Jeep cj-7 rebuild

Jeep CJ-7 Rebuild

This video is the completed version of my 1976 Jeep CJ-7 Rebuild. 5.5 inch Spring-over, 1 inch leaf springs, 1 inch shackles, 1 inch body lift, 35 inch thornbirds.

K tor – Nice rig!

Eric Lakota – Like it, it looks like it’s so so easy

Cliff carpenter – Hows the steering on that. mines all over the place

Loki rip – It takes a lot of heart and confidence (and cash) to complete that awesome project. You are a winner at life.

Tom remsing – Very nice

Marco polo – It turned out really nice. Dig the Starship Trooper playing out too. oven

Namex1996 – Where did you get the body mounts bushings?

Rodney mitchell – My god that music sucks.

Anna Karolyne Goncalo Of Jesus – Hello good bark has as. send contact Logs that sells lanterns laterel fender jeep cj7

Jesiel g da silva – # 128665; # 128525; # 128665; # 128525; # 128665; # 128525; # 128665; # 128525; # 128665; # 128665; # 12808; # 128077; # 128665; Congratulations was very beautiful the jeep, is the Work was good # 128077;.

AV8R Tom – Awesome job, in offense, it’s got way too much lift. It looks stupid.

Zach – How do you like the spring over?

Norman miller – Hows those thornbirds hook up in mud?

Steven cochran – The music is a group called copyright and the song is rock machine !

Fernee909 – Amazing job !!! This video takes you on a journey from beginning to end !!! Beautiful work.

Chris c. – Looks good, love the OD green.

Burdickbilt – Love the wheel tire choice !! What wheel is that?

Donald fewox – Man that is nice! .. I’m making my 82 wagoneer look like a M715..custom flat windshield and truck did a fine job..I hope to make my 360 sound that good.

William – The music of yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chad cramton – Thanks for sharing. Cool rebuild.


He roy – Wooowwww!!!

Hassan Alnajjar-A65AP – Awesome work

Joshua RODRIGUEZ – Nice jeep I just bought me a 75 with a V8 needs a lot of work where did you get the color

Brandon davis – Where did you get those shackles? Do you like them? Also, what is the distance from the top bolt to the bottom bolt? Nice jeep by the way!!

Jordan king – Is that amc 20 offset?

UCanDoIt2 – Gotta keep these old gems running. I bought mine in college 28 years ago. Starting at 5.3L and you will need a lot of body work. My current AMC 304 drinks gas. Love the color.

Suny123boy1 – How in the world did you learn how to do all this?

Ok smellsbad – Nice build, songs?

Anggit sukmono putro – Great cj restoration, Jeff what kind of black mate? can you share teh detail

Paul of luca – Jeffe ede why be so rough?

Bill2526 bill2526 – I’m restoring a 1978 CJ 5 with a cj7 body 88 inch streched wb …. 5.3 ls 6l80 dana built 300..

Drstockmann – Look not so nice! You need bigger Rims !!!! 18 inches or bigger !!!

Ayax alvarracin – Excellent work beautiful jeep greetings from San Luis Argentina!!!!!

Rzero11231 – Put some 2 "wheel spacers behind those wheels it will handle a lot better and give you a nice job on the rebuild

Mark eule – This thing is awesome I love mine so much I have written 3 childrens books about it check them out at

Enduro Trucker Ernie Desjardins – I’ve got a 81 cj7 renegade. 258 in line 6.I run at Ford np435 and 205 the box. axles are chevy 3/4 tone. 3.5 inch lift bds leafs sounds. up on 18×39.5×15 boggers. by far the best 2nd best mod is a steering box support bar. now there’s no frame flex when steering. work great on a buddies and j too. Very cool jeep. black cloth green is killer.

Bud brangard – Work of art!!

Graham white – Beautiful jeep! I’m working on YJ with a small block and a th350 mated to the stock np231amc. I just love these old CJ’s though. Builds like yours are such an inspiration to me. Nice clean work! Wish I could have a shop Like that too haha. Might have to find some of them as well. Thanks for sharing!

Gildardo holy cross – Nice jeep

Nick huemann – Let me start with saying Awesome build! I have a question roughly how much did it cost start to finish?

Andre rasemont – Jeep I prefer military models of the war 1939-1945. There was really a million car.
The scare engine and the scare me…

William Kiene – The Jeep is an amazing American vehicle that can be rebuilt for decades. I imagine that these stocks are available for these iconic vehicles. Originally designed and built for the United States for World War II.

Nick cossio – Thanks buddy I’ll be ok I’m going to help you

Nick cossio – Awesome info bud I’m planning on running at 36×13.50×15 radial interco irok I already did the steering box reinforcements with the m.o.r.e. kit and 4wd hardware brace that crosses the gateway side frame the axle rp gears were changed to 4.10 by the previous owner

Nick cossio – Nice lookin rig i just started my own 77 cj7 with the same drivetrains 304/400 / quadratrac i’m wanting to do a spring over suspension too. What brand of lift sounds did you use it? it looks really clean any pointers it could give It b great I’m doing it?

Undergroundtrev – Awesome build! My dad had a CJ-7 when I was a kid, some of my first memories are riding in it. Inspired to buy TJ and my sister bought at JK. CJs going! I love the AMC V8!

Alexander the Ferret – Hello This is a question I am writting. What is the weight of the wheel (wheel + tire) of a military type jeep?

Mark hiers – Back for more inspiration, love the job you did. Killer color Forgotten to mention, great shot with your dog CJ. Got 6 myself. Will it be getting closer to the finish. May be awhile. Again thanks.

SHARKIES GIRL – Thats why they’ve got bigger axles on them the more you build up. Use plenty of straps on the face of the head and shoulders. trust me

Ricardo estrada – Nice rebuild nice shop .

Quentin belmonte – Magnificent

Mark hiers – Great job for great inspiration and motivation. Got a 74 CJ, been working on awhile. Thanks for sharing.

Brian myers – Tell me about your paint! What color?

l l – It’s a beautiful rig goal I can’t help thinking that the swing shackle for the front leaf spring is on the wrong end.

Grizzly – You built my dream JEEP !!!! awesome!!

Albert michall – Nice

Jim davidson – Get rid of those red body lift blocks. Makes your body lift look worse than it needs to. Use rubber bushings in your springs too. Rides smoother.

Jim davidson – Now the Thornbirds are seriously bad azz rock tires. Best all terrain type tread on the road still today. They are better than my Boggers by far on rocks. Mud is a different story as the boggs are mud tires.

Jim davidson – Is this an off road vehicle? To protect the engine. Never mind, it’s a chubby. Will not last 70k miles. Glass packs are you kidding?

Aaron mccollum – Did you leave the original axel or not ?

Matthew baker – Look good i just got a 79 cj-7 im going to start working on me

I mama – Just beautiful

Power, car and motorcycle tips – Great build !! very nice!!

Charles hart – Bad to the bone.

12 blades – Such a beautiful jeep but the seats are horrible you should have kept the stock ones

Leadfoot2112 – Idk why but people call them thornturds makes me think they arent very good but they look awesome how do they offroad? in snow mud etc

Calvin jacobs – Lovely

Godscountry – I would like to see you there, for a more aggressive look, with a quiet tread, which should be your job. .Maybe to wrap

Zach mcgovern – What kind / where did u get those seats

Tcarnage – Now upload a video where go’s

Fete138 – Do the tires hit when making sharp turns? Nice jeep.

Jonny the man 23 – How much was it for the whole project cost?

Jason rechtenbach – This is an awesome build. Nice work dude.

Checkdm – Hello, mini number is Carlos and soy from Argentina.te congratulate you very very good!!!!!!

Fernee909 – Very clean jeep !!! Great job! I have a 68 cj5 you inspire me to start working on mine ­čÖé

Turbo crx – Nice cj i have an 85 cj7 golden eagle and a suzuki samurai working on the 2 of them at the same time

Dayne crawford – Black Rock Dune wheels? Sharp lookin cj.

Maddogmaz1576 – Look great, all Jeeps should have SBC

Kobe_f1 – How high did you lift your jeep? 4inches?

Zak stahl – Nice work ihave 84 i want to get back on a road staying stock i just need it tranny and motor rebuilt┬á

Chris p – Awsome job!!!

Chris narvaez – Great video you inspired me to work on my cj willys

Takeshi ishiguro – I thought I saw you JEEP cd7 and great, painted for my CJ7 reference. Please look at the FB

Ranchand58 – What’s Six? ….. Awesome build!

f second – You should get some z-boxes and revolve shackels … don’t get me mad, don’t look like i ever want my jeep.!

Ryan patterson – Yes earlier CJ7’s was narrower.
Come back to my page and check out my 83 CJ7 4.2 Rebuild..

Hoote – Sask plate … Nice jeep.

Adolf neda – Where and how much did it cost to restore? I want to restore my Jeep Cj7-81

Clayton brown – Missing the star army on the hood!

Mason middleton – What about a front or rear bumper or a winch

Afghanistan click – Nice work!

Mackenzie godwin – That’s one of the cleanest CJ’s I’ve seen in a while … Awesome job!!

Dragonmaniac374 – Tires? TSL? Radial gold diagonal ?

Cj7freak – FKN TO NICE JEEP !!!!! I had an old 84 CJ7 and am thinking about getting another one. Thanks for the vid and great job on the restore!!!

Alex – Love it, the stance is kinda weird though, way too skinny for being that tall.

South ga jeeepers – Nice jeep painted my yd same color

Ryvisionvision – Very cool Jeep, love the green / black color scheme.

Dalton peck – Awesome video!!

Atvkid0805 – Great video man, love the jeep!┬á

Joshua crowe – What is the main color on the body called?

Jethro manahon – Whats the tire size?

Jethro manahon – Whats the tire size?

Jeep cj-7 rebuild

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