Jeep is better than that ???

Jeep is better than that???

We look at new cars here: Kia Sorento Jeep Compass We decided to compare products that went on sale…

SELF – We look at new cars here:

Kia Sorento
Jeep is better than that ???

Jeep Compass

Dimitriy stebner – Nothing about engines, about consumption and power! Well, according to his wisdom, Palych needs to drive a Mercedes G class, sedate, self-confident, uncle !!!

Dimitriy stebner – Definitely the whole comparative test was conducted in favor of Jeep !!! Everything is approximately, everything is as if, everything is about !!! In any case, I looked for the translation of learning more about the Jeep! Thank you for the Video !!!

Volodya tsoi – Video of 2018 and compare the old Sorento. You’re taking the protest of 2018. There, the electronics are set up ascend. I have a 2018 Sorento and the diagonal runs fine. And we must strangle the engine.

Lev myshkin – Jeep of course, only the price confuses…

Megamike – I considered like Kia and I understood our people who bought this brand in batches. The interior of any Kia is very mediocre. Jeep brand with a name and looks better

Elsan ibrahimov – Great kaneshno well cue this nito for such money

Ivan Tsymbalov – Thanks, good review

Karpov sisters – Probably this is an advertisement for the compass
Lads earn money. How else

Stanislav priymenko – Good test !!! Where did you test? I want to go to the boardroom. Gold advise where to go. Check the operation of all-wheel drive, diagonal. And I’m for a jeep

Ussuri 79 – Old fashioned in a jeep? Take a complete set Treylhawk! All you need and do not need to eat! And this is a jeep! Palych village!

Sergey Oblomov – Great review, thanks … and a bit of criticism:
Well, you, testers-did not cut down the lameters on the ESP, the button could not be pressed? 🙂
After that he normally tumbles down the sand…

and also, it is true that it is strictly asphalted, even on wet leaves it does not slow down, not like on the first

the garbage imitation of locks is a little strange done: from the spot it fires with a big delay, if it was there 🙂

And it’s a pity that they took a diesel-in general, another car, with a wild moment-just the budget would be equal

Thanks again for the great review 🙂

Fimi drons channel – Damn, you seriously, what a Compass, mechanics, interior, well, very poor, from 2 million, and besides, considering not to pensioner, and Palych himself is not young))

Pavel grachev – Yeah, Palych released the gas.))))))))) Palychi they are)))

Arthur rakhimov – As for me, I would ride a Jeep, but not a Compass, but a 5-door Ranger.

ROBERT TV PRO – He did not go anywhere you want. And it’s exactly my dad who’s cheating, attacking in Arab, he will show you how.

Koo koo – God forbid 2.5m!

Ivan Kopylov – Shorter in taste and color

Kirill Enko – Perfectly sorentik on diagonals walks. The main thing to be able to.
I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I..

Alex darpa – Of the two, the Jeep is better, but for little birds, for show-offs, for comfort, in short, it is not necessary for someone who lives with a smartphone, With fog in his head, with the work / home daily routine , weekend in the style of "BBQ in the backyard, in short, where is the yawning smail…

Vladislav Fartushny – Tavria, Fiat 127 Series 2, OKA …

Black cat top – Neither a jeep nor a Kia can compare with Oise. And you well done, continue to test in the same spirit. And when offroad?

Black cat top – 666 likes) 29th

Valera orlov – Logan 2 test

Nikolay Vasiliev – And you know that Sorento is heavier, its weight is 1875kg. And accordingly, when braking it carries inertia further? Just physics and nothing personal.

Nikolay Vasiliev – Sorento is bigger and cheaper. More a five year warranty. For everyday driving is quite suitable. The machine they have is good and reliable 6CT.

Edward shurygin – Regarding the commentators, he correctly said that they can only write and all kinds of garbage by their brevity of mind. They are not given to such a machine, because they need to earn money, and to such a mind they can only shit in the Comments.

Luka 024 – Palych ~ evil))

Meldim7 – My Sorento is already 5 years old, the flight is normal. He is asking for food (pah pah) I’m not going to change. Yes, but I want to ride, I will drive everywhere. For long trips it is very convenient For everything for me and passengers. Roomy and comfortable lounge.

DIMA JAN – Tar tar

Albert galeev – Why do you get into the world of "fornication": When you are in the world, when you do not want to go to work, and when you hold for 5 seconds. All electronic assistants are switched off altogether and gazuy how much will fit Also (nearby), there is a button for the forced connection of the four-wheel drive clutch. So, deliberately, you are lying, pursuing your selfish goals.

AlexRT – I hope the sales of jeep will increase now))

888 tartuga – Naked plastic))))

Ivan Kokoida – Jeep ray

Mix fix – Pleas I strongly ask you to compare the Niva Chevy and UAZ old with a loaf, then check something with the old Niva with cars

Alexey Shkaev – Better tiguan.

R. V. – Americans have extensive experience in SUVs, especially a company like Jeep.

The zanoza – "I would not have taken Sorento." You have enough money for her. For comparison, it was necessary to take Mohavik then, and not Sorento. After all, Sorento is a representative class and is designed for the city. Regarding the fact that I hear on and climbed steep, heavy coils easily, and the remaining gasoline spit, the same UAZ. So it all depends on What your taste for cars.

Polupanova ulia – Palych, this is not Kia Rio!!!

Mix fix – Autotut is this you shoot in hypochondria it’s right behind my garden hahahaha

BBB KKK – JEEP-definitely! Yes, and dick with him, with the design of the salon from the 90s! )))

Sasha golbev – I liked the jeep more

Kira way – I look at 4:56 already understand that the Jeep is better

Kira way – Jeep is better

Just – Palych said that Kia Rio and not Kia Sorento

Just vlogs – I’m for a jeep

Dmitry Zagornov – Compare 2018 cue rio and hyundai elantra

MAX # – Both cars are stupid, only drive on asphalt.

Sergey MATPOC – Why not buy sorento-because there is g4ke

Sergey Nikolaev – Yes, appreciated fly on Kia Rio 4!))) If you sleep)))

Timon trol – Check the ken piston and well, where the price is so that the bodhadil

Llexander s – How much jeep paid?

Vladimir Ostrikov – Complete nonsense on it

Romanov – And USA has more stringent requirements for vehicles than in Korea. And so much that you don’t have a lot of things to do with it.

Cyril GIGAR – Sorento should be taken exclusively on diesel!
And go better everywhere.

Sergey Thomas – Adventure jeep

Evgeny Dagaev – In short taste and color as always…

Master life – For 2 lyama it’s better already Haval H8 H9 will tear them like a dog rag.

Mikhail Isaev – Happy motorist day!!!!

VenDetta l GAME channel – When auto battle?)

Alexey Shatsky – Sanych and palych.
First, the jeep is 300 kg lighter.
Secondly, I own Sorento, dorest, on diesel and I am 42, children 19 and 18, and I say that I am a calm pensioner. Palych presumed to be a pensioner, but bought Hunter. Penstoners themselves buy Subu-Forester. I agree that Sorento does not drive gasoline and diesel is the solution to many problems.

Babai turbo – Without girls, it’s no longer interesting!!!

Grigory belousov – Oh test hanging even Muscovite 41st passes. And not one door, but 4 doors and a trunk..

Grigory belousov – From 40 is 4 meters from 80 is 16

Aleksei Grekov – Complete crap with braking

Who am i – Kia Sorento for grandfather, who carries grandchildren, sounds, daughters, and he is a jeep for a man, powerful, passable, it does not matter!

Aleksey Ivanov – Rotten pipets.

Naughty BS – I’m for sorento!

Abdishev – For me a jeep

Gleb kudelin – Definitely there

Dmitry K – What kind of game with Sorento on the diagonal. If this is the first time you got this, then try to ride. Such diagonals esp takes without problems, 2 years I go to such forests and fields without fanaticism. Diagonals and workshop takes you away From you, like a driver with you. Hold it steady and it starts to row..

Print c – Take the 2005 Volvo XC90 for test and the old BMW X5….

Rty lsk – Of course, the compass is the best brand of jeeps, but the race is not even with the wrangler

Nile sournakov – In a jeep, the salon is without extra whistles and fakes, it is easier to remove. and in these containers, trash, paper clip seeds, etc. accumulate try vacuuming

Vitaly semenov – Compass.

Alex Riot Off – Palych made a reservation! Far it is not kia rio !

Vasya, feel our love – Disconnect all electronic assistants and Sorento will scam no worse….

Milten 102 – Happy holiday guys!

Martin mass – Pence pick a compass # 128521; # 128077;

Petr nesterov – Good comparison and interesting vidos !!! Thank you!!!

Vasily sobirov – Please take a test KIA KVORIS….

Vasily sobirov – Well, Sorrento is more comfortable, but a jeep costs 16.5 million and not 2 million….

Vasily sobirov – Sorrento probably a compass

Denis Sergeev – Jeep he and the jeep his name has become a household name.

Grisha balan – Krasava

Virtuoznik – Cool video

Rhobic KZ – First view

Rhobic KZ – First koment

Konovchenko maxim – Hello!!!!!

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