Jeep compass-your first jeep

Jeep Compass-Your First Jeep

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Belvar 84 – Interesting what is better than Jeep Compass or Jeep Patriot, it seems like the cars are very similar.

Petro mischuk – For what ty zgaduŃ”sh pidarashu?

PileMal xk – I own such a variator 2.4 170, a great car, fuel in the city 11-12, on the highway 100-110 8.5, Spartan interior for everybody, there is nothing superfluous. I liked the back sofa with a place for the cup holders (it turns out that the place is designed for 4 people), since it’s uncomfortable to sit..

Stanislav Drozdov – Well, not an auto reviewer
This vlogger blogger

Dexter morgan an real – Japs … to the deer

Maxim km – Tell me what year and city?

Mike m – Why did you say okay 50 times?

Did vaal – Thank you

Jivoder – Monologues liked, interesting to listen, like!

Exxon m – When they’re in the dark, they say it’s not a funny thing for a long time, especially since the mother-in-law has bought them for their sounds-in-law Will drive…

Valentin pischelev – Well done keep it up!

Valeriy dnipro – This device is what year and configuration?

Mikhail revenko – Where is the hat, Cyril? Take care of your health)

Bogik barks – The handle is so located, as it helps an overweight or aged passenger to get out of the car

Bogik barks – Interestingly, subscription and like! We are waiting for the next video releases

Bogik barks – "Baby that night"

M s – Zj more comfortable camping?

Jeep compass-your first jeep

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