Josh’s 1978 amc jeep cj5-304 v8 engine build-

Josh’s 1978 Jeep CJ5-304 V8 Engine Build –

This is the video I made of Josh 304 V8 engine build for Jeep CJ5…..


Jay cook – Once you own a V-8, your hooked

Abomination cat – Why would you paint the top of your valve? Audio is all muted lol.

DuneFreaksUnlimited – I would like to know what you are. i have a set of long tubes that hit the steering links

Cory robinson – Seas high idle. Whats your idle after siting. I have a 79 AMC Jepp CJY and the book tells me to have it idle at 500 rpms and thats seam to low. just wondering what’s your idle set at 

Brandon heller – Any idea the horsepower? torque? I’m looking for a similar build

Josh's 1978 amc jeep cj5-304 v8 engine build-

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