Jeep compass longitude plus.test self al day (jun 9, 18)


Full test to the intermediate version of Compass, the product of Jeep that will be imported from Brazil, with 2.4 Tigershark and 4×4 engine.

Augusto vega – It has the same system of key as the h-6 from Greta wall

Leonardo damato – Great roberto!!!!

Susazou – This is the koleos

Fast gold – Roberto Pasa at Stealing Camera….

Mariano linari – I would like to cross it in the first place. It would have been driven by diesel motorization, but I would like to see it in the engine of the Fiat Toro, punished by the signalmas with the filter of particles of Public knowledge..

Rosaleen castillo roses – This version longitude, what is the number in american version? the soil lo sacaroon for south america

Fernando g of ambrose – Hello Eduardo A few questions. What opinions of multiair engine ?, Does this engine carry super naphtha? What opinions of the Asin AT6 box? Thanks, very good all over

Leonardo Viglione – Thanks for the evaluation. Very complete.

Martin gancedo – Hello Eduardo, one of the best automata. What is the post, what is the pay spending? Thank you.

Lvocars – Lonshitud … hahaha

Javier steak – Excellent test Eduardo. I understand it step by step. You showed me details that I did not know, already. Capo roberto!!

Hernan quinos – The s farm farm farm farm farm ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, Bumper, it is possible that there is no thread, there is no hole. The sea is like deceit. UNFORGETTABLE for a car of USD 43,000.

Wilson defaz – Salutes between the tiguan and the compass?

Marco calchaquí – Prehistoric engine 2.4 l …. amazing .. again the jeep q goes to fail..

Boss 33 – Excellent explanation and demonstration of the vehicle!

Santiago Ludueña – How to agree between the Jeep Compass and the X Trail?

Gonzalin – Cover mandate to hack a vehicle to you

Horacio ronzio – Hello how long is the sport automatic transmission?

Coconut AKD27 – Would be good for the test of sport

Mario cabarcos – They already did the jeep renegade test?

Federico reigns – Kill me dog haha. What a good test Eduardo. I hope they are interested, and the KIA Sportage GT. I would like to push you to respect the model.!

Mr repo – Hagan and the trooper

Valve 80 – All very beautiful but such to test vehicles "accessible" purpose .. ?? I mean the big majority does not access these cars

Maxshaila – I love the products of Jeep .. The Renegade, the Compass, the G. Cherokee … Hurt the board like the Fiat Toro … Edu, you should test the Golf Variant.

Gabibarni1984 – This is indeed a copied the imitated … but not the same eduardo .. they are far away .. apartments of 100mil that guarantee it

MARCELO CIRMI – Beautiful Machine But No Pay Tariff, Afanan Evil.

Federico carroli – Hello Eduardo, congratulations on the tests, his very good and exhaustive. However, I believe it will be good to obviate some questions: how to be the indicator of where to find the fuel cap, the theme of vehicle identifications, etc. Should be more on the road and the road, had, handling sensations.
Thank you!!!!

Facundo sandoval – If you are imitated, you are doing the cozy very well.

Docusiesta – Sparta but the truth is that you will be happy because they are the best if you prefer.

Renato give you – It’s almost almost rural of fiat torus in?

Renato give you – Great program! Confirm the initial perception that you are vehicle. You are beautiful, but it is well.

Fernando luis arnaudin – Haha I noticed great Eduardo you follow a long time after a lot in each test

Damián lópez – I loosely yo like Eduardo we must accept to hear that the world goes this way. Each time the analogical coaches (Junk) are less frequent, But in the fall of another one. With repeating a thousand times there is nothing so much that we go to the screens to full. Asi that Eduardo accept the harsh reality hahahahahaha big hug

Nicolas canegalli – It’s really bad copied. But I have no salary and comparative table. To see your competitors.

Julio César Espinoza – Excellent the compass, a pity that I did not want to sell it because it was so expensive ….

Jose Ferreyra – With his windshield wipers, his mystical torus, on the road results in a lot of annoyances, not so much his cranes and noises, I imagine his equals…

Andrés simi – I like that compares with the sport it seems to me that it does not compare the quality of the last and its habitability between so many things, but I would be glad that you have a test of kia eduardo

Antonio Castaño – Eduardo, the Ford Dealers Report that since February / 18 is not importing the Kuga SEL 4×4. The left of bring, only the 4×2 and top of the Titanium range. Do you know if you are expected to import the SEL 4×4 that you Comparison?

Bruno bt – The toothpick that the shooter has been competitors, mentene you grub. No entry in that bell go to lose you essence.

Carlos Soliz – Very good Eduardo test. If at any time you could do this one of the ecosport would be very good at Freestyle because everyone did the one of the Titanium. Regards and followed!

Fernando – Excellent test !! ..It seems that it has reservations with the CRV, Kuga, Tucson, rav4, X-Trail and some otta but that has forgotten me…..

Bernardo perez – Eduardo, please in the tests of SUV record the capacity of tow in pounds or pounds. Many of these vehicles are used for trailer trailing and this information would be valuable..

Zorak – In a minute of video I was hoping that it would be difficult to detect it, to detect the ringtones, if I did not know how to do it to the loco. The chino for $ 200 sells you android icon that and …

Gustavo quinteiro – 51:55 …. where we have but 150,000 I like "REALES" not bought …… Genius Eduardo. I am changing you, we are the most professional and the best you need and the economic power of the So Everything is bought, everything is fake, value enormously you and the people. The rest is hum. The one is the time is capitalized but your honesty and sincerity.

Matias arizmendi – It seems to me that it is easy to have a caressing

Fund – Missing the little bit of ESMERO in the edition. The competency the rag

Jonathan soled – Hello Edu excellent program as always??

Streetwise lover – Very good edu, makes a lot of money for this jeep and I like a lot..

Fernando luis arnaudin – Very good the test that good that color blue.where can you get these shoes?

Guillermo barragan – Excellent program, all the test that achieves Eduardo, exhaustive and objective, I follow since a long time ago

Marian deejay – Just the test that waited! Thanks Eduardo for sharing always

Diluted guille – Hello Eduardo! I would like to hear about a new dragon engine 1.5 of very cylinders (123 HP) that equips the Ford Ecosport 2018.!

Alejandro Aiassa – In the late week, I had the opportunity to play squirting with the girl. Excellent test as always with all the details, is one of the Best and most copied from the TV without a doubt. Congratulations for you laburo.
Now I hope you can try the 500X. By true vote x first shots with Roberto

MemoBar100 – Very good review, but I would like to say that the fuel and temperatureura…
In general, the latest news on the digital market, in the area of ​​showing watches with needle.

Ariel recalde – No one is a lot of cars, it’s all over the Fiat Argo.

Leonel Sarti – Excellent test for the price…

Ravtrance1 – As always, the test, with them, the interest know as a possible user of the vehicle.

Claudio zanoni – And as Fca could not with his genius …. the big guy pulling out watches on the board.
In this area, you can find all kinds of analogical solutions…?

Vicente berrios – Aesthetically the big one is Compass, it’s a mini Grand Cherokee, the only bag is the price. Just in Argentina, in Chile for $ 43,000 you will get the Grand Cherokee with V6 3.6, or Wrangler version unlimited…

Federico culpian – Back things:
1st. That’s not Roberto. The civil police there is like Golden.
2nd of What Chetos Jeans!!

Cistern – Edu, try and restyling of Ecosport?

Rafael hassan – AUTO AL DAY, all copy, nobody equals. If it’s not Eduardo and Roberto, it’s not AUTO TO THE original DAY….

Tonga – Roberto a big.

Javier b – Hello Eduardo For when testing with a new pole comfortline manual

Santi irigoyen – When to go to undergo old tests? What is brand? greetings since montevideo uruguay

CMM 1972 – High byte TROUSERS # 128079; # 128079; # 128079;

I read towers – Trolleared with the help Eduardo. Now it’s not a button, but I’m in the middle of this issue?

Javier sebastian villalba – Edu, Roberto is a divine!

Diego m – Amazing the compass and how always flawless edu! When to test the new Ecosport with the dragon engine 1.5? Greetings from rosario!!

Cesar ferrari – Roberto is a trademark, the touch of realism in the program.

Daniel the terrible – Well the test, the pants already

Marcelo salimeni – Hi Eduardo; as our accustomed tenes, excellent work.
Very copied, incomparable purpose.

Exequiel martin plaza – Very good test !!! Impeccable like everyone, fat Roberto !!! I keep going with chery march.

Alejandro Chanfreau – There is no doubt about the comparison between the competitors and the fact that there are some.?

Fabian vasquez – The truth that much more missing … but it is so beautiful and well thought that it is the forgiveness jajaaja. as criticism the "pantallita" that was not very integrated, could be more and more the space of guarded in the armchair.

Cristian hc – Other fiat SUVcordones.
Open see all autos equal

Lautaro moreno – "The most copied from the television" … For this is a toothpick?

Sad – 33:47 that the motor isieron that or so much clay? So much success entered the engine?

Garolfa – Enchanted me, soooo much more beautiful than the cherokee, that looks like the crushed when it was fresh.

Darío Guerrero – It has many things of the Fiat Toro, noted here the globalization of pieces in bone FCA products, some flying commands, door handles, the front buta that selects with space carrying objects.
Very good the test as always.

Juan Ariel Rodriguez – Excellent job Eduardo, Asian follow

Juan Ariel Rodriguez – All of Brazil, very low the quality of the product, as for example the kinetic fiesta 2018

Antonio Castaño – Do not pay the 35% off extra zone, made in Brazil

William nespolo – Groso Edu always has a big job, but they are the most copied here and by DOUG Demuro Ajjajaja, what was in place of Pablo Leyenda in jeep…. ?

R square – Very good test, as always. It looks great to me in editing the parts where roberto appears!


Andres bruzzo – Good test as always. Compared with the kuga SEL 4×4 … now the kuga traces 2.0 turbo engine 240 hp, 4×4 on demand (sync), browser, wheels 17 (but without help), screened screen, torque control in curves, automatic Box 6 and import from spain….

Juan manzano – What a genius Roberto! Appears always happy lol

Alejandro Cordero – You will love many things for the value that you have, and you will not be disappointed with the sensors, the lights, the cost directly this market, and that will guarantee you the best of all services … salutes to your.

CHUCK NORRIS II – With the dollar has 26. And the DEAD DEALS … these cars from our reach…..

Alejandro Malnis – Impeccable

Guido accardo – Impeccable as always … I hope you test MY18 Golf … greetings

The cosmic field – Eduardo, what do you think about the tv garage? very good the test as always

RICARDO DUMAD HARD – Congratulations to Roberto the best test that appears every week!!!

Nestor manual martinez – Eduardo very good test and wanted to consult you in the last

Will be – Hello Eduardo when I go to the test and the new pole? Great program!!!!

Markos moreno – Unpecable as always the test edu in prosimo kes test eses her haval h6

Gabriel drum – As devaluated the fiat esa brand……..

Alvaro Ortiz Houses – "The most copied from television" absolutely right uer

R R – Hello Eduardo when you have the Peugeot 3008 diesel test?

Leonardo morellato – I see Brazil’s quality of determination in the exterior and the "criticism" Eduardo, I see the lines that do not continue the body cut, silhouettes, chrome, pillars that do not follow the exact line.

Zeth matherss – It’s a jeep, black, polarized, glass of a well-known police because … can haha

Paolo dominici – Good
Jeep! … quality without equal

KBZa DeBiela – What was the comparative table? Why not do this opportunity?

Sj e – Eduardo goes to hack 500x test?

Lucas YT xD – I wanted to see this dirty web.exe

Sinfelt colombia – The compass but the jeep is a poacher with the armchairs

Santiago Paleari: D – That good video eduardo the trucketa is very good

Pole – Excellent test, as always.
Too bad that again Jeep is betrayed by the ineffable character of Sr ratazzi

Cesar suarezRoberto is all that is good….

Michele’s stuff – Eduardo genius hug

Jeep compass longitude plus.test self al day (jun 9, 18)

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