Jeep compass limited more 2019 | full in-depth review and drone shots

JEEP COMPASS LIMITED PLUS 2019 | Full In-Depth Review And Drone Shots

The most unique review of the Jeep Compass 2019. I have waited for the perfect model to come out this video …

Parth ghodasara – Is the merchandise still available?

C T R – For this price point Innova Crysta is worth buy

C T R – No cruise control, no automatic gear and one eyed steering control in diesel

Rohit dhinwa – Cruise control and an automated boot in addition

Puneet kumar – Confused between Jeep Compass / Tata Harrier

T t – Jeep compass should add the features of cold storage.

Aristocrat subrat – So expensive no paddle shifters.

Ashwin vinod kumar –


Vasudev p – My best car

Ashish shrivastav – Tar noise hut coughs raha hai. aapki awaaz samjh nhi aa rahi

Panther raveen – Mini rangerover best product

Apply conditions – Jeep in US comes in the list most unreliable cars. Then why the hype for this crap. Automotive masters are Japanese and Germans are in the market. Americans themselves have stopped buying this product and it is now on the list of unreliable brands .

Go up chowdhury – Still no cruise this price point its a must … cant buy this for this

Chrispin binesh sk – 27 lks rupees, bang

Anupam gautam – Car ke hisab if iske take thode chot h

Zaheen hossain – Video ki sound ko thik karo bhai

Sunil naik – Jeep Compass is my favorite car

Sreedharan cm – Very poor camera control

Bk – Gari Ka taken kit has hea

Nishu bhatti – Automatic honi chahiye contest

Abs fh – 162 dislikers are like …. angoor khatte hain!

Krishna Chandran – #jeepindia plz provide cruise beloved jeep compass .. plz make it complete

RAUTHAN SHIP – Interior work is very poor ….. not looking attractive

RENI T DANIEL – Do not like interior

Uhsin uhsa – Iska on road price Kya hai

Imminent – In my jetta i have so many features i have been driving since 2010 so i buy jeep its like degrading not upgrading and interiors sucks on amt !! Its a sweet looking car with 4 * 4 if i’m paying anything above 20 lakh i get Better all the basic latestfeatures !! The screen is so laggy 9 year old Touch screen is so peppy and better than jeep !! No no automatic wipers no crusie even a tata indigo have all these! There is 2 seconds lag in the touch !! Not happening! Am so dissapointed

Imminent – Interior looks yuck

Obsidian fury – Does this have a phone jack spot? Please reply

Durgaben patel – Jeep has all things nothing problem. It is quite spacious and panoramic sunroof. Jeep is a foreign company. But maintainance is not costly. Off-roading is good quality … .. # 128525; # 128525; # 128525; # 128536; # 128536; # 128536; # 128536; # 128077; # 128077; # 128077; # 128077; # 128077; # 128077; # 128077; # 128077; # 128077; # 128076; # 128076; # 128076; # 128076; # 128076 # 128076; # 128076; # 128076; # 128076; # 128076; # 128076; # 128076; # 128076; ; # 128077; # 128077; # 128077; # 128077; # 128077; # 128077; # 128077;

Ekp Shaan – How much the price ?

Noel dsylva – I hope jeep works on these areas.

Noel dsylva – I want to jeep to work on the touch screen, its too slow in responsiveness, and increase the horsepower and a bit more automatic transmission in 4×4 catogery.

Shantanu k – The drone footage was so great. If you are in a noisy area, please add sound later.

Uday singh – Will buy this.

Then only will do next update to my car

Sunil kumar – Well explained !! Thanks

Gyanesh kumar – Addictionaliting !

Gyanesh kumar – Value for money

Gyanesh kumar – Heavy handling

Raaj kumar – No 4wd option shame on big jeep # 128078; # 128078; # 128078; # 128078; # 128078; # 128078; # 128078;

Karan gurditta – Jeep ❤️

No car can compete this marvelous piece ❤️ just wow

Driving pleasure is awesome

Buttery Ride quality # 128525;

Value for money # 128536; # 128513

Mr Ghost Rider – Next time show the engine

K K – Dashboard is outdated and fugly. Cheap scratchy plastic. # 128528;

Tushar parab – Panaromic sunroof is awesome …. I’ll buy this

Tushar parab – Price please

Joseph Prisily Anand Katta – JEEP- Just Expect Every Problem

Inavi disappeared – Show us the space. Not only you know dashboard.hoppless

#Guitar #Freak – Voice quality is not good

Jobin jose – Rear AC wind look like old Maruthi 800 feel
Customer is welcome to select the interior color
Cruise control not available

Jobin jose – Jeep is one of the best in the world but expecting the same quality and features in India, bcz corporates know the name is enough to fool Indians and get good profits
FCA purposefully ruling providing all the features in marketing time and they know how to. So I decided to proceed with Japanese brands. I felt so

Jayraj vora – Bro audio record and update the audio. oven

Srijan shrivastava – This is Yeshwanthpur showroom. Are you from bangalore?

C p – Pajero sport is the best suv for daily & off roaring use …. only thing is the Mitsubishi service center are almost dead but the suv is great ….

Abbas shaikh – It is beter to buy petrol then diesel

Abbas shaikh – Diesel may kab automatic when coming

Abbas shaikh – Petrol may automatic or on ?

Sudhir Kumar Gupta – Oh red you beauty

Living king size – JEEP is JEEP! … Jeep is an iconic premium SUV brand … Jeep is giving birth to SUVs … Modern Jeep SUVs are inspired by Jeep….

Gautam dalvi – Ur voice is not clear

Natural vlogs – Which drone you are using in your blog

Asheesh singh – Jeep Compass just get lost

Sunjeet kumar – I am playing to buy limited plus 4×4 but how can I know I will get a 2019 make model ?

Flamesparkx – Jeep Compass has a petrol automatic version. Please check again. Comes in the 1.5L version. Correct me if severe wrong.

Kawi newmai – Wish the video is better Mr Cars India. Shaky speaking and making the dizzy viewer. Nice review anyway .

Aashish lal – Please review Ford Freestyle Titanium Petrol!

Yashwanth hc – HEXA is better than price compared to price. But it lacks sunroof

Abhinanden singh – No one knows the true ground of jeep compass it is 206 or 178mm..?

Nishant rao – The interior of this one looks to boring compared to harrier. Also in a global variant of a jeep compass, there is a display between dials just like a harrier. Lol !! This brand will be hurted if it does not give you better.

Sharath ganesh – Nice …. Which drone r u using bro….

Mehul shetty – Do not hesitate to review the Jeep Compass Limited plus 4×4

Rigraj pathak – Sound quality should be improved please use mic

Empee mapuia – Nice shot # 128077; Please improve the sound quality

Jeep compass limited more 2019 | full in-depth review and drone shots

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