10 Minute time lapse 1976 jeep cj5 restoration

10 minute Time lapse 1976 Jeep CJ5 Restoration

After 4.5 years, countless hours, and moving into a new shop, the 1976 Jeep CJ5 my Grandpa I was 10 …


Vann junkins – Great job The cj5 are my favorite. The cj6 comes in a very very close second

Rajanikant ojha – Luk Ausoom bro …. Mind-blowing job…..

Random domino – Sucks that jeeps are not like this anymore!!

Kald Mahmod – Create

That jeep adventure – New sub! Awesome video I am specific at 79 and at 74 currently. Got the 79 down to the frame for restore. Follow along with my friends on my channel! Please sub if you enjoy my channel!.

Yash chavhan – Bhai maruti

Haafil hafil – Can you give

Kumaresh jp – Good work

The viking – I have a cd5 and its my 5th jeep..what was the cost of the restaurant? .. and how long do you take it? .. I’m restoring this one to factory specs..all matching numbers. Suggestions pls.

FromAdvisor AdvisorAgencys – Lol 15,000 / -, 15, all inclusive, tax, blind, service etc, jeep / car / van etc, 3-5saal chalaaneke liye. Tho batayiye gain.

Tarihçi – My jeap 1951 years old: D

Rawat vikas – Nice bhai

Brian murphy – Why and how can 1k people not like this? Great jeep and videos.

MAX MADE – Nice warks i like that

Abstruseish – CJ5 and I could use a couple pointers. What paint is best for the frame, and what is best for the underside of the tub? I’m registering to shy away from a rubberized undercoating.

Feerz05 – We are doing this exact same thing to our 69 cj5 # 128077;

Manu r ms – Awesome

Manu r ms – To w

Prashant verma – Wooooowwwwwww …… # 128077;

Greg – Even though I drive and love my TJ, I will always have a spot in my heart for CJ’s. Great video!

Farzan khan – Awesome jeep

Basit lone – Superb job # 128076; # 128076; # 128076;

Ashish yadav – The bhai is jeep me kitna many kharche raga batana

Palem siva – Good

Harsh pisal – Harsh pisal

Ali sultan – Song name please?

Mrjeep75 – Nice work

Josh nasche – Love what they did. How long did it take to get it in real time lol

Philip lee – I do not know anything about repair or restoration. But this was not satisfied. Enjoyed every second of the vid, and mad props # 128077;

3 2 2 Roulette Strategy – If that were me I would have lost 60% of the bolts or not known where they go.

Country boy ogre – Awesome work.

Kgoldric – 4:27 I see London I see France I see … ohh that’s not underpants

P kurk – The songs gave me a tumor

JEEP GENERATION – Great video Very cool.

Mahut shovel – Respect

SREEKESH ASSESSES – Please give that jeep I will give money

Lendra channel – Amazing

Dileep kumar – Allahabad.u.p

Balvinder singh – Very nice

Richard C – I built a 1986 CJ 7 years ago and the thing to build up the 258 instead of the overdone route of SB Chevy.
The 258 is a solid reliable engine, just a little underpowered.
I had the block bored .40 over installed on Crane cam, Offy 4V intake, 450 cfm Holley 4V
.Pacesetter covered header.
After a few thousand miles I took on my buddy who had a CJ 7 with the 304 that he put a Carter 4V carb and headers on.
Each run i was able to beat him, plus he did not lose the face 6.

Fred country – I have a jeep 19804dr5 i need a comment

Philippe riopel – Leaf springs, full front axle, all of steel, no electronic junk that will break, NOW, that’s a true WWII!

Jeremy turnbull – I wish I could do this!

Squeakyknees – I never understand the dislikes on these videos, like what did 805 people dislike about just restoring a jeep?

Skill and KNOWLEDGE – Watch this movie in 2x mode

SUNNY BIG BOSS – Sir iss car ka rate kya h

Timothy fields – Awesome video!

Siddic carving – Just a fabulous piece of work bro..Hats off to u and ur companions..
Great way to tell a whole story..
Lots of appreciations from me

South park – Fantasy!!!

Jerome Jakubiec – Wow just wow amazing job.

Neelam km – 30000 Mai migegi gaddi

Sachin shau – Nice bro

Goldmine TV Ojha Shi Ab Moj Legi Shivpuri – Wah yarr osm brooo

David white – New tub?


Doorran – I saw CJ7 today, which was so horrible. a strong wind might blow it over. The wheel base is too narrow for that .. anyway I hope you are more sensitive.

Noor hussain – Good

Joyal jose – Nice job

MALAYA CHOUDHARY – Best job in the world called resurrection of JEEP

Rambali ram – Where is shop

Phil urbanski – Wow! It’s definitely one of the best Jeep restomods I’ve ever seen!

Starship rally – Money!

Carlo vilela – Congratulations got cabbage

Tkills kibami – I wish i own this jeep

Tkills kibami – This is legit # 128165;

Musabeg khidirov – 4 4 4

Richards adel gonzalez mayz – What a good restoration, cj the maximum !!!

Jerry smith – Many coffee and beer breaks were missed! Thanks.


Hobit bilbo – Wow

XxpiastrexX – Very good job! Excelent!

Paul goodier – One of the most boring unimaginative videos I have seen

Kyle barns – Very nice job, best way to preserve a piece of history.

Lastnes – Curly turkey

Pam simonson – Perfect platform to build off

Jarali sanket – This is not 10 minutes it’s almost 10 hours work this video is full fast

MSK Entertainment – Love you man

Loving jyothi – Oven

Sundusmir mir – Wonderful video Keep it up

Rabindra thapa – Can u. helo I wount this. I got my name from nepal.can a halo plz give me number

Round of friends – Nice7

Round of friends – Nice

Bakshi brij – Amazing.

AshikBhaa Ashikthakor – Ha bhai

1 sahib london – Bhai Yeto Nai Jeep Hai

Nyan cat dude – You lied it was 9 minutes and 14 seconds not 10 minutes

xxCHASExx14 – Looks great and project and video! Personally I would have gone with it, but "to each his own"

Kaka killed – Kren

Manoel nunes – MrNUNES very well my congratulations show show missed a roll # 129300; # 129410; # 128077; # 128079; # 129309; # 129299; serralheriadovale@hotmail.com.br

ARUN MINZ – Bhai jo ye sat jeep hai wo k kitni ka ho sakta hai.

Sylve dk roy – I need job

Mikey8567 – When you have the money and the time to do it right! Great restro!

Levi davis – Very cool! Nice job!!!

John martinez – No hat if you see better

Raju raju – Raju

Navnath kuchekar – ₹, £ ff

Sita bhullar – Jeep eine jeep kine ch tyar hoju spleen dso

Paulous – Do you have any questions about running the valves, or are there any other issues running with lead-fee gasoline? If I remember, 75-76 everything was still leaded (?). Outstanding job by the way, I wish I had your talent.

Michael teeple – I had a bunch but loved my 73. It had a built 4.2 and would outdrive a Porsche in the curves (maybe) and the frame was so rusty it would flex with the best of them. Dam good fun.

SANJOY NEW MAKING – My new electric home design off road bike

Vishnu raj – Nice work

Netpackrat – My son loves this video … I have a 1970 CJ-5 that we are going to restore together in a few years.

ᴠɪᴋʀᴀᴍ ʀᴀɪ ​​ʟᴏᴠᴇ ɪs ʟɪғᴇ – Very nice

Hardev sharma – Brother apka mobile number aapse baat karni exam

Lodhi king – Hey guys

Avi jhuria – How your jeep price

Sarvan nagar – Yash gurjar

Stacy metcalf – Fantastic production! Very enjoyable watch of a top quality job. Been a fan of the CJ since my pre-teens. Approaching 60 now, have enjoyed mine for 6years 🙂
Also noted (and dear to my heart) the Challenger in the first garage 🙂
Like your sound track and happy dance at the end: D

Md aftab khan – To much

Md aftab khan – Assalamu alaikum
MD anhydrous aftab CHAMPARNI
Mob on the 8651146336

Reynaldo vazquez – Good job

Tech life – Very yyyy cool

Jonanjello – Gorgeous looking CJ. Nice work!

Anhydrous anas – How many rupees

Jerid johnson – Good job that is a badass jeep

JOSHUA GARCIA – Wow judged pretty awesome.

Jimmy diaz – What kind of seat cover are those? I need them in my life!!!

Autocolumbia – Hello This is the name of Jonah, who is the elector of cars, which is a telephonist and whatsapp (11) 96743-2560 or (11) 96296-5129, iso in Sao Paulo, capital of Seeing by the market, book Of Jeep . Willys, which can be installed by me electrician website link www.mercadolivre.com.br and in search has to type Jeep willys with electrician install together that already falls on the page of the harness the value of the harness Is $ 230.00 a piece of Gold $ 800.00 installed for all Brazil already included my whip my email and autocolumbia@yahoo.com.br

Jak jamir – Wow

Satyendr kumar – Great

Danielboom07 – Excellent !!!

Shane stuart – Awesome job! It would look more finished if you paint the bottom of the front guards Black to match the sliders.

Sajsd sajad s – I like

Mark harris – I was robbed of 46 seconds !! You said your grandfather is still with us, but that is where it is. Speaking great how he kept it original but better eg modern new tires etc. Very well done indeed.

Trust but verify – Very nicely done! angry!

Jorge r sanchez – What a blast! Going to sit down with my son, watch this video. Can’t think of a better way to spend time together and build it from the ground up. BTW: Thanks for telling us it was 4.5 years and not a long 3-day weekend. Lol

Jim brent – Congrats … great work .. Keep it for your son or daughter…

Rasal nishikant – Address please

Manish raghav – Bhai I Millet Sakti H Kya

Ragavan ganesh – Which is this song is cool

Gokul kannan – Super sir

Hermann fick – Awesome video !! Loved it

Chevy sucks – What about the hood is it? I’m going with a color like that

Jarhead6153 – Great vine….

Naseeb photography – Good job

Jeremy jackson – Fucking badass!!

Travis shatraw – Dude was awesome, Jeep looks amazing, I love it!!!

Rx design maker – Superb bro … u very hardworker..

Ganesh k v v – Nani

Dharmender kumar – Chutiya kam na krooo bawling gend video cheng s..

Maan maan – Good

Jwalkerjeepin – Hella nice jeep great job # 128077;

KING_OF_JEEPS – I liked the way it looked in the beginning better

Harleyjune – Very very nice

Mohit chouhan – Price Of Jeep Is ??

Alex me – Great at build man. Super dig the desert look

Cmbishop21 – Freaking sweet rebuild. How many man hours and what was the total cost?

Sufyyan nawab – Nice car you nice

David birla – Marvalos amezing work no words

ONE HALF – Wonderful job

Aakash kumar – Akash Kumar

Riding with chris – Amazing, the cj5 are so cool jeeps

Real indian muslim – Great

Whitecavendish – Gorgeous restoration! Grandpa would be very proud. Great to see an awesome old jeep roll again.

Giggle – These cunts are great

Flavio byzachi – This is a jeep, he was a jeep, faith transformed into something, totally uncharacterized, pitiful; so much money used to do with a jeep willis classic they should have more respect

HansensUniverse – One of the best and prettiest looking cars ever made.

Muhmmad asif – Welly jeep tyar ketne ki mile gi

Frankie maple – Where are you getting the wheels and what size?

Chiranjeevi gowda – Amazing job!!!.

Ashok lohan – Good job

Aj patel patel – I like it

Aj patel patel – Best car

Phresh – Wow good job man. The time lapse makes it look like a week, but dang almost 5 years!

Shane raymer – This is awesome. Looks like it was not in a good shape. I always love getting these words back in the field

Lalka sarpanch – Awesome…….
Great job…..

Fyrfighter – Awesome!

Eric Welter – That was really cool

Tracy hawley – Well done

Snooty fox – Wonderful craftsmanship. Thank you for posting.

Jeep offroad sweden – Nice work!

Thomas coleman – Look like you kept the frame only.

Thevintagetamiya – Good video

Joshua herron – Hey Man’s question for you, how much do you think this costed. me and my wife are thinking about restoring an old jeep like this

Vijay chakrborty – Nice video

Tharindu vidunuwan – Love you did grate work. good jeeps,

Nick tart – Served got a 76 sitting in my garage that I want to do this. Consider a strong running old beast. I love what you did. Old jeeps are the best.

16driver16 – Will you do my 1978 Chevy K10?! Awesome job!

Oliveira Investments – Terrific …. great video

Josh delaria – What rock sliders are those?

Jun jun – What about the test run?

Alley rayel – Better you change the color

Millwala millwala – Bast ….. you…..

Mohammed rahman – Nice jeep dude……

Ahmad alrashdi – One of the best restorations vid ever seen .. loved in love .. can i buy it from you.? For how much would it be ?

Patha bhavesh – DJ modified time

Eldiamon twosra – Good

Valentina Romero Jimenez. – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXmalteAXAU

WLCSP – Did you assemble all the cable harnesses yourself ?

Bigni Bhagat Bhola ka – What is cost that modified

Russell Klem – Finally, I uploaded the first test drive video. https://youtu.be/_CZsvcAXXuc

Sean frank – What a great job! Congratulations on the new Jeep. Awesome looks!

Ruben scott – What would the price be to do this

l l – When do we get to see you?

Louis skateboards – What disc brake kit
Did you use it on the front

Michael Konopka – Really nice work with both the Jeep and the video. I could not stop watching.

Aras kurd – Oven

Aras kurd – Woooooooowwwwww

Bititt ansari – Superb awesomeness

10 Minute time lapse 1976 jeep cj5 restoration

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