Jeep cj7-installing the soft top

Jeep CJ7-Installing the Soft Top

Installation of the BestTop Soft Top on my Jeep CJ7 …. haphazardly I might add. This top is pretty old …. at least 15 years old. Since I only did this a year ago …

Luke’s – Also, could I get a link to the top of the same Jeep you have?

Luke’s – Could the material be put on before the material?

MP Slater – Just picked up at 81 CJ-7. Where is a good place to find a soft top? Do I need to drill at all? Snaps? Thanks.

John sealy – As a viewer, what were we to learn from this video?

Chris thornton – And I thought my YJ was great.!

Van man – Just getting ready to put mine on. About the same age and a box when I got my ’86. Still unsure about those side pieces. Thank you.

Jeep cj7-installing the soft top

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