8.25 rear. Would be fine on 35s. That’s a short arm lift. Not a long arm lift. Looks like Rubicon express. And you should have taken off that rear sway bar. They pop tires. Not being a dick. Just trying to help.

WeKnowTheTruth2012 – Jeep just went from 2000 bucks to 5000 slap some fresh paint clean any rust add awesome mods worth 8500 easy

Ryan martel – Where can I buy those fenders

Silky-you – Is there a lift? What size?

Erricknowsbest ! – Mechanic is wrong …. unless it was Chrysler 8.5

Venom productions – What fenders are those

Lance roark – Attacked given my wife 5 "staff infections."

Minel fazlic – Needs lockers now cut rear fenders

Joshua mcclure – Can not handle bigger than 33’s lol I have 35s we have long arm kit looks just like a short arm kit

Bulldogs 111301 – Where did you get the fenders

Troy benson – What wheel are those? I want it!

TheLateModelTech – Love this stuff. Hoping to some stuff!

TheLateModelTech – RADOLOGY # 128077;

Mitchell myers – Lol Weird I’ve never seen a panhard bar in the front of a car before

Cool – Where can I get those fenders?

9000’s only – Bad daddy Brad out here scumbagging Nelson out of a quick payday with that cat lmao

Goon mechanism – 35s should not snap that axle

Brian sanchez – My dad’s Xj has 4.5 in lift with 37’s

Luis reason – I bought a T-shirt from you guys … and is poor quality

Neil mifsud – Turbo 4.0??

Smh9000 – I’m really considering XJ and need your help to do the proper mods. Please let me know where you are…

Trevor irvine – I think a series about brad going to a welding school would be cool

Subtledriver – Good thing you gassed it at the end! oooffff!

Eric Lock – Full of poop Brad … improving ran 35s on my Jeep for YEARS! ARB in the rear, E-locker in the front, stock D30 shards and I beat it like it owes me money…

Tyler walker – Those are not long arms # 128077; # 127995;

Jackbaur18 – So he was serious when he said "off the dock." hilarious lol.

Logan adden – D30 handles more than people give credit. Drive it right and it will throw down!

Daniel i – Thinking of getting those wheels and a lift for my swap xj

Retroplays! – I run 35s on my Grand Cherokee on stock axles and stock gearing. Get a new mechanic!

Zachary smith – The front is a D30, that’s a short arm kit, and that’s not a panhard bar. Xjs have track bars and tie rods. Including use wheel spacers, buy 3.75-4 "backspace wheels." There is no need to cut the exhaust..

Furness prime – Looks good.

artardFTW – What I did, and upgrade to 97+ Chrysler 8.25. handles 33s and 35s pretty well

Jeffrey lexvold – Consider stop there keep going lol

Pewy mcpewerson – Bradollogy works for Phuket. I know, 2000.

Brandon pound – Nice "long arm" kit with short arms, Dana 35, stock front steering, not plugged cat delete, and CEL for secondary sensor mod. California edition. I can appreciate your enthusiasm. But it’s like listening to a tweaker. Do not listen to I have repeated the project was too easy for him. But he does not know the name of the factory steering design. SMH And people watch this disinformation. I want those fiberglass fenders, lol..

Justin franklin – Wow perceived a poorly built jeep …

Nick dafter – Living on the east coast finding an xj with that little rust is the holy grail lol

Reece – Tanking a shit currently

Edgar renteria – Where can I get those fender flares?

Nathaniel romero – Oh soooooo many issues ……. ahhhhhh I cant take it …. lol

07Negative – I think of catching air on the 8.25 & Dana 30. But for crawling results perfectly fine. Just make sure your geared correctly. My XJ sits on 35’s with 4.88 gears, Detroit lockers, 4: 1 transfer case. Dana 44’s. Crawls like a dream.

Name name – No offense, but what’s up with the lesbian nose ring?

Roary – More

Type issanity – As long as you like that unibody driving it like that 🙂

Type issanity – Also said the shitty stock steering you will bend it so fast.

Type issanity – The rear axle is not that bad .. its a 01 so it has a 29 spline 8.25 as apposed to famously garbage dana 35

Nick klochack – Not a longarm kit.
That front axle is not a Dana 35.
(Lp 30)
35s even 37s will last quite awhile on 29 spline 8.25 Chrysler and hp 30 hard wheeling.
Personal opinion … sway bars should have gone.

Anthony barbuto’s vids – I love this xj

Bran muffin – Shiiiiiiit I have an xj on Stocks 34s stock gears long arms no lockers

Smitty4699 – How to install a lift

Rustyys2013 – Where do I find those front flared fenders?

Jsinist – I wanna work with you guys!

Matt windnagle – Going to be doing a lift on my 99 XJ here pretty soon. Did you guys drop the Tcase at all? gold put in a SYE?

Asher martin – That’s not a long arm kit. That’s a Rubicon express 4.5 short arm * super flex kit. js

Racemenace – So much misinformation in this video ……

Racemenace – False! I’m running 40s in my stock my xj and its locked! Never broke the thing in 4 years!

i quit youtube not enough subscribers after 5 years – Annnd its broken lol.

Bosco1985 – Also, what is the hell Dana 35 steering? It’s Y link steering.

Bosco1985 – So, some misinformation. Dude says you’ll hurt your Dana 30 and break your axles with 35s. Incorrect I ran 35s we have Dana 30 for years. Never broke an axle or had any problem with gears. I ran lunchbox lockers too.

Joe filipiak – My head hurts # 129318; four

Brad evans – Rad Looks !! Do you have a link to the baja fenders?

Nathan putnam – Holy fat wheel spacers Batman! Why do not you get a wheel with less backspacing? Would be a lot safer.

Sieling hunter – I have locked Dana 35 on 33s behind 4.6 stroker ax15 doing fine still. Dana 30 will handle 40s if you know what your doing

Devin decremer – Clearly you people do not know jeeps.

Deadpool diesel daddy happy camping – Bradology! oven

Slash_maxx – Cool goal if this was a long arm kit. Also I love my mcneil breed fenders!

Dicknutz racing – You guys are the reason for 9/11.

Dicknutz racing – Dana 35 front axle? You guys really have no idea what you are talking about!

Dicknutz racing – You guys are a bunch of idiots.


Keith evans – Delete that rear sway bar

2ballz onecup – This is a basic build with some misinfo. Def not a long arm kit

Keen0515 – That’s a Dana 30 on the front. Not a 35.There’s no other bad news in this video too. Brad is entertaining to watch but is full of shit.

Stephen carr – Oh and a truck driver Equal That will cost you. It gets wet clumps up and destroys the imter rubber …

Stephen carr – The second dana 30/35 combo does just fine with 33s and i know dozens of jeepers with 40s on them. And all steering needs is 1 ton upgrade … did it work and it did not work 4 wheel disk brake upgrades … Dont hate it on the xj bevause it cost a fraction of a wrangler and out wheels

Stupendous tv – What fenders are they

Scott brown – That’s not a long arm

Buckyme – That’s not a long arm kit

Joe8388 – Not a long arm, it’s not a mean Lee’s on road drive-abiltiy, not a 35 in the front

Jeep ford guy – How dealerships prepare cars starter pack

Matthew chisnall – Where can I get those flares…?

Motoman 714 – Front and back quadratic bumper

Michael nunez – I keep hearing .. staff infection # 128514;

Mario vega peña – Doctor House fixing jeeps?

Hambone_rides – Dana 35 is the rear axle …. The front with the "weak steering" is a Dana 30 and is actually pretty strong, same tubes and knuckles as a Dana 44 the center section is the only difference.

Hambone_rides – That’s definitely a short arm kit! Not long arm…

Blair figg – Gotta be smarter than that. If you’re going down steep steps like that drop on a wheel

Jacob Martin – He said typical long arm kit and you installed short arms. Make him stop talking when he does not know shit

Jacob Martin – Do not like that hes that smart. 33 are the max size you can run? Lmfao. They will hold 35s just fine.

Blake chertkow – I got a glass pack dump right there in my white xj too

Funky skunk – Staph infection needs a shirt!

Shadowkilla-gaming – Sounds better when you eliminate that cat anyways

Shadowkilla-gaming – 33s are not far on a cherokee idk my buddy runs 37s and his axels outlived his tcase # 128514; its been 3 years with 37s

Nick swanson – Wait does it drive that jeep around orange? Let down katella?

Gary button – Gee Guys-It’s Jeep It’s Jeep it’s the most popular one. I would HIGHLY recommend a full size spare tire on a rear bumper swing and a good bash flat set-but then again-why plan ahead?

Hipster – ITS TO JEEP THING YOU WOULDNT UNDERSTAND! Brad if i bring you my wrangler can you put a lift on it?

Keith simpson – Most definitely not a long arm kit

Dustin hansen – "You don’t know how to work when you know how to grind." bradology

Eric Brickman – Not a long arm kit, and thats a track bar. Not a panhard bar. but good video regardless!

Digimortal kon – "Today in staff infection" I love you Brad, one of the best additions to the team.

Joel Twistedxj_ – Lana, dana 35 steering? Scum bag!

Drtone – Bradology!!!

Smooth house – Lmfao # 128514; # 128077; # 127997; # 128077; # 127997; # 128077; # 127997;

Sam shardlow – You need to paint the old paint

Rogue racing – Always scumbagging

Corzuh – As a jeep enthusiast, you guys are stupid.

Nipc – You should upgrade some engine parts on 2001. That version of the 4.0 is known to be weak in build quality…

Dominic der – Where can I get those front fenders

Dethdeks – "where gonna install a long arm lift kit" … installs short arm kit

With or cavanagh – Reminds me of my old cherokee xj with 6 "lift and 33" muddies

Johnpaul ferraiolo – Where do you get those fender flares my favorite guy for jeeps it looks so awesome

Tirus891 – 2jz swap out the 4.slow and get some dana axles!

Kolton – My XJ is running 35’s with the D30 front and 8.25 rear.

Mason smith – Just get a cavfab steering kit

Claude maggard – I like that build.

Dominick bell – I actually really enjoyed Brad and Garadge in Garadge. Brad Reminds Me My Brother Just Does Not Give A Fuck.

BudgetBilt BB – More XJ content please, guys!

Crazy cody – Cool vid love my xjs but you forgot to swap it

Marc kilpatrick – Best brad vid,

Justin h – Sometimes it’s like "tha fuck man you tryin to kill someone?" Still gotta send it though.

Chapin mosher – This really puts in perspective how to do a Cherokee lift right.

SuperRhino_R1 – So worth watching until the end. ha ha ha ha

Blacksunrise80 brap – Psh guessing theres on AUDI they could b working on sense ya boy BRIAN AKA LURCH aint snow gonna fix that ish # 129315; like what do boys run out of shit to work on? Fix that audi already why havnt u swapped the engine yet lurch? !? !?!?!? !! ?? !!! US WALL POOP JEEP-LOVE QUIT SIDE TRACKING zacky from NH # 129315;

Russ penman – Why spacers and wheels ?

Gavin adams – I want to put a jeep in my jeep

Kelm – My XJ used to be my third vehicle, currently my only one. I figure with how healthy it’s kicking at 200k I’m just going to keep it for a long time to save money for another car. Replaced seals front to back to top.

Butternut squash – Drive with unbalanced wheels

Rockaholic offroad – Dump the exhaust before the axle, its gonna get smash if you’re flexing the rear hard. Nice to see you guys in Cherokee.

Karthik karthi – Ultrated

Rev limit4 – #BradologyDictionary

Hunter bacon – That Thurs Has Dana Turdey Ox

ThatDesertGuy – Brad scumbagged nelson nelson

Kosher kush – Half ass suspension Brad, not even a long suspension Brad and the Dana 35 is in the rear steering whaw?!?

Michael alvarado – I see what brad did here ….. He busted in Vargas

Seth byers – Yes u can put 35s on stock xjs axles my 98 jeep xj has 6.5 inch lift and 35s on it never broke an axle or anything else and let me tell u the shit out of it

Jimmy may – Danggg I was just thinking "What would happen if I crawled my wrangler off the dock ???" …. I mean she is a daily but still gotta send it…

Alfredo angulo – 5:48 "todays staff infection"

Theuckumz – "Brad does not edit, Brad can hardly spell" lmao…

Johnny clark – Didn’t ditch the rear sway bar? Why?

Justin emery – XJ-every kid’s wet dream till they get one and realize it’s the biggest piece of shit ever

Luke ellsworth – When hoonigan get my fav

Shaun callahan – Yeah yeah i just picked me up one way too much

Alec milton – Lol i had 37s on mine for a few years and never broke anything. jumped it a lot and wheeled. i got 44s now and going tones

Joshuabrah – I bought a tacoma but almost got an xj cause they’re cheap but hell lol.

The generous degenerate – I think it’s just great that Hoonigan employs the handicapped. oven

Magnumwolf – Smh i have 35’s on my wrangler with Dana 30 and Dana 35 with 4:88 gears and my axles are fineeee

Brian g – "Dana 35 worst steering ever!" oven
I think you meant dana 30 good sir lol

Homebrew horsepower – All the xj guys are taking over the driver’s seat, the death wobble requires a hosing out of the driver’s seat, or a cracked cylinder head. My bet is a cracked cylinder head. 33 inch tires with stock 3.55 gears that will be a dog On the Highway. It’ll never lock the converter, even if it makes it into 4th. It will be overheated bad and the 0331 cylinder head is guaranteed to give up the first time it boils over. Not to mention no bump stops, Sye or even T-box drop, and a low pinion front axle stock Dana 35 rear. That thing is destined to break everything. Any reliable it has gone now.

Ryan daniel – Need to contact Currie and get some better axles for that thing. And get rid of those generic catalog lift kit parts.

Sean o’hara – I thought you were putting on a long arm kit?

Cavfab – Shot Nelson has message on IG # 129305; # 127999;

Luke mraz – It’s not a longarm kit and it’s definitely that way when it went off the dock

Aaron day – I actually just put new leafs and springs on a 2000 Cherokee. Bread in the ass.

Jack mossman – God jeep give me aids

John basden – Who needs the ability to spell when you’re a badasd mechanic / fabricator / fucking Brad

Beefalo bart – Front axle is not a Dana 35 its a Dana 30, rear on the XJ is often a Dana 35.

Nicholstop: – NOW it nEDS Year SwAp

Ratchetwheels – Come on bradddd, pronounced not long arm. I’m just new lift and arms

Jared thompson – Er er er er er er er

Streamliner – Whatever you do, keep that sweet 4.0 in it: I’m a proud owner of one of these, even though mine’s all stock, and a bit nicer.

Juancho biggz – Oh naw wtf

Rick – The bad idea started when he had help with this project.

Seven six oilers – Do fiberglass fenders for the jeep speed look, and chromoly heimed swing set ram assist steering

Frankie m – Would a Brad or Nelson help me out of a list of things I would need to lift my 94 K2500 suburban if I rolled by the donut garage?

Seven six oilers – Racelines wanti want 17s on 39 "projects

S14a jay – You should do the Land Rover disco savage off-road machine

Ginge mcgee – Not digging through comments if you want to beat me to it baddaddybraddy that’s a short arm lift home slice!

Dakota ortiz – More!

Sam zimmermann – Same lift on my xj fuck

Mak 6 – WTF was this?

Thats what she said – Brad daddy helping everyone # 129305; # 127996;

Joseph Samsor – Did you think this guy has a job here? He showed up in that crazy junkyard build dragster?

Cryin branston – Oh god you guys will soon learn all the sketchyness and lack of reliability these keeps are. Arriving not a vehicle you throw a lift on and call it good. Have fun with gold!

Jeep xj gets lifted on 33s. Off road camera chase vehicle build!

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