Jeep compass suv | first test / test / review in spanish |

Jeep Compass SUV | First test / test / review in Spanish |

Our project is just in Lisbon (Portugal) and around to prove the new generation of Jeep Compass, the 4×4 compact SUV of the original brand …

Chesare martz – It is a shame that the best aesthetics of the world (from right to my taste) and the quality of one of the least configurable in its kind by the specialized magazines in the USA.

Carlonchitoflo – This beautiful and like me but the price discourages me for all that a lot

Claudio distefano – Go back to patriot

Sycodad – So how can you call this trail when you get the real trail for it? Do not get much response from jeep. They just say we will void your warranty. 1500 miles on my 2018 trailhawk and I am ready to get rid of it.

John q – It is the difference between the compass and the compass and the trail trailhawk, please hope to answer. I want to buy one of those 3.

Jesus luis freire bustabad – Ateca Seat, skoda karoj, Nissan Qashqai, Renault qadhar, etc….

Francisco – Seeing a question for the director of the video: What do you think about the off road, the 4×2 compass or the Peugeot 2008 with grip control? Thank you.

Oneth emissis – Withdraw the bandja, the hace see.

Oil – Is it for my priest to use it practically in the city? The difference in price would be indifferent. How does the same level affect the penalty in gasoline version about 115 or 120 hp in displacement of 1.4 thanks # 128522;

Luigi Giarrizzo – As it turns out this tick is a can, 2 Stars in safety

Eduardo afonso – Hyundai TUCSON 3rd Jeep COMPASS ?? rods??

Yosoynick – Are you planning a second problem? I am interested in the experience of the model, of which it takes one for the year in the market. Wanted the opinion of who had a team and a team.
Excellent work.

Andrés peña santa rita – In which much the creo price-equipment goes better forester, but in ruteras and camperas benefits which is better?.

Serrano alex – To go by this truck you do not miss so much pijada

Gonzalo neira – It arrives very expensive to Spain, Chile from 21,600 euros approx. in economic goal version and the limited walks for 33,900 euros. Thought that will go cheap but that there. My trailhawk sometime…

X4VI – Hello .
I would like to make an appointment Jeep compass 2.0 diesel 140 hp 4×4 manual
Subaru Forester 2.0 diesel
Subaru xv new.

Pedro Miguel Gaspar Paiva – What asco image quality…

Jorge diaz – The Brazilian material is of low quality

Joao Carlos Felix – Hello loved this video I have always bought toyota cr.sao land 30 years old Discover toyota if with the el jeep cherokee the compass would be better than toyota

Ximo will send – I think the same thing that most of you, Jeep (just like Land Rover with Sports Discovery) is a step and average with the prices (all of them).
In the case of the Jeep compass limited, you will be able to pay a high price (mare buy it), maria backwards as an option (€ 1200) weave the same, Optional (), but my electric gate makes me more expensive ( € 980) SUVs will be included in the price, Subaru Forester, Nissan x trail, Honda CR V, Mazda cx 5, etc., I became these vehicles and that.

Cesar suarez – I like it but I like it that the probabilities of the jeep cherokee trailhak

Johnny – Very imposing because very beautiful, but if it’s very expensive.

Juan betulo – After the experience of having had one over the standard 0 reliability in electronic

NATURAJTomas LobitoT – Good suv …. but on can lead or option led headlights …. uncomprehensible … so very good suv …. and very expensive …. farmhouse of 40,000 eur ???? With this price I have An Audi Q5 with pneumatic suspension and pass where any suv passes….

BRITOWSKY BRITO4x4ever Jeep (O ||||||| O)

Dynaflow74 – Thanks cohones!

Pablo ht – And at the moment, it is the only thing that is supposed to be with the trunk (some plastic cover is missing), with the risk that it assumes that the position invades the cabin. The way to adjust them … because the intermittent And clean wiper blades have the tact that the panda, the tapestry of the weave with the windscreen and the better, the rest of the front of a touch of shape…

Jairo hidalgo – The frontal parilla is good, but that’s a fine moons for tomorrow. What if the genius.

Emmanuel barrientos mendez – This is very good for this SUV but this brand and others are calling for a design for all their models, the one that is all the same, only the size of it.

Alejandro Marquez – Make a video of the new polo # 128516; # 128516;

Christopher zamora – That we are third generation

Marian Ion Simonca – 40k for a fiat # 128561; # 128561; # 128561;

Javito kanekanoa – The rank of prices of jeep, which is known to be more or less distinct except for trailhawk. If you are interested in the FCA to compete with the sector generalists?

Alfonso martinez – From the feeling that the front wall will not be perfected by what is more aesthetic function than refrigeration..

David Mave Prod – Hi there! When to review the new polo? Greeting.

David Vault Giraldez – From the review of vw arteon, please. Greeting

Jlo jja cy – Good video but I think this time the audio is better

Evert zambrano – It would be good to have a video of 2017 Grand Cherokee Srt, greetings since venezuela!!

Alain alain – No more money in the USA and 90% buying them down because of nothing you can trust

Marc marc – I’m going to try the cupra st4? greetings and follow there

Jorgete2017 – I loved you first time ago, I’m new to this Compass, but the price is high and the small trunk. Then I like it but its rivals

Cristian master – The fantastic thing as usual but it seems to me very dear to Fiat, with the price of 21,000 to 30,000 € I consider that there are better coaches of this segment in the field of motorization..

Angelo gonzalez – Subs as the renegade that when brains laughs up the bad xD

Juan the one – I think the silent engines do not exist. What exists the soundproofing

Victor Stern – Where are you hiding?

Edward mariani – When to go to the Mercedes GLS and the GLE Coupe? We are waiting for you to look forward to some. por favor !!!!

Drissistg – Are the front armrest sliding? It’s not, I do not see the utility…

Mic mic – If you want to sell

Gary martinez cuts – The compass is solo crossover, 4×4

Blasphemy – And the sunroof?

Erdeif – What a nightmare of SUVs

Hull matias – That’s walking on the freeway road? serve to do rebases the lack power?

Julio Pacheco – Fatal the pronouncement of "Off Road" and the other, but very complete revised vehicle.

Santiago Alvarez – Hi there

Good sounds asmr – Very pretty tomorrow buy me 2

Luis financial – The car is well, with beautiful external and interior design. We will see if it is 100% of foreign exchange, will be the product of the mediocre of all the owners of the previous version, if there is a break….
As always, impeccable for your report….

Imellado74 – What do you think about Sintra Natural Park? Many of the week I pass by these bike paths. Greeting

R. gutierrez – I understand how to check the mark, keep the halogen day profits.

Water fire – For active people, who don’t want to open the trunk, xD

Alfonso villarreal – Totally a fi nothing of jeep that happened mr? sean clear please the front that you say

Ernesto robles – It’s great !!! I hope the grand cherokee

Codshootters – Bones I have seen mentioning in some way, but would be so deep in some peculiarity the curious feature of the coaches in that skill, themes of the engine, chassis, direction, transmission etc … always ygoand, nine will of the item. I think that the hacil, a greeting!

Frames – The coach aesthetically has its own. But you can pull off the electric models, both diesel engine has less and less sense.

Antonio Jesús Reyes García – Jeep / Fiat generate 0 confidence in that has reliability

Lucas cherry – Do not go, have you detonate the prick

Pedro mederos – Thriving stuff tube a patriot 50 thousand suspicion at the shit turbo and stop contart

Manuel muiño – Excellent Video, sorry that doesn’t explain that the certificated trail rate, proud jeep, by the race the influence FIAT, scroll in this mini SUV, and this typical back mat of Fiat, that crap, I still don’t include because in Spain to commercialize diesel engines. and manual changes, and that should be part of the story, but for the price of a basketball in the USA 20 thousand USD I do not understand why in Spain it is double. It is noted that the presenter is In the same position as the director of the meeting of the directors of the city of Spain, of the same time, and that in the video is still oversized in veh So much space, one of the Reasons why I have a Grand Cherokee that is Very bad and I have something 1: 80m.

Manu e36 – It’s strikes me 5008 of Peugeot

Juan Alonso Andújar – I was decirating the place in this last plan? Thank you!!!

Miguel g – The price is getting closer to the truth that it is 30k and the peak and the price is 40k, that will cover this fringe of prices, the other thing is why it bears this compass Drastically all generalist SUV options.

Andres pinzon – Hello, so much so that you are so good, that you have much more than the previous and the horrible reviews. What is the acceleration and speed of new speeds? Reporting this new model as slow acceleration and transmission

Jose Rubé Menchero Aranda – Hello Jaume, have me tasted review. Wanted to ask if you are going to the Alfa Romeo Stelvio channel. Thank you.

Javier garcia – I like the coach, but I believe I am going through a lot with prices. You can offer good carelessness. Moreover, Jeep’s maintenance is more expensive than the competence … a pity.

Dekard – Too cost by my opinion.

FAIR ZAPATA JUAREZ – And the consumptions?

Lewis gutierrez – Jeep should consider an SRT version.

Alonso mile war – Very good video

Carlos m – I believe there are coaches that give me the best price, the only good thing, the Aesthetics Jeep, so much nothing new and Fiat engine, greetings! excellent test!!

Jose luis – Now if you are attractive and better, you have a lot. like

Jon mikel – If you are gracious to the Italians, now you are beautiful all over the hill

Mohamed koteiche – Finally the beautiful did

Mike 8408 – New video … !! Thanks … are quite busy … I think.

Jeep compass suv | first test / test / review in spanish |

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