2020 Jeep gladiator-first drive

2020 Jeep Gladiator-First Drive

You can exhale now, the 2020 Jeep Gladiator, the midsize truck based on the off-road juggernaut Wrangler is finally here. The big question on everyone’s mind …

Jennifer smith – Napa?

Sultann – Love her how lol

Lee fastenau – Front bumper is NOT winch ready. You will have to buy a flat winch for 200-300 dollars…

Charlie delta – I really like her presentation

M HR – Great plastic covered hat!

Steve davis – Just picked mine up this week! Love it

Jerry Adrian – Ally # 128077; # 128513

Coffee jamison – More impressive than the Ford Raptor

Samuel valdes – Air intake has nothing to do with towing capacity.

Wstp3 – This was already done years ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ww9EM65xnHQ

Vocalvirgo – She’s gotta go back and dub over her Transmission Specs: It comes with a 6 Speed MANUAL And an 8 Speed ​​Automatic…
You’re welcome @KellyBlueBook 🙂

Jim jim – Everybody’s real happy with their jeep until they meet the death wobble! oven

Lambert beswayan – I would love it if its a manual transmission.

Mark schoenhals – Show the rain and mud! Common kelly


Fangerzero – The only way I’m driving this Fugly vehicle is if I am paid.

Random domino – Is this truck reliable?

Katrine wills – Is there a place in the gladiator? Test drove wrangler unlimited and thats now an option. Parts of the hard top storage, the sunroof ones or 3 piece hard tops?

Jim logel – I’m here watching the beautiful lady, where I think she was doing something with a jeep or something … call me Lyn..

Deals from virginia – What is this B wearing? Who dresses like that?

Deals from virginia – Fiat junk!

Micke mike – I’m a simple man, I see a pretty woman enjoying the road and driving I instinctively press thumbs up.

Rk h – i would rather wait for that diesel engine

Harold jackson – You did a good job selling me, but Jeep let me down. Ordered a Launch Edition Jeep get inventory to dealers. Not what they promoted!

Nick s – Oh I think you forget that Toyotas are legends off road

Michael hubbard – Those tires look too small !!!

Epictrilogy – 1st gear and 4 Lo = no need to clutch, or did that feature go away in the Rubicon?

Trey driver – I have issues with it. Starting with the angled backseat doors. How can Jeep be used to the same side as the Wrangler when they could have made it easier. The interior is so ugly that it’s hard to look at and it’s horribly under powered. The roof version is a better option. The roof hat is hideous and it looks weird when folded back (and it’s all manual). An electric rollback option would have been nice. I’m driving and I want to open or close it. Option for an electric version even on the $ 50k + Rubicon. Yeah it has the "cool factor" and if you’re driving it on the big boulders it’s the one to get. But it’s a lot of plastic and sheet metal so you know It will eventually start rattling. So many better options out there.

South hill farm – The girl must be super short. She’s so close to the steering wheel she can gnaw it for lunch.

Swilkers 808 – How about this? Pick one trim and make the video. Not everyone can afford the exorbitant price of the Rubicon trim. Run the sport through the mud and rocks.

Ciaran – Napa, California? Where are these trails ?? I have a JLU Rubicon Manual in Napa and would love to hit those trails up

Duke of haphazard – Chrystler Garbage I will take a comanchee

Fresh towels – This Chrysler PT cruiser. It is a terrible looking vehicle.

I h – That down hill thing would help me in the hills around my neighborhood!

I h – In napa? Im in SF. I want to pick one of these up !

[] LOST & FOUND [] – How can I take you with a shower cap. Smh

Wolfyboy11 hitler – Yes jeep trucks must have it!

Nick haley – GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado in your comparison-the Colorado ZR2 is a hugely impressive off road vehicle

Simmer pete – Yeah and if your over probably 6’5 "you are fit in this wrangler.Too much money to have my knees by my ears.

Keith kimbrell – Wow A youngster who can drive a manual transmission. I’m impressed! I thought only 60 more folk knew what a clutch is. That young woman rocks!

Andrew Martin – The current generation Wrangler is the JL, not the JK…….

Superb Media Content Creator – Simply amazingly poor camera operation…

K vo – I want to see real freeway towing and rpm video. I bet this scream bloody murder towing uphill

RP-STRIPS RIGO – Respect for a woman, drive a manual truck.

Nana morris – Attacking driving so close to the steering wheel

Bret x – Wheat micah!!

Kaiviti2013 – His review is a flat washer.

Shawn craig – Sunset afternoon ??? Sunset is in the evening, you know, just before it gets dark. Your blonde is showing.

Conditionred – What trail is that in napa?

Mcslama jama – If they made this cheaper it is expected to be the best selling truck. Going never liked jeeps but this is actually growing on me.

Jason lewis – Wow !! Now that is a Classic Truck Design. "Bravo" The Jeep!!
Hopefully Mercedes Can of G-Class.
Also that women driving is 100% beautiful.

Poland law – It’s a wrangler with a short ass bed…

L. GT – I’m waiting for the diesel next year

White rabbitt – A girl doing a review!?! She should be at home being a housekeeper

Hari nair – Sweet … Ride as well as the host …. # 128522; # 128522;

George cass – Put a manual transmission in this goal .
And no the gladiator is not a pickup 5 ‘bed in a laughing joke .

Bestamerica – ”
Oh no…
Stop watch this video at 031…
Not like this vehicle…
Be honest made in 2019…
Not 2020

Casper 24 – Hillary jr is annoying

Proulx guy – Who will buy this garbage?

Proulx guy – It’s so "boxy" it looks like a 3 year old designed it lol, what an ugly POS

Usertakenagain – The window trim at 5:25 … What’s up with that?

Woody matt – Good vid but you look and seem

Biz4two biz4 – No way !! No how !! Rubicon Gladiator gets 22mpg on highway lol # 129315;

Andy’s shop – Just another fiat.

Quincy wensley – It’s more like a pickup wagon

Grandemage – Waiting on ecodiesel model reviews … more waiting…

Eric black – That’s one goofy looking mall crawler Fiat. Try again.

Nico bellic – I did not expect it. Dislike.

Nealwow – Does it have a rain cover on her taxi hat?

Peter Tran – Limited edition regular cab?

Ian olive – Think the script meant to say "6sp manual" not automatic.

Daniel Martinez – Tows better because it has a bigger grill ??

BigBossIvan – It’s one helluva Fiat right there.

Ylewing – $ 35,000 to $ 45,000 for FIAT ?

Michael stone – Great review lynn!!

Steveyobs – The woman is annoying.

Nadrianatrs – You’re not Micah. Stop trying to get discovered

Luis villa – Please make a regular cab and maybe a V8


Chloe echoes – Lyn is cute. cant wait for summer to see her in booty shorts.

Dean lock – Cool! But it’s a truck and a Jeep at that, both of these features scream utility to me. With that, the price tag seems outrageous.

SRSOBE – Latest JK Generation? Do you mean to say JL? . Womas !! Fir your fired! Maga 2020 # 127482; # 127480; # 127482; # 127480;

Pedro because – Lol left foot breaking, sounds like a teenager learning how to drive.

Miles C. Anthony – I absolutely LOVE the 1980 Jeep CJ5 !! Because it’s not some beta mobile, a computer with wheels. "Meh".

Lordinter – Cant wait to see all the recalls for this

Jack l – "with ikea like instructions" lol definitely appealing to the new breed jeep people lol jeepers lol

Dustin mittel – Rubicon loses the max towing

Carp spudpicker – Wonder what the diesel will tow?

Salivate jesus – Remember the chrysler ram jeep and fiat lack of reliability

Jesse guzman – $ 35,000? You can get a real truck for that much. I was a fool for thinking it would be more affordable. Guess I’ll wait until the prices drop or they sit in the dealer parking lots.

Dickey johnathon – This "truck" looks like a junk and they were lazy and didnt feel the need to design a new car and they just got a bed on a wrangler

Gevorg nazaryan – I have a 14 ‘FJ Cruiser and I love my car, I also need a pickup truck. So of Jeep offers this diesel I will definitely consider switching

Turd ferguson – But how does the gladiator tow a boat while offroading?

And peterson – Oops we left the Colorado. That Jeep is way overpriced! Think Judging Stick with my Duramax 2500 and my Rubicon.

Punisher6791 – Wow so stupid, its a wrangler with a truck body.

Al and – Nice job mentioning many practical details others omit. You definitely did your homework. Great review!

Pro viper – The gta 5 version of a better truck would have been better

Chris marinock – JL interior not JK!

Zach zimmerman – I will always buy a truck

The voice of reason – No way it has a removable top! I can look at one.

The voice of reason – I just watched a ford ad before this video

MrGameing101 – You did not mention the crawl ratios

ELPJM09 – Speaking a gamble when buying a Fiat Chrysler product. You are going to be reliable. They have poor quality, poor customer service and poor reliability. I’m a little more of a Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO 4×4 than any Jeep. You get your moneys Worth with legendary reliabilty and resale value.

Floyd harrison – Left foot braking ?

Bambataa – I’ll definitely test drive one and maybe buy one in 2 years.

Tino miller – No offense but I like this Micah should have reviews this video

Evan weiner – Why get a hat that can not get wet?

Ryan frisby – Howdy, great review as always!

Claude perrault – Great video, but it is the latest JL generation and JK (similar center stack …)!

Muskyhunter – Needs the hellcat engine

Happy car reviews – This thing reminds me of the Hummer H3. I just hope it’s going to be more reliable # 129310;

Bosstown dynamics – Why are so pathetic payload wise? The same Ford Ranger in Australia has a payload capacity of 1260kg, or nearly 1000lb more than the US version.

Cambodia – Why am I attracted to Lyn? She is just beautiful

Edisonsun21c – No i am NOT entertained, and how dare u?!

Kaelan neal – Even more disappointed thanking Jeep since Chrysler bought it

Turf surfing – Love the hat.

Gavin s – What the crap is that? Involving like a Jeep mixed with a truck. Jeeez

Unit 12352 – Considering a normal jeep lol they just get off the back cover lol

Don198769 – The length makes it look awkward

Friedrich wilhelm – Solid axle front and back AND manual? well someone will want it just because of a good stick with a full size ford thanks

Ken l. – 7:08 AM I think she’s the latest JL Wrangler.

BNGamesReviews – Man this thing is ugly.

R. Powell – Love’s legendary off-road ability It’s history, or by "off-road capabilities" are you referring to the traditionally short wheel base and high CG of Jeeps that make them easy to roll….?

Mike schaeffer – Jeep it’s a Chrysler product its junk

Yt icewolf – Latest JK Wrangler Generation?

Theplayernkc – Give me the Colorado ZR2.

Larry – I had a jeep years ago, because it was the only small 4×4 available. Now you have these balled into these huge vehicles. which are better than cheaper.

Champagne – Definitely getting the hard top version looks more clean

s abo – Really good review. Thanks

JeepJKU Adventures – ADM = $ 2500

Brian murphy – I can not tell you about you.

The josh experience – Nice that the touch screen.

Gogmorgoaway – At sunset afternoon? I guess that’s something you expect to hear from someone wearing a shower cap in public…

V r – Now if only we can get an extended cab with a usable 6.5ft bed….

Chronoboat – Lyn !! Is joann your mom?????

Mike k – Great review as always Lyn.

Furness prime – Its so ugly, there were so many great looking concepts, and they just phoned it in on this. There was so much potential. This should have come in a 2 door, or a suicide- 3 door.

Jesus quezada – Its a Fiat Down

Kasirkin29 – Could I know this thing for 2 1200 pound horses and 3200 pound trailer? I know it’s under the weight but you know horses tend to move around and the weight shifts.

Cesar castillo – Is not that a 2012 Frontier?

Give perkins – She said "damped" not "dampened" like so many other reviewers. It was nice to hear proper grammar. This was as good as you’ve seen. Well done!

Tiesha williams – Plastic hat umbrella … boujee lol

Tommy truth – It is way overpriced.

Gray man – Design by committee

Plastic hat rain protection. All credibility lost # 128531;

Dear Mark Smith please help us.

WARHR5E – Jeep is dead.

Lindsag345 – That is some boss driving … and in a manual? I have new respect.

Jay steranka – I have been an anx hunter and outdoorsman. I cant wait to buy one of these and load up the dogs and head to the fields !!! Great job Jeep !!! It’s about time !!!

Tina and Andrew McDermott – Where’s micah?

Jeremyd2003 – Looks good … Will it last like a Tacoma?

Michael vegas – Can I just say how much I love having a female narrator in a car blog?!?

DashCamEyes – If Jeep is still reliable as back in the 90s

DashCamEyes – Consider the same as the Honda Ridgeline.

Muftah buferna – I’m sorry i just cant take this seriously

Tyler harris – The sun sets in the afternoon 4

David wolf – Sorry, Lyn … but it’s STILL to Jeep. There’s only so much lipstick that one can put on this pig. Jeep has one of the worst reliability ratings in the industry.

Gregory merritt – Napa? public land? Private? Just curious.

MrMJJ23 – What is that hat? And what is that shower cap over the hat?

Tedybear915 083 – Hi lyn

Fortehnguyen – This thing is gonna like hotcakes

Dobbins2550 – Clearly the best midsize.

Arne maeschaelck – It’s so cool … we’ll be back to Europe as well, we’ll have the Pentastar again …
But the Wrangler is still the iconic one

Jak p – This is going to sell like hot cakes. The only people who hate this is ricers who took a jeep customer anyways.

Brian austin – Does the fact that she is driving a manual make her more attractive? Seriously, great review, too!

Alec anderson – Just need an Electric version and It would be a winner !

Norm t – Honda Ridgeline not need apply.

Babylonian anibal – Jeepick up # 128526; # 128077;

Babylonian anibal – Awesome! oven

Nick Mendoza – Great review terrible hat.

Eleazar dumas – Rubicon vs Tacoma TRD for gladiator I want to see you

Zach s – May someone please get rid of this woman and bring back.

Khairul Akbar – The audio is abit off

231mac – Boy, those are some very optimistic mpg numbers, lol.

Peter Davila – I hope they come out with a Gas Hybrid model. That eco diesel is problematic.

Chocolate milk – Lyn just loves trucks lol.

Don akmed – Stupid dike

Stormbob – Dear FCAUS:

Please put the same level of ingenuity, engineering, and capability into the rest of your lineup that you do to Jeep.

People who grew up in Mopar families but would be embarrassed to be caught dead in a Dodge

Mike zerker – This is awesome !! Why did Jeep think of it sooner?

Ericinferno14 – 35K base price is crazy.

Hd allen – You guys have a voice in your voiceover at about 53 secs. You have gone back to payload.

Paul rocks – It would be a shame if the airbags go off cause they are gonna hit yo face sitting that close

Under barrel PB cam – Cool looks, reminds me of the hummer 1 kinda

Ptguy0618 – Attacking unsubbing, attacked stand this lady.

Water flow – $ 45k for the rubicon. I was expecting it to be closer to $ 60k

Glen – Why is she wearing a cape over her hat? If it’s raining, take your hat off or wear a hoodie!

Mr. Cairo – Too bad you Americans do not get the Land Cruiser 78/79 series.

Narssasistic asshole – Rather see it in the mud and rain. not the commercial

Paul m – Please have her stick for testing Audi and BMW SUVs. She considers how to drive.

Anotherrandomtexan25 – I really hope they will come back with a longer cab, because they will not be able to do anything more.

Paul – I like the body style stick to my old zj

Shin888 – The hood is as long as the bed, looks stupid.

Flavio taue – Is she wearing a shower cap?

Jorge rodriguez – The Metalic blue one at 1:51 is nice the thing that I do not like and never will that V6 would never change the 1970’s 4.2 in line 6 for Anything

Jake rheault – She is wrong with the transmission there is a six speed AVAILABLE MANUAL. 8 speed automatic. And 8 speed only available on the desiel

Greg the – "Jeep Wrangliator"

Janet airlines – Aim, can it sell for $ 20,000 when its ten years old?

Dylan w – "Romantic sunset afternoons" # 129320;

Stichlms – A girl who can drive a manual nowadays ??? Wow I’m shocked!

Memphis blues – 5:50 All-terrain tires and mud tires are not the same thing.

Bobby – 35k starting? That’s a price for a mid-size truck.

Michael – I believe watch every time. The video footage is great but terrible. Being Micah back pls

2020 Jeep gladiator-first drive

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