2018 Jeep compass. Why do you want to make a profit?

Jeep Compass 2018. Claim the Number Compass But it has to fight?


Edgar moran – Hey you can help me connect the screen to see your videos??

Fco tristan – The 2019 compass jeep # 128526; for when? Regards # 128522;

David Rodriguez – I ask this engine is myism using the dart tigershark 2.4 liter multiair if anyone knows thanks

Yovanni vega – Old engine …. too many and too much smaller cylinders with turbo, not even awd in basic version … in the end ……..

Oshio25 – Yo and pueblo, in its limited premium version, I like.
Purchase net passionate, also I would like to see Colon Ella more than 3 years. But we will enjoy it and take care of this time with us.!!

Matias ivero – I sleep…..

Raul velazco – I believe the consumption is high to be 4 eyelashes

Danieldlcm – It offers nothing that I do, the renault koleos the ghana in all but the 4×4 aspect

T-34 57 – My idea is headlights is happy to explore 2017?

Swimming cuts – Price of this model of front traction?

Rolling callus – Master the truth is made guy comparison of the Peugeot 3008

Rolling callus – There are priests in the multiple logos hehehe

Cesar Alf M S – Jeep with Beats Audio. Economic products of medium quality (noticeable) whose "Premium" value is facilitated compared to the lowest price products. Example: All of the products of the Beats product value, but the Beats competency is better and a fraction of the Price. I hope the same thing happens to jeep.

Diego cifuentes – Sergio is craving so much that buy me there enchants me very good thanks brother # 128077;

Erik g – Hello good night, I’m sorry, you’re not a kid, I’m sorry, you’re not a kid. I believe you know how much you think of it, how much you can do it. What size is it, which size is the most important, which is the most important thing in the world, put comientiamb, Guadalajara;

Lic. Jorge ivan – I like the design and the best goal.

Diego cifuentes – Thank you Sergio thank you so much for having fun in NY excellent bus I am very happy. .

Stalin muoz – No fans of a / c in the part of behind?

Guillermo gonzalez – Sergio, which you will see in the ranks of 600,000. and the jeep is more versatile and anything more than anything in safety, that

JUAN GARCIA – Good afternoon Sergio Oliveira, who can recommend more, is his trailhawk or the Peugeot 3008 version?

Adrian arming priego zurita – The most expensive guy, I like the design but very expensive-

Raptor hor – 21.7 l / 100 is a good thing.

Lernit – What we would recommend more Tiguan 2.0 2018 the Compass Limited Premium

Ped delgadillo – Seeeee 4×4 all versions if no …

Jorge arturo lopez narvaez – The truth does not like me. The design completed nothing new. And the price is too high for what you are.

Leonel morals – But that shit jeep is that? they are a crap, just like renegade

Artcore2040 – 500 y so many thousand pesos better buy a HR-V and see me vacations in Asia as per month!!!

Ricardo gonzalez – Huuu doesn’t work yourself, you say that doesn’t work ninla compas nor the patriot

Juan gutierrez – The cockroach goes to be $ 499,000 … that’s cheap !! oven

Daniel Jimenez – You have raffles, you were Belgian, I suspect

Kiko ibar – This one does not treats the famous (for the problematic) box of 8 or 9 speeds of the cherokee?

Kiko ibar – You can take the compass and the cherokee. The prices are similar. No, that’s not enough, but you’ll never never forget it. You’ve been there for two years, and I’ve been honest with you, and I’ve only the able to tell you it’s up to you. Only the I changed 2 tensors of the band (300 pesos w / u) and their exchanges of accepted, so many, brakes, the normal therefore. But it looks like jeep caravans Sergio

Rivers – 6:18 a.m.

Gerardo g. – That diastema that supports in addition to Sergio Sergio is very easy to correct, I say as a dentist

Jose Rocha – The classic ones "with what they care for and I buy myself better" with 500,000 million or 40 million in what we want to want. But there is no swallow ago.

Mega Ulysses – I prefer a towncountry because it has a lot of different types of people, it has a flat-roofed terrace, it has a terrace of 8 persons and the driver has a cost of 400,999 pesos..
It is not very rendered in gasoline but very light and has hydraulic brakes

Super porky – When he has a jeep they will know he is having a car

Martin Duarte Magaña – What is the value of this type of assessment? Of truth is heavy.

Miguel resends – Don Sergio, good afternoon! Where’s the mosque the cashew?.

Gerardo glz – We are united with the plastics of the encessed button.

Samuel Eduardo Suarez Medrano – In the minute 3:26 looks like that is the chevrolet butts

Arturo Gálvez Orozco – Hello Sergio The video of the lint, as always. They are of the chingada. 3 minutes view the front and signaling the wall. Not hard to give an account of what you do with the cock, think about it..

Jorge vazquez – With what he falls that garbage I buy myself to X5 almost new.

DASSXRAM – Very dear to what you are, it looks old, you do not see anything new. best one 3008 or one koleos 2018…

Ed leo sanchez – For this price, not worth it.

Fernando alvarado – The the the the the the!!

Jnazariohm – The version that has got Dominican Republic, comes with ventilation for the second row

Daniel Oliva – Regards, thought that was a great cherokee

Dr. Alex – Please Sergio answer me .. you are a fan .. you are a fan .. that you do not think its really a good thing .. hahahaha facinan me all your videos you’re very professional

Dr. Alex – Min 10 33 … eye 21.7 per 100 km eye its 4.6km per liter …. this is what I am looking for in the gas tank in 1 hour .. i tell you the vehicles demo the Exigos per the i tried 25lts Per 100 km ….. eye …. my dear friend sergio that is the only one for me that descends me by it …. I would improve the turbo engine … thanks you answer Believe That’s the one I I’m talking about, and I want to disregard it. And I create it by caprice the best renegade megusta. tell me itself to which the legle the limited version of the renegade … and when it will arrive _ 😕 .. .. eye ….. our sell renegade 2017. when all of them are already 2018 … please Answer me…

Dr. Alex – You are a master Sergio Sergio, you follow each day. That says of the brand … but I like it ….. now with this ….. the engine, … you have a chreoke 2014, there I like the motor … I like the motor. … I like the motor. There are no velocidae and that the enlentecia. help me you have descended … 3008 And I go down that burncoco that only has a persianita apequeña and is very warm .. is the only goal

Jorge montes – Your friend, I recommend the self that I am very surprised … It’s a good job!

Juan Carlos Paacual – Sergio program, could you help me with this dud about that buy, hyundai accent, wind or kia river, in automatic all version, thanks.

Tony romo – The missing "It has a kidney refraction in full size WH WHAT THANKS"

Carlos Ruiz – That’s more than 490 thousand the simple is a disgust that is believable, so much so that it is buying tyrant its money has the garbage, devalue too much chrysler jeep and dodge, there are much better trucketas.

Sergio ramirez – What is dirty hyundai accent 2018?

Juan Arturo Perez Hdz – Sergio I have a cherokee 2015 with the transmission of 9 shifts the same trick s’calienta falla is cheating on my engine and falling transmission?

Arturo grandson – Also frankly superior previous in price

Ped delgadillo – We are not buying it because we are playing the …. We are SMART consumers. The price is ridiculous

Ivan Velez – Master in which place has the Compass in the segment? Is it between the Top 3 regardless of price? if you are not paid I imagine. Thanks and Regards.

Carlos Iván Ortíz – It is a total product of X price, your price is not worth it.

The tiger nahual – No man, what are you fucking is something else.

Robert – No thanks!

Gonzalo arias – Sergio, I have a doubt with your videos, does not affect that erasing the car and the clothes covered in the area?

Alex sorto – I am a fan of jeep but very dear because I would like to know that I would like to have a copy of it.

Enrique abalde durán – I bought one here in Spain. A Jeep Compass Limited 1.6 Multijet 120hp 4×2 green with panoramic sunroof. It was also produced in Toluca, Mexico and seems to be overflowing. Compartograms and videos arrived soon. Mid cost me with extra packs € 32,200. It Find the rather of its Sport, Longitude, Limited and Trailhawk. The 1.4 Multijet in 140 and 170hp and the 1.6 Multijet 120hp and the 2.0 Multijet 140 and 170hp. The most economical is the 1.4 Sport Multiair 140cv 4×2 that rounds, with carelessness and taxes, the € 24,000. The 9-speed automatic gearbox is the manual of 6. The model is currently selling the opening edition. Round € 30,000 is very well equipped. Too much for my Taste. Only the sunroof is missing, so that’s not the length.

Giovanni martinez – Hurt, better self-directed zzzzzz

Jairo luke – That suitcase strategy is using Jeep, Chrysler Dodge, $ 499,000 for the basic Compass, as you shop for example; Sportage, Crv, CX5, Tucson, Ecoboost Escape, etc., with much better equipment and resale much better.
This trick is the destination to continue the steps of the 200C, the Dart, Renegade, etc………

The leader – No thanks, my fall with my grand cherokee

Omar soulria – There are always people who are dealing with the question of the price of jeep but, it is not ignorant to argue that the product is worthy of reality alone Wrangler can subscribed

Jane patrick – All the jeeps are a crap, and in general all the american cars

Cristian kindness – The video is like the mini cheeroke, it’s too expensive, and it does not show anything spectacular, nothing for puts details in the carpets or a jeep, hey that wave!!!

Gerardo of the valley – I agree with Beats audio, not as good as you want to see. Cof Cof New Polo Cof Cof.

Braiham almonte – Sergio would like to know if Android Android and Apple because play ?.

Angel velez – For the price version of this jeep’s entry the best of the world for its iconic version for $ 495 mill the mazda cx5 in its version but equipped for $ 470 mill the peugeot 3008 its version Allure Pack 1.6 THP in $ 489 thousand weights.

Atreuh network – Minute 17:52 super Tucson appears and steals the attention of Sergio! oven

JUAN CARLOS ROJAS – Don Sergio wants the solution with Camarena.

Omar monoya – This compares with the wording going down, the presentation of the Jeep and Tiguan and the grace of the poor, but the Nissan Mitsubishi brand is beloved Mazda because there is no pony in charola and the truth is missing. Of credibility that a good automobile criticism should be aware of it..

Metal heart – Medium Million Weights with Audio Beats and Sounds.

Sergio vr – So much that the tirabas and or are sucking…

Jorge peña – It’s 100 thousand pesos but it should be expensive.

The jesus – There is a lack of driving the vehicles, I have always given my curiosity that you are from Guadalajara..

Julio Muñoz – If you change CVT transmission

Guzman crown – If it is yes but
The price is too much

Jalisquillo_ borreguitoIn other words, Stan for missing 50 examples in Mexico, to closure piano piano piano piano piano,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

Jalisquillo_ borreguito – You are very expensive, the design I like it very much inside and out, but for that price and I bought it at 2015 Grand Cherokee Limited V6

Alecom56 – Beats was the fashion that any fashion

MegaPamanes – Suv if I had another brand then people would not say anything for the price
Is an abyssal jump in quality european jeep style is very valuable in too many countries less in mexico

Dental luna qro – Wuacala is missing the spirit of jeep, do not tell the renegade !!

Idris benitez – Will be based on the platform of the Fíat 500x?

Hack q – The tigershark 2.4l vehicles is powerful, but if the performance is poor

Alan open – Hahaha all the jeep fans price for history. According to quality assessments of the industry and its prices.

FAMILY HABITAT – It is important to take a look at the AUTOMATIC BRAKE in possible crash collision .. greetings master.

Carlos MV – Quality jumps jajjajajajajajajajajajaja and back x lo k costs shopping back from the previous spend your money

Luis Daniel Hernandez Gutierrez – Will it replace the Cherokee? Ya have similar prices

Luis lopez – Very simple for him who cares, expected more.

Schwarz anzug – My imesion is that it is a current insurance.
Possession arenegade and this is my next goal
The jeep mark differentiation and continuous it.
The out of argentina

Juan pablo garcia – You’re robbed Jeep is so bad Jeep is so bad

Omar lopez – You are still with a poor audio. There are better options x this price.

Ped delgadillo – Lower price … they make a very good improvement to the vehicle … or do not want to sell?

Cesar basto – What about the relays of frenzy that I had? When I brake abruptly the backslides gets unloaded from the floor. That was very, very safe..

Eduseveneight – I do not believe it is at the height of 3008 the tiguan

Ing. Zv – Like every jeep, every crap.

Antonio Rivera – 27 lts per 100km is muchisisimo

Jorge arturo esteves – Naa, jeep the donkey Sergio (joke). looks

Javi esspadero – Do you want to know where you are from?..

Minitoy centaur – The truth is very expensive.

Carlo jaime lizzeni – > 21.7 l / 100 km = 4.6 km / l
"relatively low" consumption
Don Sergio Get Away From It X: v

Eduardo standard – Not so for this price I prefer the RAV4 or the C R V

elHOLVERA HOlvera – This hangs the jeep what I ask? Precious pinches for self trash, yes I have a guilty taste, I always liked the interior and exterior of the jeep liberty Sport 2003, so its for me to enjoy walking in it.

Jymmyaguila – Fiat of truth is sick, and looks like the pueblo cars on valuables, to be the vehicle of monton, with such a bad name.

Carlos Mogrovejo – Sergio please prices in dollars for next videos.

Alex Enrique López Safe – 21.5 liters per 100 kilometers is not less than 5 kilometers per liter, terrible consumption.

Laura pineda – FCA is in spite of having to be expensive, it is not cheap, it is expensive, but I like it. That they say that they are not going to sell, illusions, the same thing will happen to the number jetta.
In my personal opinion there is no doubt that they are evenly positioned themselves in the same time and do not compete in the same time. Of jetta the sentra but the size of the wind and the fact that we are the last

The m – What is it for el.start-stop? If you write there?

Hugo martinez – I feel that Fiat wants to make Jeep more of a Land Rover I hope it works like that

Legnalenja – I would think that is a great old cherokee

Masiosare gomez – Nah, better than the great cherokee…

Hugo martinez – Gone for the price it would have the ram700 traction system what it was the Fiat adventure pickup

Boogeyman b – The direction of FCA Mexico has the last clause to the jeep, the compass is a good model of the niche of potential buyers and the handling of a cherokee 2014 with 160,000 km without any problem, it has the same engine, the same Trasm, they are similar in finishes, in reality excellent product, but the price is high. It is urgent that FCA reviews its proposal in the initial version of $ 400,000-420,000 or they will have problems of accommodating inventory .. FCA has put in silver tray to All other manufacturers……

Epiloko – Earn prestige overstating your cars … ateca breaks it apart

Zalama mr. from the skies – The robot! The joke sells, the Tiguan but Versatile, the enlarged and elegant, the 3008 much more but the purpose, and the price is cheaper, and the attracts to the Korean 150,000 cheaper pesos to sell 10

David garcia – Sergio, as I suggest, believes that a microphone of flap could improve the audio of the videos. They do not arrive greetings from Colombia.

Luis islands – It’s breaking the same design formula of the great cherokee that is taking 6 years even .. it looks like a cherokee accessible and small goal ..

Rodrigo Ruiz Castillo – The piano is scratched with ease. = _ =

Marchi c – Beautiful 30000 Peugeot 3008 is very much superior.

Eduardo benitez – Just to remember, the only true Jeep his Wrangler and the Grand Cherokee

Francisco m. – Very expensive for what that is

Eduardo hdz – Jeep is premium??

Ilysses flowers – Excellent review

Tadeo A. Sequeira C. – You are already creative to design boards that made me sleepy.

Ped delgadillo – If you reconsidered your prices ….

Sergio olmos – See the capabilities of this vehicle !!! There is no way this will achieve versatility

Ped delgadillo – It gives me sadness because of the truth … I wanted one … the goal of the world … it is no reason … CRV of honda leader of the … let’s go then crv.

Alberto cruz – Beat is bad mark that quality all in please! Hahaha

Turbografx16 – I was doing pretty the Patriot. : /

Antonio Stiva – 21.7 lts X every 100 km This equals 4.6 km x and that’s in the economy but that’s on the table

Ped delgadillo – HONDA better than HONDA

Beebeto ag13 – The price is ridiculous … And what is the value is worth it?

Martin Alberto Soto Fierro – You fall with the compass or the tiguain

Angel arzate – Hi Sergio, from new great video, is following from garage for 4 years.

XTrail 2018, take a precarious account, the rhythm of life, services, comfort and that.

This trick is very expensive in its initial version.

Gonzalo diaz – Since that Fiat has been taken over the Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, etc., terminated the puntilla. If there are ugly cars, currents and insecure

EDGAR MOTA – I believe there are more and better equipment, I believe this will be the price of rank, much overvalued

Erwin Odin Maldonado Chavez – Of course, it is necessary that the following

Fernando medina novel – 21.7 liters each 100 km: 0

Castilian hectorcst – So, Beats are hot in fashion

Allan cordoba – I believe it is good product, but the price is too high.

Truxton79 – For this price I buy the trucker more chingona, es the mismamada that the previous version.

Alan eight – Is this too high and the price? Handle the same or even more expensive than the jeep cherokee: / and is a minor minor of that: / very bad!

Juan C. Rangel 78 – Have a good time … It’s like a minicherokee

David RM – Mr. Sergio, do you think you will be able to do this in this segment?

Samuel rodriguez – 500 and million pesos for a piece of crap how is it??

Ivan Espinosa – Claim number Compass and price, jejejjee 600 thousand

Alberto jordan – JEEP is a brand of 4×4 there to access a jeep 4×4 there is that escalate this version more expensive, it must offer a more basic 4×4 option by sin nello a jeep does not serve for nothing. I do not like that of jeep.

Roger castillo – If this compass is in the segment of cr-v, RAV4 and Escape, then the Cherokee in which segment fall?

Pedro Emiliano Gutiérrez Poiré – Much better than past

BRITOWSKY BRITO4X4ever Jeep (O ||||||| O)

Aj. Carlos styles – The part of forward is the same as the great Cherokee 2014: v

Tumbled – What is the situation?


Jonathan – Hit the compass??

Alfonso tapia – Is there going on the test of elce? hahah


Yuxuan Li Report – I can not believe it costs 3008

SAMJ176 – Just wait for you, thanks Maestro.

Omar valdez – For the least in design it takes place

Roberto rayo calderon – Very good job Sergio like this # 128077;

Frank steven – Second comment ♥

Andre segovia – Beautiful video Sergio An Hug!

Daniel executioner – SERGIO SALUDOS

2018 Jeep compass. Why do you want to make a profit?

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