New jeep cherokee 2019-now if it looks better

New Jeep Cherokee 2019-Now if it looks better

We can see the capabilities of the last generation of the Cherokee to see capabilities, comfort, technology and space. Subscribe to the channel: …

Victor Raul Galleguillos Carquin – Hello Emilio, I’m missing that consumption of this engine 2.4, greetings from Chile

Adam garcia – Great video greetings from Honduras.

z znation – So this coach is that it has a beautiful interior design, is minimalistic

Maily pisco savoy – That’s why I think that the truck is a good bet for a little something that is important for the safety of the day. that is coming back to the same thing, what a cause of annoyance for that reason and very uncomableable for the less …

GUILLERMO LIRA – Please try changan cx70 turbo


Gonza cifuentes – How do you walk with the Mazda CX5 ??? Someone East 🙂

Americo Lima Arcos – When to try the changan cs15 do not ulmel emelio….??

Tom harley – If you have not done so, you have to go to the brands

Husband barrients – In the middle of my life there was a great Cherokee and no end of gusta 🙁

Jose Luis Cabrera – The sus sings lagoons from 7 colors to 4,500. It’s a problem for the suspension. The living is going very well in outside of trocha. The suspension is excellent there the capacity of traction without suffrage too

Renzo cristobal – Have a video of the compass jeep

Joseph Pacheco Paco – Emilio in terms, consumption, how much are you rendering??????

Maicon marcini lucion – Cherokee the XC60?

Angel fenix – Video, I have it 2016 and in truth of the bell of the exchange of lights and that accepts the systems of android, that has me like me but the one that I have, is the vehicle of pure power

Luis castaneda – Thanks for the video Emilio, who in the JEEP has developed a engine with 2.0 lt with turbo. Has this engine arrived in Peru? in that model offer?

Nilton cartajena – Well Emilio. It’s good to have the SUV has this land. Great videos

Teddy bear – Emilio knows how much is riding the trailhawk of motor v6 full team ?

Carlos San Martin – Hi Emilio, written from Japan. I always see them.
I hope someday you can inform us about the Mitsubishi Montero Sport 2018 or 2019, and that in June return in Peru and I would like to know you opinion of the Montero to have it in account before.
Thank you very much and looks.

Gerson zevallos – Well, but it is not forgotten…

Andriusss black – Good emilio video # 128077;

UrbanVideosTV – My bro why do not you want to be in the description? ?

Ricra marlon of the cross – When the meadow cruiser meadow

Julito corbacho – And price? and the consumption per gallon? important data that is important to you with the videos

Jordan idrogo flowers – Ya it was time that salting Emilio

JORGE MIGUEL BOYS SPIRIT – Emilio, prepared for road test with Toyota Fortuner and Mitsubishi Montero Sport Both Diesel. Congratulations on your channel, with suggestions from subscribers are going to create.

Guillermo falen c – Treasure tunnel of transmission that there are cars in the baul

Juan Sotelo – From an observation, the main of your video mentioning sings and narratives from the green coast oven

Merino walter – Hello Emilio, in the information about prices, surrender by gallón … that happened???

Wilber hangman – Good Emilio analysis. When’s new to the mazda cx-5? Bro brokers!

Luis Enrique Jara Zorrrilla – Sings enchanted me jijiji

Eddy marona – Haz of a gti golf

Callofthewild – Excellent vehicle!
The cherokee sold assembled in the USA and with excellent material practically in every corner of the car.
Highlighting the Uconnect automatic parking assist (if you park alone)

I have the opportunity to use the limited version 2016 with value invoice # 128195; of $ 447,000.00 pesos mxn lo (which is the approximate equivalent of 22,300 USD today exchange) and I’m sure they’re one of the best cars I’ve Ever tried going in 2012 to 2018, excellent sound proofing and super comfortable for long trips;
The back plates are a wonder and excellent quality

The potty catches the version has a rather mediocre mouths, and the front lights in the potency needed for extreme oscillation conditions.

On the other hand … I am not in the moment it was the first one to the V6 (speaking from my country # 127474; # 127485;) is this blatantly high price!!!

The cherokee of the video is a very important piece of music….

I insist, beautiful self goal for that price that currently stands around $ 38,000.00 usd # 127482; # 127480;.
In the version that is our offer in my country, so there is an example, there are 5 years with that of diner you bought a Suburban of the chevrolet…

Carlos Sandoval Matienzo – Me fucked with tucson good video

Me7rold – Forester the jeep?

Sj e – Cherokee supports diesel engines?

Andrei Argandoña – In Bolivia, the Cherokee, it’s a very expensive base version in 42 thousand dollars, and the full 52 thousand…

Alvaro san novel – For the review of the 2019 subaru forester?

Felix lopez – Alt Alt Alt Alt Alt Alt Alt Alt Alt Alt Alt Alt Alt Alt

Jose Luis Quiñónez – Good video, composed with the Subaru Forester, what is the best? I think that is the only one that has skill in its category

Lucia h – I liked the description # 128079; # 128079; # 128079; and Excellent picture quality, Emilio.

Emilio 2.0 – That is the Chery Tiggo 7 for province in the 4×2 version?

Stephen moses – For a distinguished place that accustoms itself to always have reviews. Great video

Jemie france – That such the H6 of Haval?

Required erick vargas – Emilio if you have 4×4 fu has Huacho … there are virgins and deserts to give cane …

Javier orienthuela – Very good idea dirty of Lima, in you experience how much more capable the cherokee the Subaru XV?

Required erick vargas – Min 4:25 appears judged by an equal to my car: V

Antonio Dueñas – Spectacular Emilio rental, for a touch up, starting at $ 29K I think. This price is high for 5 offroad Asians. Jeep is pre primium yet. Go! .. from law!

David Esteban Serrano Spider – Very Italian no longer. If show that say and of American power

David Esteban Serrano Spider – Very beautiful

Top music – 3

GrayPixelMorning – Hello Emilio when you went in Sing? Can we go traveling, is there rain or water per season?

Gonzalarico kevin – Emilio for when video of the toyota rush…

Andres robles – Hello Emilio! How much is the average consumption in city and highway?

Wilmer Eleazar Mataqui Flowers – I want myself with my subaru xv

Roben Kean Guillermo Sena – You went through my chakra.

Metzinger Rodriguez Carbajal – Of course that if Emilio haerlo do it all the best places in Peru and more the people that we like to do off the road excellent place greetings emilio since ayacucho

Jaison towers – Emilio is waiting for the rav 4 2019

Juan L. Benavides A. – Very beautiful trucketa

Jesus miguel wants muñoz – Good bro, good rental, greetings from carabayllo xd

Pablo fernandez – You should add price range for the versions available in Peru in the description of your videos, would be of great help.

Juan peña – Salutes Emilio. What a great car 🙂

Francisco siles – I was after the review yesterday, I thought you had been kidnapped by aliens, I tasted the truck and the idea of ​​directorying you. also to do the road

Brian steve – Emilio xq you do not put the prices anymore … what happened? … this detail sets you apart from the rest..

Lexer molina – How much will be paid for Lima # 128513; # 128514;

Luis Fernando Vera Diaz – Great Hopefully video ready if you can make trips to the province

Josue nuñez – Fortuner when???

Jheisson suarez garcia – Very good video imilio a question you do not know if Bolivia will arrive but the haval H9 # 128513;

Jose Luis Ramos Wicket – They have your videos without wanting

Luis Silva Espinoza – Video emilio, to pick up a pick up

Ita valdivia – Sy travels the province over central all jungle

Juan Antonio – Less bad because the train was female, but she did it the rest of the way as my father’s experiments with gas. The screen for me small

Jesus Napoleon Jauregui Araujo – The Grand Cherokee Emilio Test

Mosul warrior castanet – In comparison with all new compass 2019 in version limits trackhawk and Cherokee 2019 of equal manner in limited version?

Romel ccarhuaypiña – Wanted to know if the power for sludge, here in huamanga there is a lot of mud slip

Job red morning – Good initiative emilio !!! You know that tenkos 10k subscribers there are no equivocals of csnal that follow the successes missing the prices nothing but xD

Fernando Klose__ – Emilio should try it in the central carver if you go ahead, but very good video.

Julio Gabriel – It seems like you paid off for the last time you got the car

Marco W. Pacheco S. – From $ 40,000 very expensive

Jose Luis Cabrera – Good for the consumption is high in the city. About 22 25 KM for gallons. In road go up to 35 km 40 pgalon.

Ely Francisco Vasquez Juror – Gentle Emilio, the inside information you would need to give to the detained vehicle.

Fast gold – The pantallita is chiquitita with both…..

Do you know if you will get your competition … the new blazer 2019 ??

Jesus alberto inga mendoza – Excellent video emilio…


Adrian gonsales – I saw a video in which the cheroke had a problem of stability in other words.

Henry7sp – Emilio thanks for your videos, you could do the Toyota rush is the Chevrolet equinox.

Frank balbin – Emilio’s emilio

Alex because – Emilio for pick ups?

Paolo walls – Is the player playing an American, when it comes to the world of the Grand Cherokee please be the best Emilio but that is not worth mentioning

Juan Miguel Marcelo s – By the way, I have to mention the performance of the 2.4 L engine..
Just now for me with the 2017 Ford Escape.

Fabian Ordinola Boys – Good video Emilio, greetings. I am still waiting for the Haval H6 2.0

Javier mamani condori – Cheer the video I like the country

Carlos Alberto Huamán Prieto – Emilio, when looking at a video of the Dodge Durango GT, please, that is the marketing in Peru, that will be in sight, the maximum.

W. Gustavo Ordóñez Cabrera – It was decided to the price Emilio, and a suggestion, should include in the video as it is the value that the in the past, and that is the aspect that has my people the interest and so in the moment to get a car, Thanks For The Attention and Success # 128077; # 127995;

Augusto valencia – Thanks Emilio, the truth if it is very capable, sport but with a touch of sobriety…
A very efficient box, the alert of the blind, is only in the Trailhawk, that is the only one that has had lot of fun with the selfhold, but in general I do not have any of this SUV….
Thanks again emilio.

Joseph Loyola – Good video Emilio! Follow this … of agreement with Lima salatas # 128170;

Sensemaster elmaster – Fifth

Marlon aguilar – If you go for solo Jeep for offroad capability, then you will be able to see it for Subaru XV or Forester, with its best and capabilities, good equipment and much cheaper.

The dark horse – They can be a video of kia strong gt

Pedro CB – When you want to brilliance v3

AlVaRo SC – How much is it about?

Bryan castillejo – Third 🙂

Anthony winery – It would be good that 4wd presupposes in Chinese brands to prove it’s actually 4wd.

Anthony winery – Second

Tommy Ruiz Pulache – First!!!

New jeep cherokee 2019-now if it looks better

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