An ancient and modern 4×4! Jeep cj5 1966, special hat, 2.0 total custom! Swap a. At.

AN ANCIENT AND MODERN 4X4! Jeep CJ5 1966, special hat, 2.0 total custom! Replace A. A.

Take a look at this beautiful 1966 Jeep CJ5 we made a complete hat making. It was wonderful! More information: Like our …

Wilson lima – Congratulations .. a beautiful job … and your dad .. nice and humble with brilliant mind .. hugs … # 128079; # 128079; # 128079;

Johan morillo – Excellent work boys # 128074; # 127995;

Flaviane kelly flavinha – The work of you guys was wonderful … gave life to the car

Flaviane kelly flavinha – People are but beautiful jeep Willys that had already gone to the end …. A guy like this

Maria Agostini – For me it’s not a goal because it’s not original

Diego dos Anjos Silva – Good afternoon!
Congratulations on your work I would like to know how much it costs to do?
I also have a jeep

Aluisio venancio da silva – Buddy I’m restoring my jeep how horny this bonnet stuff is

Marcelo queiroz – Beautiful Congratulations What wheel is used? What da da horn that painted the jeep ?

Breno savino – Goastaria Will Be Meets Jeep Willys 42 to restore with you

Nailson menezes – Beautiful car top.

Eduardo oliveira – Congratulations coys really beautiful! ! ! ! ! !

Rodrigo machado – It was beautiful, but you should have bought a Wrangler.

Jose Lenildo – Beautiful top in the extreme !!!

Moses capovilla – Congratulations for your work and honesty, when it comes to footage, the customer quotes the other tapestry as wanting double the material. Be honest, you win the long-term customers. And I also liked your father’s simplicity, keep it up. Susseso.

Angel martinez – Fantastic, great taste,

Jose grandson – Vode could tell you what color code of this jeep?


Heru rustamadjj – Cute car

Leonardo Cossolosso – What value of a complete project of that?

Mathias keske – What a beautiful jeep, from great taste .. Congratulations to both.

Ronaldo lima – Show show show!!!
Very beautiful!!!!
Congratulations on posting!!!

Ismael mucelini – Nice Jeep Congratulations …. just missed one detail …. motorzão …. 6 candles or something but…..

InfoAta – Wow, Jepan is too beautiful. I am still alive when I do not know how to keep up with the patricians, because I believe in the faith, in the experience of the day, hell monster on wheels. I do not Remember the year and model, but I had this affection of the video model and it was blue.

Conservator of Right BOLSONARO-2018 – 90% back to here from SP are dishonest, they love asking for.
Sad reality, zero honesty.

Ocimar viviani viviani – Waves is this address

Daniel cross – How long was this reform gentlemen?

Murilo ferreira – Very cool .!
Perfect job

Nivaldo bie – My dream

Galvao – Beautiful congratulations, dream come true # 128512;

Geraldo theodore – It is not enough to have money, to have GOOD TASTE. Car was beautiful.

Elielson fonseca – I’m a fan of jeep. This is the beautiful one that I saw. Put an air conditioner, and just walk around .

Mario ricardo pergentino da silva – My grandfather had a blue 1966. A real tank. His dream that I have to buy a jeep.

Jim horan – How did they do the wiper blades on the windshield????

Leandro jose ramos – Congratulations on your service and congratulations on your team # 128077; # 128077; # 128077; # 128079; # 128079; # 128079; # 128079; # 128079;

Paulo nunes – This jeep must be one of the cars!!

Marine landmarks – Show of ball, this jeep and the top too …. PERSONAL CONGRATULATIONS # 128079; # 128079; # 128079; # 128079; # 128079;

John Cabral Baptist Baptist Baptist Baptist Baptist – Grateful for your attention at my appointment.

Alano paiva – Beautiful jeep, I spent 25 years doing the trail also stopped. Congratulations to the manufacturer of the hood, was top.

John Cabral Baptist Baptist Baptist Baptist Baptist – Possibility of making attempts to transform 01-Jeep Williys 1951 High Suspension. (*) I’m about to get Jeep in the Interior.

Bricks fashion underwear – Hello congratulations was beautiful what is the name of this ink ?

Dimitrib 1001 – Bonnet is this beautiful, I did not know what was going on, what was it? The old hat was slack, just adjust, that made a big difference The cap, and the combined with the jeep, Kd lowering the hat? I wish I had a cap of this old on my jeep, this new just pure whim faith, saying it did not get any better, but the old one was great

Beavis jeep – What is the material of this hood?

Fabiano milk – Wonderful!!!

Robin luzardo – Beautiful work boys

Paulo geovane luiz semester – Puts!
Gotten 1963, a dream can lead to such a company.

Rogerio Marcos – Good night work very good # 128079; # 128079; I’m interested but I live far away

Paul – Show!

Auto group channel – Sensational your work !! congratulation!

Ricardo sarmento – You guys are only going to have your car # 128077; had from Bahia and gusto a lot of Beetle Brasilia ice cream opal kombi and bug.

Elbert melo – My dream is to let my corsa max, in style.

Samuel haryanto – Mahal…

Orleans lucena – Congratulations for the work.
I’ll take mine to make a budget.

Wormy br – That beautiful that was this car congratulations, I’m smaller than you and I would like to do it..

Luiz Carlos – What a beautiful jeep, it was a really cool show.

Marcelo otavio – It was pasta !!! I really like jeep this is ok show inside all the accessories …. Alright done …. Congratulations for the work …. hug!!!

Carlos Geraldo Costa – All the cars that pass by become jewelry. Congratulations and thanks for sharing with us.

Henrique Oliveira Jr – Good night Bruno !! Spectacular this Jeep … congratulations to the owner on a whim !! Congratulations on CHANGE for the hat project … it was a show !! Hug! Henrique (RJ) # 128077; # 128522;

Gilvan cicero santos – You deserve like sempreeee

Luiz gonzaga – This cj5 was show of ball work done with dedication of it there congratulations.

Fernando morais – The pictures were really good, I already had a 1957 cj5 and very national dolls. I did not like any, I ended up importing a bestop. This one seems to be on the same level.

Marcos peres vicente – Congratulations for your professional work!

OLIDIO & ANGELA.our channel. – Tmj,

Xyco Crivellari – To say that it makes you look wonderful is redundant, and to rain in the wet. You are beasts.!

Rose hisses days – CONGRATULATIONS Bruno. # 128079; # 128079;

Edson maz – This hood was show, this jeep is also handsome huh

Ereni damascene – Great job congratulations!

Evaldo Castro Pink Castro – Good afternoon Bruno, it was perfect I remembered a friend who passed away a few days ago, I had a green jeep willys and I ended up meeting his Jeep on the way home Pava all work team # 128079; # 128079; # 128079; # 128079; # 128079; # 128079; abs

Sergio fernandes – Congratulations my friend

An ancient and modern 4x4! Jeep cj5 1966, special hat, 2.0 total custom! Swap a. At.

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