Jeep vs. Tj jk, the jeep family rivalry.

Jeep CJ vs. TJ JK, The Jeep Family Rivalry.


Wayne smith – Put it on CJ’s and do it again.

Honor the MB 2 door! – That 2 door JK is awesome, good build, Jeep On! Other The other Jeeps are cool too.

Darth nihilus – I’m a TJ but you forgot about the Yj

Jason weaver – Hidden falls?

Cub the jeep – What kind of muffler on tj?

Official phipps – All for all of them …… JEEP LIFE !! …. it’s just as simple as that.

Wayne smith – I see we had to stack rocks for the JK. Too bad.

BUGOUTSTUFF – The CJ didnt have lockers !!! Would love to see what the TJ and JK or YJ can do without lockers with the CJ !!! Do not lock them in, just go head to head !!!! The best will win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Corvette_Community – Team cj but that’s the reason I think I really like it down to the driver

Mernerner – That pink TJ rockin good

Raymond long – Yj baby

Brian kinney – Curious what kind of blue suspension CJ5 has. My CJ5 is much stiffer and I’d like to have a ride.

MNTrailRiders – Sharing a Jeep video from our club a few months back with you. dxDyyGu- LNI

Travis atwood – Good video, looks like a big CJ7 and XJ are what’s missing. In the words of Jeremy Clarkson .. MORE POWER!!!

Victor gibson – A pink one !! ffs!

Zach richardsonson – Jeeps, especially the JK, sounds so good. Any idea what they are running?

Honk’s garage – Umm … Yj?

Andik yudianto – Wis apik have salam go INDONESIA

Dj dragon – So sure about the front of the locker where the cj and tj do not. Clearly a major advantage. So the jk driver had the simplest task of climbing this ledge while the others had to pick a line that maximized their Locked vs .. unlocked. .. locked wins every time. I have a lunchbox with a lockbox (Lokka brand) front and back … Saving for air lockers now! Lol but it’s always worth a chuckle pulling into the store Or gas station fast while turning hard .. .. (most) people gawking and thinking to themselves that my jeep is broken c (-: … if they only had a clue! Haha

Calikota – Why did you use the cheaters to get that ledge up?

Steve ive – JK’s?!?!?! Awesome vine

Target83916 – Cute lil warm up run.

Signed, Team YJ

Don jackson – The JJ is an elephant, The CJ could flex and articulate over anything. The CJ is the pinnacle of off road.

Look at a current rock crawling competition standings. In the top 15 you’ll see about 9 CJ’s 2 or 3 FJ40’s, and maybe a Samurai, and rarely ever at JK…..

Trenton regenhard – Team tj

Saw damage – GO CJ !! Haha! I love them all but I really love my Cj7! Good times!!

MrElPoderozo1 – I think all the jeeps are great! and great looking!, BUT lets have the CJ lead the way to the rest and show them how to do so they can follow his line to the T. LOL Seriously you guys have some nice looking Jeeps, Thanks for the video.

Austin smith – Jack, yes the 4.2. And @AwesomeRcVideos we have also had a CJ!

AwesomeRcVideos – Team cj

Jack armstrong – 4.2L in the Cj?
Jeep vs. Tj jk, the jeep family rivalry.

Austin smith – Well it all depends on what you want to do with it. Wide tracs are good, AMC 30 with one piece shafts can work with 35s, but not much bigger.

Austin smith – Nice!

James rudd – I got an 81 cj7 got a few questions what kind of axle should I swap under it I can not do anything I’m gonna weld them up worth it. Opinions appreciated. Thanks

Austin smith – Same here!

FranksTube86 – TEAM TJ!

Austin smith – I do not know much about anything and I do not know much about Chevy and certainly not 153, sorry I can not be more help. But if you need any Jeep or off road product help let me know!

AZdesertratfink – Its a father its im 15 so if you know of any good 153 parts places let me know

Austin smith – That sounds real good for running in the air! Good luck, sounds like you have a good project going

AZdesertratfink – 16.50 old school mickythompsons i could put it on i get to i want to go back to the old school and take a bite of the air filter cliford intake 8th discs on the oven and a mend fourspeed with the granny 1st gear

Austin smith – Very cool, the possibilities with dana 60s are endless!

AZdesertratfink – One but where do you do it just in the video?

Austin smith – Bad ass! What tires are you running? Got any videos?

AZdesertratfink – i have a 47 cj2a with a 2.5 inch lift dana 60s and a chvy 153 4 banger and i love it!

Austin smith – I used to have one and I do not miss it!

AZdesertratfink – Team cj

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