Can the new ford keep up with the new off-road gladiator jeep? The results are surprising!

Can the New Ford Ranger Keep Up with the New Jeep Gladiator Off-Road? The results are surprising!

Description: We take the new Ford Ranger FX4 midsize truck and the new 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon on an off-road race to see how these …

Ryan garcia – The Bus School Vs. the beluga whale.

Plate c – I would not be so much better than the Ranger’s engine is a better engine than the Pentastar in the Jeep. Let’s wait for 100,000 miles to make that determination.

Plate c

Francesco – Yeah, not buying that Chrysler piece of junk. Considering taking the Ranger XL with 4×4. Discussing need the fancy FX4 or any of that dampened tailgate or other crap.

Jose Rivera – What trail is this??

Doc william – Looking forward to a "long trip" comfort and economy test, on the new midsized trucks.

True american – Why do you keep Appearing to Jeep? The fiat I mean jeep is not a pickup truck

Gamergod o3 – The gladiator needs a hellcat engine option

Christopher williams – I’m from Northern Michigan with a 2003 F-150 That looks like a lot of fun. Celery.

Ben hadden – The Aussie spec ranger can elab tow 3.5 metric gold tone 7700 pounds. I can say that it will tow 4 metric gold tone 8800.

Vernon hopkins – For Superduty Diesel Money … that Jeep should blow that Ranger outta the water!!

Ex jackson – One tops out at 44K ….. the other is over 60K and bonus points you’ve got a creaky FCA engine & drivetrain for that 14K-just a little better at exactly one thing, offroad.

Rob garcia – I’d take a Colorado zr2 over bothe of those vehicles

Nathaniel stout – Ok all this talk about the price just a fyi the gladiator sport starts around 33k

Deimoz lorenzo – America is an ignorant dizzy gringo continent

Anthony rosa – Does this Ranger have the infamous internal water pump that causes 5-7K in repairs when it fails? If not it has some other built in zinger. What brilliant engineering Ford has.
Somebody has a lot of things on the Jeeps.

Jay cameron – You guys can do better than TRD Tacoma and ZR2 match up….

Richard Buckner – I like both of them. I never liked a 4×4 with peg legs. Car manufacturers know better than this. All 4×4 should be limited slip posi lock. No peg legs.

David lamb – Dodge Ram is one of the best cars in the world..

Chad christianson – The test was to see if the ranger could hang with the Jeep. Verdict …. no it compared. The tests were very wimpy, the tests were done between Jeep and Colorado were better by comparison.

Pat mason mason – Jeep under quality over priced. Should of stayed with 4.0 engine.

Froglaps40 – I think my mini could have gotten through the first two tests ya’ll did

Nhseacoast – Considerably a 6 ‘tall 200lb guy. As for comfort, the Ford and the Jeep the back seats seem small. Both the Ford and Jeep need a bigger tire for off-road IMO.

James jordan – Your comparison are terrible you guys dont know what offroad capabilities you just had the simple yuppie comparison …. damn yuppies and your 4 doors …. go back to school…

Tiki badfish – What a pretty piece of shit those italian fiat jeeps.

A k – You lost me at 60k

Gregory burris – Really starting to like the Ranger !! Sm back seats though !! Shopping for compact or midsized truck right now

MidWest_IronWorks_Gym – Love the Gladiator Goal for $ 60k penalty for a badass cummins or duramax!

Gt homer – Do not like that, I would not buy it for you, at least the jeep gives you a choice

Steven – I do not know what to do, but I guess technically that’s off road !!!

David wielt – I bought it to stow and love it! Toyota was turning around!

Ltyr2001 1 – I do not want a sunroof.
Skin cancer is not an option I care about.

Makker008 – I only have this goal, but, great video, thank you. DIESEL only …. But we do get the Raptor … Diesel in Europe is not the way to go. The big cities in the Netherlands and Germany are more than 5 years old, but you need more…..
Question, I can not find the full length of the Gladiator anywhere on the websites, do you know the exact length? Tx

HOWNDOG66 – 20k diff in price …. for the removable top?

Robert Bob – Please do a older Nissan Pathfinder off road!!!!!

Godzilla – Ford really screwed the pooch on the new Ranger. I have a bunch of friends who are "Ford" guy’s. And they were really looking forward to the new truck. Two of them were convinced they were going to get one. Neither of them did they disappoint when they did it, sat in and drove one.

Jamie montoya – I guess what I’d really like to see is a new 1997 compact truck lol. These new midsize trucks are getting as big as a 1/2 ton used to be 2-4x as much … shit.

Killerbaits – The jeep sounds like a honda

Gleep wurp – Damn, $ 42K for the Ford Ranger. This is not your daddy’s ranger.

Adri rachel – Ford Ranger Raptor Best Pick UP 🙂

Dallas ray – As some have said … Probably Ranger. More practical if I’m going to be strictly off-road..Wrangler and not the Gladiator.
99% of the time will be going down the road. Better to have road performance and good off road!.

Brian robbins – I’m curious to see how the 2.3L ecoboost 4 cylinder will run. That’s decent numbers for a 4 cylinder turbo truck. Now is that twin turbo charged like the ecoboost 2.7L and 3.5L v6?

Brian robbins – I think we will be high on those gladiators just like the wrangler. I did not like the way they looked at first but the jeep is growing on me

Mad max – Lol just junk all of panzies pavement

Jay trock – The problem with modern trucks is they are trying to get Fleet mileage. Disappointed in new Tacoma, Ranger, and Gladiator.

Luke rainforth – Ranger needs to be leveled w bigger tires

Markpdot – All that money and my old … Chevy Silverado will do the exact same thing and it cost me $ 2600 when I bought 4+ years ago. NEVER use these features. Learn how to drive and use the car. This video is so insulting To true off-road drivers.

Samson raider – How is the Ranger a good value at 45k??!!

Lane morrow – $ 60K for that Chrysler product ??? No thanks, keep it

Mpouli101 – 271 hp is "much more powerful" than 285 hp? Hmm. Must be the new math

Jacob Chandler – Probably old broncos and yjs

Marty schmidt – I will take the Jeep Gladiator, the value will be better and there is a lot of after market for the Jeep.

Oocombz – Currently just bought the exact Ranger they are tested except mine is black and I love it. That 2.3 has plenty of power. Put 5k behind it and could not even feel it.

DRAMILLIONZZZ – Now compare the jeep gladiator to the ranger raptor version

Adaen velasco – i choice ranger

Chris biorn – Bed height … can a standard fit on the Jeep. Ford probably

Ape gone mad – I give it 3 years, before the new Ranger is taken off the market. His too damn expensive and it’s rare as hell to see’em on the road. And honestly not a Ranger, it should be called something else like an F-050 Or something.

Chad ledford – Love the videos, a two wheel drive truck…

Grodd70 – So since the Bronco is going to be based on the Ranger we will know that it will not really compete with the Wrangler

Stuff and things – 60grand in Hemi wtf

Bud thedog – And the winner is the 2012 F150

Hell king – These are not offroad worthy

Chris hastings – The ford did not drag the belly….

Mantis life – I think the Gladiator is a cool idea but in reality it looks stupid. Might be more practical on a door.

Jordan van tassel – Meanwhile the Tacoma is in 1st place laughing at both

Nathan mcbride – As someone who actually takes part in various activities I can say a few things with confidence. Full disclaimer I am a Jeep guy, though I have owned the gambit of vehicles from Ford, Chevy, and even foreign jobbers. Oh and I currently own Rubicon I heard a lot of mention of the Ford Raptor. Ford Raptors are literal junk. I wanted you for a long time myself. So if they were to make a Raptor Raptor in America they would definitely need to make some major improvements to the Riptor platform In this review it is stated that the Ranger would be more recommended for a street truck. Does it have a lower towing rating? Gladiator is a pretty safe vehicle for Toyota vehicles. The early 90’s Toyota’s were off-road beasts. The modern Tacoma’s anything TRD is microwaved dog crap though. Yes the price is hefty … comparatively. But lets be honest there is nothing on the market in the same league realistically.

Richard Goins – You guys were at Tahuya and you didn’t invite me!? : P

Hello hi – Both ugly and outdated

Irishwitch – Meh Jeep is now FCA … quality is in question….

Hold l – Everyone fighting for second place in the road behind the ZR2.

Jason moyle – No one will buy a jeep with a piss poor 2 star crash rating.

MURR DOG – Fraud from Ranger, over marketed, over priced, eco 45k blowdryder, wtb barbie mall toy for soyboy sissy’s

Gatti493 – Is it true that the jeep got an ncap rating of 1 star ??
This is what I read,
1 star in this day and age is disgraceful and shows a clear lack of interest in the search safety.
I read that when they get into a collision of the crash test ,
In fact no matter which way they came to the wrangler there were severe life changing injuries to the occupants !
As far as I know the Ranger got a 4 or 5 star rating,

Deek 44 – The new ranger lariat FX4 cost more than a Tacoma TRD PRO and Colorado ZR2 ….. someone is smoking crack!

Hofecr – Nobody wants that POS Ford Ranger giving them away right now


Paulofps10 – Both are great cars ,,,, trucks!

Frank moore – Let’s face it these trucks are way over priced .

GP Rice – I traded my 2017 Tacoma TRD Off-road for a Gladiator Sport … I thought be happy, drives smoother on and off-road. Better gas mileage and it’s convertible. You took the doors off anything else. $ 45k and I get everything I want. Looks great parked next to my 2005 Jeep Unlimited

Not your best video fellas

Flourourpottery – Being a rubicon to what should have been a gladiator model

Martin judd – Just waiting until you get the Raptor Ranger. You are going to loose your mind on how good it is. 2 inches workshop, 2.5 inches wide and running 33 inch tires on a 17 inch rim. Add to cart the Fox Racing suspension.

Ben kinaj – They said they would want to ranger for hauling even though the jeep has a higher payload lol

Makelifefun – The answer may surprise you………

POB108 – The ranger in Us is so gorgeous while the philippines looks like cheap plastic like the colorado

Dazzle – 60k for a Daimler product? No thanks.

Sinnedam – That 3.6 engine sounds like it’s about to fly apart. very rattley engine.

Zac d – How much do they pay you to own that ugly jeep

SteroidalTacoSauce – That 80 series rolling through tho

Curtis turley – There is a Ranger Raptor here in Australia. The Original Ranger was designed and tested in Aus with a 3.2 liter Turbo deisel that engine you got there in 2019 Ranger Raptor.

The4thj – That Jeep is a GOD D *! * Fiat 500 JUST SAY IT AND I’LL donate to patreon! The Ford is made by Ford and Jeep is made by? Fiat ~ COUGH! Could you please mention that from time to time?

Tyler aultman – How would you rate the Falken tires on the jeep compared to bfg’s?

Wireman – Haha Tommy to windshield washer on him and didnt even care crap haha

Sublimation – 60k for a jeep. Cheap fiat quality and reliability.

Jimety ettty – "low rangey", "scraping the tummies" …. Ok, I started to watch this channel, but not anymore

Scott Kinderdine – The ford is a current truck, of course the rings are higher. Also there’s no way I’m paying for a Rubicon "Jeep". The prices are ridiculous!!!!

Garrimic3 – I personally believe buying one of these vehicles. My Nissan Pro-4X was a better choice.

Will whyatt – Buy a dual sport motorcycle and a car save yourself $ 30,000

Clint alford – The road noise on a cheep is atrocious. Going with Ford rather than Camino

Clint alford – The road noise on a cheep is atrocious. Going with Ford rather than Camino

Moxizii – Damn the new ranger is the most ugly truck ever seen

Major tom – You have an empty card at the end of the video. Oh and how do you find these offroad places?

Joey badabing – These quacks, smh!

AngelTheFiend – Love the channel keep up the work, I think its awaome how you and your work together

Barbatio – The jeep just reminds me of a Honda Ridgeline.

Eric carter – How bout y’all test these trucks on land that most country folks like me do not drive on my house … my 2000 store with dynapro MT goes on this stuff with no problems … let some country boys test these things things haha

Matthew Williams – I think I’d pass on the fiat lol. of course you’ll cross when you buy that lol.

Billy boy – The little ranger engine is pretty bad for a 4cylinder. See how it stands the test of time. Probably want to keep up with maintenance schedules, and cooling, or she will blow like Hiroshima.

Christopher williams – Maybe try real off road.

John cocktosen – Sissy league……

James0611847 – My heart was pounding when the front of the sensors in the ranger went off, you were like two seconds from sum it.

James0611847 – I enjoy these videos, I also enjoy that Tommy sounds like Kermit the frog

Chris biorn – Reverse … Raptor against Gladiator (s)

Jeff sasso – All new Jeep products are Junk. Tacoma still sets the bar

Jordan graff – If I want a truck, I’ll buy a truck. If I want a Jeep, I’ll go buy a Jeep

Jeff shannon – This is like roading all wheel drive cars! Lol! A mini van could do most of this!

Elbacanreal – Tell me tell me when you’re in a chocolate mood would you pick vanilla or chocolate? And how about when you’re in a vanilla mood?

Ajw 007 white – Jeep all the way

AZturboNoises – Ford guy loves jeep hands down. More options and the manual ranger is sooo over priced its stupid!!!

Smurf everything – Nah ford ranger wildtrak is better in my decision

Louis suguitan – If using a rubicon gladiator then you should use a ranger raptor as well

Victor sanchez – We know who really dominates off road and it’s Toyota. The Toyota Tacoma is the best off roader.

Chris legare – At the end of the day the only people buying jeeps are soccer moms ….. anyone who buys a jeep to wheel it will buy a 2 door 6 speed manual with a soft top

Moses even – The Gladiator it’s like a big bodyguard man black with ugly fave intimidating while the Ranger it’s like a white skinny nosy boy scared of life. An easy winner here. Also the color in the ranger it’s ugly.

Ivanka Speads for Quincy Jones – I’ll wait a few years and pick one up for 15000

Ultraspontane – Can not keep up with a stock 1988 Suzuki Samurai off Craigslist for $ 2500?

Warlock 6 – Basically I can buy a Rubicon Gladiator ($ 58,999) or a Ram Power Wagon ($ 62,729) for roughly the same price in the Atlanta area. (The dealer has a 2018 Power Wagon for $ 51,994)
I’m waiting for the diesel option on the Gladiator, there are going to be at 17.22 MPG, this truck is going to jack up CAFE standard jeeps. Rumor has it the diesel option will net around 30 MPG hwy for the Gladiator.
Great video guys, keep up the good work.

John kim – Trucks need to be reliable. Off road vehicles, even more. How is the engine better for a truck? Reviews by office farts and grainlas…

Clayton blum – I could be wrong but there is a huge price difference. I would like to take that price difference, add some after market parts. (But not full amount) Raptor Ranger Vs. the Jeep gaitor, so who is Better? Just for the fact It did not seem like the Jeep was much better. As if you could add a thing or two to the Ranger; have something that is cheaper and just as good as the Jeep.

Jiří huser – Maan that Gladiator looks soo good!

Pranjal sharma – The ranger raptor ……

August moses – Ford # 128170; # 127995; # 128170; # 127995; # 128170; # 127995; four

Dirtyharry70585 – Overseas has the ranger raptor twin scroll 2.0

Buddy piper – My ’95 Nissan Terrano can do more $ 2000. Every button does not work anymore. (There are not many) It is ugly but bad ass.

The dfc – I "amazed at the cost of these theses in the game of life and I would never have a million years.

Pro titan – Are these guys father and son?

JustDoTheConstitution JDTC – I’m curious where you filmed as I’d like to take my 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara (with limited slip diff in rear) out there.

Jbird117 – Jeeezus 60k? And 40k for storage. The ranger needs to be 25 to 30k for a 4×4 xlt. The jeep should be mid 40s for a Rubicon. You can buy a raptor or lariat superduty for the price of the gladiator.

Random projects USA – And the ranger is better at utility

Jacob b. – No mid size truck should be priced at $ 40k … insanity. How do these people afford these $ 40-70k trucks ?? Makes no sense to me.

Wear bramwell – Cj7 would probably take the cake.

AlternateMusicAddict – It just need a 3inch front lift

Joel – I do not like that Gladiator looks more like a real truck than that blob you call a "Ranger."

Donald slayton – Looks like tahuya, the ford is a joke

Bill kerstein – Jeep grill on her nose with a minivan engine in it and call it anything but overpriced crap! I see this thing falling apart in time at all! Make mine to Ranger for 20 big less!

KatieandWes Y – Anyone know which trail this is outside of Seattle?

Daniel Barrett – a little over dramatic for this race.

Awesome cooldude – I do not know why they made the new ranks. The jeep is to big

George sawtooth – A jeep truck looks like a crap … just my opinion. The thing is laughable in terms of looks !!! Jeeps are not trucks period. More when you add in the Fiat quality, you are screwed.

Jp – Both of them are TOTALLY OVERPRICED …. omg seriously?

Mjorgy5 – Buy the Ford, some off-road driving lessons, and get closer to the two engines..

Neil stahulak – In my 89 Jeep Comanche I could have done everything they did in 2 wheel drive at Bells whistles buttons sway bar disconnects just in stock Jeep Comanche with 235 Goodyear Wrangler tires

Shane’s onair – Worse part of both. Print v8. I’ll take a 2010 sport track. Can you guys do 2010 v8 sport track vs ranger?

Shane’s onair – Jeeps bed is so long. Need a short bed. Ranger us perfect.

MrAbletospeak – It is an anti sway bar. Why would you want a sway bar?

Tim lucas – I love that ranger an awful lot!

Some guy – The price of the Ranger does not make sense for what it is. You can just get an F150.

J. R. Carter – The jeep is ugly asfuck

Jeremy pilot – I like your channel and videos. I totally understand you guys are borrowing these vehicles. But it would be nice to see you come back to me and drive me through a road bike with me and I just manage it..

Mzimm460 – Why is someone who succeeded from UCLA majoring in African dance studies telling me about trucks?

Kyleloew432 – Dampened tailgate, great for …. jacking up the price of a truck. Trucks never got hurt dropping the tailgate before.

Kyleloew432 – Old school for 4×4, is a manual hub and a transfer case shifter. Kids these days # 129315;

Bulldozer – Are your mom’s glasses from the 80’s

Alcerd ghost – I think they were creeping because they were out there just at the time. If they both get fast stuck "free wheeling" that’s a long walk back for help. They even said they did not know that many people would be there that day.

Sergio Ayon – I’ll still choose the 2019 Tacoma TRD Off Road 4×4 Gold Tacoma TRD Pro over all this two, this is just my opinion and preference!!!!.

Connor ober – I like Ford more then any other brand new Ranger just sucks. The old rangers are better and better in my opinion.

Curlylarrymoe – Neither are perfect, but I would take the Jeep. I hate the ecoboost and turbocharged photos. I do not care, I want longevity.

Robert clary – Ranger gets fucked, is notorious pieces of shit!

Ryan anderson – What trail is this at?

Ed smith – Question about the Gladiator-will the wheels fall off before it starts on fire or after?

Joseph johnson – Both over priced!

Spencer hau’oli hansen javier – In the Philippines we have both the Ranger Raptor and the Toyota Hilux, which you would recommend and why?

Pablo races – 14:45 … the ford did not drag it’s belly … or i didn’t hear it

Motionfire – Ranger seems like the better buy. The jeep just priced to high.

Kennth bennett – Only a dumb ass would pay 60k for the jeep!

Tacomahnster – Ford engine sounds like it belongs in an econobox

Kristen Williams-Short – So if you really want to test the theory of a ranger ford versus a freaking Dodge go over something more than a pebble idiots

Chris montgomery – Even your camera man had to film LC80.

Chris montgomery – Whenever you should swap out the tires. Offroading on street tires is lame.

Chris montgomery – No offroad truck should ever carry the spare under the rear bumper.

Dr1990 117 – Falken wildpeak at / 3 are the best all terrain ever ever owned I prefer them over bfgs

Brian tracy – Give me the (rest of world) Ranger diesel version with tall skinny tires on steel wheels at USD equivalent of low $ 20’s

Adrian – Should have used the Raptor Ranger that would have been fair comparison. Top of the line jeep vs 4×4 ranger with an FX package

Olive mica – Was the 4wd really needed for that dirt road? As an owner of a jeep jku and also a f150 I do not know that I would put it in my own pocket. Could be that im from Wyoming though.

DRDEE – So, what are you saying that would sucker would buy. Good video but disappointingly pricey trucks if you can call them that.

Anonymous user – Love it. Dirt & truck.

Blapblapism – @thefastlanetruck where was this filmed?

Rhino black – Gladiator 4 door is ugly build the extended cab please..

NoteBRZ NoteMiata – Mild lift and some 33’s on the Ranger would probably be more popular. The XL super cab with the FX4, bed utility package and tow package is 34K. 36.4 K for the crew cab. That’s a lot for a good lift and larger tires. It Will still be a Jeep in terms of off road capability.

Randall jr benoit – These 2 idiots who think they are better than ever1 else & put down cannabis users / patients ….. they are why i skip some of this channel, i had high hopes for tommy choose a better alternative medicine that actually works & i get a bad energy vibe from them as they are supposed to be "christian faith" people ….- coming from some 1 went to church until i was 19!

Acceptance and understanding is part of the forgiveness thing-hard to swallow pill / info

Tango dog – Probably a question Dumb-which truck is betting on the highway?

Dwight adas – Awesome vid! Thank you.

Donald smith – If I was looking for a new 4X4 truck and I could not get it with a standard 5 or 6 speed transmission, 6 ft or 8 ft bed and a four door cab I would not even look at it, but the prices of Used Vs. Makes Used at More Sensible Investment!!!

Ed kennedy – 4 banger pickups 60K? You’ve got kidding me! Smh the Ford ugly as hell too! If you buy that sardine can of a truck.

Rochab77 – Love the jeep but it is just too long.

Koski Miles – You go way too slow

Frlessless – Good, the host leave it to be desired. They are too uptight and lead one to believe they are host to a Euro Luxury show. They do not exactly represent the truck driving segment. They are dorks.

David bennett – $ 60K? $ 42K? Dakata Sport 4X4 3.9L 5 speed manual and my ’05 2 Door Wrangler Unlimited 4.0L 6 speed manual. both together cost less than $ 20K.

Bob ross – Nice trucks but I’m ok with my ZR2

Hunter williams – Jeeps are officially the new suburban soccor vehicle, they are everywhere

Dr. Breen’s beard – Ford calls and we know why

Var s – 60k for 4 cyl truck? NOOOOOOOO

Can the new ford keep up with the new off-road gladiator jeep? The results are surprising!

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