2020 Jeep gladiator review-first drive

2020 Jeep Gladiator Review-First Drive

The 2020 Jeep Gladiator is one of the most highly used vehicles to launch in years. It makes the off-road capability of a Wrangler Unlimited with the …

7656869940 Jessebaldwin – 21 or better

Brian robbins – I used to think these were ugly but the looks are growing on me. Does this have more hp than the wrangler? I know it’s more than capable as an off roader. Mopar definitely knows how to make cars

MMM – My mom just got one of these. Carried drove it and ride with it. Arriving for a car with good ride quality. After better than you think. And it’s a nail machine.

Sarah love – Buying one tomorrow!

Bob steppenwolf – What I would do for a new basic pickup, no bells, no whistles, radio, ac, heat and that’s it…..

GT500 – They do so much driving in the video in a sport. Talking about climbing mountains etc. Well done in a sport. Saharas are worse. You can get a little better but you pay for it in an option package. They also flip to a Rubicon when they show off-roading. That truck is more expensive than many full size trucks.
I know that many people are thinking of this road. They will go to the aftermarket for the accessories. Jeeps accessories are available at the same time as aftermarket accessories Why did they produce a much better stripped down off road version? Sport with front and rear Lockers, 5 "lift and 35 or 37s, 4 x 1/2 doors, soft top, steering wheel and gear shift. (I to speak) I think that would outsell the Rubicon..
Oh well Guess you need 60,000 dollars to go off-roading! Haha.

Scorpion king – Do not come with the jeep?

Joseph harper – I just watched a different guy on the same day at the same place just outside of Sactown. In fact, I bet if I went back and looked closely, I’m just going in the other’s background. Too funny awesome rig.

Tillallareoneluv – 19 mpg My 2003 4runner can do that. For the talk of government pressure, things have not changed much.

Dmitry DjOleynik – Beauty … more diesel … goodbye dodge ram

Waterdrive1 – Longer body means it can get higher center easier. Other videos showing it hanging up down

Jesus has valentine – It failed European safety standards.

Jay bisky – I hope we get a 2 door diesel

Icenbryse – I can not wait for the diesel gladiator! Definitely gonna get one

Bryan – Crawling in a fresh pressed button up shirt ……. yeah … going to take you seriously

Carnews333 – Hmm, I’m between the gladiator and the power wagon.

Anonymous suomynona – Anyone got an idea how much does the base model start at? CAD or USD.

Theprfesssor – The Gladiator looks real promising I think it will be a leader in the mid-size truck segment ….. but I think it will really come into its own when the diesel engine arrives, you only lose 7% hp for a over 90 This is a really good time for the Jeep Wrangler is getting really bright for the Jeep

Far east – At the headquarters of Lychee!?!

Kevin noll – Everybody complaining about the price, but a new jeep wrangler is the same price. Did y’all think it was going to be cheaper???

Protect from Evil hut – Pls Make SUV Jeep Rubricons

Cragre28 – 1:53, is that rust on the frame already?

Luis almendarez – Needs the 5.7 Hemi not that weak ass 3.6

V – I’m not feeling it

Tom wecheck – Needs a 6bt and 37s

Douglas elliott – This late has gotta be a Democrat. He asks the viewer to "subscribe and like".

Hohmies mcfly – Proud of it they are

John smith – I had a Rubicon with less than 30K miles, they (Chrysler).
Said becuase it had a lift 4 "… they said it was a dealer installed they’d cover it.
No more Chrysler products for me!!

TheTruePatriot – I think Jeep love trucks and jeeps, just not both in the same one

Minnie saab – Oven

Kellington link – Another great review. Original and unique. Thanks for the video.

Jose M – Has anyone else thought of dropping a supercharged engine 6.2 in this? Just a thought.


Joseph pup – Ugly Jeep. I do not support Fiat Jeep. I prefer to use jeep.

Jay dee – 2 doors king cab and 7 feet bed …. but this one note for me

Paul mazurek – It’s about time Jeep made a truck

The last taarakian – Ugliest thing yet made by Jeep. You are new to the world.

Fifth concord – Fun fact: you can market a completely new because of an existing vehicle
Oh and it still looks like ass

Eric black – Too much hype, plastic and technojunk. Missed the mark and NOT has 2 door with other engine options.
AND HOW MUCH!?!?!?!?!?!?!

RAIDERZILLA – How reliable is this Fiat # 128515;

Rageextender – Ugly to me looks

Robert Beene – It can tow a big 97 Cherokee lol good job fiat

Robert Beene – Gonna be throwing out 50k for a plastic POS with bad transmissions and Dana 30s front and rear. Y’all realized that vehicles get more expensive and they give y’all less

Robert Beene – Anything made after 2005 has a Jeep it’s blade ass fiat.

Nos145 – This guy gets filmed and climbs into his Toyota Prius

Larry – This thing is in the same category as a lot of other trucks. A lot of them are better, and none have the look of a boxcar that the jeep has .. not good.

Hunter sanford – I already see them for sale on the road


1luvoneworld – I wonder if the full size will you ever be resurrected to tear up the mean street of the local malls? Hmm..

1luvoneworld – SUBSCRIBED ✅ LIKED✅ BELL✅

WheatSnackBread – Base price of 35k?


Joseph keeney – They can not sell this junk any more. So many videos on these half a truck.

Heart shaking – Way to expensive in the country and overpriced in Canada. Fugly too.

The p – No electronics malfunctioning on your way of life leaving you stranded this time?

Like a sambu d – Lol jeeps are way too expensive for what they are

Mario nunez – Can alone say drunk fugly?

Dro pleckk – I have not understood the Rubicon version of the truck. Why was this made? It has a carrying cap of 1160 pounds. We love our Jeep but this makes no sense. My car can carry 1160 pounds. The lower end models make sense with the Truck that can not carry much-for 60K? Do you love the rubicon? Get to Rubicon. The purpose of a truck is to carry stuff.

Isiah 6: 8 – See what is the road is best advertising. How many Ford Raptors are seen off road or used by ranchers or even farmers on road, and they are usually shined and waxed?
Ford over made and overpriced. Sucks because it would be nice. Few can afford. Some will overextend finances and most will go without.
Jeep should have learned from Wrangler successes; affordability and many on road and off road, in mud and climbing hills and rocks. Jeep wrangler is a lifestyle because it’s affordable.
No surprise These are the same people that were bailed out during 2008 recession / mortgage crisis.
I would not want to work at the Glatiator plant, they are staying busy and will flutter off like the raptor. Greedy + urds

Carolus magnus – I just bought the Rubicon fully loaded with every option available. Then I took it to the Jeep Safari and rolled it completely destroying it.

Doug taylor – Has the people ever been driving in a full size truck? Where do they think this will go? Who is going to buy this overpriced Jeep, Truck guys? I have a 12 f150 fx4 that has many of the same features for "off road" But with a greater fuel economy. This is one of those vehicles that looks good but has no real purpose.

RayJ-HT – Not bad but it’s not a segment all it’s own. You have vehicles like the ZR2 and TRD both of which are similarly priced and do very well off road…..

Mr carcrazy – Reviewer is the first person ever to say the Pentastar sounds good.

David hochstetler – This guy gets done filming and climbing on his 1995 Honda Accord.

Sooyboy – I swear if people seriously drop 30k for a mediocre pickup truck

Nelson gonzalez – Looks great, awesome build, love the new look …. but only one star (out of 5) for NCAP safety rating … come on Jeep! You can do much better!

Jeepcherokeeful – FCA thinks the Pentastar sounds great too, better than a Hemi apparently

Sand hill81 – The video looks staged even the off road. Keep that 45k.

Tinhinnh – This should only really compete with the Ridgeline

Shock foxx – Why not compare it to the tacoma? That’s the direct competition for a modern off road worthy truck.

Nash gover – While I do like the Gladiator, I do not think this perception of off-roading is quite correct. It seems that all of them are out-of-the-box, but the reality is that it is significant competition on the off-road It is not a good excuse to say that it is acceptable because it can go off-road..

M730 A – 2020 Mall Crawler

I’ve looked – Nice to see 6speed manual in a nice looking pickup

Johnathon castro – Theres a mojito green rubicon (4door) with brown leather at my local jeep pushing $ 60k … its been there for a month!

Wally gator – Novels said about their dates. Glad he even her.

Lucas browne – Yep, still a massive nerd. Great review though brother!

Mario – a lot better than my tundra

StarWalker86 – Eat something man!

PrimusPilusVorenus – Craig Cole used to be known as "Karate Cole" in high school because he was famous for his blinding karate speed.

The intro to this video is just a sample of what this man can do. Cross him at your own risk.

Jxban – Love that pentast even though I had to flush

Good luck – I wish

Mcslama jama – It’s cool but people buy trucks for work and play but mostly work. It has been known to provide the best value for sale and reliability..

Goddess sky – Ok I want one. How much will you give me trade for my liberty renegade with only 38,245 original miles?

Zachary watson – Manuals rule lets hope jeep keeps on

Bong lim – Maybe it’s the Jeep "thing: I can not see the appeal of this vehicle

Date hawk – Chevy is gonna start dissing jeeps truck

David Robitaille – I wish they used the old commanche name

Ryan queen – Good video and I hate to be "that guy" making corrections but the tail gate is damped, not dampened. I hear this mistake all the time since it is a super common mistake but a mechanical engineer.

Charles clement – How can they be going on sale in May. I saw FCA’s sales figures for last month and they said your sold 70 already.

George cass – Lol jeep has forgotten what a pickup is this is just a jeep on steroids

Marc scordato – They can change my dream to make cars not great. I hope they can change that I would love to see Chrysler thrive .

Gregory merritt – Good job on the review

Soloclickads – Good stuff

Mike board – If only Jeep was at least.

JosephDCM – Where’s the 2 door?

Frank burns – That was one of the best intros ever, because … well, it’s Saturday and I’m half bed, probably … but yeah, it was kinda cool.

Rider made – Consider you run up again, I almost punched

Valerio p. – Is this for USA only?

Poisonous – That thing is gonna be a money pit from start to finish # 128514;

SoCalFreelance – It will be interesting to see what overland accessories companies come out with this platform.

80spyder1 – Although this Jeep considers what I need to be compared to the other, I respect the fact that a manual transmission is offered. Going sad that stick shifts are dying.

Bert shackleford – As someone who built custom TJ Jeeps for years, I can honestly say this is a worthy review of the new 2020 Gladiator. Well done Craig and Crew!

Gladiator makes its appearance. We do not buy first production runs of anything if they are a car, guitar, guns, etc………..

Our pragmatic principles dictate that we wait until all the bugs are worked out of version 1.0. However, you can be sure that we will be ready to buy.

Keep up the good work my friends.

EDITED for YT double spacing update.

Nguyen minh – But a truck is supposed to be reliable…

Silentnt Reviews – Why does not Jeep make up

Thorne h – This needs to be a two door. This is waaaaaay too long!

Oaccessasia1 – America only has nostalgia and nothing new.

Viren vs – This thing personifies the word: fugly

Miguel ircontar – Wait for the recalls

Winnex the spray – Needs a two door variant, 4 doors looks a bit too long to imo me

Jorge rodriguez – Bring back the 4.2 inline AMC 6 install it in a turbocharger in it

Realtime reviews – Gotta admitted her pretty dope …. if only it was reliable

Mhs vz – Thanks.

Trey sutton – No one will rock climb up to $ 35,000 + vehicle

John hiram – It is not a Jeep It is a Fiat.

Icemanroyal – i hope the copying of scotties is a respectful tribute to scotty and a joke or current copying of style.

Kasio 22B – The more you look at it, the more you feel it has 2 doors too many … It would look awesome in a 2 door trim!

Jay johnson – NO Too many doors, looks too wranglerish (duh). I think the Scrambler should go with this vehicle.

John grytbakk – If a 2 door comes, I’m all in.

Simon adventure – In the turbo?

Mr. Drosophila – So you go off-road on a gladiator? Assclown..

YouTube TV – Creep

Darkpill – Introducing the only pickup in the world with a 1 star crash rating

Sqhatr – I just hope it spares the 70 series in the US.

Onoff314 – I need this truck. However i just can’t fathom the 60K price tag.

The savior – You look good in there Craig !

Frankie reyes – Chicken little gets # 128077; for video.

J. Towers – 35k base price, no thanks

Arylril takasimura – Nice jeep gladiator

John smithherson – I’ll wait for the Bronco first before making my decision. The price is gonna hold a lot of people back.

Vince w – Not the right guy to review Jeep IMO

Jdm punk – Effin ‘Craig School is a god people

Aspen ladd – The jeep camper

Marlon patriz – I remember the times when they were used because they would be loose money, but they actually outscored the market by a large margin. I hope this truck does pretty well on sales.

Hippie bits – Sorry but the video quality is terrible..absolutely terrible.

Denton armstrong – This truck came at the right time; curious to see how well these things sell.

2020 Jeep gladiator review-first drive

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