2020 Jeep gladiator rubicon: the stradman’s new jeep !!!

2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon: The Stradman’s New Jeep!!!

Today I review the new 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon! Shop here for your next Jeep! Call in and ask for Ben with any questions at 801-553-5500 …

Nunya me – Had a fit when I saw this in person but not close up. Then … I was like …. its just a jeep. Awww Hoping it was bigger almost hummer like. Up against my fathers truck it looks like the dakota little truck.

Bryan littlewood – ,,”

500 subs with less than 10 challenge vids – 1:27 you can see James on his phone on the curb

Uniroyal mish – Considerably rather have a brand new Mj Rubicon with the 4.0L for $ 30 grand less ahhaha

Duane wilson – Its nice but if you look around for 60K you can buy a brand new truck. Again, nothing against jeep but man, 60k and no power seat? Pass

Slava aleks – From Canada why, why are you so rushing ?? Very bad

Jay hillz82 – Garbag

Nc airguner – Toyota Tacoma will pass 500k miles easy. We took see how many miles this Jeep last !

XX GROSS – I like the fast talking. idk why are people crying about that? Pretty excited about the ability to plug in a toaster though! Lol

Jn – $ 60k +? W.T.F # 128591; # 128591; # 128591;

Robert couch – I would not be happy if I bought that already and came back.

Jon breaks – Over the lapse trash. The ranger is half the price with more power # 129315;

Jonathan osegueda – Uyyyy very expensive best buy a house overpriced too much too much uyy

Jesus was – Slow it down a bit man! wow you talk fast

Ron barber – Very nice, but 60K is not used Raptor territory..

Jason tran – Yay stradman


Jason mercer – Can not see many of them at 61k get a full size truck pickup for that. I guess if you have stopped making them within 2 years…

Paul requirements – Key features are bankruptcy trying to make the payment. Geez who can afford these vehicles

Kevin simon – I love the car but I have one concern, in the beginning of the video, you said this one was sold already !!! How would you like to test your vehicle? Come on now!!!

Scott banks – $ 61,000 …. are you fucking kidding me

Wide awake – I’ll be happy when you guys start begging for us to subscribe to you. Why would you have watched the video yet. So, wind your neck in and earn that subscription.

Vicky cky – One day I’ll have you, BEAUTIFUL JEEP II

C b – I love Jeeps and have a $ 300k + household income. $ 60k for that thing? You must be kidding! Whose going to buy these rich things youtubers are done buying them?

Xtremearmor – Nice looking Jeep pickup truck … I thought this model also came with a forward facing camera?

Ncstate220 – I hate that I like the new jeeps but would not have a million years new Fiat-Chrysler garbage-hopefully it does not shut down while driving you –

Smith k – I suggest that this jeeps make the box to the hummer h2 sut. It is going to be more sexy and better selling in the market. I’m waiting for you to see you 100% + ×

Elite – Garbage # 128465; for 58,000?

Victor Olive Tree – Will this glady become out with the diesel

Steven klein – I just came back to the price, again.

Joaquim LLOREN – You already paid for your truck and this guy is still using it for you. it’s the road with one of the drivers driving like it’s a rally race car driver show some respect people

Guadeloupe elizondo – If it’s sold, why mess with it ?? Meaning drive it and get it? Just curious what the new owner would feel

Themgspy – "Jeep keeps things simple" ummm no! Jeep are cheap and wanna screw over consumers!

José mateo cruz – How mach

Starnet36 – Put the audio in mute mode … this guy is obnoxious.

JOSKAR LAINEZ – We $ 30,000 Buy Toyota Tacoma the best truck

Timothy shevel – I sold to 4×4 cab crew Ram one long bed diesel bedliner auto carpet snow chief bed package radio sat screen towing mirrors $ 56800 OTD

Joer ttt – Pay $ 60,000 for a jeep fuck if you can get a full size truck for the same price

Ed list – Jeeps used to be cool. Now they are girl cars

Aasim mukhtar – Dude, you are a really good reviewer !! subbed.

Raph22 Alco – U did not tell everyone that it is not important for young children

Eric Anderson – Nope that’s like a ballerina in combat boots. Nobody is going to risk that thing off road. (If they’re smart.)

Get Mahindra Roxor. It’s a hybrid of a CJ2-A and a CJ7 with a turbo diesel. $ 15K gold only. Build the living hell out of it. You’re still well under $ 30K. Go places the so-called "Jeep" can not dream of going. Yes, you CAN still get a real Jeep. It just doesn’t say "Jeep" on it.

Barry robinson – Wish it had 6.4 hemi instead

Lambert beswayan – I would love it if they have a manual. Not much fun with automatic.

Tommy nakajima – I’m guessing it’s at the dealership for testing already

Michael O’Loughlin – Diesel please Cummins Allison trans Dana rear end arb bumpers all around skid plates

Chris ramsey – 61,000 for that? What a rip off! oven

Gary craft – It looks great … But Over 60 Great? No thank you!

Brandon lee – So sexy criticized all I have to say about this truck. Price could honestly be lower to me.

Jacob baseball – You forgot something, behind the passenger backseat is a bluetooth speaker

Myron benware – If it’s sold you shouldn’t sell it.

Edwin ramos – You should not drink coffee before you drink it walk

Pilot guy – Overpriced, underpowered for the same price I can get a power Ford Raptor gold wagon

ADONAI ECHAD – I’d rather spend my money on 2019 GMC Sierra AT4

Ari gsd – They are not overpriced. Studies have shown that they are $ 1k more than a similarly outfitted competitor. 15% off MSRP to get their models to sell.

Daddy mac – How much for a FIAT ??? !!! oven

Anguian josue – Nice but overpriced, you can get fully loaded tacoma for around 40k

The strange person – 100% dissaginate in 10:16 btw jeep was bought by fiat so it’s not even reliable and transmissions are garbage

It’s ronnie – It’s a fucking wrangler with a bed # 128514; # 128128; overpriced piece of shit

The flying brompton – Did anyone get sickness motion watching this video? Good lord!

Javy41 sea – You talk to fast, you can slow down to a little bit ty

Gavin kruse – 1:25 James chilling in the background

Yamaha king – Overpriced overpriced .. i rather buy..

Balor gaming – 1:25 stradman is just casually sitting there

Wudluv2 – Who ever buys this truck is a tool.

Adnan jan – What is your state name. Mr ben van damme.

Evil mold – Considerably nice! But ugly as fuck

Chris l – Nah 61k for Hyprid Jeep / Pickup with a standard V6. Just hell no. It’s "cool" to look at but you can not justify that price. You can get full-sized V8 trucks.

William m trexler – Sorry 61k

William m trexler – 60K Loaded

Stone p – Nice review, 60K though for a mid size truck is out of hand. The competition’s best trims are over 10K less.

Henry Charles / Black Phephe – Type [bliye-tet-mwen] see my music video do not forget to subscribe

Torque news – Jeep Gladiator is fully American-made. Here is a quick look at Jeep’s new product. https://www.torquenews.com/1083/jeep-proudly-highlights-its-gladiator-pickups-american-made-manufacturing-roots (Please subscribe to our channel for further discussion).

Tony stone – Lmao that is one ugly jeep

Jawad Effat Dost – # 128171; # 128171; # 128171; # 128171; می میشه توایران بود

NG records – We can take the door off

Jims adventures – Looked exactly like this on the lot. Beautiful truck but damn $ 65,000 sticker!!!

Fardan ahmad – In 1:28 you can see the guy playing the phone and playing his phone

Happyjojo626 – Lol 61k? Another bullshit from Detroit.

Michael fulcher – So you’re driving a jeep. I would hate that a dealer let someone drive my new car. Tacoma wrecked because the dealer let someone drive it before it was picked up by my friend.

Permadi fauza – Best the best personal vehicle

Casper 24 – This is an ugly truck totally not worth the money.

Broli m – You can remove the screws and the front bumper into a stubby bumper

Eugene cooper jr – 0:09 Already going and going for a drive. OK … OPP

William Hartsell – U actually wasted time to try and convince people to buy a brand name.
V6 = crap
Automatic = not jeep
$ 61,000 = someone is retarded
Everything else does not have enough of a vehicle that they do not know how to use the TJ model. Jeeps are no longer jeeps, they’re high on the road.

GOP Skateboards – Anyone watching this is in 2021?

Soillife1 – Salesmanship
$ 61,000
No power side mirrors
No power seats.
He says jeep keeps it simple ???

But in reality your paying for but not getting. Sadly

Wormzilla4u – Who the fuk is Stradman? And someone get this man some nail clippers!

Keith milligan – $ 63,000+
Fucking laughing
With hundreds and hundreds and Hundreds of 2018 4 months ago over the years
Overpriced midsized truck
If ur an idiot waste $ 63,000
Attacking stick with my 2015 Pro 4x Frontier every option and was under 31000 out the door

Rosane gomes – Itaqui Sao Borja RS


Fhoneman – 61k ??? I do not think so

Molaris molaris – Most dangerous truck to drive…
It has no side curtain air bags … if you get hit on the side, you’re out of town, man !!! Late !!!!

Aliyev ismail – Oven

RBV281 – $ 61,000 for a midsized truck … hard pass

Hunting and fishing with george – That camera moves as fast as your mouth

BM aus – I like it-EXCEPT for the cheap and nasty little netting pouches at the bottom of the doors. Why not buy this product??.

Steve Gibbons – Waaaay over priced !

Giorgio bellucci – Hooli are you yelling all the videos and yelling sharply in the beginning? Frightened to fuck. Your throat does not hurt?

Eric Deshields – Instantly fell in love with this truck.

Eric Deshields – "You’ll hear that 3.6 liter v6 start right up" when? oven

Teacher _ – a used G wagon is actually looking at a bargain compared to this truck-manual seats, rofl

d j – Jeep look cool but they have junk motors

Rob w – Did this guy just did a few lines before he did this review

And hawk – Sorry does not blow out in tacoma or a zr2.

Melvin hunt – I like it but 55.60 thousand dollars! You can get f-150, f-250, Chevy hd, Silverado, Ram…., ?

Taras pak – Bucket # 128064;

Hunzolee – $ 61,000 for that tonka plastic chip?

Raj thiara – What is the price in this truck?

AbdulAziz TheGhost – Wow this sweet gonna definitely hits the gulf market for sure

Eric Rayno – Overpriced pos!

Aussie 1 – ONE word, ONE word, OVERPRICED

John frenchtoasty – This is stradmans

Jeremy jackson – Price is absolutely absurd

Christopher lynn johnson – Art!

Chris blanchard – Over priced and ugly looking.

USNVA11 – $ 61,000 is preposterous. The folks at Chrysler- Fiat are getting greedy. Speaking stick with my 2000 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab SLT w / V8 and 4×4. Cost me around $ 23,000 brand new.

Oven – Looks like so ugly and anblance ~

Michael Rodriguez – Wish all Jeeps with a V8 and paddle shifters for the automatics

A.S.A.L.A.007 – It’s nice but not $ 61000 nice

Fuck leftist youtube – Why would anyone want to buy a vehicle? Did i hear him wrong?

Indy j. – Good review!

Rgrndu – Good job # 128077;

Gustavo santiago – They are over priced

Sqwerpothefurry – What is with reviewers and toasters?

Mark – Nice truck but it’s hard to picture a wrangler looking like a pick up truck. If I want a Jeep, considering a jk or jl … and buy a truck-ford 150

Andrey Lazarenko – Super truck!

Cesar herdia – Stradman!

NOFRENZ – Yeah another Jeep that will get you off the road every time you drive it, and drive it around the world..

Ljmtac – Gun speaking machine # 129315;

Nabil p – Hopefully the diesel will give it a bit more juice

Themontegonian – Automatic emergency braking?

Eric Vaughn – Why are they willing to buy a vehicle? Very unprofessional dealership.

Adam hernandez – Trash review

Christian garcia – Oven

Weirdshibainu – Already sold? I’d be pissed if it was my truck and you’re driving it in a video

Beeliner12 – Where is "Sandy" "?

Ignitusfalls – I think it’s worth 60,000

Ricky trager – I like the Gladiator. But would like to see other trim levels reviewed. Not just the Rubicon. I did enjoy watching your video.

Jorge rodriguez – Would you like to buy this product?

Vincent V.I.P – Wow push button start but no power seats ?? Lol jeep keeps things simple.

Vashsant – Good review Kinda feeling that ride.

Matthew Dooley – You do not need to power tools, which is 110% wrong. Jeep gives you a tool kit to take the top off.

Good luck – Bad to the bone

Brandon ehrke – Whens the deisel coming out?

Mattsynth – At this price does not have one?

Taker610 – It’s very expensive but completely unique in its class. I want to wait for the diesel, 450lb-ft plus in a mid-size truck?

David morrison – Arrives in Australia next year maybe

Undefined name – Hate the wheels.

Nunya – Badass looking and surely it is capab; it’s just too damn expensive!

Pine nut patriot – Diesel option w / manual? 2021 ???? sign me up

S b – I’d be pissed if I bought a new car and some guy decided to ‘review’ my car and ‘take it for a spin’ afterwards without my permission

Boomer bomb – Awesome truck but damn they’re painfully overpriced

Onepaguy – All jeeps are expensive af tho

Cavsh00ter – First one that I’ve seen thank you i want one

Cassidy chan – Hey I’m in the market for a new Rubicon and I’m not sure which engine platform to choose? What would u recommend? Turbo or the 6 cylinder? Normal driving is not much offroading. I think I’m gonna lease too. Thanks

East coast exotics – 1:28 stradman sitting on the curb

Albert libricz – Too much money!

David gobble – I have a 2009 Rubicon now and it is my last Jeep. I have owned Grand Cherokee Limited and now the Wrangler. Thought I would be a Jeep man for life Jeep has TOTALLY priced me completely out of the market. SIXTY THOUSAND PLUS for a windshield In the Rubicon. Snowy weather is a nightmare. I would like to trade back up cameras, leather interior and fancy electronics It took us to convince Jeep to build a 4 door Wrangler. Were we right? It will be most likely to make the most of the windshields. Just sayin…….

Scott anders – You talk fast lol

Tbocfo – Check the key fob, I just picked up at 2019 JLU and the cover on the key fob does not fully close. Moisture can get in the battery compartment. The dealer ordered me 2 new key fobs and they have the same issue. The fob on 2020 Gladiator and it has the same issue.

Br cc – Why are you driving my Gladiator?

Zamora – Great job leaving prints You touched every nook and cranny. literally.

8654 Zulu Foxtrot – I do not think you want to go to a place that can go 100% topless and doorless (is doorless a word?). Anywhooooo, yeah that’s why they don’t have power seats.

Najee jackson – Should wait for a diesel, why not talk like that?

GM H – Why do you talk so fast??

Stanley Kania – Black is only for showroom..

Stanley Kania – Crash rating one star..

Jasontman36 – Did he say 61k ????? Rather get fully loaded Tacoma for 38k! … i!

Jon bertocchi – This vehicle has a blade ass fiat engine. If so, garbage.

Richard olson – Did you say 61 thousand?! zoinks!!

Lonewolfanddog – Awesome truck but overpriced I think

Sean cannon – "it’s already sold … let’s drive it around"

Rosendo flowers – Stradman feels me .

SIX GEAR – V6, that’s weak!

Larry – That thing looks like a rejection of some Soviet Union country.

Brady stanga – Quitdown or getting the hell out of my new Jeep

Justin pergerson – I wonder why they did not put the higher output Ram 3.6 in it? 20 more hp and more torque. I have a good job in my truck.

Michael horner – Slime pavement princess

Lance patterson – Not a fan of vehicles that slap a bed on the back of them and they are now a truck. Buy a real freaking truck. You wanna jeep buy a real jeep

W w – Hi, this vehicle is going to be owned by us. Drive it and put miles on it so the new owner gets a used vehicle. Do you want to put your hands on your hands? The 60K vehicle and the dealership is using it for even Tho it is sold. Will not ever want to do business with them. 😉 Takes a chance to get in the way of an accident. Stupid.

Kenny p – Such an ugly jeep

Plisskin snake – I was very disappointed. Carrying stick with my jku. Not what expected.

South hill farm – I think Jeep has placed this right in the category of Land Rover with this Jeep. A lot of potential Land Rover owners will get more information.

Colby butler – Just another payment in the making?

Captiantim1 – 61k manual seat. Do i have to hit the jeep to understand

Quwan powell – The stradman feels me hear……

Long life – Dirty pitch …. blahhhhhhh

Tierlac – What GoPro are you using? It’s really jerky.

Rajano garin rabanera – Slow down a little bit i get dizzy

Aaron spicer – Quit trying to talk at light speed, take time to breath, have mercy

Strong Black Independent Republican Black Waman – Going never liked Stradman …. I do not like his pew pew woosh high energy sounds ✊ # 127997; # 128532; Your channel is better # 128561; # 128076;

RC WOLF – Please tell him not to wrap it purple!

Miles daugherty – Who is coming from strad

Chaitu desai – Strady’s car

Sun – Lol 61k you can two Tacoma’s for the price of a lower gladiator.

Jyt – 1:28 you can see Stradman in the corner lol

Ansh vlog’s everytime – Stardman on the right hand corner 1:25

Ansh vlog’s everytime – This bilongs to stardman

Robert Rutherford – Strad feels me. You do a lot better job than Doug. Lol
If I was buying a truck I’d buy this. Suprising because I’ve never considered a Jeep.

2020 Jeep gladiator rubicon: the stradman's new jeep !!!

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