Jeep compass-worth what does it cost? -First glance

Jeep Compass-Worth What Does It Cost? -First glance

Price range: $ 499,900 – $ 659,900 MXN Gabo Salazar introduced in Mexico and the world. …

Humberto willow – Sorry,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Humberto willow – Hey Gabo who can help me, I’m looking for a model 202200

Antonio Galofre – A question from Spain Jeep Compass Seat Seat Ateca 4×4., With which you would like and hacked out the field, snow, ect. A greeting.

Dante perez mendez – Gabo Is this the CR-V? If it’s different segments but recommend it if it’s for the road?!

Edit: I do not care about the space

Sebastian bristle – With 640 grab a gmc denali sierra 2016 easy

Berdgamer 555 – It’s like Huawei with Apple maybe similar 23000 and another 36000 for the brand costs.

CM – Gabo would be very interesting comparative video between Subaru Forester and the Jeep Compass. Thank you

Hj yumayusa – Good info..thanks. since Colombia.


Albert praada – ONE SUV MÄS DEL MONTÓN

Nicosaga 311 – You are here in Colombia where you can go to the jeep

Juan m.a. – Fat mejisimio

Mauricio v – This car if fall without braenos !!!! Is a danger !!!!!

Norplant33 – Hi, has everyone .. does not know how to change the language of the computer of compass?

Carlos Crothers – Hello Gabo, if you would, with your meter ochera and five, I would like to compare Skodia. Now, it’s over, I’m here in Chile, sober 450,000 Mexican pesos. Greetings, and each video the mi like, I add, I insist, with you the hundred and five meter of humanity.

Darsena1978 Pepin – How to speak no paras male

Margarita Llasaca Rojas – Your weights get in the ass

Global car multimedia – Cameras and Mirror Link Jeep Compass

Antonio Ayala – Long live

JUAN JOSÉ BOVEDA BELOTTO – The 3008 The Super Lions in Presentation and Equipment.

Rodrigo Alexis Berenguela Gajardo – Jeep = Fiat ….. there we know the result …. a true shit…

Israel Palaces – How Much Known That Barbaros Or That Ponerades Ointment Of The Campana By Burned

Ricky sotelo – Too much dude better buy one bmw, audi una mercedez

Julio Lozano – The sound is very good by pond beats

Salvatore magoz – I think it’s a compass … it shouldn’t be so much!!

Urka Kasatkin – Divine

MiaUnicornios alvarez hernandez – Very good video gabo, I would like to watch the new jeep grand commander greetings

Juan flowers – How much is the fuel consumption?

Jaciel Vasquez – I tasted you explain your opinion about the fuel efficiency, how the diameter of the boat is required

Francisco borquez – It’s for the sincho key q no?

Alfonso urban – This space that you see for your mobile phone is in the copilot mode

Jose Mine – Amazing self.
Dear goal all over the place. The verdsd would be worth the feather stretch the budget by this self.

Thanos universe – Too expensive.

Fabian rojas – Hello Gabo, for our country would you find a "Sport" version of the manual box, would you recommend it? Thank you

Josue padilla – I do not come back to understand*** Designed by FCA.

Benjamin benitez – Click fuck trucka dude

Juan guajardo – Gabito, for the same price …. Does not suit me the BMW X2? It costs 599 k and 649 k …. Your look is more popular and a gasoline lover?

Michell andrade – It was so much Jeep. Some years ago Patriot, Liberty, Compass and Wrangler were "accessible". Puts there but guys who like Jeep for your saying that for susisticas. And now with so much SUV racing, if Jeep is premium.

David Moreno – I would like to compare this truck, Mazda cx5 and Ford exhaust.

Nubia gamboa – Monohull vienna the independent chassis has?

Nubia gamboa – The hacking videos are the best, of course and blunt. congratulation

Brandon Patricio Santorum April – Alv that dude

Pedro salvador – Looking for a toyota that you see..

Pedro salvador – Hey did not have any cars. Be careful not to bump into this shit.

Pedro salvador – This is self worse than worse. They joined all the shit in a drawer alone.

Cesar mr – And where all the great issues of their own, such as the sentarte behind, and deciding that 4.89mts, the badges of the bar, is just the way that the video is paid by JEEP

Swimming cuts – i prefer that compass that the murano with his cav cvt

Juank_ yep – Would be good that the price in dollars

Pilar villarrubia alarcon – Enchants me

Alex biohazard – Pales maybe the fans of jeep sean just like castles than the iPhone they would like to be more but the iPhone fans they are very nice.

Raul rooms – I’ve always had the impression of this brand fails a lot

Yisus crauwn – It is a good place to go to the beach.

Alex blas – Very good video as always

Angel vargas – According to this article, this trick is not meet the goal.
-Have a high price
-NO is a 100% Off Road car
-It’s not cool
-It’s not very spacious
That’s the one that makes Jeep brand and nothing bad, because Jeep goes to spades.

Eduardo rivers medina – I’m looking for a new look, i want to play in 2 levels of segment, this mini suv competes with HR-V, Chevrolet Trax, Nissan Kick, Mazda CX-3 I say for its smallest size and the size of a small truck. , Audi Q3 or Mercedes CLA, performance, engine, interior quality and all of the premium Jeep has already considered the Jeep RAV4, CX-5, Xtrail, CR-V, Outlander, Sportage, Tucson, Escape, RAV4, CX-5, CR-V, Xtrail, Outlander, Sportage, Tucson, Escape, Equinox, etc. Because you have better cashew, better dimensions, equipment, technology, practicality. In the end I do not know what is the value of the jeep compass that justifies this price?

Eduardo gomes – Beautiful

Ernesto Mallet Calgar – I always just have to jeep. The lodge the comra, I turned 4 years old with the road to the south of the world..

Andy artwork – This is very expensive and I believe the valley is worth the jeep has lost a lot in the last few years

Climbing saze – How much is the yield?

Rodrigo Godoy Olivares – Hello, I need you to help. This Jeep is better than the Mazda CX-5 2018?

Juan Carlos Chimbi Gonzalez – I like your gabo videos a lot, but i think you’re jeep renegade because you only tried the version 4 * 2 and no longitudinal version the trackhawk. if you could do with a jeep renegade in some of the previously articles.

Thank you friend

Ivan Santiago Montaño Gutierrez – Has one from the Chevrolet Silverado

Carrs. mx engineering – Toluca, starts banner, premium in addition

Mangel cookie – Believe me, no matter what, much issue,

Horacio ortiz – Which would be the segment vehicles with which would compete? And I care about them?

Ricardo aguirre – Personally I had a compass 2013 limited 4×4 and really reverend crap before I was already uninvited another 2 and at the same time so that in truth the brand has disappointed me a lot of jeep the truth is a brand that you will never recommend it i will I did not climb anything in my life because it was my bad of power. the accelerator to the Bottom I also have a lot of fuel in the 6 to 6.5 km / l in city thing that a durango engine 5.9 m from the house 5 km / l in the end made and not for nothing and almost do not see the streets.

Harold and road – Our mumbas and terrassies, to think that they are plans and those of Mexico City.

Guillermo gonzalez – Gabo: Best wishes for your videos to provide valuable information, I am changing your SUV Tiguan RLine, but I am on the crossroads of the following Tiguan Highline 2018 the new compass limited premium the trailhawk etc, the need for daily use I hope comments, thanks For you do not answer??

SPartan 1992 – The descendant of the legendary fiad 4×4 panda

Raymundo lozada – Albeit being assembled in Mexico or Brazil, can you continue to consider the American vehicle (USA), where is the value of selling for that consideration? Thanks for you time?

Mysemjase – In Las Versions or an error, Compass Latitude and last trail hack


Irwin gonzalez – My ideal truck…!!!

Guillermo gonzalez – Gabo: Best wishes for your videos to provide valuable information, I am changing your SUV Tiguan RLine, but I am on the crossroads of the following Tiguan Highline 2018 the new compass limited premium the trailhawk etc, the need for daily Use I hope your comments, Thanks

Vamp bl – This vs the xv of subaru, what ?

Tonatiuh match – Porcelain is on the doorstep ?

Ped delgadillo – Jee ask !!! with this price tan thread segment

Ped delgadillo – The price is not justifiable total disagreement with you … if the van to fall … what is the lana better going for the great cherokee and not her fiat breastfeeding

Ped delgadillo – The renegade is rising from the back in frenadas of 120 km per hour

Ped delgadillo – Stability by the center of gravity

Ped delgadillo – Fiat 1 diaphragm very low reliability and very low resale value RIDICLE PRICE … weak insurance … HONDA WILL EAT ALL THE JAJAJAJA MARKET

Guillermo gonzalez – Gabo: Best wishes for your videos to provide valuable information, I am changing your SUV Tiguan RLine, but I am on the crossroads of the following Tiguan Highline 2018 the new compass limited premium the trailhawk etc, the need for daily Use I hope your comments, Thanks

Optimus – I believe that jeep bush its own origin, will not be it.

Oscar carrera – Carreola llantitas .. not.

Jose Manuel Bonifacio – Definitively not

Miguel ariza – I think that’s not worth 600,000 pesos.

Miguel ariza – Against which competes?

Aliot Sanz – Because it’s so much better than you can sell them?????
The most versions and all for $ 4000 more cheap x categories that c sellen here # 127474; # 127485;??????

Warriorwolve – Gabo, repeat after me: Fiat-Chrysler AUTOMOTIVE … AU-TO-MO-BI-THE!, There pronounced itself "Otoh-mo-bils"

Juan villarreal – Gabo, the question. As you mentioned in the video, for North America all those Compass that leave from the plant of Toluca. Why in Mexico costs (the Trailhawk) surrounding of $ 650,000 MN, is there in Canada, the same model of It Costs only $ 33,000 CAD ($ 495,000 MN) ??? if "FCA Canada" supports that shipping cost + import cost. There is something going on!

Mayobross – Hello Gabo, great video. What I wondered if Jeep will update previous versions of Android and Apple caplay

Victor teran – Wow, this suv supports serious solos of identity. Wanted to be the same as his brother and the Wrangler in off-road capabilities, but in a compact bus body, with a little detachable design and one of the most sly Thomps of Jeep; oh, but it’s more important than all the tricks, that it’s big, some of them with AWD or diesel engines.

I am only for the Trailhawk version, which I find the most coherent because the "Go anywhere" is the most attractive one. Honestly the restaurant of the versions has jammed me with the finger. Pay 100 thousand pesos but only because of the safe says Jeep, although I do not even have traction 4 bad, but passionate sue me to a little brain.

Gabriel montane – -Let’s try the vans
– OK, got it
– Ah take jeep by if they get stuck. haha ha

Libardo aceceo – You have an excellent job in the world, but it would be a very good idea Buy. Thanks from Colombia.

Nestor elí marquez flores – I believe it is not worth the price for it, it is the only choice in this segment, it will be the best choice for options like 3008, cr-v, tiguan etc, I think we’re going to be there

Benjamin benitez – Very expensive, go to resente, there con. The time reliability of these trucketas, the van to dirty many signalmas, FCA every day is worse, a thousand times a Highlander of Toyota

Kennydead85 – Definitely submitted to the top of the world, good designs, better finished, loosely the following, and what I see, will follow for a long time being his great heel of acoustic sound, the 200c, that in diseo and They were very good at Their prices or they were able to compete, I think they would like to have their sister small.

Celicart11 – Do you think that the Subaru XV 2018 the little sweatshirt all terrain? X costs the half !!! haha ha

Marine – What class of AutoChavo is? :>

Elizier Mansilla – Hello Gabo, I am a fan of the problems of youtube and I consider you to be in the best position for you. I agree with you that you are a passionate brand in your life when you are in love. Do not have it in your Wrangler would not have gotten dirty to tell me that I have this day. FCA engine put a lot less consumption. The query that gets you back to the end of the year.

Marked army – Do you prefer that an Audi rs3 the BMW m2 the cla amg and because ?

Robert Frijolito Negro MX – These are worth 500,000 pesos and this disc trucketa and no speak of the 650,000, just a year ago the compass but equipped was worth 400,000 pesos now worth 250000 pesos but no valeeee in the market There is but opion Even so, as for example, the Equinox is better than that. And jeep will never be Premium is this light

alex07D – How to choose the audio beats system???

Hugo gonzalez – Hello Gabo, how do you manage to tune your tomas in Movimiento? Not only in this video, but in the great majority of the tomas of the videos of the first seen tomas come very stable, very clear with much fluid in these cases are the Expressive … in the videos of the Tests noted that there is a little bit of time and bad production and all the stuff. Did you have a pulse of Steady Cam or something for your style? hehe … do you want to use It? gold rails scooters; Do you record with DSLR’s normal camcorders? etc .. Of modality you congratulate a lot because all your are very priests videos.

Miguel padrón – From a review of the Ford EcoSport

Leonard warrior – It was noted that you are studying … Your very good shots

The big boss – Beats the truth is not good but the number

Cesar romero – They will have to test themselves in the floods of other cities..

Jesus lemus official – The video of the new Chevrolet Cavalier 2018

Urban style – You Could Make A Video With Hyundai Accent 2017 The Truth And Wanted Video And In Encounter !!!

Gabriel gabo – Great video Tocayo and very good hint, hope you have the proper handling of the 2018 Sportage of Kia..

Forward – 660 thousand ???? But i’m stupid

Antony luna – I think it is too expensive for you to offer. It offers much more technology, similarity of materials for much less than it is. No. Very man. I do not like it in you personal.

Alejandro Martinez – Do not mames I live there!!!

Jimmypowerman – Made in Mercedes X that the gringos apprechan cheap manpower.

Sarabia Carlos – Do you have a video of Peugeot 3008 please gabo

Gilberto moreno – Check out the video of you

Juanito Walking 245 – So this is so brush capulina

Parkamo – Commercial in casual fashion hahahaha

axelPiggeonountt – Challenge: To take to caballito each say "justly"

PLAFOMAX ARQ JUAN – Gabo, could you please try the AUDI A5.

Godofredo alba – Jeep Compass vs Kia Sorento…?

Luis daniel gomez – There is already a video of toyota highlander 2017

Daniel Tapia – For when audi a5 sportback

Heri perez – So that you can get in with the engines in modern vehicles, I have nothing against the price of all the jeep completely new, the detachable and your grill.

Jonnathan hernandez – Hello gabo .
With you, jeep compass or peugeot 3008?

Samorano89 – Pron clown

CM Beta – I have nothing to do with jeep but I want to see the Ford Focus rs

Aldo – At the! No one Jeep, Dodge the Chrysler is worth a piden! … except the Challenger 🙂

Alan eight – At mid-term it seems not worth it, treating the same equipment as cherokee and having the same price, being cherokee to me seem more imposing.

Lazaro duran jimenez – In the papu, that mother is not worth it, you’ll pay 500,000 for austere, in CX5, Sportage or Escape in more than 500,000. Simply the one of lowest value for your money.


Cortex dl – Excellent work gabo, looks!

Goztavo roses – Good review, Loreto to La Paz? You did not drive you haha, beautiful landscapes!

Rafael lam – Please review the video of the compass

Jaime salazar – Hello gobo; What are your direct competitors? That farmhouse in the cost of the Jeep is the quality of the materials of manufacture. to finish congratulate you all your great videos

Jose orders muñoz – However, because you have not shown it in detail, the back part….
In the end what’s wrong with the review.
For too much I prefer this model

Manuel uzarraga – Why do you like it? So The Numbers Of Cars Do It The Mexican Man

Hector tires – Self-driving subscribe friend channel, saludow

Liv ivan moyron hirales – Yeah !!! in my land, when you eat in La Paz Gabo?

Josue Antonio – A lot of good video for Gabon porfa but a picacion in the sun only say the prices in pesos also in dollars to have a better reference in the rest of Sudamerics. Etios and Greetings from Ecuador

Luis gonzalez lopez – Gabon is not Fiat Chrysler Automotive, the meaning of acronym FCA is Fiat Chrysler Automotive, good video by true!!

Tidelsson – If the thing is very chida, the truth. TRoc vs Compass?

Noise m. – What is it? No thanks. My heart is still following the 3008. # 128571; four

Jbuzinel – As I hear the box of 9 relationships, but not that the baja is walked it 10, is the first. In normal condition and auto starts in Monday and in the first place.

José f vallejo – I was going to buy ….. but I did not see the test of the water bar

Daniel Diaz Jimenez – Wait a couple of years ago that weakens almost 50% as most of FCA products to want to buy one. : D

Juan Antonio – In Europe of Renegade if there are total traction and even a trailhaw

Daniel Villegas Lopez – The Jeep Range: 1.- Great Cherokee 2.- Cherokee with the most horrible planet front. 3.- Cherokee younger (Compass) 4.- Frashed Fiat of Jeep (Renegade)
And the only say of the brand the wranglers those are apart.
Evil jeep very evil.
But very good video gabo # 128077; # 127995;

MiguelonAndrade – 3

Lucas ramos – When you can the Mercedes-Benz gle 63s amg cope. Thank you

Cesar basto – You are good, very good team, very powerful and all the best aesthetic, but I have investigated a little and seem to have a braking problem at the moment of an emergency braking Rising up the backside represented by a great deal. Do you know anything about it? Do you know if you’re right? I’m sure you’re going to be successful but nobody really knows you.

Daniel Medina – Beautiful truck, but the cost is very high. It’s well worth it, but it’s an "off road" are pretty. Gabo greetings!

TONY STARK – Gabo should only have videos of Kia and Mazda … so the public is happy …. boring with their comparisons….

ASTENNU00 – Gabo, nothing justifies this price, the Trailhawk compass and the Trailhawk cherokee have a difference of about 20/30 thousand pesos … It is absurd to buy the compass that is less than you are at this level, frankly and I think that is a commodity and to weaken by the monso, I think that will disappear in equal silence that is I of the Dodge nitro

Rubelobo1999 – Gabo When will you from Focus RS.?

Christian b. – I would like to know how to buy it, Cordial Regards Gabo from Costa Rica

Alex burgas – I prefer the SUBARU XV CROSSTREK!

Lourdes olivares – When they release the electronic version??

Xavi hemi – For you to drake will out you wedding, because porkhe pq xq xQ: v

Alejandro Peláez – Is there better stability? For a long time ago the Jeep (special Compass) his bags, they come back, they carry out a qualification in time to slip. Apart from being qualified as the overvalued Auto. It is the first who says that they are a good self, the experts have always been there. I hope that is good.

The tiger nahual – Personally, I think it costs costs, it does not make such a doubt.

Bad martinez – Gabo, why don’t you have a video of the RAM 700? Regards # 129305; # 127996; 127 # 127996;

Diego guerrero – Oye and speaking of the sound equipment that makes the best sound of the cars that have been tried?

Zohar beltran – Very good first contact Gabon, but I consider the folly that FCA of Mexico is the priority and importance of this Compass, (because it is nationally made) that the Renegade, which is if I have a totally passionate model coquettish goal, attractive and but If it was offered in Mexico with the Full Team like this Trailhawk version, I think it would be more successful than the Compass, because it offers better results than the Compass, and it is more attractive in sight. Be some examples of the make and Model emblem: Wrangler el. Surely its price would be overvalued, but it would be so many more. Hopefully and ready you are in shape, as it should be, this type of offspring in your country and you have not had the time to go To the Raptor, Nothing happens! anonymous to do with the 4×4 models that have come (Wrangler, Tacoma) and the ones you miss …. (Ford Diesel Ranger, Mitsubishi L200 Diesel, Frontier NP300 Diesel, Cherokee Jeep Trailhawk, Subaru Forester Turbo, etc.), Once you’ve been a fan of the 4X4, you’ll be able to get a lot of fun! A lot!

YoutubeMotor – International export already q step gabo

Jacobo Orlando – Popo of luxury

Nando mt – This is very expensive

Ronald Vallejo Quispe – All very good! , but you would have to decide the price in dollars too, so that you have followers who do not sound of Mexico. .

Alejandro Figueroa – Garbage of a jeep with a wagoneer stepped on top of them

Carlos Patricio Diaz Alvarado – Hello, I’m looking forward to seeing you, I’m going to help you, that

Diego hg – And the back chairs?.

Ezrah Luxury Ibèric – I do not understand the price of jeep. Every time you want Land Rover with chrysler. Good is good

Ricardo ojeda – As always in overvalued American cars, creating the best cars and the best price for an Audi Q3

Op – Good video as always …… this is the least is the jeep # 128528;

Marco Antonio Munoz Perez – Make a video of golf is normal

Tony vezquez taboada – Gesumadre! Ok dude caon # 128562;

AUTO SCALE ACCIDENTS – It’s in serious jeep engine 2.4lts for $ 649,000 in truth that the Fiat with chrysler will be as weak as the new neon, the chrysler200 and the dodge dart, closely sucred with its pacific minivan of 1 million pesos

Pablo alonso – When do the coaches sound so valuable now? OR

Daniel Salazar Tello – For jeep the wrangler!

Sergio salazar – Great videos, when you can have a new Nissan Murano?

Alhuol huol – Guacala, no mechanical offer interesting, no
It’s comfortable behind, and it’s not detach but that’s the irrational price

Fallot – What is jeep

Yordy murillo – Like if it’s the weekends

Victor Diaz Counters – I would love to hear that opinion of all new people Greetings from Chile.
I really like your videos and methodology that you do very well thought # 128076; # 128076; # 128076; # 128076; # 128076; # 128076; # 128079; # 128079; # 128079; # 128079; # 128079; # 128079;

Sentinel of revenge – Better the audio of your videos, you have an area of ​​opportunity there. Of the compass neither we speak, offers anything extraordinary and this very dear

Carlos Gutierrez – These cars last but not least

Carlos Gutierrez – These are his goal in the hope that they are cheap

Vicco Vicco – Great video Gabo greetings have you like it?

Francisco paci – It’s Fiat Chrysler Automobiles at Automotive Gabo 0:55, 2:15

Lenin Valverde s. – I prefer CX 5 combine not all terrain!


Dieter schuler ortiz – What do you think about truck driving? So you really know how to get back to work.

Fredy Antonio – Missing the trunk there are?

Abraham arevalo – No sleeve, right now I’ve been seeing the invoice of the compass sport 2008, $ 224,000
The more austere coal gran differentiations with $ 500,000

Gerardo gonzalez – CARISIMA # 128588;

Gift v – If in aya is your maximum in 35 thousand.
Imagine me in panama.

Noel ivan clemente navarro – Glad that is well with Drake of Nuevo

Eduardo aldana – Slut wing is charisima

Kakashi – Fall in love # 128525; # 128156;

Jeep compass-worth what does it cost? -First glance

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