1983 Jeep cj7 restoration

1983 Jeep CJ7 Restoration

Restoration of my Jeep CJ7 2.1 diesel of 1983 summarized in 150 photos (duration of works 3 years)

Vincent – Hi to you, can you tell me which key to remove the soles? They appear welded at the bolts …
Thank you …. sorry if my questions seem stupid but I start….
Thank you

Vincent – Hello, I’m trying to restore a cj of 1982 …

Levy rogers – If you want your videos to be watched, I’m sure you’ve been playing it stupid. I growup in the 80s love almost every type of rock there is. Aim my man from what time
Come from? At the !! never mind, I do not want to know. Just stop playing it. Even when the sound has been turned down in your head. Like a bad roll you can not get rid of.

Paari raaju – Black beauty !!!! Nice job # 128076; # 128076; # 128076;

J dubbson – Forgotwheelsntires.wtf

Barry carr – Currently restoring my 82 CJ7. Nice to see a classic CJ alive and on the road again. Good job brother!

Mandeep singh – Print

Oswaldo orellana – Q diesel engine the fall better adapted to a jeep 87 of 6 eyelashes in line

Radna parsaj – What is the rock band on the first song…

Bobby caldwell – Superb goal shame (it’s personal) for the 2.1 TD.

Donnie walker – This music sucks ass!!!!

Cappsjd – I love most 80s rock, but this music is pure trash. Nice jeep though.

French jeeper – Not integer

Lourdes safar – That the anti-colic ?

French jeeper – Now she’s got a 2.1 turbo diesel engine like the Cherokee-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPWAij2bS7U

Oxyrisen – Cool jeep awful music

French jeeper – Jon Thx! I love my jeep !

Jon taylor – Absolutly a wonderful job. I have an 83 that needs some TLC as well. You have turned a bucket into a great machine. Congratulations!

French jeeper – Thank you! 🙂

Sandrine palm tree – Angry!!!

Francisco pastor – And rubbers?

Josh robles – And how much and everything is so much more important than that and I have the same jeep for the period 82 and I want to sell it and make this kind of thing that I miss some piasas like the mirrors and thus here in nallart Of these search And seek help you to hacker something asi jejejejej thanks

Hadd13 – Of

Luciano ferreira – Hello my friend I would like to have a new look with you I have the jeep 61 with the box just like his many graces .

French jeeper – Thank you !

Fishing in the cays and the world – Trembling work, best wishes

Citlaly alonso – And all the original

Jorge peñafiel – And how much money for the restoration

1983 Jeep cj7 restoration

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