Off-road test: 2018 jeep cherokee trailhawk on everyman

Off-Road Test: 2018 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk on Everyman Driver

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Nemeanion – Is that really considered off road? Just because believed in pavement?

FDNY101202 – Hopefully getting one within the next 2 weeks. Olive green 3.2L

Tazz77 – Cherokee sure are ugly now.

Matt – My other Sedona would drive that run with ease. Hope to see more challenges after finding this channel.

Patrick durocher – Picture you show at the beginning of 2019. Not a 2018.

Dan clown – Lol this "race" is just called a gravel road in Canada.

Robert Loyd – With humor I share my perspective … The opportunity to travel to and from Canada. Those who actually do not know how to buy their gear, lockers, AT / MT tires, various suspension kits and bumpers. And in many cases these are the The same buyers that we are nicely helped out when we get stuck. We are the ones who know each other with respect to the road we are in, but we are in the opposite direction of our vehicles actually have dirt, scratches, mud and wear. Pavement princesses has big wheels and low profile that they can not afford to use. And also with humor I can state that someone could drive that race in a Ford Pinto. 😉 LOL

Akasha Kyle – So LAAAMMMME as if you need 4×4 for that. its a 19 not 18 and SNORE

James William – Lol #%! Great vid again everyman!

Yo soy – This is just offroading in Canada called dirt / gravel roads

Allen mangan – 2019 ***

Brian ochs – Jeep Trailhawk is in a class by itself in this class of SUVs besides the Cherokee is the first of what we call SUVs if everyone would drive Honda CRV or Mazda CX5..

Customary – Pointless track.

Joey ricco – I saw the wrangler in the lot, the wrangler would eat that race

Jose manual ruiz – I can do that on an Alfa Romeo C4.

Conor lansdale – Goal on the Mazda CX-9?!? oven

B8.5 S4 – Do you have a video of Atlas and Tiguan???

Arty2427 – Do you know what else is embarrassing besides dropping your camera? Considering the 2019 not the 2018 lol

Cross – God I really hope the US market is not heading towards SUV and crossover’s….

Beth cohen – I appreciate your videos. Going in the process of looking for

Off-road test: 2018 jeep cherokee trailhawk on everyman

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