Jeep compass 2019-a link between the compact suvs

Jeep COMPASS 2019-A link between the compact SUVs

The compact SUV of Jeep lands in second generation, offering the most elegant design, the high quality perceived, the mechanical package of highs. …

Miister tun5 – Oil company there? because with this consumption, would already buy it

Xav card – Between the jeep and the rav 4 which is better?

James flowers cabrejos – What is built in Brazil gives me a little bag espina for some bags?

Alexander Camargo – The most motley public? Hahaha was angry with talking

Nino Tumbalobos Guerrero – Very good presentation, very detailed ….. I like the SUV

Tony tonys – You’re the only Chilean, how good! # 128077; # 128077; # 128077;

Tony tonys – The mayor leaves the vehicles made in Brazil his BASURA with ruins!!!

FIELD ELIAS VILLANUEVA CARDOZO – I have the 2012’s Limited and Jeep Compass Limited

Giant Tarapaca Extreme Tower – And what is the consumption in road ?

I love you – I had the jeep compass from the previous model, 4×2 2.4 AT. It was a very powerful engine, it was a very powerful model, it was a powerful engine, and it was a very strong engine. 2.4 9km and 10km Mixed neither less nor Other models. But now that m’ambambi subaru me with subaru.

Marcela aninat – Great

Angelo gonzalez – What do you recommend this jeep the arav 2019?

Pablo m – But that a test is a publicity.

Francisco Javier Zambrano Gutierrez – Lastly that these cars use fiat engines

Jg6 – Gold back big cheers te.deliver the Jeep Compass.

When I buy it When you sell it !!!!
I invite you to …


Nicanor Tavarez – I wonder how to know the compass 2.0

Anny – Very good presenter!

Sebastian guzman – That man has dude like pervert hehehe

The – 8:46 "we have custody, I say so and so much wea" jajajajajajaajaajaajaaja

Log – Very good analysis, although I would have liked to think about it.
I suspect

Luis cruz – Marcello can give details about preventive maintenance…

Wellington sanchez – Is a beautiful self, Jeep is otherwise 06022019

Hern larrain – Hello where do you grab the videos?

Álvaro Briones Garrido – Although it’s about arto, the 4×4 version has a box of 9 shifts I hear, and the highway walks about 15, so it is not. Someone who pays 18 million, country for patent 500 lucas, the bencina is theme?

Osiel vega – What opinions of the Mitsubishi Outlander? The common of without the phev

Margarita A. Olivares V. – Congratulations to the presenter, is an excellent descriptor of a car fair for me

André araujo – Here in Brazil and the most sold SUV segment. I have a Renegade and this will be my next self. Greetings from sao paulo.

Akira Hayashi – Hello there is a test of Ford Fiesta Mercosur 2018..

Gustavo vargas c – Other times I would like to say that I would like to congratulate Marcelo Palomino on the Independent of the vehicle, I am very good at his descriptions we would like to see if we want to see you, not because we buy each of the vehicles q Dirty .. would like to haha ​​“ but when you like

Edo69blue – Suck like shore of beach.

Alfredo H. M. – Hi I would like your opinion if you compare this unit with the haval h6 2.0. It would be interesting your opinion

Paulo daßest – Videos, I hope to get more and more reviews.

Jeep compass 2019-a link between the compact suvs

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