2020 Jeep gladiator rubicon review and off-road test

2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Review and Off-Road Test

Ryan drives the 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon up a mountain to test the various off-road systems. Is the Gladiator more than just a Jeep with a truck bed?

Driving Sports TV – Is this the Jeep I’ve been waiting for?

Dave green – This video sold me on the Rubicon vs a Sport. Great example and explanation for a person!

2012bigPerm – Great review! I have been entertained!

Eric Turner – Seems like a good choice for the world, but not so much for rock crawling because of the long wheel base. At nearly $ 60k it’s way too expensive. I wonder how the price will be in the market in 5 years?

James – Great review !! Outstanding location

Dartelle g – Close to 70 big out of the lot …. gotta be a dope dealer, pimp or work for the govt to afford that shit!

Henry Kim – Bottom is already rust … dang. oven

Craig smith – Forget forget the e-torque assisted 4-cylinder. Only a few horses less, more torque, better fuel economy, and faster to 60.

Duke briscoe – I’m very happy that the host was released alive.

Vic wiseman – For that price, I would take the TrdPro Taco.

Ross Peeler – Great review You’re not the only one who wants to know about.

Proulx guy – If sales numbers continue to suck it will be to the future

Proulx guy – Home Depot without getting high centered?

Justin wells – Cool truck but the 60k msrp is ridiculous

Eriknephron gfr – Attacking a Jeep guy, but I get it now. This thing is incredible. Thank you for an excellent review.

Ro baas – Read the manual … and learn how to shift…

Dynasty73 spurs – Love the look but not the price!

Wcjeep – Manual transfer case is superior. Electronic transfer case must be exercised monthly or the solenoid could stick in one position. Manual transfer case just works.

Miguel ircontar – I personally think the Wrangler looks better

Vitaly Ivanovsky – Ouch 59k.

David pacini – How tall is the boy? The shoulder strap riding high on him. Most authorities recommend a booster seat or equivalent until the child is at least 57 inches tall.

Alan bowers – Not bad, but not a kid.

JDM Spirit Turkey-JST – Hope to see the G wagen. for the offroad capabilities

Blitzbbffl – Nice to see you grooming your son to follow in his dad’s steps as a future drivetrain abuser !!

Umbra says – Great review as always!
Would love to see the new Forester or Outback?.

John grytbakk – A 2-door long bed would be interesting.

Armaniusmaximus – Lovely truck, but I had a hard time with it as a daily commuter. Sure love the off-road capabilities though!

_HOON_ – 14:11 The Gladiator’s offroad weak spot: An absolutely massive wheelbase.

2020 Jeep gladiator rubicon review and off-road test

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