Lifted 1985 jeep cj7 trail riding

Lifted 1985 Jeep CJ7 Trail Riding

Here’s my cousin’s CJ7 offroading in Arizona. 4 "suspension lift with 33s Part of the off roading:

Honor the MB 2 door! – 33 "MT’s or AT’s are perfect on any 2 door Wrangler or CJ Great video!

Honor the MB 2 door! – Amazing CJ. These CJ’s put the YJ’s, JL’s and all the 4 door limos to shame. Unfortunately, the owners love the 4 door soccer mom abominations. I was hoping to get pathetic in ’07 as they should have been, but were not. Too many Nancy pansies like their pavement princesses. Long live the 2 door, Wrangler and Wranglers. oven

Picasso cross – You very bad drive jeep. oven

Alexander Sobol – This car is great # 128077;

Nacho valenti – Very nice Jeep mate # 128077;

John stafford – Wish I had a baby, too cool for school.

Fab fab – Ouahhhhhh super trail !

Bill2526 bill2526 – Nice Jeep …. I’m working on a 78 cj7 ….. got a 2011 5.3 new 4l60e …. true Trac front rear rear … built Dana 300 …. almost ready for first test drive..

My beautiful pakistan – I love jeep

Roadrash – Where in AZ is this?

Blue sky – If you had a locker in the front end, it would climb even better. Still one of the best 4WD vehicles ever built.

Jed hazlett – Nice very similar to mine. You should disconnect the sway bar and air down to 15 psi it’s amazing how much that smooths out a cj

Donald hardin – I just bought the 1980 CJ-7. Love your seats! Are they from a TJ jeep?

88kmblack – My kidneys would be after twenty minutes wheeling that ground.

Samuel villaseñor – Dude locks …. front locks .. ok 🙂

88kmblack – Yeah, just add a simple lunchbox locker in the front axle and its off road double.

4carbcorvair – Nice cj! Flip your taillight lenses around, you have them upside down. Your back up lights are at the top, when you hit the brakes, your back ups light up.

John the Urban Gardner – Right on man I like your jeep I have a 81 cj7 I did the fuelijectetion on mine the best mod I ever did

Zach stroh – My dad has a cd and he had it..


Michael fisher – Nice CJ 7, good video, it proves you can have fun without getting crazy. CJ 7 really looks good with the lift, sounds good too 🙂

Thomas miles – I have 77 cj7 with 5.0 headers side Holley blowholes 4 barrel crane cam shaft lifted 2.5 leaf heco shocks 15 inch dick cepek wheelse rolling on 31 inch dune grapplers

Lifted 1985 jeep cj7 trail riding

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