Jeep cj 10a diesel powered jeep

Jeep CJ 10A Diesel Powered Jeep

Looking at a surplus NYSDOT Jeep CJ10 powered by a Nissan 6 cyl diesel engine. for more!

Redacted 00078576 – Mexican built ?? Deport those trucks instantly kommandant!!

Manguy dude – I do not think I have ever seen so many single ax tug trucks. Boy those must be stout!

Mike s. – The interior of those Jeeps are classic. Pure workhorses.

Rob j – Yeah not sure what these things would be good for. Would cost a lot to modify them for any usefulness.

Bansheemania – Buy it for the running gear

Bryan d – @ 2: 39 Someone put an AM / FM 8 Track Player in the dash. Love it!

Bladen rexroth – J30 chassis and 12 valve swap.

Jake lamothe – Image this as a rig!!!

Mulatto hipster of maryland – Anyone of a picture of one of these in service?

Solar ryan –

Nick dykes – What auction were rather in? Thanks

Nick dykes – Hi..any devise how much??

Taylor chupp – Growing up my dad has a 76 scout with the turbo

Joe dirt – Just do a cj 5 chassis and body swap.

Doug harker – UNCLEDOUG SAYS JUST MORE NEW YORK JUNK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ajdahun – The SD33, 3 liter NA, most of these were found on fork-trucks made by White, as was the turbo-charged version, the SD33T…

Ka9radio – You said you were going to get back to the Dodge?

Mlke fischer – M38A1 was introduced in1953 CJ5 in1955. Chicken or the egg?

Snowman3700 – Not one look at the engine

Wrecky spinhouse jr – I never knew this maintained, thanks for the info!

Mike baldwin – These were just offered at DOT auction this week here in NY

Robert Calderon – Nice Junkers Bro # 128170; # 128526;

TheNyarcangel – It’s a better place to work with NY’s wonderful DMV system

Military museum – Nissan diesel, gutless! It was back in the 80’s. Another great video. Thanks

Mlke fischer – CJ stands for civilian jeep I wonder why they named them

Tyson walsh – Improving a plow sander push some snow

Talfacprez – Great info

DCW – I would love to have one.i have never seen them before.

Dynamo joe – Haha … that dodge in the middle. Short Bus …. "Short Dodge". Unreal, gvw 7700 lbs. Great catch and informative documentary.

Paul-Hermann Hilgers – Very interested to see.

B52crewchief – I drove one in the USAF.

Tom ok – I have been thinking of the VERY unusual and unique vehicle. I’ve wondered what they were powered by. The Nissan diesel in a Mexican built Jeep is a most unusual combination! They were used to pulling the luggage trailers. And pulling out lighter jets I’m amazed considering there age. Of the decent condition they all seem to be in!

Peterv56 – Even with a sealed cab they rust out.

Jeep cj 10a diesel powered jeep

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