Jeep cj offroad, hydraulic clutch, and 4.10 re-gear!

Jeep CJ Offroad, Hydraulic Clutch, and 4.10 Re-gear!

In this video our 350 CJ-7 Gets a new axle with 4.10 gears along with some new solid axle shafts to replace the old two-piece axle shafts that eats in AMC 20 …

Build break repeat – Off Roading starts at 15:40

Bill ritchey – I noticed you have both sides on the left side. in front of the front.

l l – I think your slave should have been made out of angle iron.

l l – Next is a full float / disc brake conversion?

MrCloudseeker – When you were mocking up the engine, the first thing I looked for was to see if you bought a 95 or new transmission …. ….. 87 to 94 the slave slid over the transmission yoke and the entire drive train had To be dropped to replace the slave …… I did it 4 times in my 87

Evo alex – Are you running any way out of front sway bar disconnects? Consider it for my cj for more flex off-roading

John S. Townsend V – Why did you use the axle??

Mark olsen – Go back to HF and buy a seal puller.

Hillbilly 8 – Nice buddy
Hugs from brazil

Amy ferrell – Zaa
AAAAaAAAZZZZAAAaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.? I’m a big time and one time is better before 020 + 02 [210 [? of 1]] [20202 [21] 2 [2910]

Howard hiers – I love the texas flag socks!

Sachin machan vlog engine – The purple # 128525;

Give allen – I guess the question is, why are you using an original Jeep rear axle ?
Dana 60 is much better .

William mccoy – Chinese Drilling Machine?

John holmes – Thank you for making this video….

David bustamante – What was the overall build cost on this cj7? Looking to restore an 86 cj7 myself.

Darren werner – Just an FYI. Never, never put oil soaked brakes back on a vehicle. If they get oil soaked replace them. Good way to get a break fire. And that whole dream goes up in flames.

Rusty – If u doing both sides. Use a long rod to tap the opposite race

John shoff – DC cordless drill, good quality for all your hole sawing!

Unicorn steaks – That Cherokee is the trail boss

Benjamin highergs – Very nice! When do we take it to Moab?

Ryan prokopow – U probably hate hole saws so much cause you use them wrong. You should lube the blade with wd 40 gold pb blaster or motor oil anything really. It will prolong the life of your saw and it will cut easier. Also when you need to go High speed so it does not catch and dont push hard hard so it does not bind and smoke your drill

Slick aw – You can hammer out putter bearing races from the other side if you get a pipe through the axle and get it on the lip of the race. Gotta be careful when you heat up the axle housing

Low lap – Very nice guys! I have a CJ myself that I’m working on.

Phillip mullner – How do you like the color of the jeep? Is it easy to clean? Thinking of painting mine the same

Blkicemike – Maybe think about a conversion conversion for the cj. It will ride better and beefier stance .. Look better too..

TheModBroz – How do you like x3’s grabber?

TJ 2002 – Great job guys love your figure it out attitude .. nice jeep

Supremeleadrrr – What type of lift kit is on this jeep?

Jake smith – I can not see you in my van

Sean wheatley – He has a question. I have a go kart with a Tecumseh 6 HP Power Sports Motor which wont start. I’ve replaced the carburetor, spark plug, and recoil start. It has compression, spark, air and fuel. Any suggestions would be Welcome. Keep up the great videos.

Junor747 – Great video !!! If you love your Jeep start putting Wix filters on it. FRAM is garbage. Check out videos Contin I mean you.

Justin marhold – Can not quite tell, is that a fiberglass tub? I have one and I feel like it will be nice as a steel tub. But I’m happy that it won’t rust out in Wisconsin salt if I take it out.

Jeremy davidson – "All right guys were just going to get overspray on my dads pride and joy"

TheStephenspann27 – Where were you wheeling? Hidden falls?

Flight2k5 – I’m not a Toyota fj

Werner dahm – I cringed when I saw you spraying the rattle can towards the Mustang.

Stickloaf – @ 12:22 … if I’m going to build something I’ll start with grade 8 bolts and thats a minimum requirement for any suspension components … not anything with real weight on it … the difference in strength is Huge … and it looks like a really great jeep … my buddy has one with a 5.3 conversion that he put over 80k miles on, most offroad and it has a few nice battle scars from the rugged arizona terrain

Pitin8201 – What the deal with that exhaust

1234597114 – Man from I feel sorry for that jeep.
That’s some world class hackery.
That was painful to watch. Could improve finish.

Texas slinger – That Cherokee have a diesel?!

Steven kelley – If that bends again put the Jeep on jackstands, pin it WFO in top gear and give it a shove.

If it bends this whole thing was never meant to be

Jerry clark – Wow, with the shattered bearing I believe you are flush out the diff.

Ray wallace – Bridgeport ohv?

Tyler shields – Where did you get the master and slave cylinders for the conversion???

Notinside1 – Did you go down when wheeling at the end? It would help in thr rocks

Johnyq – So because you get a seal on the inside of your bearing it’s not gonna get lubed and just going to chew it’s self again

Mary poppins – Whats the pull size on it

Fillupread – You have to race the race through the race. You have to know how to do it, you need to know where you are going in the field. A firm Smack with a hammer will break the rest of the bearing race. Cutting all the way through the risk of hitting something else. You can even score it with a simple hacksaw.

Hayden mainnie – Hi

Strange builds inc – Disk brake rear conversation?

Brian pardee – Build a steering box skid aswell it will be worth it

Brian pardee – Call it a 350 not a 5.7 please

Gertjan vandoesburg – I would like to see you in the future

Aiden anderson – Love it

Cj7 and other jeeps – Yes, another Cj video. Good work guys.

Larry alexander – Good to see the Jeep project is still going good. Just curious tho no one makes a clutch bracket ?? Maybe engine swap company or Jeep fab. Company? You got it working good job !!!

Goat bastard – Nice job and great jeep!

Hyper xx – I still can not find a go kart

NOOBKING – Happy to see jeep!

Jeep cj offroad, hydraulic clutch, and 4.10 re-gear!

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