2020 Jeep gladiator first drive

2020 Jeep Gladiator First Drive

Autoblog Consumer Editor Jeremy Korzeniewski tests the 2020 Jeep Gladiator on the highways of California. Autoblog obsessively covers the auto industry.

Dorelse – Dude … there are 4, 4 trim levels … Sports, Sports S, Overland & Rubicon. Not 3! And … based on the first half of the video, you’re driving a Sport S. Windows Power & Locks are NOT STANDARD. The sport has manual locks and the old school hand crank windows. I wish you guys would actually pay attention.

Turkey man – What about crash test?

My road tours – Glad to see Jeep producing the truck again and it’s affordable. I remember seeing a Brute Jeep truck conversion and the dealer wanting $ 90k for it!

DO NOT LONGER – I’m doing a great job review it. Thanks for the info!

Jeep Gladiator Launch Edition, $ 62,310 MSRP.

We went with Black because we are having it wrapped up and supposed to be the best way to go.

Our build is going to be a part of Ace Engineering & Fab so it can be done so they can get started and build their Gladiator Body Armor…..

Our channel and brand is 100% Gladiator only, so we will have more content, but we will have a larger collection of Gladiator Renderings on our Instagram with a quarter of a million weekly impressions.

Murphragous – I can not want to do math. You can not opt ​​out now, especially if you can not opt ​​out now.

Paul m – Please take my money. I love

Wudluv2 – Trash

Ken paddy – It looks terrible

Brock slump – After watching gladiator videos See the original wranglers jk as a suv lmao

Johndcx – Low power and bad gas milage, other than that I love it

John smithherson – Ford: Hold my beer.

Daniel Paul – That thing is just so fucking attractive!

SUNDAY FUNDAY – Does the JK? Feel like it’s not a jeep unless you have water on the floor.

Graph guy – $ 60,000 loaded Rubicon

Jman games – It trips me out a jeep wrangler with a truck bed

Dangerousdan – Please turn down the background music next time. Good concise review but that was distracting.

2020 Jeep gladiator first drive

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