Thank you to jeep cherokee drivers & sweet wheeling action!

Thank You To Jeep Cherokee Drivers & Sweet Wheeling Action!

Jeep Cherokee drivers are incredible to watch. They push their Jeeps harder than anyone I know. They work with what they’ve got and beat the snot out of their …

Ams – Some may never understand the meaning of technique

Wootuser – What’s the worst thing that can happen?

Big sarge – Where’s the mud

Pauleh – Not alot of good XJs and ZJs left over, sad to see. If you’re going to do this, make sure it’s a $ 200 one with 300k on the clock and a hole in the back of your head, and it’s all about you Hard to find interior parts for my ZJ

Kilbinator – I am an xj driver. Mine entered be doing this!

TheForzaDrifter – ZJs are the new XJs! I’ve got a ZJ with no doors, a 4 inch lift and 221K miles, this thing will never die!!

VoiViD – I own a Jeep .. judged trash

Noah stump – Every oh and oh hurt my inner soul

Sean dunn – Restoring has 99 cherokee classic 4×4 right now. Engine overhaul, getting the teeth out, new factory color paint. Gonna take a while but I think it’s worth it in the end.

Jack hook – There’s nothing like a jeep period.

Miller – The XJ is the Best J ….. Happy Jeepin from Western Pa where we wheel everyday. Butler pa birthplace of the jeep.

Allan wagner – Damn

Jacobjbw – Light bars add 15 hp on xd, s never forget that !

England explorer19 – My first cherokee was an absolute tank it had massive bull bar on fronts guards rock sliders and roll cage on it was the 4.0 tho in uk its just unpractical very unpractical i have a diesel cherokee now i regret selling mu old one tho id love the parts Off it, and tbey get anywhere in the world when it’s easy to use it just because it’s so easy to use it because it’s so easy to get started of people underestimate jeeps they think it’s not a wrangler

England explorer19 – Yes, I’m in love with my second cherokee

Bret DeFrain – Those front driveshafts on the wjs always seem to go.

Kiera – I’m 16 and I just got a 1998 Cherokee as my first car. My family only owns jeeps and I’m so excited to be part of this community!!

Basturd werkz – We gotta stay moving fast so we do not overheat. Need to keep the airflow

David craft – They do that to prove the Cherokee is good as a wrangler lol.

Skinny pedal productions – The first vehicle i drove was a 1946 cj2a (at 9 yo) and was instantly hooked on jeeps I’ve owned 14 XJ \ MJ’s. If it’s already totaled or rusty send it … But leave the clean ones alone and beat on the ZJ’s All you want they’re still plentiful … lol…..

Luis enrrique buuesaquillo – Solo in a jeep

Silli4x4 – How to break your wheels .. # 129300;

The nomad – i stiil ave my cherokee pionner awd 1984 with a 2.5 hurricane its a war machine bring any road ….. a fantastic machine … not for sale sry…

Daniel Armendariz – I just bought my first 01 XJ liked it so much they can take!!

Jeeping down under – Zero fucks hahaha would have a xj one day

Funny8us2 – How can I get anxx with little to no rust

Stanislav Belov – Guys, I just got bombed, the strongest butter of how you cut cars. I’ll go on the ice.

Shane scott – This hurts my soul to watch xD

Bourbon jay – What do you think he has? That’s the best size in my opinion and you can see it. I have running 3 "on 31’s? My guess .. Definitely not a RC LIFT…

And james – No trees were harmed in the making of this video…….

User1323 – This hurts to watch

Brandon miner – That zj at 2:00 is a sad jeeper

Juan perez – Evidence that most XJ / ZJ / WJ owners are just plain dumbasses

Slunts77 – How can you be more successful?

Slunts77 – @ 3: 00 I would have been so pissed at myself if I was that driver # 128518; # 128518; # 128518; # 128518;

Martin Valencia – That blueish green cherokee was awesome, stock suspension with blown rear leafs and still raging it

Jacob Harrington – Run ah!!!

Jared beyer – The 2 good things about jeep and 2 the bad way decent cost 300 bad unobotton and have to get 1 every year

Laurence grimwood – Holy mother of SENDIT

Jackson jackson – For once i feel respected on social media for my xj # 128514;

Rob s – 3:10
1.forget to pull pin
2. Pullover pin
3.Yes at face
4. Pull up

Jason adams – When in doubt …. Throttle it out.

Retroplays! – This hurts my soul

Reaper xj – This hurts my soul but hell yeah brothers

Mc McInire Paul Mcguire – IM AN XJ THRASHER ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Lonnie t. – I have bought my uncle 4 years ago with only 89,000 miles! Its a 94.

Dirt rider – I’m a Toyota guy, 1st gen hilux pickups & 1st gen Tacomas. but recently I picked up a clapped out 88 xj wagoneer on letgo app. The exterior condition is less than perfect. Part "woody" wagon part gray primer, and the Interior looks like a homeless guy and a few opossums have been living outa it. The guy I thought it was a tweaker, and I scored it for 2bills, No title No problem. Honestly I’ve been running the wheels off this shitbox and it Just won’t fucking die. So far the 4.0L seems like a good thing I’ve heard people bragging about in the past. Love the video btw.

Theude lebowski – When my buddy was going to mechanic school he said someone donated an already tired, early 90’s 4.6L. He said they were draining all the fluid and fired it up to see how long it would run. It ran for just under 7 min, bone Dry. Lol

Ryan tyniec – Currently the owner of a 98 xj sport with a Chrysler 8.25 trak lock rear end. I’m definitely going to do some more work. Luckily The rust that’s still minimal, plan to completely remove rust / paint and undercoat the underbody to keep it on The road.

Srt hellcat – These jeeps are in craigslist like never been trailed

Justice fire eating disco panda – Jeep Cherokee yeah practically the best excuse I know

Thatairplanegeuy – Your welcome

Bruce white – Where is the guy to tell us how much better his 4runner is

EazyEColi – 5:19 that is not offroading … that is just another day in Northern MI.

Gavin clark – Awesome video

Beers nGearz – Nice

Jedslather – The more they destroy, the more rare they will become more expensive to buy.

TheDEADBEEFCAFE – I baby my stock 2000 XJ and think it’s a shame how to abuse their wrinkles (and our lands) like this.

Daniel jop – I take my 2dr AX15 to wash after watching this. I dont care you think is gay I will take care of my jeep.


Fishin freak – Merica

Caleb frank – This makes me sad

KRALTAIR47 – RIP to all those Cherokees ๐Ÿ™

Brent hadley – Miss my XJ .. looking to get one next yr..

Tristan nichols – Ragged out Cherokees will be on a show every time

Daniel Palmer – Driving like driving a cardboard box

16driver16 – This is how jeeps should be used and put to death, the real jeep abuse was cash for clunkers!

Kip winger – 4:00 see you later transfer case!

Thoroddsen – I do not know how do you know if the XJ has a different option? Or is this maybe just LSD that Im seeing in this video? Thanksโ˜บ๏ธ

TheMuddman74 – You are welcome Thank you for your craft and kind sir. Cheers

Fourbypete – What’s that burning smell? Oh it’s me.

J. sorcerer – My 95 xj is called the Battlewagon. I love her more than anything.

Violet rawlins – This is a waste jeep cherokees

4austin2younger0 – A lot of one fire fire XD

CCDProductions – Hell yeah! I miss my old 86 pioneer

Carl l – 328,000 miles on my 97 and it runs like a top. Does not burn oil, no knocks, no pressure drop at idle. At this rate it will outlast me. Lol

Jeep cherokee – Owned 17 cherokees only 11 went to a junkyard great beaters

Kylemcgeever – ZJ’s one on one

Caleb harris – Sweet delicious parts

Jordan scheurer – That’s great, they’re all right. Wheeling can be done without ruining the vehicle. Diculous

Who said that ? – Races attacking count they are racing

Dirk york – That looks like a fucking blast.

Tyler john – Need lockers

Tyler john – Nice lol

Walter meoรฑo – Wow! The only thing capable of destroying a Jeep is its own driver, not obstacles! Greetings from costa rica

JeepLife MA – Grand Cherokee> Cherokee

ttgTDM – Some day we will have more xjs in the world. ๐Ÿ™

Ed callahan – Great video

Simon zamora – Proud owner of a 1990 XJ that’s going to hit the road in a mud and a nice driving daily 1994 XJ

Steven ward – I have two 93 and a 96 countrys both run

KaotikRC – You do realize the XJ Cherokee and the Grand Cherokee ZJ are only similar in name, right? The ZJ is a totally different vehicle, suspension / chassis / drivetrain-wise. XJ purpose showing images of ZJs? Come on, man. Get it together Make the distinction. They’re two different vehicles.

Revolutionslo12 – This video brightened my day thank you, what a nostalgic piece. I could not buy a Jeep off Craigslist now for this reason LOL

Jake grove photo – Send it! One day we’ll look back and XJ’s will be an extinct species #worthit

Jeep ford guy – A thank you from a 91 leardo owner

Outdoor kid – Gotta love the six straight I have my own

Dru bradley – THIS ONE NEVER GETS OLD ………

Miller – XJ OR NO J !!!! I’ve owned a XJ since 2004.On my 14th and will NEVER drive any other Jeep! Go team xj…

SuperKevinr12 – Hey Uhm there was a rock there. oven

Billy hoynoski – This video is underrated. Good shit.

Matt parker – I like my truck. because of people like some in the video it was so difficult to find a clean zj. 30mph in Everyone is beat to shit, leaking, lifted, covered in camo and they want top dollar. Is anyone else aware of how I can not wait I’m just sick of seeing one after another destroyed. News flash: jeep does not build these anymore nor will they ever so let’s try to keep what’s left Wheel them and enjoy, not destroy.

Okie dokie – The Yugo Off Road Vehicles.

Tenya iida – Judged gonna be a bill

Stille nacht – So I checked and made sure that I was one of the few who knew the guy from Bleepin Jeep by his voice right at the end.

Slobberdog66 – No fucks give a!

John medlock – You never see you goin hard like this # 128077; # 128077;

Rhino – There’s really nothing more than watching a pristine built wrangler on 40 "hits with a fat v8.

Top doge – I think we can agree that the things people do to Jeeps are simply no longer jeeps, but monstrosities of their own making

Hurlanator – There are two kinds of jeep … Latte sipping Yuppies, and these guys!

David Sferrazzo – Nice job on the video!

Black eye bob – 93 is a great driver.

David Daugherty – I have a 93 sport hero it’s the best I got a lot of stuff I got my stamp of approval day and on an easy day

Balzarini51 – Full send full time.

Ben r – 0 fucks given

Dylan krone – This video should be renamed Jeep Cringe Compilation. And I thought I rallied MY WJ! Thanks for the laughs!

Strider – How do you always have v8 ZJ’s? They’re only 6cyls in Aus, the next model up comes in v8.

Mudsuitable – We treat our Cherokee like the 4 seat road cool quads they are!

Cacline72 – I’m glad to be 95 Jeep Cherokee XJ.

Alexandra Lairson – Jeeps were made for off roading and pure destruction

Free man – Batman creepster jeepsters.

ZeitGGeist – I got last September and ive been loving it. I’m looking for someone else.

Andrew Keller – That Budweiser jeep gave absolutly 0 fucks

Andrew Keller – I think we wheel harder than anyone else

Shaun gonitzke – Just saw this video … I had a 1984 Cherokee Chief Shure from Miss It..

Joracer1 – That Budweiser jeep has a hellofa driver but I’d hate to be his kidneys.

Travis bohanan – I love my xj, and yes, we go so hard for some reason.

Tommycox63 – I miss my 2 door xj

Blooneyful – These guys go hard because they know that their jeeps are ready for you. If I drove a stack of shit I would thrash it too.

Lithuanian GLOCK31_NH420 – The guy in the red Jeep Grand Cherokee gave a fuck that day……

Yjjeeper1 – For those trying to set you apart, I’ve owned both and you are both bad. Front suspension identical, with a larger engine and a few more goodies. I I am very happy with you, I love you and love you, but you are in my opinion.!

Foxy the pirate foxXJ Squad anyone??

Gerrad reynolds – "low miles, never abused, perfectly straight, $ 8000 obo NO WOW BALLERS I KNOW WHAT I HAVE"

Myhairychin – That white hoe with no hatch was king….

Lil_wallets GGG – That poor poor jeeps gave thair life

Killian mclean – I need a beater xj like these lol

Deadkemper – Great vid btw! … thumbs from me

Brandon parks – I love my renix 90 and my 91 limited. And I will keep dumping money in the day. I never feel safer in any other vehicle then behind the wheel if my XJ’S

Roger Metzger – I admired rock crawlers. These guys are rock bashers.

That having been said, the second generation Cherokee had almost ideal proportions for exploring off pavement. My wife and I seriously thinking in 1987 but she had a lot of things to do. I was worried if we got it inline six..

Terry m – Never seen so many dumb asses.
I own 3 XJ’s and a WJ, but there is no way.
THe old saying goes, Can not fix stupid.

Elevated – It does not represent their wobble…

Michael wottreng – XJ Craigslist for Sale: Grandma Owned / Driven. Mostly highway miles, off road only eleven. Needs new … everything.

Sandman sandman – Kansas Rocks, I thought that I saw Scrapper.

Special snowflake – Fellow XJ destroyers, please only ruin rotted out or wrecked Cherokees. Leave the good ones for the books.

Middleton tyler – The body flex is real here

John firsching jr – What an utterly horrific display of driving talent

Titan11 – Cherokee drivers have to wheel hard. Since the Wrangler is more popular.

Tdfitch – I do not know where to go next day


Marty loos – First abuse! I love it!

PA_jeeper96 – Ayyyyy I love these little boxes on wheels

Alloy diesel – Budweiser Cherokee FTW. Proves all you need is 31 "shots … But … where are all the WK2s?

Special snowflake – I’d like to know all of the XJs currently registered. I know they made 3,000,000+ and im wondering how many are left on the road.

Thebaddog410 – Awesome vids. That Budweiser Jeep was sick tho. Pure savage.

NS JP LIFE – It’s because they just don’t care about there Cherokee

Ormagodon online – They do take a beating!

Gerrad reynolds – That Budweiser jeep was on the verge of snapping in half

HIGH OCTANE FILMS – Awesome video! Where was most of it??

Allow – Go to Craigslist and try to find an XJ that isnt broken. Try and find one free from these owners. We know how this ends, willfull destruction. This is the end of an era. Spare the XJs

John guypal – 99 percent positive comments by Cherokee Squad

John guypal – Perfect now dodge as many potholes as possible

BUK NASTY AND CREW – Buk nasty and crew here love her videos her nubby Cherokee gets a good long video thanks

Tommy sanders – Thanks Brandon …… confirm that giving the jk to my wife was the right move.

Jimmy4x4 Socal – This was great! Thank you # 128522;

Dameat9932 – Love your vids …. your channel is underrated

Gadsen culpepper – 98 was rippin n havin blast … made me smile

92 Jeep Cherokee XJ – My xj is running just fine, never abused it

Kenneth shields – So true

Uniroyal mish – Never abuse my xj. so lucky to own it. went from a 11 jk to an 00 xj ๐Ÿ™‚

Kris claypole – Mine has taken a lot of abuse.

Chris nabours – Us cherokee owners do not give a fuck. Cherokees are built to take hits with out failing. My jeep xj has never let me down.

Richiefromboston – Outstanding, I got to find you. Ozarks looks angry

Hugh mungus – The only bad part is that means I have a few less jeeps available to trash

Jake32401 – Man, I feel like you made this video just for me. After this weekend, I’m up with a bent B pillar, a window that will not roll down, a door that you have to kick back, and a busted back window. I swear, an XJ on 35s locked f / r will go places that wranglers on 40s can not (or are too scared to). I’ve been driving it back 250 miles each way to the last 7 years.

Nutz ligma – So this is why every one is used Cherokee for sale is beat to shit.

Robert Valdez – I love xj’s you beat the shit out of them they just keep going can not say the same for the new jeeps

EXTREME SCALE PERFORMANCE RC – As a ZJ owner I say thank you!

Dalton hill – Kids in Africa could’ve eaten those jeeps!

Newman terrier – People wonder why I’m interested in a cherokee xj??

Jason argonauts – I predict that people are going to learn to make a lot of things (and still don’t know where they are). Self driving, computerized, uncostomizable, plastic! @ #Boxes. Once these are used, that’s it. We are not getting any more. Imagine making with a tupperware 2014+ Cherokee on the trail. Sad days ahead. -you don’t know what you got till it’s gone.

Camron northrup – Grand cherokee are not the same

RD Cards – Any of these videos from Nebraska? Trying to find trials near AAFB in Bellevue Omaha area. Turtle Creek Does Not?

Kylemcgeever – I liked the one when the guy beat the shit out of his jeep

Karve overland – I need to get back to work on my XJ now.

Of the hasguns – Sorry but what kind of racing Cherokee doing 8:33 ?

Eric – Tread lightly is not the thing with Cherokee owners lol

Maxxis – What about us old school Wrangler drivers? Are we not crazy too? I feel so left out.

Some good footage there. That was fun to watch.

Trailrail – I just picked up an XJ for my boys yesterday …. awesome video!!!!

240sxguy – We just rolled my buddies Cherokee in a mud hole about a monyh ago. sat on its side for 4 hours and started right up when we got it over. no damage at all

MLGxNINJAx – Iing my cherokee is in another sweet video. hoping i can make it to the crawling for toys i can not do it

Bonnie the jeep – Make me want to get another Cherokee!

Thank you to jeep cherokee drivers & sweet wheeling action!

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