New jeep compass 2018 in colombia-launch and official presentation

New Jeep Compass 2018 in Colombia-Launch and Official Presentation

The new Jeep Compass 2018 is officially renovated in the exterior, with an imposing su image, which now included a …

Diarrhea – Damage the head, the Mazda 3 GT LX

JAIRO PAEZ PRIETO – Presentations are being held by the experts of the channel and by the representatives of the brand

Sebastian Altamar Molina – For when bad versions?

Victor cuts – And when the Automatic Box ??? Whenever you want this transmission in jeep, I would like to know that I had better.

Chipstation – 80m good price. how the automatic will be worth it when it arrives?

Richard Rodriguez – Good afternoon ….. worried. The button is located on the side of the hand brake?
Thank you

Eduardo rodriguez – The explanation of the reporter

Real art – Excellent coach and for its price that is very competitive. The motors of the Italian technology, Tigershark MultiAir2 FIAT (Italian Automobili Torino Factory) and one of the same engines exist in the market, depts of the Ferrari that is manufactured in Italy. Own experience In fiat vehicles with over 200,000 kilometers without any major repairs..

Polished german – This mechanical version is 4×4?, The 4×2 … Thank you

Ana cheers – Jeep no longer compatible with Colombian fuel and engine

Ana cheers – SKBERGE (2016) in Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and RAM units, with V-layout, mainly but not limited to.

Ana cheers – SKBERGE (2008) Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and RAM units, equipped with engines with V-arrangement, mainly for Pentastar┬« engine, operated by the sea or Heights lower than 2,000m in the phase of acceleration (Open Throttle), we have found The condition of noise in the valvular train (jingle).

Carlos Miranda – Cordial salute, good videos but please add the country of assembly, but more interesting to know these aspects.

Ricardo prado – Brazilian, Mexican, China and India?

Nicolas delgado – Gold sometime close estimated for release in Colombia of the Jeep Wrangler 2018?

Luis ciccone – You have been waiting for the description of this vehicle.

New jeep compass 2018 in colombia-launch and official presentation

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