Jeep cj gets electronic upgrades!

Jeep CJ Gets Electronic Upgrades!

Jeep CJ-7 gets its tone of cool electronic upgrades. This is a new MSD digital ignition system, Wake tower…. …

Shad rogers – Jeep Cjs are trucks, not cars.

Alex alice – Get a new drill

Jose Angel Salazar Gutierrez – Amplifier name ??

Jimbo edwards – Jeep looks awesome # 128076; Some 2 "wheel spacers would give it a nice stance and look good..

Kevin montgomery – Where did you buy the side steps? I just bought a ’74 CJ5 today and I love the minimalist look….

Jim melnik – Do you have a list for this build? I’m interested in doing something like this. Great job by the way. Outstanding work.

Frank quitely – Is it too late to be adopted by your family?

Mrfoxbody87 – Bro i have an 84 cj7. Looking for both the driver and the driver. I like your set up what did u use?

Free zed – A guy wants to trade to 73 Jeep cj5 3sp 4 * 4 for my 07 Saturn View should I trade

Nacho valenti – Awesome Jeep and very well building. Congrats guys !! oven

Mike young – I’m wondering why the upgrades were not done when the rebuild was happening? You are in pain when you drilled through the dash. its disappointing not see the glove box. where do you keep your gloves?!

Chili prepper – I like the Tractor Supply box to keep some things locked and out of sight.

Chili prepper – I have to get to work on my CJ-7. Good work 4

MarioT’s CJResto – Great Job, Been following you since you kicked off the build.

The best – Does he actually work on a vehicle ??? Kinda scary considering to be sure to work on mine

Mk319mod0 – Hack break repeat

Drew smith – You can go to the bottom of the road and get a little bit easier and a little easier. Great job on these builds tho. Super impressive for anyone.

Water flow – She for sale?

SaiF’s Daily – i have original 1978 model jeep-from egyptian military, my car in egypt if anyone is interested in classic car i can sell it. price? I will not know the national price about $ 10,000-i will sell it $ 5,000. half price i Don; 1955 model and i need some money to upgrade it. thanks
Ya this my email:

Carlos Yepez – Great work guys !!! Really love your jeep especially the color. Trying to start a similar project of my own. One question what’s your opinion on fiberglass CJ7 tubs, hoods, fenders etc….?
. I live in south america and do not have access.


Christian clark – Hahaha ryobi sucks

Luke martin – Buy a new Jeep if you want that garbage

David eats – Hey great video! What year is the CJ-7? I have a ’80 cj-5

Timothy launches – Hey, was I wondering if you’re running RC on the CJ like the XJ? Would you have something else given a second chance? I’m about to start the build on my cj7 and I’m going to build the 258. I have the money for the 350 swap right now and think I can get it out of the 258 with upgrades, machining, and 3.73 gears. love the jeep.

Kentucky justice – Where’s the gun rack? You have a solid rack for your AR-15 or your pump shotgun. Good video.

Serrano ramon – How much was yalls paint job i need to get my comanche painted

Zack – What do you do for a job?

Skykiller – When using low speed

Antonio Perea Linares – That drill is dead lol. Nice jeep!

Sss garage – Nice job # 128077; I also made a lot of upgrade on my CJ7, I swapped 2.4 with 2.8 TD, the sbc 350 its very expensive for daily use. In Italy gasoline its very expensive # 128545;

Travis heilman – Whoop!

Greg – Nice job! I like how the leds turned out…

Tazpro – I love this build and the time / effort you put into it. ive watched the entire playlist. I wish we lived closer cause I think we’d be good friends! I’ve got an 03 TJ … Love it!

John wheels – From efi on the jeep

Jethro engine co – I like how everything always flows together and was just wondering how you got it together.

Matthew postlewait – Super clean cj build. I really like your seats and center console

J240 – Dude seriously next time you are using the hole in the blade and the blade will not be used properly..

Brian pardee – I called it a 350 hell yeah brother

Thomas rhodes – Great video

Triple Threat Engineering – Love ur vids keep up the good work! btw I subscribed!

Gable red neck – Bad ass I like it cool # 128526; upgrades

Larry alexander – Glad to see your still interested in it! Not sure I would have the msd box that low? But should be ok

Bacon bacon – Nice dog

OfficialAdubb – Go subscribe to the juicefam

Jeep cj gets electronic upgrades!

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