Willys jeep cj-5 identification-kaiser willys omix-ada tower

Willys Jeep CJ-5 Identification-Kaiser Willys Omix-ADA Tour

Ever wonder what makes Jeep CJ-5 to 5? In this video, we’re going to read about Willys CJ-5 and how to correctly identify one. This CJ-5 …

Ninjeep williams – Windshield does not just push in. It is a pain, requiring the infamous pull string technical and two sets of hands. Lol

Afonso milk – Amazing how easy and so beautiful at the same time !

Abdalmonem khalifa – Very nice

Robinson Pear Alfaro – For year 66

John tyler – Very nice Jeep I’ve always loved these jeeps

Russell johnson – I have a neighbor with an original cj5 with a hard top factory. At the time I figured it was not older than the 70s. Just meh. But it had the snorkel panel and cowl panel! I just didn’t know what to do at the time. Well anyways he sold to someone who oversized tires on it. Scrapped the top and added a roll bar. Than the motor blew. Probably from neglect. And next thing I know he was down the street Hacking away to some greasy crusty stuff And he rattles canned it flat black! Because everybody in my home town without even using primer! Rattle can every black matte thing! Grills trim wheels bumpers! Shit from Ford explorers to geo minivans to pickups and even jeeps.
We had a guy with a 2010s mercury version of an explored he Matt blacked the chrome grill all the badges and later on the front half of the poor thing. It makes me sick! Every vehicle I’ve seen has chipping rattle can matte black. So crusty aluminum and dirty chrome start showing thrown. And they just leave it like that!

Beauregard clayton – Love it … had a 65 back in 1971 with 16,000 original miles

John mclanahan – My 1966 CJ5 had vacuum wipers and 15 inch wheels.

Lsanti – It would be great to put out more videos for other Jeep CJ models

Pedro ivera – BACKGROUND: Many times my father gets out of the mud, sand or cliffs. My Jeep is safe in my home town of Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Pedro ivera – Hi Sir I really enjoyed you video. I have a 1966 CJ-5 which looks like 55% the same as your 55. Mine originally has the split windshield with pneumatic wiper motors. I still have the pneumatic wipers but the split therapeutics open windshield is I love the color of yours, simply beautiful. I hope some day will restore mine to pristine beauty like yours. My father (passed away), and me, I will keep it until my death. My Jeep works and runs like new, I really enjoy driving it. My father taught me to drive on it. Thanks, very inspirational video.

WALMOR SANTOS – What value please

Cheat of mason – Conversion

Cheat of mason – But one written

G 55 – I wish I still owned my CJ5, All the early jeeps were better off the road. Thanks for doing the Video, priceless info.

Zahid ullah – Need more information about the geer any other video plz.

Mohabat khan malak – That cream colored Jeep next to this one being built in India by Mahindra Motors. And I believe this blue CJ-5 were also built in Pakistan. I saw a CJ-5 in Dubai around 1975 that was made.

Malsha motors – Nice

ابوحسني Pisces – Orange price

Efrain Charrasquiel Vergara – Very beautiful!!

Walter bermudez rooms – True jewels Nice to see you ….

Ajahar mew – I love you jeep

Abdul hafeez ansari – This jeep is avalabile or not. I want to purse acessories

Ernest miller – Another "change" is the pronunciation of Willys. The Willys company founder pronounced his name Willis. To be more popular with Willy’s, who is one of you.

Djhv fjbfh – Small, beautiful, beautiful, good, want to want

Nivaldo bie – No heari bites anything but I liked the video just beautiful Jeep

Capt nemo – CJ5 Willys looks great. Just a tip I am the original owner of a CJ5 Willys 1955 in original red paint, have had it stored in a barn since 1971. The name "Willys" on the tailgate and sides came from the factory said in white I also own a 1967 Jeepster w / continental wheel and a 1968 Jeep Gladiator pickup. Currently restoring the Gladiator.

KING_OF_JEEPS – All the jeeps looks like my garage

ಹಿಂದೂ ಹೃದಯ ಸಾಮ್ರಾಟ್ – Very nice jeep

Wave of anger – Very nice car

Handle lal – Nice jeep

Robin yarbrough – What year is the jeep to the left in the video (tan color)?

Mike coffin – Do you have a walk of CJ5-A, the Tuxedo Park Mark IV? Mine is a 65, and it’s missing a few items. Thanks.

Martin coates – Who is the presenter-someone from kwas?

Cheat of mason – Very good

Jose Rocha solar panel ” – Very conserved and beautiful

Lsanti – Thanks for the excellent information. Beautiful jeep.

Verseau41 – Very beautiful Jeep! I want her!

Camiegee – Great informative video on the dj

Davis c – Are the electric wipers stock? I thought it came with vacuum wipers.

Goat bastard – You have great channel !!+

Juan Carlos Mendez – What color is it the jeep?

Jeepoholic – Love these beauties, simplicity at it’s finest

Syed over there – Very nice video as informative

TheCramunhao666 – Good

Pay way – Streamline and jeep do not go together.

Willys jeep cj-5 identification-kaiser willys omix-ada tower

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