Jeep cj-5 restoration slideshow 1967

Jeep Cj-5 Restoration Slideshow 1967

1967 Jeep Cj5 V6. 1 year restoration.

Lextech lighting – Sweet restaurant.

Benjamin ruiz – Beautiful work

J ROTHCHILD – Cool! I picked up at 67 Cj5. Too!

Chris hisses – Thanks done a great restoration!

Chris hisses – Are the sway bars OEM?

Jarhead6153 – Awesome job….

Matt Josephson – Really great jeep. So much work but truly worth it

Scott case – I bought the same one

Gordon greninger – Love it. They look fantastic done like this. I cant stand the barbie methlab look 9 out of 10 people usually go with.

Marc won – Good job I enjoy your vids. This is my expertise as well I have been welding for thirty years now!

Marc won – I remember it when I remembered it I remembered it When I remembered it I remember it red when it was blinked. it was a sixty four or five it would be a good guess I was like six I would love to find it and do it over.

Peter Mueller – Awesome just picked up to 1971 DJ5 Postcard! Love it….

Shad rogers – Awesome, great investment.

Peter duke – i buy a cj7 86 for the same price is the engine tramsmition all body in bad shape i have all most 1 year and 6 months working in my jeep in two months is done. your jeep look realy nice

Fricknjeep – Real nice job. just got a 69 hope i can do half as good .

Aceman307 – Well done!

Voltron63 – Look good …. time to have some fun..

Jeep cj-5 restoration slideshow 1967

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