2018 Jeep compass limited | review & test drive

2018 Jeep Compass Limited | Review & Test Drive

Check out my review (test drive & walkthrough) of the ALL-NEW completely redesigned JEEP COMPASS LIMITED !!! But this is a very small SUV worth the $ 35000 …

B kingerley – Agree with this check completely. Just bought different Compass in Silver and black. Love this car Dodge Journey for something smaller. As an 83yr old female, this may be my last.

Dok2304 – I only like the roof roof.

Hey there – Everybody says, ‘I mean this is a very small SUV’

Darcy yin – Hey every one, im robbed …….. 0:02

The t of bahz – Nice you said "So nice" a billion times.

John toth – Does it come with memory seats … or an option … rain sensors … and power seats with lumbar support? Thank you

Sara rea – Buying one for 22k is what its worth. Waiting for paper work and seeing what other are saying.

Michael sterling – Nice # 128077; real nice # 128536; # 128293; that’s gone my first car

Yanni looking good – Weird Jeep Compass comes in Europe with a selection of 6 turbo engines and I’m sure both of the US and Europe versions made on the same factory!

Shift intohigh – Oven

Ben zhang – Forwrd collion warning system does not work at all!

Waderz nutz – Good looking jeep. Daughter got one yesterday.

Sally rodriguez – THANK YOU, I WANT ONE NOW # 129303;

Kyle baker – This is a very nice vehicle, the color is nice, the tires are nice, overall just a very nice car. Nothing else to say, just a very nice NICE addition.

Kurt ratzlaff – The car is just awful off road, clearly never meant to leave the pavement. The 2.4 is painstakingly slow (i clocked at 9.1 seconds 0) -60). My first Jeep and very likely my last. I am very disappointed in this car and I would not recommend this car.

C8701 – That price is ridiculous. I’ve seen nicely loaded Grand Cherokee on specials for 34k…..

Leisure meisels – I had a 2016 compass I would like to have a compass if you want to be a victim

Samadhan shinde – Sir limited 2018 mileage diesel??

Lilac Man In a Purple World – This vehicle in UK 100% low scores. Comments focus on noisy, sluggish engines, wave steering, and some cheap finishes regarding the interior. Personally, I really like the car but I’m having a crisis of confidence. Can anyone provide a view?

Lilac Man In a Purple World – What’s standard on limited and what are options??

Richard Rybarczyk – We just bought a 2018 Compass last September, a very nice car. The model we bought was only one of our kind. Considering happy with the vehicle and opted for the 3 year lease instead of buying the car.

Sean lewis – Did they cover this time my 2016 just got its new fixed box from the dealership. Not covered by fortory

Ben v – Very nice, huh?

Nightwing_x02 – Which trims get LED Headlights? I’m curious to know. Does the latitude or limited get them?

Mccoll mike – Great review style …. to the point and not too wordy. I love the design of the new Compass and will be giving it serious look in July 2018 and significant it to the great looking new 2019 Cherokee. I love the design of both FCA is so good at offering unique products in their segments .

Oceanblue – These are made in Mexico, China and India! … how long before they fall apart?

Heart – Just bought this model, so it looks great. Only hard part finding a two tone model in so cal. Our dealer had to pull one from a ways away.

SophisticatedAss – Way too expensive for the value

Malka baum – Hi really enjoying watching this video .. Do you have a lot of wind and road noise while on highway speed? Because I have a 2016 compass and thinking about leasing the 2018 goal I do not know if they’ve made this issue a success with 2018 better with power and acceleration ?? Pls let me know because I believe about to apply

Flipfloplogic – I like the appearance. It looks great. I hate that the grill is not functional.

Jose manual – Far better than the last version, but 35000 …. You can get a Grand Cherokee!

2018 Jeep compass limited | review & test drive

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