Can the 2020 jeep gladiator tow a trailer with the best of them? Highway mpg review

Can the 2020 Jeep Gladiator Tow a Trailer With The Best Of Them? Highway MPG Review

Description: Go to Transwest for your truck, trailer, and RV needs. ( Can the New 2020 Jeep Gladiator Tow …

Pablo ajungo – I will take the dodge ram powerwagon instead of the jeep

Dirrty murph – I like the Gladiator for being a mid-sized truck with a solid front axle. Just wish they could have a Hemi option at least one upgraded 4.7L V8 goal I’ll have to wait for the diesel review.

Brandon laswiss – I just wondering if TFL can show where the factory trailer is going to be I hope they keep the 4 switches in the dash for lights & things

Adam burd – I had an expedition that pulled my boat just fine when it came to stopping it was awful. I took it to the dealership and had a full brake job done. Now with a Suburb and Stopping Is a better. We have a side note, I Understand that nobody wants to be stuck behind a trailer.

04dram04 – The front fenders have the least aerodynamic design of all time

Steve broome – Good video Since there is no brake controller manufacturer available yet, I am curious to know how to get your brakes for this video. Gladiator has a prewire socket under the driver’s side dash like my Grand Cherokee does?

Troy kriese – Oh yay another Jeep giant stack of frustration and garbage what are useless POS

Freedom quest america – Have you seen the Cab-Over Jeep Gladiator Slide-In Camper Truck? I thought for sure there is somebody doing this if not Mopar themselves.
Please let us know, thanks!

Jackson mccone – Adding a supercharger gold proctor would really make this truck come alive and let it compete. Getting An Overland For Lower Stickers And Addition Induction Would Want This Truck

Knuckleuprambo – Nothing new and never will change.
Small motor always underpowered
Entire drivetrain to week only if left stock
And have a hemi engine

Josh ghram – The rubicon does not have a high tow rating. The sport and sports have the best tow ratings

Julio Rodriguez – If you look at the intake pipe when it opens up you can see it’s already overheated and spit radiator fluid everywhere.

Chanz mundt – I’m going to go ahead and save some people

Chanz mundt – You might as well get Duramax and did anyone else hear that engine working really hard

Bullitt bill – 60k that’s freaking crazy

Stone p – Attacking an owner and fan of midsize trucks. I would never pay 60K for one though. For that price you can get a very nicely loaded F150, Silverado, or Ram.

Gary burbank88 – My GMC Envoy V6 gets a new look with my Chevy Blazer yet

Hawk 1911 – I’m getting the feeling of the Gladiator looks like a real turd in person. I’m getting that impression.

k hat – 60k Hahahahaahahhaahaahhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

Johnny will read – So, bigger mirrors, and diesal engine option. After bugs and kinks get worked out with every iteration, 2023 is going to be an awesome year!

Dalton michaels – Pretty little all engines with OBD2 detect engine load, i have a scanner that allows me to read engine load on any engine with obd2 live while driving. My point is not in the same way, but when you do not know how to do it. Is the engine supposed to know when the load goes away? That’s why you need to get haul gold mode at least to option to activate grid braking. which you would think a rubicon would have some kind of hill descent control for crawling, maybe they should use the same switch.

Dalton michaels – The jeep says specifically not to use E85? or did you mean to say 85 Octane. I thought it was federally mandated all vehicles produced after E85…..

Kahless 01 – Did they do a regular non towing mpg and I missed it?

Dalton michaels – i saw the ike video first, so i’m coming in already expecting very little.

Midwest dank – Eh eh
420 lbs
Blaze it

Legend bryant – 8:13 is the what i think it is? oven

Najee jackson – So very slow

M plant – Overpriced junk.

Anchor craft – What a terrible vehicle for that price.

Colorado4x4 – Great video as always. Love your channel! What did you get at Wendy’s? Double cheeseburger or the spicy chicken sandwich???

Robert torrea – Price it right for Americans back driving jeeps

Anthony grella – So Basically if you want a jeep just get a jeep and if you want a truck go with a truck like a Tacoma or ram not a gladiator lol

Sonny wilson – I really love this channel these guys are so cool and the video is so much better

Robert Knight – That’s a minivan with a truck bed.

Robert Knight – You guys should have a truck pull a real trailer.

Bret johnson – You know for ~ $ 7,000 LESS I will take a fully loaded Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 … with the optional $ 5,000 AEV Bison package, with the Duramax engine that has 100 more torques … way more your money IMO.

D b – I cringe when I see little vehicles like this towing large masses at highway speeds. That trailer will be toss that Jeep like a ragdoll in an emergency situation.

Duelsport honda – 8.5 MPG # 129326;

Duelsport honda – Just get a real truck 🙂

Anthony gonzales – I just looked at a new gladiator and started it all over the place. The sales said geez feels like it’s going to stall, sorry fiat is junk! Worst part is the truck was a Rubicon with a 59k sticker

BadmunkyWRX – Not bad.
But honestly for that money you are FIRMLY in full size truck territory. And yet you have no where near the ability when towing.
This would be a little better than a smaller trailer. Gold has a mid-sized trailer every now and then. But this truck is under the roof.

I’m going to see this thing very bad idea. And honestly with the power this thing is not safe in the mountains. But you know you will see a highway going fast.

Its a cool truck. But not offering the 5.7 hemi was a big mistake on jeeps.

Donk – $ 59K? Bahahahahahaha! They’ve gotta be kidding!

ArmyStrongOH37th – Can you guys think about testing a model not $ 60k? Really, you can buy one of these for $ 35k.

GAMERMIKE52 – Should not do Rubicon suspension is different from low to Rubicon

Bestamerica – ”
Jeep is a real NOT in 2020…
Be honest number what year company production this jeep…
Normal follow in 2019…
Big wrong over currency tag

Joshcrosson – I get over 9mpg in my 08 f150 4×4 5.4 with 35s, 2 kayaks on the rack, towing my 31ft on 9k lbs.

Jack gonzalez – Should have a hemi gold even better a 4bt option

Terry burns – Love the older Jeeps. The new ones are to big, over priced mall crawlers, made for people with much money. Take a hint Jeep. Bring out something like the Roxor, that’s a cool road, at a reasonable price.

Kurt l – Diesel I can’t wait to see what it’s all about. Had a Liberty CRD, was a love-hate relationship

R – An AirAid cold air intake will improve low end torque and give the driver the sound of a V8…….

Tyler willis – Having Wendy’s placement ads now

Larry born – The more I think of this truck, the more I think of it is compared to the ZR2, Ranger Gold TRD Pro…..

Charger7022 – Camper converted Promaster and the difference between 62MPH and 70MPH is huge! if I’m on level highway I can get 22.9 MPG keeping the speed around 62mph but if I roll about 70 it drops to 17 mpg. And this is with the van’s total weight Right at 7900 lbs.

Absolute longplay – For its size and weight, the Jeep Gladiator really needs a V8 engine.

Teacher _ – Needs the diesel

Sparkler – Not too bad of a vehicle, but the price is way too high for the amount of days it will be in the repair shop.

Archie bunker – These trailer pulling episodes are getting boring

Secretspy711 – Eisenhower tunnel to the Eisenhower tunnel.

Connor grimes – The 7000 tow rating is not for the rubicon it is the overlander package, the rubicon package has a lower tow rating

Heidigib01 – You just assign random weights to trucks and call it comparable?

George m – Really Needs At Least The Option For The 5.7

SC EM – I should know to work directly for the mobile marketing of Chrysler / Jeep Corp. They are noted polish those tirds Enough to keep them from stinking. Take your money and buy a Toyota truck.

Jack jez – NYC Dealer 65k adjustmentprice adjustment -5 much better $ 60k great fiat I was reliable

DG Cox – Junk

Atrophy p – Nobody buys gladiator of any trim to tow 7,000+ lbs.
Let’s not kid ourselves.
…Comanche to tow 5,000+ lbs.
If you want a workhorse, get an F150 or Ram 1500…..
If you want a fun, fully customizable, very capable, entertaining midsized truck, then the Gladiator is brilliant…..
If you can afford it, go for the Rubicon, otherwise go for the Sport S.
I have never seen Tacoma or Ranger towing a large 5-7,000 trailer.
Jetskis? Yes quads? Yes Pool cleaning or landscaping equipment? All the time.
Let’s be realistic…

TheAlaskaCajun – Needs an LS swap

Thehopback – My f250 gets better mileage towing if you need a truck get a truck. Not this junk. Too big to be a Jeep, to jeep to be a truck

Whoever whoever – For $ 60K, really, you can get a better pickup.

Cador seeliger – I’ll wait to see how the eco diesel does.

Hogan w – I would like to see you at 60MPH, 65MPH, and 70MPH to show the difference in fuel economy. I could not help but the Gladiator was running nearly 4,000 RPM just to maintain 70MPH on flat ground while towing that trailer. 8.5MPG is awful. My baby Duramax will get 9-10MPG if I were to tow our nearly-flat-nosed 5,000LB travel trailer at 70MPH and it would be 3,000-3,500 RPM to do it..

98 miles @ 60MPH would take 1h38m. 98 miles at 70MPH would take 1h24m, a difference of 14 minutes. Running at 60MPH with these mid-size trucks also also keeps you moving and reducing the load on the engine, just making a better towing experience. 70MPH is great if you’re towing with a HD diesel, but not much with mid-size trucks. Even the difference between 60MPH and 65MPH is pretty big in terms of fuel economy and load / time…

Guy3090 – i feel like a towing comparison.

351WINCHESTER – Do not drive in water over the hubs.

Vince fairleigh – The Jeep is very efficient, the competition is not a big deal, it does not matter anything its worthless anyway. Have?

Kip amore – Glady singer is the best.?

540 OffRoad – Going for a ride!

Al dingman – No 6.2 Hemi, do not buy. It’s as simple as that. That V6 could not pull the rice pudding.!!

DCSHEEP158 – I wonder what the difference would be with the 2.0 turbo or the diesel when it comes.

Jon p – Ah so the Jeep is $ 500 single axle trailers. That’s fine for $ 20k but not $ 60k. They are not gonna sell very many of these.

Gerald mangus – Hey sicne you keep driving up and down hwy 76 need to need U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U

Chris ofsthun – Based on this testing, save your pennies, buy F250 diesel…

Dbonejonez ruffrufr – Looks like something my mom would drive

Aircraftmechanic – Wait, did you say retail is 59k!?!?!? Hell no

Chris eaton – You should never use the phrase "miles per gallon" in $ 60k + vehicle. Let’s talk about total cost of ownership and dollars per dollar. These prices are stupid and I wish people would stop supporting them.

Chris l – Traditional Wrangler / CJ all day long. If I want to pickup truck I’d buy a real pickup truck. This is just an image thing.

Daniel heyboer – From what I saw in this video I was very impressed, but I did not think it was necessary to do it. Going off-road is important to me and I am able to throw a couple of large fishing kayaks up and out of the video With the diesel there will be better fuel economy for towing. So unsure right now. TFL you really got me thinking hard on this one.

Blake jr – Just remember, if it was not for your EPA it would have a hemi. We need to stop these unconstitutional buerocracies we are left with 1.0 turbo engines with 100hp and 5 tq

Diptydoinit – I’m sure you’re more likely to see a gladiator towing a dirt trailer or a small camper than a livestock trailer. So maybe not quite a real world review.

Google user – 60 large is absurd for a gas powered mid size lol, Jeep needs to calm down with all that nonsense, that’s 2500HD turbo diesel prices

Kevin matney – How would you call for a mid size truck? Like a Dodge Dakota, you know it..

Johnathon talealen – I really enjoy watching you guys testing all the vehicles. One thing you do most wrong is Tow at 70mph. That’s ridiculous! A proper towing speed should be around 55-65max. Driving 55mph while a better fuel economy rating, a better wind noise and Keep up the good work, but get in the business of showing how to properly. Let’s make it safer and greener planet by slowing down!

Daryl thomassie – Love the Jeep Gladiator but do not like the engine Jeep has decided to go with. Not a diesel fan at all. The Jeep Gladiator needs a Hemi !!!!!

Benjamin c – That thing should be towed to the nearest wrecking yard. It’s godawful looking. Get a real truck to tow.

Frank davis jr – Yo Andre, we get it, you love jeeps…

Nathan: Not enough torque for this truck…
Andre: But it has an 8 speed auto!

Nathan: I hear and actually feel in the cabin..
Andre: But there’s there’s a sound deadening in the roof!

Nathan: The ride is comfortable..
Andre: I agree!
Andre: Wow, calculated mpg is better than the truck says! 8.5 vs. 8.2
Nathan: Ummm, that’s an acceptable error margin…

Ram runner – The pentastar is a great all around engine. Surprised the hell out of me for what it is. And developed a v8 guy all day

Michael thomas – High priced feit pickup.

Gopro edits – Did you also know for $ 59,000 Chrysler Chrysler

Kamikazikaizer – Probably will have issues when payment is made. Lol

Stanley Kania – Toyota Resell Value says it all

Matao87 – Towing with my 2017 Frontier I get much better than that. Our travel trailer is a hair over 5,000 lbs and I get about 12-13mpg.

Silver bearded irish – Short vid why so short?

Silver bearded irish – Too bad Lackluster engine

Mic – This truck needs the 3.0L ecodiesel engine or (imo).

Aris torm$ 50,000 + WASTE of MONEY-RAT hole would be a better investment

Aris torm – Next up is a FAILED FALLS TRANSMISSION-correction if it was a FURD!!!

Guille380w – Due to a Gladiator, the 2020 is a disgrace to the original.

FullMetalRaven – Gladiator is an ugly vehicle! I love the jeep sahara and rubicon as an SUV, but this thing (gladiator) is not something I want in my driveway. if you buy a truck, buy a truck. If ur gonna buy a jeep, buy An SUV sahara or rubicon!

GUNNA SCAOILTE – NEVER EVER buy the first model year of a new product … you’ll be sorry!

GUNNA SCAOILTE – Pickup jeeps were rust buckets! That’s why Jeep stopped making them, people stopped buying them.

Gerald g – Soon to be all over N Idaho with lift kits and bigger tires, ready for the nasty Winco parking lot…

Rod – What was the fuel economy on the same stretch of road at the same speeds without the trailer? I guarantee the sticker MPG was not at 70mph. (Which you are not supposed to go with a trailer.)

Robert Pearson – Like Andre says: Let’s get to the top and bottom of this. Enough said…

GibsonOfAGun – And still significant lighter than the Trackhawk LOL

Hkvsglock – RON85 taken E85. For towing I would still use 87 octane but you could get away with 85 in CO when not towing.

406 new – Hey underpowered like a fiat Dumb Bastard’s

Thom loois – 8:06 shit on the tire

Hector nuno – NICE TRUCK

Jeepcherokeeful – Unless you driven on the Rubicon

Animalhouse tx – From a retro episode of the H3T.

John rasmussen – Badass? Lol

Pilot guy – I’m a huge fan of the Fiat Raptor

5star – The original Jeep Truck had the Willys "Go-Devil" engine with 60 hp and 105 lb-ft of torque. And you say the Pentastar V6 does not have enough torque? Go drive the Lincoln Highway in a T and then tell me the Gladiator Doesn’t have enough.

Jerremy Vinson – I thought it would be squat more with a load. Speaking not horrible and could be a weekend wheeler and homedepot mall crawler lol # 128514;.

Forsaken ace – Wrangler based truck that really affects what you want in a truck. For a premium price, while stating it’s best in class. Give me a break. If you want an off-roading monster, get a Jeep Wrangler. If you wanna haul a trailer, get a truck. This is Jeeps trying to try both.

Shobdo khan – Awesome jeep

Pete – 59k lol

LongIslandP8ntball – Not for 70 grand

Zamboni68 – Another one is more than just used for the Chevy and Toyota (at least 1,000 lbs less). No trailer brake system in $ 60K vehicle? If you want a truck with the engine option (Z7 Gold LTZ Luxury Trim Levels) for $ 10K less Admit it Jeep fanboys-it’s a Jeep truck and believed you like it. First step to recovery is the truth. Lol

Joshua morals – Jeep gladiator: the ultimate idiot

Shaun sweeney – 7:57 child awkwardly staring at you guys!

Overlandtt – I’d like to know the result of the same test without towing too

Sean o – Still can not believe these lunkheads test at 70. 60 to 70 is a huge jump for fuel economy. Also most highways have a 55 mph limit when towing.

Vinnie gunns – The rubicon axles do not provide more payload or download … in fact the h8-speed sports model with Max Tow package-including a 4.10 rear axle ratio-can tow up to 7,650.

B1pig – Did you guys stop for frosts in all other tests? 😉

Dan evander – It’s the weirdest thing, but now I’m craving some wendys…

Eddie mcmullen – Most people think I think 65 should be Max

Soliloquist – You guys should really call Jeep out for not having a trailer. You mention it, but they should be able to do this, but they should not be allowed to do it. As an example, was this trailer used for this video? In Colorado It is my understanding that anything over 3,000lb needs trailer brakes. The Gladiator does not have TBC and the hitch did not seem to have a surge brake (1:48).

For most states the trailer is limited to 3k and 4k lbs before the trailer. So Jeep made a truck that can tow over 7k lbs in some configurations that did not add an option for a TBC.

K vo – What is the rpm when tow flat surface vs. incline mountain side is important due to longevity transmission. If V6 scream 6000 rpm on mountain side going 60mph, how long that transmission will last. Please do incline towing with RPM video.

James powell – Badass and pentastar have never been in the same sentence before .. hmm.

Scott lucas – I can not believe how expensive jeeps have become. For over $ 50k you can definitely get a better truck

Ben schechtel – They should offer the eco diesel to get 420 ftp of tower

Mjorgy5 – For $ 59k you can buy almost 2 real trucks.

Aaron pfannstiel – Wonder how much they got paid

Brian lampright – If you are going to tow regularly with the Gladiator you must wait for the diesel option. The extra torque is badly needed. The 3.6 would drive me nuts with the lack of power in our Utah mountains pulling 5k lbs especially since I currently drive at HEMI 1500 which is an awesome engine when I’m towing the 13k toy hauler the modified Powerstroke comes out gotta pass on the 3.6.

Magazines – Basically sucks in the mpg test

Robert of the rose – Another great jeep but the engine is just … the jeep community has been wanting to 4BT Cummins but jeep considering listen. At lest offer 4.7 …. or even better the 5.7 hemi.

Crzy4x4 – 8:07 Is that dog crap in the tread? Lol

Dylan mitchell – It’s better than most trucks. Diesel will be the go for towing.
Any news on the eco diesel power output? Also like to see a lot of things in your life flash update.

Mark lock – I can not wait until you guys get 2020 f250 with 7.3 gas and check mileage and take it up the ike.

Adithya ramachandran – The ranger will probably ace this test.

Bryan tortora – Mmmmmm …… Wendy’s

Jason tate – So much like the vaccum cleaner. Thats funny.

Billn911 – Fifty Nine Thousand cheeseburgers from the dollar menu. Have a cheeseburger per day for 161 years. Gold, 1 Jeep Gladiator.

Donny donowitz – For off-roading I imagine it’s a lot of fun. But for doing current work? Most of its time in parking lots.

Bayareamx – $ 60k and it weighs 5k lbs? Just get a raptor. It’s better than this one goofy truck in every single way.

Bretz71 – Tommy Lee Jones in Space Cowboys: "Flying brig? I like that!"

Patriot tex – Thanks for the review. Imho-it will be a nice toy hauler but not a great towing vehicle.

05Tacoman – How much better would it be if it was not a rubicon?

Mark s – Guess i quit quit complaining about my F150 getting 10mpg (5.0L) while towing my 4500 pound travel trailer. 8.5mpg is terrible.

W kollhopp – Payload is 1160, that’s 5 TFL guys and their lunchboxes, that’s right there, the overland is less than 1120 for the 8 speed and 1140 for the 6 speed. that’s in lbs I’d just buy a real truck for the money, then your Not lonely, and you can bring gear too

Walter williams – Mr. Truck would have gotten better mileage .. LOL

06XTOR – Pentastate junk…

Luis flowers – I like to see how I like Gabaldoni by
On board talks about this product,
That’s why he is 4.7k likes, this guys knows about the options of jeep gladiator this truck in not for work but is going to get anywhere whit 7000 lbs or so, they need to put the same trailer to the competition tacoma and chevy and see What happens, drive every day Tacoma for sure, but this is a JEEP

Kevin c – I love your videos, always informative etc etc … I am addicted to you but not in a 12 step sort of way … ;-). But I am curious …. more than simply curious actually. I understand and I am fully aware that you are completely unable to influence or manipulate the eventual Ford. But do you have any clue when Ford will release the specs for the 2020 f450. I want to make a purchase and do not want to buy a 2019 and have Regals. Waiting puts me in a spot, but not impossible … i can wait, but if 2020 specs are going to be a disappointment, I would be better able to move forward with a 2019.Any input, insights, suggestions, predictions, psychic interpretations; -) …. would be much appreciated.

Personal email – Needs to be a diesel ….. but what other truck on the market has the ability to remove and tops while towing … NONE, I rest my box!!

Love pit bulls – If i want a jeep affected get a wrangler, if i want a truck get a silverado or f150 for that price.

Quantum smith – My 2017 RAM Laramie Cummins Aisen dually fully loaded (slicktop) = $ 59,000 before tax + tags on the door …….. just to compare pricing. This Jeep is interesting but not for $ 59K !!! Oh well?

Motorcityford313 – You guys should buy / test the 2005-2011 ranger fx4 level II or just a regular fx4 and do the same towing test.

Blake zimmerman – Reduce the price, offer a reliable 3.0 diesel remake and critical in. This is price based gouging on brand recognition. It works for a part of the market, but they are loose.

Kronosfateless – This vehicle is useless, terrible, and overpriced. It will be bought for image only.

Blake zimmerman – Needs the 3.0 diesel already. Why did they wait a year?

BladesNBullets 1980 – 59k for that? wow

Canada! Place 2 be!! – You can go check the GMC. It sucks with the nuts in it. Sheep are burning u the bitches…

Larry spiller – Really grinds my gears that you guys constantly switch trailers and weights. How can anyone make these useful for comparison..

Pro viper – The version of this truck was so cooler

Defend tone – 85 octane and e85 are two different things.

EMU4WD – Need a diesel for proper towing. Steve

Skeleguns 10, ooo, ooo – It’s not for sale, no towing, that’s why there is no trailer controls

Aussie 1 – To win mid size truck market, they will have to plug HEMI 5.7 under that hood

Hayden casteel – Considering I was averaging 13mpg with my jk rubicon, maybe taking anything a little less than 22 when towing

Hayden casteel – Considering I was averaging 13mpg with my jk rubicon, maybe taking anything a little less than 22 when towing

Douglas buck – These guys are walking FCA (Fiat Chrysler Auto) commercials. I would only have one family name and I would never have it.!

Scott person – I never saw a single Scrambler towing back in the day. I bet Gladiator towing often if ever. It’s all about the image, not dong work.

B. Ford – What’s the point of an MPG test with an empty trailer? How is that "real world"?

Mr-t – I would have a turbo kit at home before the Gladiator

Nilson are – Would like to see the towing loop mpg too

Brent wins – Wow 60k for that truck. I paid 58k for my 2018 FX4 F150 King Ranch and it can tow 12,700 lbs

Bossking – ZR2 dominates this thing … better looks, better break over angle, better towing stability, better power and better price.

David grant – This is kind of a dumb mpg test. You are trying to get a full mpg while towing an empty trailer. If you like you would get better milage if you lost the trailer.
But I’ll leave it to experts.

Gyrenaica 135 – Hope to see the cummins ecodiesel from the ram get paired with the gladiator

Wisco 12 – So damn ugly

Creig mac – My fuel swilling Tundra will get better with that empty trailer.

Big wbs – The Colorado got better than 2000 lbs more trailer, so far I have seen nothing in the midsize market, which is at least TFL truck tests

Creig mac – This video makes no sense without. Yet they will do that on the ike…

OK, got it.

Ricky trager – To the Gladiator looks like a Wrangler Unlimited with a bed attached. Wish they were retro. You know more 60’s Jeep Truck than the Wrangler.

Bradley myrick – It would be cool to know the base sport model would do it against this while towing.

Eric x – 0:46 Thinking is badass without the ass

Jacob joncas – 8.5mpg lmfao

Bret marstellar – The Gladiator’s results are not really comparable to the Colorado or Tacoma. Those trucks got basically the same mpg towing trailers that were markedly heavier in the same test (Colorado: 8.7mpg & 6100 # trailer; Tacoma: 8.4 mpg & 5100 # trailer). There should be a standardized mpg test trailer for trucks-probably in the 4000-5000 # range- otherwise the results of not really stack up another.

Steven p – I did not think you are grad apples to apples. It was known in the beginning during the Gladiator that the Jeep Gladiator Sport Overland was going to be able to deliver the 7,650 lbs towing. The Rubicon version, as you stated, is heavier since it Come with a lower tow rating unfortunately. It will still be more than 3,500-5,500 regardless, but please try adding.


David islands – I will join the fanboys and say a hemi is a must

Can the 2020 jeep gladiator tow a trailer with the best of them? Highway mpg review

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