Jeep cd dana 30 axle front rebuild part 1 disassembly

Jeep CJ Dana 30 Axle Front Rebuild Part 1 Disassembly

As promised here is the first part of the Dana 30 Front Axle rebuild. Today I am going to show you how to get a full share of the entire axle assembly.

Vicente hosie – Where can I buy the seal for the hub of you know ??? One of mine was broken … I can not wait for you??

Loved the video, it’s perfect to understand

Jim lewandowsky – Have you ever pulled the inner bearing on the spindle?

Scott wagner – Could I send you my Dana 300 to go through it and replace the bearings and seals?

Chris gott – Hello I have watched and enjoyed many of your videos. Thank you! Was wondering if you have a video of a pinion and carrier set up from scratch. Going starting at CJ Dana 30 today and need to start from scratch.

Big dave – Will you like the number of the spindle puller? Amazon has three listed. From what I read in the description OTC (7502) 4WD Front Spindle Puller should work on the Jeep CJ’s

Scott wagner – Do you recommend powder coating with epoxy primer and paint? And why?

Corvettedan22 – Thank you !

Jim myers – What brand pinion seal puller is that @ 27: 10? I need one!

Jeff hammond – Excellent video, very detailed and informative. I can not seem to find the socket for the lock washers, in KY. Any suggestions?

UCanDoIt2 – Nice will done! Great footage and editing. I will encourage this on a 1979 Dana 30 at some point. Many thanks!!

Doug d-bo – I wish I had all the special tools you have. Going to invest in some jumpers

Ty kellerman – Beautiful work

Kwalte03 – I love the AMC was CJ videos. Thanks for your effort in making them.

Jack collins – Thank you for the video.

William Macfarland – Perfect timing I’ve been working on my 1974 CJ5 this week and I’m currently trying to replace the slave cyclinder. The question I have what is the size of the socket I need to remove the spindles.

Todd macelroy – I just got one of my Dana 30’s on the bench to tear down and rebuild. It’s been 15 I’ve been trying to remember all the steps and tools I need. 79 CJ5. She’s a little rough Around the edges. But, 27 years later. She is still my favorite.

Justice for none – Thank you, I needed this info for my 79 cj5. I would not be mad if you wanted to do a good video like this on Borg-Warner T150. Thanks again for the helpful videos and I hope all goes well for you.

Kevin england – Awesome Brian Video. Very handy how much of this loom down is the same for the YJ Dana 30?

Charlie toews – Awesome video thanks

Glen palmer – Thanks Brian believed to be in this model 20.This is a big help!

Randy hughes – I’m having fun with the Dana 53 but I’m going to. for this cup and I can not find it I’m getting a lot of things I can sand blast so I can not get a better job job figure out what to Order and how to make it together and it last

Frank pattaya – Brian, well done, taught me a little things on the late model gear

Lencost1 – @ 24:02 I noticed the typical markings of an "automotive recycler", which explains the excessive rust. Thank you for another interesting video of the inner workings of the Jeep.

George Benoit – Great video Brian. Thanks for the in depth explanation.

Richard bell – Good job matey, well informative! Thank you !

Peterv56 – I do not have a lathe. I use the plasma cutter to score the race, and it will pop right out. again a great video.

Old new farmer – Nice work

Hake – Very cool ,, thank you

Ronald eisel – Awesome job, thanks for doing the tear-down!

Frankinjeep 1 – Going to the same day 1974 Axel cj5 under my Willys cj2a

Jeep cd dana 30 axle front rebuild part 1 disassembly

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