A falcon on my jeep gladiator

Installing A Leveling Kit & Falcon Falcon on My Jeep Gladiator

Call Gill at Offroad Elements, they’ll help you out! Shocking: http://bit.ly/2Zr6I50 Leveling Kit: http://bit.ly/2ZxfC0U Its finally taking off from the Jeep Gladiator off …

Jeep gear & gadgets – You know the jeep is growing up when it’s seeds start dropping


Seth heiserman – Ben another sick video watching the stuff you’re excited for the jk van !!

Rlevinton1973 – Got to meet Ben’s wheeling his Gladiator on the OHV trails at Uwharrie National Forrest last weekend and he was a SUPER NICE guy! I accidentally mistook him for another YouTuber at first, and I think he was only a little insulted :)! Wanted to say Sorry for this one! Keep ’em coming!!!

Rlevinton1973 – Got to meet Ben’s wheeling his Gladiator on the OHV trails at Uwharrie National Forrest last weekend and he was a SUPER NICE guy! I accidentally mistook him for another YouTuber at first, and I think he was only a little insulted :)! Wanted to say Sorry for this one! Keep ’em coming!!!

Rlevinton1973 – Got to meet Ben’s wheeling his Gladiator on the OHV trails at Uwharrie National Forrest last weekend and he was a SUPER NICE guy! I accidentally mistook him for another YouTuber at first, and I think he was only a little insulted :)! Wanted to say Sorry for this one! Keep ’em coming!!!

Chris tamblyn – Hey Jeeptards, adjust your headlights after changing your ride height.

Hanna – Crazy noisy truck

Scoobby – Have a mystery nut

Daniel attwood – More about shocks and the Yokohama Mt oo3!

Joseph Daniele – Looks great, what are you doing with the stock FOX shocks? 🙂

Carlos Gonzalez – Your finger game is strong. oven

Jason – Yokahamas, how do you like them?


Old man build – Very interesting to watch your progress on small lift and fox
 Socks looking forward to 37 and what is involved in that change over. Keep up the good work. OMB

Mssammielowe – Good call on the falcons..
You should add a 3/4 to 1 "If you want to go to ….
You look a little higher in the front, but that could be the video….

Dan m – Only b * squat squats ….. lol

CannaveraPainFree4Life – I wonder why they call the Carolina Squat. People out here in San Diego started that look back in the early 90’s, because there are so many deserts and places to off / road / prerunner. Most people could get their backs ($ 4-8k) on their truck and would be able to save $ 4K.

Chris mak – Why not just stay with the Fox shocks until they are done??

Gingerbread man – You tryna make me trade my damn ZR2?!? I just got it !!! oven

Papegregpape83 – Going running the 3.3’s on my JK, my outlook on my rig. I absolutely love them, and the adjustability really takes care of you. Granted it helps when you know the terrain ahead. Really looking forward to improving in store for your Gladiator.

Mark bellger – Good install

Travis korda – I really like those wheels what are they?

Ricks scale rc – Nice job Ben !! Gladiator looks good !! Can be waiting to see the 37s mounted !! oven

Rod tolerated – That? No crocs?

Rod tolerated – I did the same Tera Flex leveling kit on Becca’s Jeep way back when. It was the first "Jeep mod" I ever did. You have seen my Falcon 3.3s. I am curious about how the mono-tubes feel. I do not like that they have the guards on the JT version.

Matt clark – I like your plug for Gill in the description! OE is the place to go!

Dan bouffard – Just wanted to make it happen again if i went with a 4 inch

CToalson9 – Wow, I never knew #Bew could be so, but with those shocks you really need to, #amiright?!

Mr. I command – Must be nice to be rich!

MrTbone4112 – I’m headed to uwarrhi in october …?

Travis h88 – Just installed a 1.5 "Rubicon suspension on my gladiator Do you think it really needs an alignment??

Jordan chaboi – Can I buy you 35s for my 05 TJ?

Smarter than you – Just ordered a metal cloak 3 "game change lift for my gladiator 37s and lift in 4-5 days

Thomas Oosthuizen – I hear the falcon shocks are good quality. I know the falcon shocks are good quality. I know that falcon shocks are good quality. You know that if you’ve done it, you’ve made it better…….

MoneyPit Jku – Lol wait, are you taking the Fox and using Falcons? Any particular reason why? I’m very familiar with Fox products.

MoneyPit Jku – I’m Ben from JK Gear and Gadgets! That Gladiator is so nice but man … A red one would look great in your driveway # 128521;

Greg will moreira – How much are those shocks ?? Thanks … awesome video … I was gonna have a daystar 2!

I’lleatyou – Please stop doing air quotes. Awesome video.

Donough – Is it me or your tires super loud

Raptorlined _TJ – Just did the teraflex budget boost on fiance’s jlu, that bump stop nut on passenger side is a pain even with the wrench

Ron davenport – Ben,
For the gladiator…
Still enjoying the falls?
How’s the gas mileage?
Ever flash the transmission?

And- that looks like Virginia countryside…
Im here in VAB, where are you?!

Castilian luisao – Oven

Tom d – Do you not like the Carolina drop? I’ve seen a music video of yours that would suggest otherwise sir….

J s – As someone from Australia I find all the names really funny: Carolina squat, Tenesse tilt and California lean

Eman WacaGator – I went to the Falcon on my JK 2018 and I’m very happy. Also the Terra Flex CT Alpine lift & happy as well … Thanks for the video…

Dustin shriver – What wheels are you running and what is backspacing? Love the look!

Tommy wainst – Speaking crazy what 1.5 "can do"

Bill thope – Looks a lot better

Jorge rodriguez – Are those 6 or twelve ton stands?

Jordan vinski – Sure make me wish I would have gotten to my goal but rubicons are pretty expensive for a new one, went to a gmc truck to a jku rubicon love it

Rogue yamaha – Evo lift kit next.

Talez from the dashcam – Hmmm ….. The Gladiator has a rake? My JL does not. Even my son (who has a 2010 JK) commented on the fact there is no rake on my rig….

Joed596 – Take the rake out of the front looks great, Ben # 128578; You sure are ambitious! Great install video. . . Nice, razor-sharp quality, too! Always a pleasure to watch. Maybe a stupid, off-topic question, but I gotta ask: Since this is the first year of production, Jeep may issue a recall. Voiding the warranty By doing these mods? Just wondering. Thanks & thumbs up as always, Joe

John fitzgerald – I think the carolina squats out of the water..

David hunter – Hey bro Becareful with that back!

Carole ertel – Good video-and I really enjoyed having you back home this

Adam fowles – Oven

Eleazar garza – Best damn Gladiator I’ve seen yet # 128077; # 127995; awesome vid!

Anthony barbuto’s vids – Will you ever have a bed liner

Brad callander – No matter the lift

Split – Waiting for Cassie to drop more videos, guess in your videos will have to do

Jeeping down under – Awesome video mate, looks so much better

Juan aguilar – Ben you should try to get a pro sponsorship i have 2 pro eagle 3 ton jacks and man they make life easy

Henry blen – Good video, and you showed the installs well. But for one, I’m not a fan of "spacer lifts". Get a 4 "lift and call it done

F * CKyouFrankie – Brand new subscribe here, love the jeeps. Great vids man!

Dragon51 – Yes mystery nuts! Its great when they fall out. oven

Guido kartner – Falcon does a good job on marketing. Never change the Fox shocks for Falcon……!!!

Jon west – I have hauled my kayak around uwharrie with my JT

Alexander Sasseen – What are you going to do with the fox shocks? Would love them for my JL!

Big t – Looks great bro!

Jim layey – Did you get a wheel alignment after install

Ian burke – If you want to see those Ruby Fox shocks;

Douglas christian – All left over is better, better mpg lol

TJ Mitchell Movies – Ben, when do you finally get a full lift how much are you thinking about? My Gladiator is on 3 "of lift with 38" Patagonias and I think 4.5 "

JeepsNamedMufasa – Great vid, I’ve got this kit a few times and it’s up to the bottom of the hole. most of the excess off # 128077; # 127996;

Vinny g – Hey man, 3 things. 1) Be careful using a standard socket on an impact, I have seen one explode before, the shrapnel is pretty serious business. 2) The Jeep looks awesome! 3) I’m not affiliated with these people (But they are a nice mom and pop shop in Sacramento, CA), but I just ordered one of these jeep house signs for me and one for a buddy, and they are so cool and very inexpensive, so I figured I’d share the Link with you if you’re interested in it: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/454127968668204/ Keep up the great videos, lovin your jt!

Staten morgan – Love the Gladiator videos. Keep on coming.

Todd kelly – Any idea which full suspension you will be adding next?

Mike rivers – I know you have been running geolocation for awhile but they are interested in milestar pats that are becoming popular?

Jeffry presutti – Looks good

Jose Ortiz – I’ve been thinking about throwing those on my jku, i think i might just do it

Jj black – Ia see you work like I do, on the ground of your own garage.

Jamie hastings – Great video! I was looking at getting the Teraflex 2.5 "spacer for my JLUR to put 35" tires on it. May you add a more complex lift in the distant future (when the Jeep is paid for).

Jds ​​jk – Excellent video as always!

Dan hunger – That leveling kit makes it look a lot better Ben.Oh yeah, why did you de-badge your floor jack? Lol…

Somert somboon – Did you need to get an alignment after adding those pucks?

Mike hoffman – Always great happy looking forward to the 37s. Curious about regearing at that point.

Chad ford – Look out!

The real G.O.A.T.. – It looks great. Your gonna make it one day

Dannonm1 – Great timing! I’m looking for a kit and new shocks
On my jku

C4lderone’s demise – Teraflex stickers are guaranteed 10 extra horsepowers…

Been running Falcons for a happy new year with their performance.

Got to end of vid; would def like to hang with y’all! Graduating on the southeast NC coast; Come to the beach and get some sand time!

Texaslonestardriver 01 – Love the brother videos

A falcon on my jeep gladiator

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