Jeep compass on test! What nobody is commenting on him about

JEEP COMPASS on Test! What Nobody is commenting on him about (including New Arrivals)

Jeep Compass Trucker Hats and her younger brother Renegade are a big hit in this SUV sales boom. Let’s talk sober the jeep …

Thiago feranandes – I find the interior of the Fiat Toro! including flying the

– The inner doorknob is aluminum, not plastic, as they said
– The interior trim appeals to an SUV,
– There are also 4×4 flex versions, unlike what was said
– Although they compare with Renegade, Compass has better internal space.
– Flying Bones and the internal finishes are similar, even in the past. So the flying being similar! BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi, for example, do the same thing! By the way, Audi already does that with VW!

Mauricio baptist – Flex should do 6-7 had been struggling to make the most of 10 folds of litter in town, had the diesel version

Osvaldo montenegro are – I left the Toyota "Corolla" line, which used between 2006 and May of that year and did not regret it. At first I was surprised by the weight of the disorder but I got used to it after very many uses. It’s very good and My wife really wants a diesel. Will stay for next year. I love your analysis, always fair and objective. Hugs.

Mardonio sousa – Excellent rating extremely superb. Nothing of ripping silk. Congratulations As for the car, it’s beautiful, it’s imposing. Consumption I even find plausible is considered the weight of the car and the cavalry. The problem is the price, 160 thousand and price of 10 Lt to diesel. Have to take all this.

Annetocavalieri – I had 18/18 that in alcohol did 6km per liter at most. When changing the engine I buy another.

JF_SERVICES-PROFESSIONAL FURNITURE MONITOR – What is the best 4 × 4 car with an affordable price? ??

Lilian is – Volvo xc40 a lot +

W paste – I bought one now in 2019. I found the heavy car, lame and drunk.

Antonielli such – Staff hrv has a weak air, everyone. I think the temperature of the thermostat, turning on and off, told me that the Jeep compass also weak the air, I live in Mt weak and inadmissible air.

Marcelo baptista – I would like video from grand cherokee!

Hector – This car is perfect! JEEP Congratulations

Wagner swiderski – Status, even serial?

Wagner swiderski – Get away from flex. I have a diesel longitude. Makes 10 in the city and reaches 15 on the road with 4 adults and loaded luggage rack.

Carpe diem – I bought Compass Trailhawk 2 and a half years ago and paid 151K. in cash Looks like I’m on the back track 185K!!!!

August klamer – 160 real millll in a SUV my nor the stick nicolau …. kkkk

Adriano dotto – I prefer the Lexus UX Hybrid for 169 thousand
In favor of Lexus UX.

Autovideos – Save the Jeep Compass that we present in the video by referencing, by mistake, to the Diesel model. Inmeter: Gasoline-8.8 City-10.8 Road and Ethanol-6.1 City-7.5 Road. We apologize. Hugs and thanks for the Comments!

Roberto Carlos Moreira – The flex a shit.

Rafael paiva – This car is pretty crazy # 128149;

Gerson maas – Very cool this car, but 160,000 !! Dear out of reality, today you buy a RAV4 hybrid with a lot of technology but ok …

Oppressive fantasy – I bought a Compass Sport, and I’m not going to leave the model, My previous video was at Crossfox 2014.!!

José guimarães – PRICEUS REVIEW PRICE!

Kleiton moraes – Doing an is testing on that

Gislaine gi – Even flying that argo rs … all round. Did you believe it? Without checking? Look left below, look at the crumb size. You will find flying with different brands and different groups. Of course the FCA group has the same thing in The box. Included is the tip to take a look at our panels for ex not argo You guys need to know the commenting….

Gislaine gi – Mistakes of simple things for a european singular Those who do not know lets pass and deceives well. But who knows…

Miller Rodrigues Paiva – What do you know about 2012 Jeep Cherokee Limited V6 3.7? Also known as liberty

Washnery – Thanks, very sincere and objective assessment. In Spain, you will have the chance to go to the Chery Tiggo 8, from the Compass-Toro-Renegade-Argo, but, matter of taste….

Alexander Smith – Obsolete motor for shopping is not for our country. And worst of all Jeep without traceability 4X4? Sell ​​well because brazilian comrade only for status.

MASSIMO GURGEL – Friends, I would like to see you on the safety kit and airbags. Always very important.

Nando dp – Flying completely different … BUT PLEASE GREEKS AND TROIANS AND WELL DIFFICULT …. lol

Nando dp – This detail of closing the trunk and irrelevant, does not lead to your thesis, I have
And it does not bother at at, even if it triggers to close it takes…..

Osmani – When cheer new turbocharged engine goes for $ 200,000.00.

Rodrigo Rodrigues – Kids, is for talk, that uses it correctly!
The passenger used the seat belt improperly, which may inspire others to do the same..
And there is no magic! There may be airbags coming from every corner that holds no one flying to the windshield!

Carlos Felix – When it is clear that it is understood that it is missing the anchor point of the Longitude and Limited; like like DRL lights; etc. You have materialized but of it….

Marco mf – NOT WORTH THAT DELIVERY; I really agree that it is a big car on the outside and a 1.0 because inside (a car on the inside). Weak inside, not worth the delivery, is not good and worn out; The brand look only. Abc

Igor Felipe 190345 – Fitted with diesel fuel consumption, the compass flex makes 8.8 in the city and 10.8 on the road with gasoline according to Inmetro

Valmar Freitas Silva – In this case, you will find that you will not be able to do so unless you like it. This is my favorite car too. I think he’s very handsome and I agree with everything you said. Hope the next day will be explored. Congratulations on the video..

Kleber hisses – He does not have a turbo engine!!!

Fanlima souza lima – Show hen congratulations on the video you will be in the explanation very good hug

Sidney melo – I just did not understand why to call 40-50,000 km from LIFE

Lucas queiroz – Guys, the consumption doing in the city and 13.7 on the highway is not bad …. Ok

Regex tex – 4X2 Jeep ?? But that po ** a. No minimum had that is AWD, not to mention 4X4 full.

Regex tex – Not forward, the FIAT fucking in essence. Nothing will last.

Gabriel silverio – Man, only jeep brand defect in the car not the lack of dealership, it’s a lot of maintenance and it’s complicated

Saffron baffler – Congratulations on the analysis, I got my compass a week ago flex flex pack premium. Really the car is very good, exactly what it has been looking for. I confess it does not bother me, but my wife wife did not like much, we had a C4 lounge thp, very nervous. Anyway, very good exchange, great sound insulation. We are very happy with the purchase. Some details are still in the adaptation phase. Congratulations but once, good job.

Paulo Cezar Rodrigues – In this range of 150/160 thousand equinox does not deliver much purpose?

John Isaiah from Silva – In the meantime, there are two examples of Tiguan that have been suspended.!

John Isaiah from Silva – I was supposed to do the tests on the top of the line version disiel!

Diversified – For those who do not know, JEEP is now FIAT, controlled by FIAT. Like Jeep has company that includes FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), … in Tritec factory in Campo Largo-PR. You can write Compass or a Renegade, your Name is actually taking a FIAT car.

Parmalat gameplays – You will need to understand that you will be ready for the next semester of 2020 ?

Myth – Only sell because of the Brazilian likes to be fooled. Direct time tunnel engine

Hugo hsc – My mother has a compass dese, only problem she has now, and the gearshift and an airfoil on the bottom of the front, up qualify he picks up.

Claudinei ax nunes – You need to look at your experience and hope ….

Raphael del grove – My mother has an equal has this video !! I find a car very safe and comfortable, the build quality of jeep cars is sensational! Tigershark kkk it’s not such an economy engine, it takes the car well.

Carlos Vinicius – Great video I test the top of the line There are a lot of people with SUV issues. Hugs ❤❤

Join – 3008thp …. by closed eyes !

Dogões and doguinhos – Oops! Good morning autovideos!

Douglas ds – Search complaints with compass. A complaint that appears well the hydraulic chock. For the coincidence of friend, you had this problem. It passes in a can and already the engine. Car stopped for 15 days to insure is refusing to cover. Portumar motor value 40 thousand reais.

Eddson fernandeslegre – Good night Goal an excellent and authentic tests. Sensational! Hugs !!

Jose Denilson – At Ford can bring territory, Puma, Escape kkk that will not take space KKK. Great video ✌️ # 128518;

Joshua recalde – This is my ferret’s dream car, hahahaha. She Fails In This Car. Congratulations on the video. But ounce, very well done and explained..

Marcelo ribeiro – Speak AV guys !!! I ask: How do you feel about the performance of the air conditioner? I have seen some how weak it is

Anderson wiliam – For me the most beautiful car in Brazil

Gilmar Junior Diaz Gois – I found Cool Compass, but I prefer to see the new generation of engines, let’s wait. And at Hyundai Santa Fe Boys, what do you do with me? I did not fill test video. Lian and Navarro, Good Week Boys.

Gilson amorim – Sensational

Target white miniatures – Save autovideos. You can not deny that the beauty is very beautiful, this two-color pattern is exported to appear more sporty. "Cherokee Mini" is very real indeed..kk
For all of us, we have no qualms about the "crisis" of internal identity as (smaller), cost-effective, space, worth it. Price range is kinda close.
I would like to see you guys with the Renegade series Willys, it would be really cool too.
Congratulations on the video.

Peter Marcellin – Goal a video with quality standard Auto Videos!

Cousin marcio – Save AV family! Consistent and fair analysis. No mimimi and tear of silk.! Hug # 128665; Love is videos!

Armando bauru –

Ivanea Silva – Ivanea da silva belarnimo

Saulo khalek – Your presentation of Compass is perfect. Very well explained, congratulations guys! oven

Matheus rodrigues – Great video and the jeep compass is a beautiful car

Alex alves – Try the new RS Sandero, this cool Compass, hugs friends!

Wanderson perin – I could not see the whole video, you know tell me they changed the engine air intake position?

Marine john – Oops! Like given and let’s go to wait! Hug all

Jeep compass on test! What nobody is commenting on him about

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