1978 Jeep cj-7 | 720 hp-9.4l v8 | classic car ranch

1978 Jeep CJ-7 | 720 HP-9.4l V8 | Classic car ranch

78 Jeep CJ 7-572cui-720 PS | www.classic-car-ranch.de.

PFC Thomas Blackhawk – Nice,
But if i owned it
Criticism rather have it in
O. D. Green and

k w – I doubt that’s the HP 720 R version. Probably the gas pump 620 HP street version

Michael macdonald – Well … that does it, I’ve gone now with a jeep..be still my beating heart!

Camp’n outdoors – Why???

St. Michael – That thins is badass!!!

R – "720 HP Jeep" …. the guy drives it like it got 20 HP.

Nathan sunnaa – From 4wheel burnout

Mosler dog – What size does this bad boy have?

Spike blade – I wonder what this thing is, and how much it was off the road

Patch man – Fix it is not sputtering and popping under acceleration before taking video. Should run better than that…

Gman 49 – This was custom built for a customer who could not kill himself with a 300hp small block ….

All sarcasm aside, nicely done. Thanks for sharing this clean build.

Jeep guy – Of this total krank and ihr wisst es, geiler scheiss!

Paul leclair – I want that!!!!!!

Antoine Opel V8 187 – Could someone tell me what exactly they did? Thank you.

Mike campbell – What is that take size?

Kelvin davis – Under the bed cover is the secondary gas tank, the whole thing, Lmao.

Awesome Jeep guys, truly outstanding! oven

Peter blank – Take size n brand please n thank you

Bestamerica – ”
Oh no…
What wrong with this jeep…
Why this jeep dont have 2 yellow lights on the taillights…
America is a CJ-7 jeep…
Japan is a Toyota FJ

Michael teeple – I like it but it was a good jeep under it.

James wilson – Oven

John donate – Nitrous needs…

Morgan watson – Where can I get a set of those fender flares?

Tom meyer – 720 hp Really for a jeep
300 is sufficient


Ponty poetrawata – Exhaust info please?

Nicolas guevara – What a beautiful jeep

Honor the MB 2 door! – Interested, how much?
It’s amazing how these are 4 door jku / jlu limos sell. How can you buy these goofyrollings of shit after seeing the classic Willys MB configuration is incomprehensible. Long live the 2 door Jeep and the real Jeepers out there! This CJ is what Jeepin is All about. 2 doors, round headlights and a soft top. Jeepin experience. Jeep on! oven

Knox carmack – Has it sold out if not how much

Picasso cross – My cj7 3.0 turbo diesel # 128557; # 128557; # 128557; # 128168; # 128012;

Alexander Sobol – # 128077; 200 !

_ LYX _ – Nice sound

F22Raptor5000 – Awesome cj7

Gorilla hd – Beautiful CJ-7! She turned out great. Scott

Garth green – Is there any information about this beautiful jeep? Tire / Wheel size, transmission etc….?

Lefty hara – Yep nice.

Jay davis – Nice looks # 128077; # 128077;

1978 Jeep cj-7 | 720 hp-9.4l v8 | classic car ranch

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