2020 Jeep gladiator vs. Chevy zr2 bison: watch these off-road titans battle it out in moab, utah!

2020 Jeep Gladiator vs. Chevy ZR2 Bison: Watch These Off-Road Titans Battle it out in Moab, Utah!

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Turbojunki – I do not like the ZR2. I think you can go wrong with..

Biggsly5000 – It would be awesome if Chevy put the 5.3 in the ZR2. They keep making little v6’s for some reason. It would cook with the v8. Considerably preferred to v8 over diesel. Of course they would probably charge 100k for a midsize truck. That’s why i am driving a 2002 grand cherokee.

Eman WacaGator – Zr2

I am never was & never will be – Considerably Rather Have a Jeep Wrangler II

Michael dart – Jeeps always ruin the fun

Nick govatsos – What trail is this? Attacking love to try it

Ron johnson – The only item on the Jeep Gladiator is a lift, no big deal. The GM ZR2 Bison looks like a nice little truck, but without a solid front axle, I’ll take the Jeep. GM spends all that time and effort trying to make a competitive off-road vehicle, then falls short with an IFS front end. Chrysler is still the benchmark for a true factory off-road vehicles with the Rubicon and Power Wagon.

Ny gunner – I’d like to see you guys test drive the ranger raptor if and when it comes out.

The gull – Yeah im guna stick to the 79 series dualcab toyota landcruiser

R gibbs – Come on, really. They would use the jeep to drag that chevy out of the bush

HyperBlueZYZ – Put on the rack afterwards and let’s see the scratches / impact points on the armor @

Jeepheat55 – Gas is easier to get into the bush. Just a warning

Robert burns – Jeep and V6 what a joke

Daniel Quistberg – I have bought a new ZR2! First brand new vehicle. Have a 96 Tacoma short box regular cab. Also have a 2010 Tundra also short box regular cab. Have not had a GM since my 96 GMC Silverado. I have a lot of off roading My wife and I camp in the Canadian Rockies and we get a lot of Toyota loyal. Needless to say I was actually a bit of a bit of a problem looking at the head of the ZR2 and was really impressed. I got a white one with The bed bar and lights and the same engine I test drove the little turbo dmax. I get my truck on Tuesday. So excited!

Herp derp – Wheres the TRD Pro? Because it’s better than both of these trucks.

Mars hand – Which one has better resale?

Mpouli101 – Does anyone remember the Hummer? Looks like the Jeep that nobody is gonna but now

Stuff and things – Tacoma?

Kratom jeep – 8:20 Tommy running to catch the school bus # 128514; # 128514; # 128514;

Roadstar 1963 – For once I’m like to see a test on these types of trucks in the forests and mud instead of sand and rock.

Ggolds5 – NO WINNER? SO why did I watch this??

Daniel Arreguin Ramirez – Goo zr2 very male

Thomas b – My god how much would a Diesel cost in the Jeep. It’s still going on the end of the day It’s still Chrysler junk.

Alvah thompson – Which one???

Pablo hernandez – ZR2 all year round!

Harold maat – We already know the winner Tacoma and the Colorado.

Michael hallman – Click bait

Bama flying – We all know that stock comparisons are almost pointless with these because of the 90% of the people that buy them and take them out of stock….

Jonathan gibson – ZR2 ALL DAY !!!! oven

Mr jester4401 – They gotta make an option for the most price friendly jeep where you can get a beefier locker and able to front bumper your welcome

Jacob Sebastian – Chevy bison

AnonymousError – I have already read the complaints for the 2020 gladiator and why people are staying away from it. Price, No Hemi option, Price, in the manual, and Price … did I mention Price?

Royal heart – Painful to watch you guys off road. You have front and rear lockers, dude! geez!

Shawn ridge – ZR2 who? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2zJp0vmxgs

Retro roy – With all the scrapping I saw in this video.

Keith hepworth – I wonder how many times he can say # 129318; four

Paul guerrero – Not more than 10 minutes after watching this, that I get an email from Chevy Accessories. And in it they have an exhausting relocation kit for the Bison!!!!!

Spots * Ryan – I want to know how to react to that bent steel

2badger2 – The 3.0-liter EcoDiesel engine will be available starting in 2020. Gladiator models will offer the 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V-6 engine rated at 260 horsepower and 442 lb-ft (599 Nm) of torque with standard ESS. An eight-speed automatic Transmission is designed to handle the increased torque output…

Bong lim – Bison for me great compare video review

Dennis phillips – Abductor? oven

MK4vDubbin – In my opinion, there is no good new truck regardless of brand. You pick who flavor of poison you can live with. My 14 ram with a hemi and 8 speed drove fantastic, got great fuel mileage for a full size and never had a single Mechanical issue but the bumpers and hood were starting to rust and bubble. My 16 Silverado Ltz has a cracked exhaust manifold, bad on fuel, transmission receiving slushy and frequent hunting for gears and a throttle response indicated sluggish and lethargic. Beautiful looking truck that has a great interior just a soft, sluggish boat ride that you can never feel fully confident in. My dad has had a few new F150s over the last 5 years and both have significant recalls for airbags, etc. My friends 5-10 year old Tacoma Gone are the days of bulletproof simple trucks. Not sure why people argue brand loyalty as if one is simply superior over the other. They all have their pros and cons.

J r – Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison-Eagle Claw Demon-Slayer Shit-Kicker will be the next model.

Racrx7 – Why does the tow rating drop over 5K # over the Z71 Dmax? 48

Randy – Look like you need 4 doors then you do not need a pickup. I want 2 doors and a longer bed that is actually useful. the Gladiator should be 2 doors. Lemosine lenght pick up trucks are not for offroading. They are for soccer moms who Want to beleive they are still cool. Blade overpriced and low quality truck.

Mark kennedy – The fact that the small truck segment is between $ 50k to $ 60k +, Utterly Insane!

Ryan – The ZR2 can be had for 40’s loaded out. Not happening with a loaded Ruby. I got the ZR2 diesel and tuned it. I’m now making up about 450lb ft of torque and still 28+ mpg highway.

WeN33dJustice – The jeep is pretty much a new version of that truck. I’d take the chevy in a heart beat. Much better looking and will last

Gabe t – I would really like to see the Alkane Dominator Jeep Gladiator VS. That would be an amazing video.

Suck goat – The beard dude acts like "BEAR"

Johnny cake – Where are the nissans?

# Coach2win – If you want a truck get a truck …

Trump 2020 – Lmao jeep by far

Daily driver – I take the gladiator hands down that I can not see the face of the gladiator

Josh dudeck – How do you "properly equip" the Jeep to tow 7500?

The osborn – Nathan can only weigh 200 lbs on the moon … definitely not on this planet.

89itirish – Boron !!! Lol judged where I grew up! Good old boron california.

Alexandre Gatserelia – Share of US cars now, it’s like buying US cars.

Jiří huser – Sooo … um … which is the winner?

Leudwig vonshwartsenhelm – You guys never say what you buy…..

US Constitution Rules – CAN NOT YOU LADIES IN WINNER??

Cdude100 – The Jeep you can take the doors and roof off
But it’s a Chrysler product
The chevy has a diesel
And is not a Chrysler product
The Jeep I know for it’s roadside capabilities is still a Chrysler product
The Chevy may be a little bit more reliable
I own the Jeep I have a fun weekend toy.

Chuka nweze – Both trucks need to be lifted for this race.

Rick spacerocket – To much money for a small truck

Don parmezano – I wish ZR2 has Gladiator’s interior…

Jeroen louwes – At 12.20 you see the chevy bend! It even looks like the bed hits the cab.

Jason ayers – Wow the Toy TRD could not compete?

Tom reed – Chevy sells a v6 for in that truck

Cobrasvt347 – I know alot of folks that had ordered the launch edition despite the price. For what extras your not getting over the standard optioned out truck. I just do not see 10000 extra just for it.

Cobrasvt347 – As continuing with sex jokes. Mount a winch lol

Cobrasvt347 – True goal towing 7500 is one thing but towing 7500 well is another.

News that matter – The Chevy Was Falling Apart

Theiver now – Jeep obviously takes it … but what the hell would they spend their money on???

Dan james – I own not Writler with Ford Expedition. I would not recommend it to Jeep JL / Gladiator if it’s going to be your only vehicle or daily driver. The upright windshield and solid front axle make for a harsh ride on roads above 55mph. The Jeep is a specific purpose vehicle. The Chevy is a more versatile vehicle and a better bang for the buck.

Gary jones – Before buying my ZR2, I had a ’12 JK Rubicon and my wife had a wonderful ’14 Grand Cherokee Overland Diesel with ORII variable suspension. My Wrangler had the head within 6 months but otherwise held up OK. Great off road vehicle on the back Seaplane passengers, even in the 4-dr., Are eventually to torture. 😉 The JGC Diesel was an amazing vehicle, both on road and off. Problem is that the Chrysler diesel emission control system just does not work. Built up so much that the engine is about 50k miles away. The DEF system in general is subject to constant problems on both the Jeep and the Ram 1500’s. I’d only want the Gladiator with the diesel-but I’d I’d never buy another Chrysler diesel. My ZR2 has been great. Comfortable to travel on the highway, OK towing, and great off road. Here’s the vid on my ZR2 build. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnLhbafX1n0

Chad jones – I love jeeps but the Gladiator that I saw at the dealership last week had a sticker of 81k and change. That’s nuts. For the difference in price I would get the Bison, add a 5 inch lift and 37 inch tires and probably still less than The jeep. I still wish the jeep would bring back the scrambler.

Michael brown – The bison is heavier and has a lower approach angle than a standard ZR2. Should have the standard diesel ZR2

Mark remillard – Those are two of the ugliest trucks ever made

Thyny san – Vent through all that.

Another reason why I hate this channel.

Jake have – Both trucks look fantastic

Kennth bennett – For these prices you can get a full size truck!

Carlos Ramirez – Sooo who won in yalls opinion ??? Zr2 gold gladiator ?? Going in the market for buying one and having a crazy decision to make…

Jerrymc1975 – Nah i believed take the jeep

RB – The idea is to keep the wheels turning to a slow bell using your crawl ratio, tires, and engine braking to maintain control. Locking it up makes it worse. Chevy’s crawl ratio (37: 1) and tire size (31 ") could not Be better than the Jeep should have slid downhill with 77: 1 or 84: 1 and all that tire.

Hi rpm – Raptor vs Rubicon # 129315;

Art storey – I bet the Gladiator handles like a kite in a tornado on the highway.

Mrvwbug44 – Holy frame flex on the bison on that downhill, he hit that hard hitch.

Travisty – Fully loaded Gladiator Rubicon on Jeep’s website is ~ $ 52, and has fully loaded Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro is ~ $ 47 … pretty comparable if you ask me. I just think every day is so expensive No matter what you want to get…

Isabra joe – As a Toyota Owner … i can say …. Yota has to step up their off road game…

Jelt ny – You’ll never find a Gladiator for $ 62K at Jeep JL Rubicon is $ 62K not worth that kind of money. I fully loaded ZR2 for $ 42K and I traded Jeep ……

John parsons – Disappointing to not see your money.

Lyle bonney – I wish the front and rear push button locking differential was available on the full size Silverado

I was doing – TFL >>> you have no idea how to stay in the public; we are very grateful for all of you, thank you, thank you, thank you! Obviously, the ideal situation is when considering the purchase of a vehicle. Is a lot Of is at a certain vehicle in different videos that you have prepared for a very good idea about the pluses and minuses of a vehicle. I was quite impressed. But I am obviously at a disadvantage with the manufacturer who makes sure that their vehicle is located "just so" and the lighting is perfect and the stance, etc. We have waited for such an event has no chance 😉 Then the More I got to see you, the more I could see unappealing aspects of it. In the case of other vehicles it was the opposite, I ended up developing an appreciation for something that I had not thought so good, or that I had in the Especially interest in. So … believe me, what are you guys at TFL. are very, very invaluable? Becaus e we are learning a great deal thanks to you. So again, I thank you for your time and effort, you guys are awesome! 😉

86 45 – Jeep is hideous and way overpriced. It improved last long.

Premier construction – But the appeal of the jeep…

Premier construction – The only bad part is that it is not worth it. Life’s not fare.

Nicholas livoti – What if gm buys out jeep and puts the baby duramax in the gladiator # 129300;

Krabbie pally – Compare shit with shit. Nice.

Okie rider – IMHO, the Gladiator is not really designed for serious rock crawling due to it’s long wheelbase. It’s more suited for overlanding adventure runs.

Phong luu – Sorry for 3-5 years from now they are garbage. They cost twice as much as Tacoma when new and used after 5 years. Never buy American cars or trucks they are depreciating exponentially because they are garbage after 3-5 Years

Victor bugarin – Chevy is shit lol that jeep needs 2 extra inches and u good to go

Harry roger – Of course the conclusion is "Buy American!" What would you expect from TFL. Notice they always down play Toyotas?

Roads traveled – If you want to see more than 20 Colorado ZR2s, Bisons, Lifted ZR2s on 35 ", ZR2 with a V8 swap and the GM utility box ZR2s rock crawling on Drummond Island, MI check out our latest adventure here! Www.youtube.com/ Watch? V = lQq_r4SvRI0

Donnie baynard – You can not have a stupid pipe on the bison and it would not matter.

TK-421 – "The two most worthy off-road trucks in the mid-size truck segment?" Nah, I’ll stick with our Australian Toyota Landcruiser 79 series and its 4.5L V8 Twin Turbo Diesel thanks. 😉

Kevin benedict – Chevy should replace the front Chevrolet logo on the grill

Nic restricted – 63K !!!!!! ???? F that! Ill buy the ZR2

Steve soto – I think that a final comparison would be the Jeep Gladiator Rubicon against a viewer’s Hummer H3T Alpha!

Carlos quirindongo – At 5:32 awesome diesel print lol

Grecoroman123 – Can a mid-size motorcycle fit in the back? Are there any tie-down anchor points?

Jeffery walton – Aev sucks.

Kellsarah – Chevy Wins, love the Zr2 and the Diesel. Could live without the Bison package. For the ridiculous price of that Jeep you could get a 2500HD Duramax.

Schmoab – Compared two Tommys lol # 128514;

David Stanley – What is new the 15 year old frontier

Rep toob – TOMMY LOOK I CAN SQUIRT, I CAN SQUIRT! Settle down. Gladiator is totally cool. Too bad about the break over angle.

Northern rider – That’s the mullet of jeeps. Id take the bison.

Tevisc – I was excited about the Gladiator .. untill I watched the add where they crushed a classic jeep pickup. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Naq2yFTwA_c

Rich letourneau – A winch can be added to the Gladiator’s front bumper too…..

Ryan martinage – You can buy used ZR2 diesel for under $ 40k. Is the Jeep $ 20k better … No.

Goodtimefishing – Way over priced. If you can get a raptor for the same price something is wrong.

Justin stergar – So the gladiator has more "length" and "girth", huh? oven

Phil foote – In Australia towing is still 3 1/2 ton which is about 75000 pounds from not know
And they did that really

Shenkosky – Another like party where you know how to get along at your high school it’s really hard to brag about it the next day. At these prices those mid-size trucks have lost the fun factor. I want a hose and metal floors with a rubber plug I could have a good time you could overcharge for it and I would buy it over those electronic nightmares. Call it the Zombie Jeep Gold Bug Out add all analog gauges no air bags nothing to go wrong. It would be a high dollar and we would I love going to start an aftermarket company. Probably get more preorders than the electric G wizz echole because guy brings in! Excuse me trying to get a go fund this shit really just do it!

Tolitsdterrible – Ford I think is stupid for not bringing the Ranger Raptor right away to US.

Dbonejonez ruffrufr – Another shitty and biased video

Harold jackson – The Jeep marketing emails say "Be the first to own one of these legends" COME JEEP YOU ARE BETTER THAN THIS!

Neo smith – For that money, I think I will invest in an appreciating assert and enjoy my 2007 Ruby..

1031shadowwolf – Grown take the ZR2 all day long

Magnus – Funny enough a VW GTI makes more than enough torque Duramax diesel with a simple tune! From two liter too. And here we thought diesels where the way to go huh.

Chris parayno – Where is the Taco?! Next, anyone else thinks that the gladiator is just badly proportioned. Agreed, too stupid $$$.

Synolimit24ful – Bed weights 1100 lbs. Not sure where "over 1500" is coming from. You are also "properly equipped" at ZR2. At ZR2’s to ZR2. 5000lbs is the tow rating.

Oozywolf – I own a Colorado and I’ll say Chevy’s are the most reliable or anything. But there’s no way I’d pick a Jeep over a Chevy lol … Also, look at them. ZR2 is gorgeous.

Grantoyamaha – Jeep rules

David wolleben – Jeep

Bahadur kdyrbayev – Fuck a lot with tongue

TRUCK U2 – Too bad these auto makers are pandering to yuppies and not the average Joe. Watch while sales percentages plummet

Chris rife – This jeep is ugly

Adithya ramachandran – If the Gladiator Diesel averages more than 60 K, then it’s way too expensive. Awd at that point.

Bossking – 20 degree break over on that "jeep" … it’s just pathetic especially on a $ 60k top tier off-road rig…

Odorous smegma – 60 grand for a truck wtf.

Slobodan Obradović – To expensive

Edwardwebb – Torque value at the fly wheel, 4: 1 transfercase?

Single – All I want in life is the front bumper on the bison

Bob ross – Henderson NV to Santa Clarita CA 500 miles round trip at speed limit 26.0 MPG 2018 ZR2 2.8 Diesel.

William Wayne – Who has the deepest gears though? Engine torque is multiplied at the wheels.

Super interested in how Ecodiesel Jeep does, though.

Joshe bernadel – Would you guys take the bison or the tacoma trd pro? any one can answer

And peterson – Thanks for the information on that hideous looking Jeep. The Z72 diesel looks a hell of a joke and over 10k less than the Jeep
And improving getting two huge upgrades with the diesel and under armor! Add to your Jeep and possibly looking at 75k.
Not to mention you get your own truck in your neighborhood

Frog dog – Which one did yall pick?

Chris ramsey – Another overpriced Jeep, NO THANKS!

Scotty d – These are ridiculous especially when you can get a Power Wagon Gold Raptor for less than a crazy.

Andy’s shop – Only one will be on the road in 10 years, and its the Chevy

Tom thorn – I would pick the Chevy any day of the week. The Gladiator is just over priced BIG TIME !!! I hop Jeep will bring the price down so more people will buy them. I would love to see that factory stay very busy building them. I agree the economy stays strong and everybody sells more trucks this year. The Gladiator $ 62,000 loaded MSRP. It’s new so you will probably pay about $ 65,000. I agree with the reviews. They are pricing themselves out of the market with the Gladiator.

Steven will ramirez – Gladiator looks like a Jeep hummer truck.

Give dubose – Which one works better with 4 inches of lift and 37s?

Ben p. – … Did the chevy just copy fords look?

Vincent robinson – Oven

Brian sapien – Way better than Edmunds! Edmunds did not even seem to know what they were talking about and contradicted themselves. TFL knows their stuff!!

Claus vlogs – It’s a good time to be alive for mid-size trucks.

M7LBoss429 – That AEV modified chevy chassis bent damn

Billiondollardan – 12:21 Look at that frame flex! Dang I would never do that with the Chevy. The vehicle bent a bit … wow

AT – The jeep is Fulgy

Carstuff111 – Hely not freaking! Those are barely worth $ 40,000.00 at most! Screw these, in the neck, with a spoon. And the Bloated Jeep Wrangler can doubly piss off. Not to mention, in just a few years, with a few years in the Road.

Hojung kim – They’re both priced for $ 20G I rather go with Tacoma!

Hope4Today9 Now – Funny how he does not care how hard he comes down on his spare … which I’m pretty sure is not boron.

Dylanmitchell – Fors larger tires is the best choice for Gladiator with 2-inch lift and 37-inch tires? The 3.6-liter Pentastar was watched by Gladiator vs. Wrangler moab…

Goddess sky – You never told us which one you would buy! At the beginning you said you would! Frrrig liars!

I p – So does anyone have the numbers of the angles with bigger tires and a lift?

James halbirt – Appreciate the review but the price should not be compared here. The Jeep is much more loaded. You could do this with a sport at 35k and be 20k under the Chevy. Even with a Diesel (coming) and upfittjng almost everything is coming under 55k, the Rubicon is overpriced but the sports are not.

Kyle faulhafer – Can’ve waited until the ecodiesel goes in the gladiator

Julian 7160 – Looks like they are both jeep being so long I’m impressed

Eric rush – Considering the low range gearing in the Colorado?

Wcsd – I’m not sure what it’s called but it doesn’t matter how much it’s done on the road. Maybe someone should make a tiny version of that mounts to the trailer hitch the whole thing does not drag across the rock, maybe even just a Tiny little roller.

Benjamin cook – Wow the bison did not do too hot. My stock TRD Offroad did better on those obstacles on ends n things.

Babylonian anibal – I got the gladiator jeep! And i wish jeep comes out with a two door version, but that chevy bison truck! Man i think it looks great! I would love to own both of these trucks. Like i said! Jeep needs a two door Version, i think it would sell good i would definetly buy one! Not everyone wants a Four Doors. But that’s talking to me! Both did really good. # 128526; # 128077;

ItchyTriggerFinger 76 – The Jeep with that big butt will still be out that Chev. That being said, I think they are asking for much $ for it.

BCB – The Jeep looks like it’s over, so maybe it’s better off road; But for a $ 10K difference, you could afford to get an amazing lift on the Chevy, and then, $ for $, the Chevy would have come out on a huge way I would have bought the ZR2, and would have been happy with it . . ; I end up deciding to run my vehicle into the ground before trading up. I think a person buying a truck would be very happy, until they make the monthly payment. Buy used people. Let some other person eat the depreciation.

7.0SBF GMcrusher – Jeep for the win!

Stephen fink – Thank you for showing who’s gonna be second when the new Ranger hits the trail.

E T – Aftermarket support and mod-ability go to the Jeep by far .. Cant even compare the two in the aftermarket support segment. The longest term aftermarket support, the Jeep community is huge and will always be .. Also consider that the Rubicon could handle 35 "x 12.5" 10 ply mudders and not stress the truck out. The ZR2 will be more than just the best of the world.

Fit mint – The bison bumper is the worst then standard zr2. I acutally dont get the bison

Otahu rice – 60 GREAT !! My House was 120.I’ll wait until the resale in 5 years brought back to 10 great HAHA I WIN!

Tricky4g63 – All the bullshit aside in 15 to 20 years how will the restoring and roading an independent front suspension colorado vs a solid axle gladiator? Is the colorado wave a thing? … that’s what I thought these two things were going to be more of a Reality. I would invest my money

Ross jackson – The guy driving the Jeep must be high. For a guy who works for a truck that is literally focused on trucks, he is completely clueless about anatomy truck and what makes a vehicle work off-road…..

Lorenzo bazzoli – Jeep is more comfortable both on street and offroad. Where I go with a Wrangler, Defender never arrived, which is considered in Europe the best offroad .

Braunbivens – Tacoma was not included because of locking diffs?

David Kellemen – Was expecting a serious comparison of those vehicles. What we saw were two guys doing things that were so stupid and obvious (how many times are you gonna say some variation of "ass scratcher" and still think you’re being witty), but never Get to the meat in every situation. This was a disappointing #badjokefest masquerading as a vehicle review. Sad.

Cordel666 – Not buying any of these just buy a cheap 4×4 truck

Sir savage the 21st – You guys sure are some fan boys. Until I see one of these being used to cut across Australia

Kyle green – You never told us what you would spend your money on.

Benjamin hartshorn – The launch edition is a limited build. Can just get the Rubicon. The jeep can be lifted and next year.

Roland Moreno – Jeep is a rust bucket

Cameron macko – Oh come on, you were bragging bout the skid plates but did not use them because you did not want to hurt the truck?! Should have been Tony Hawking ‘them rocks!

Thebigteacher 1 – They make straight axle conversions for a reason.

Mlwilliam213 – It looks like neither of these vehicles in stock form are really good for off-roading. Chevy with their tiny ass wheel would be hard to modify. The Jeep might be ok, so that’s what I’d pick if I had my choice. I Would not actually own the Chevy unless it was free. It’s just not gonna be great off road and for a full size stuff would be better. You could not buy Wrangler for real and have a good time. vehicle that serves two purposes and is marginal.

Anthony lafata – I would prefer the diesel. The Pentastar V6 is like Honda’s V6, you need the power. That nice for highway sweaters but not Moab.

Kirby goodwin – I love how @ 4:12 you can see how someone has got the hell out of the chain eyelets on the "Off Road" version of the Gladiator.

Steven james – Great review, love the honesty!!!!

Mike g – The bison wheels are so ugly love the bumpers and skids tho. the jeep to me is fugly all around.

Jonmac3569 – Didn’t we launch in a day or 2? If so the $ 63k number is irrelevant. You can get a Rubicon much cheaper than that.

Rickey thomas – When did all these trucks suddenly become worth 50k ??? And they’re junk in 10 years … they’re most definitely not worth it

2020 Jeep gladiator vs. Chevy zr2 bison: watch these off-road titans battle it out in moab, utah!

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