First time off-road gladiator jeep x2

First Time Jeep Gladiator Off-Road x2

It was finally time for my 2020 Jeep Gladiators first time off-road. I wanted to get a feel for it …

Guitarmike – Stunning vehicle, super congrats!

NYC REC – Great vid! And thank you for your service

SMEACRaptor – Good Ole Corpsman! Were you attached to marines?

Z_german – Nicely Done ~

Critter79 – What kind of fire extinguisher do you use / recommend to keep in the vehicle?

Richard Garcia – Were you a Doc? On the green side?

Gary bonham – The videos of self running and sliding exhibits the classic weakness of autos offroad, lack of control due to the struggle to be in the right gear, which is why manuals are far off road…..

Todd saltzman – Great video I really liked it. Not too much talking and just a lot of off roading.

Steven eisenberg – I am now a proud owner of a Firecracker Rad Gladiator Rubicon! Automatic, Black Leather Tops, Leather, Customer Preferred Package 24R,
Cold weather group, LED lighting, 8.4 "Premium audi with Navigation, Adaptive Cruise control, Auxiliary Switch group, Cargo mgmt with Trail rail system, Roll up barrel cover, Remote keyless entry and body colored Fender Flares! I reside in Florida so we don I’m living vicariously through your videos !! We have some good forest trail rides, lots of mud areas and some beaches but nothing like out west .. Gladiator!

Lone hawk – Wow! Was that rattling ??? oven.


ScLmRaceFanPhotos – Is this a 1 way trail?

Zack lemuel dangla – I like the black one

Frank – I worry about the weight of these trucks. At 11:06 it was looked like Josh had trouble controlling the slide.

Parkcity – This is a road and you had your lockers on? # 128580; Why

Jc f – I also noticed that you have been overcharged in Ronny’s video, but you may be more concerned that the GVWR Gladiators may be higher than the JKU net payload goal. of payload capacity? 🙁

Devildog 68 – What are you running on the Gladiator.

Reene menjivar – Brad, what happened to your 4 Door Jeep? Man, that jeep was beautiful, this gladiator is too…

RANCT1 – This is my dream vehicle … Thanks for showing it’s maneuverability…

Tony – You are living the american dream buddy.

Mickey ricketts – All that gear for a day trip

Voda XTR – That BLACK JT with those gold Methods / KM3s combomarcinski SO SO FINE! CLASSY!

David gobble – I think I will go with the Colorado Rhino. Much cheaper Better looking too. I guess it is each to his own. Best of luck but I am happy with you and all your money mods.

Josh smith – I always thought you were never guessed it was a bodyman. Gotta have a good doc with you when you’re out!

Tsar trail – Great first trail review.

Idaho k9Trapper – Gladiators are uaf can not believe people get excited about such an ugly vehicle. Just as shitty as the scrambler, jk all the way .

Aaaahart – What do you use to buff out the pinstripes? Great video!

Felix towers – Remember these vehicles are made to a platform for the aftermarket, spend spend spend overpriced to begin with! By the way by making money.

Honor the MB 2 door! – That Gladiator is very cool, I’m seriously considering getting a ’49 Chevy truck soon it was giving me second thoughts until I saw the price, Whoa! Yeah I’ll stick with the classic Chevy. Great video as usual and looking forward to See what mods you make. oven

Realbob 666 – Thanks for the great video. You are just missing the spill kit!

Jack rotter – Why was it necessary to have lockers at 15:00 mins? We have gone over wet boulders with no lockers and no slipping.

Patrick o’connor – Dang i was a fight medic in the army. just earned so much respect for you.

Itachii267 – Not sure if it would work?

TJ Mitchell Movies – Nice Brad, looking very good. I can not wait to get my Gladiator out on the trail as well.

Tony gunk – They are really nice vehicles but, they are not. They will bounce your precious balls off.

Nick pizzino – Another great video Brad!

Anthony marra – Hey man love the channel and I know you’re busy I was just wondering if we could get an update on that Grand Cherokee. I’ll apologize in advance.

Backcountry overland – How was the power affected with 37’s and the stock gearing?

Robert Barton – Yeah you definitely need to get a lift on the ASAP Gladiator # 129304;

Keith swearingen – G R I N D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Truly appreciate the vids you do. Go army !!!!

Mark remillard – I did not think you could get a handle wrangler but i was wrong

Mauiwaverider – As a Marine I just wanna say thanks Doc!

Tim has – Given the clearance issues with the wheelbase, are you thinking twice about the 37’s? Maybe go with 40’s?

Vikram madan – Follow your videos for a while and appreciate all the effort. Just a suggestion if the background music is little softer and low. Hope you do not mind. 🙂 Happy overlanding !! … and congrats for your new baby 🙂

Brian turner – Are you able to share a road map were you on? I’ve been to mica gem, but not where went..

Gary molony – Little off topic but very few with snorkel in USA. Here in Aus its almost mandatory. Why is that. Love your channel.

Copadope – Were you green or blue side in the navy?

Cliff bats – Not a good truck, no longer a good crawler. This thing implications fit

Kirt vanorden – Love the gold rims

Armorbl – Man 37’s do not look big at all on black jeep.

Raul Andujar – Too bad Emilia hit her belly there. Nothing a good lift You should take a break from the day. Would be good to see.

The nothing – Where do you guys find places to just pull off and camp? Every time I’m out on the trail and I’m just part of the world. I watch jeep channels and they just exist in the middle of nowhere and just have a bbq, what gives? any tips?

SEERLESVALLEY DEATHVALLEY – Nice looking keep, still would not buy one. Would rather do a rebuild on an older truck!

Shawn ridge – Ready to go wheeling with you.

In nope – Lol for thoss of us that grew up wheeling full size 1970s trucls this all seems so comical. 1974 F150 4X4 short bed. 3in lift.

Nicholai40 – I will be looking forward to the next challenges that you put the Gladiator through.

Dahveed284 – Josh is running at 2 "lift and 37" tires. What is the tire size for the Rubicon trim of the Gladiator?

Mr_wrangler boy – Alway enjoyed watching your videos

Ben white – "Of course, I could have taken the three point turn …"
No, no you believe …. and more power for you to make that turn look awesome!
Great work man!

Uniroyal mish – I think the mj is truly the only Jeep truck. This gladiator is ok too but if it was a clear door.

Robert todd – Tom bell redlands?

Steve means – No haterism, but I just don’t get the gladiator. That long wheelbase gives it an atrocious BO angle as shown in the vid, which means having to be more careful with lines. Yeah, put on 2 "lift and 37’s on JL Ruby, and again, why? The bed? From you store to JLU cover??

And if you want a big offroad truck that can tow just buy a power wagon and be done with it. 🙂

Raunak Puranik – Do you think I could take a stock 2008 Subaru outback through this trail without damaging anything??

EODtheSEABEE – What do you have in your first aid kit? I’m a killer and I really just have an iFAK on the face of packing stuffed x2, chest seals x2, an israel bandage wrap, nasal breathing tube, and turnstiles x3 (2 on my Person 1 in the iFAK). its mostly for me or a patient for?

Dee jay – Exped to see more Starbucks recycling on the trail … for the new "Jeep people."

Eric Roberts – You did not mention it, but hey descent control works amazing for those downhill sections.

Twine – If you are going to get bigger and better, it will be better to get your Gs low. Good luck.

SGT DOUG – Off roading 101 … put your thumbs on the outside of the steering wheel.

SGT DOUG – Ok … take a deep breath …. relax …. slow down … deep breath …. do not drink coffee …. please.

Ian loomis – You should try Wheeler Lake Trail in Breckinridge, co

Big scott – Wait! It still has a jeep badge, confused

Big scott – Good job on making a crappy truck sounds like a decent Jeep. Sry. Attacking a new Jeep owner. Not interested in "trucks" anymore

Serrano hector – Congratulations on the new Gladiator can not wait to see future changes

Larry briggs – Nice video Brad, looking forward to this build. Hey, just wondering if there are scraps and scratches are there any easier? Is Josh’s Gladiator the sport model? Where was Marco with the lunch?

Billy wardlaw – Oh not bad, just a little k … kkkkkkrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssssssssskskkkkkkk!

Piss mcgyver – I’d rather have an AEV Brute any day of the week.

Evil warlock – Need a 1 door version with Gobi color please

Steve smith – You are a daredevil.

Steve richmond – What do you use for your tablet and phone?

David wilson – When I see the "YT approved" checkmark next to a channel’s name … YT SOCIAL ENGINEERING SJW ADVERTISES BULLSHIT..

Gregor miller – The alligator saw AOC on the waters edge, and all he could say was ‘Gladiator’ !

James modlin – Does the tire pressure monitor come down?

Roberta christeen – Were your wenches

RASHID AL-MAAZMI – Nice video put I hope you got all the weak points of gladiator. Lift kit …. etc. but in general it is very nice and able rig. Keep going # 128077; # 127995;

Laurence goldkamp – 3:34 San Diego? There are no trees and barely green.

Frankenstain 4×4 – Nice can wait for you to go to San Diego and do not wait for you.

ThelongmanableI wish they would switch to electric only cause they would be overheat way to easy and their electric fans are so loud it was annoying.

Metal – I just use my k1500

The historicalian – Gonna buy a gladiator and lift that ox

Gretchin DG – Would you like to see a video on your sometime medical kit. Looked but predicted see one.

Gucci – Great video Wish there was less music, and could just hear the Jeeps and the dirt.

Medium size – So is a Rubicon jeep gladiator
The jeep wrangler gladiator rubicon?

Don whiskey – I’m not a big fan of lift, but your buddy Jeep is sexy as hell.

Dan c – The stretched wheelbase probably has more flex frame than a 2 door wrangler.

Skiingfast1 – Talking about minimum equipment is great to share with people who want to get into Jeeping!

Bearded angel – Thank you for serving our country!

Thai tran – Hi Brad, do you run onboard electrical solutions? When can you get a video? Love the videos, you are adding so much to the YouTube and overlanding Thanks!

Barry winslow – I saw one of the prototypes … an extended cab ….. perfect in my mind …. and so I hear they will not be offering that …. what a shame..I’d have one today If so ……. it looked awesome. Thanks for the vid.

Wudluv2 – You guys have everything but the wife’s lol

Andrew Smith – Great video.
Glad glad to see a few days ago.
I could know if I could replace my jk. But these things are making that harder for me.

Desert maverick – The bed is way too small to really carry any one. Also it is way too narrow with an elongated wheel base and the clearance is way too low. When I owned a truck I had a truck for the projects, clearance, and work I needed It is for a need to get a lift or bigger tires on it. So this is neither a truck nor a jeep it’s a prototype for hype and way over priced.

N8imusmaximus – Watched till the end. Still waiting for the trail with a trail.

Paul co – Wow, no engine braking? I love my manual with low range.

Chuck cribbs – Do brakes suffer constantly riding them at times??

I really like the 37 "s and the lift.Unstoppable looks!

Sean peterson – I gave it a chance but it was easy to get the price of the rubicon optioned the way my wrangler is. I already had a Jeep but need a truck … if it had a V8

Inspector71 – How much did this cost?

Kungfuadamf – See it has that damn that JL jet engine fan in the front lol

Hottuna 71 – I love the black with those rims

Alfonzo ortega – Awesome Gladiators, but I am wondering if you are going up or down hills if you can mention if your in 4 low or 4 it in Auto and just letting the Transmission of the work for you..Just a Thought.

Krypticpatriot – Glad you bought it and I didnt….

Thesixthfinger – Cool 35 lb front bumpers.

Scott moore – You will lose some crawling capability for sure. But I think with all the camera gear, etc. that extra space will make a difference. It will test your skills in a different way.

Bob fish – 392 swap! ; )

Daniel Miller – Wondering if you lost your warranty with putting that lift on? Ford voided warranty on my f550 because I changed out shifter. We have 5 speed manual!

Thomas coolidge – I think you probably have a lot of problems with your life. I personally only know how to think about it…

71Vegaman – Already a 2 door the 4 door can say I like it much.

1996cross – Too long for serious off-road rather than stick to my jk would look sick sick af

B. Ford – Best Gladiator content on YouTube thus far. Nice!

Kristina – I would buy the 2 door but the 4 door is just hideous.

Mike – I know it’s the wrangler body and the fender flare it looks like you’re gotta wonder what if it’s a jeep made to make a body and make a body gladiator how amazing it would have been. A full size Jeep truck that would have been the I would really like to have a hemi or ecodiesel …… oh well opportunity missed I guessed

Juan durandt – Get the proper lift and get 40 ‘tires. Your mate, Josh, had it done, but didn’t show it. Buy cry ounce as you say

4×4 CO – The lift and bigger tires make the Gladiator look SHARP!

Chris aboudara – No beer! Rookie

Paul – Best overland rig in the world?

Iammachines – It is well worth it, but it is important that it is driven by it. My occasional DCLB club scrapes on tighter angles. Im not a jeep guy but I’m stoked to watch you build this thing # 128077;

RACER VW VRT RACER – Woot awesome woottt

Kirk spinger – What bag do you use for your first aid kit?.

I’d pick more daisies – Great video! Next video let your drive your JK for comparison purposes!

Vincent kaplan – Were brakes used going downhill or was that the gearing. That was a slow crawl.

Brice yatsko – What was the hill just before the v-notch

Jim gallery – I enjoy your videos. For the price and the fact that the Gladiator can tow 7000 pounds I wonder why Jeep did not include a tow towers and a controller.

MyJLWranglerProject – I’m sorry but I do not think this truck is good for you. You can tell in the world how much more difficult it is than if you were in a short wheel base. I have it going I’ll pass you in the new JL. I’m just and I. I’ll pass and honestly all the interior faces you speak JL. You should have just upgraded to a JLU 🙂 Nice truck though.

Kenny VanCleave – I’m about a month into my first Jeep. I got a great deal on a ’17 Wrangler Sport with less than 13,500 miles. The upgrades are available for Jeep’s is just mind blowing. I’m happy Bartact fire extinguisher holder, to name a few. Love the channel.

Dark alias – I can see the happiness in your face.

Ryan jones – What gears is Joshua running

Daisuke suematsu – I’m so jealous !! It must be so fun to roll around this great rig!

INCC74656I – I want to see if test the front camera / wheel placement tracking. I want to know if it’s accurate or not. I worked on one of these and it looked pretty nice. i read the safety ratings

Dimitris anastasiou – Great job man..I’m just waiting for my new car to get you back and make changes for an overland vehicle .. so I believe your videos of building this gladiator will help me a lot with my new pick up..keep it Up..cheers from Greece # 128079; # 127995;

Donald reinholz – Put some 40’s on yours

David bock – I promised myself I’d wait for the diesel specs, but your videos are a tough one to keep. Brad, you’re going to let us know what’s going on on??

Gman p – Great video on the road

Omar gaidi – I think you should have bought a 70 series landcruiser with V8 (just like Ronny Dahl’s one), it’s more efficient than the gladiators, … goals Backlinks to Jeep enthusiast # 128521;

Nathan sunnaa – Yuppieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Moed al garny – For me short 4×4 is the best for offroading # 128528;

Proulx guy – What an ugly truck, wannabe Tacoma lol

John luca – Good morning, any chance you can ask Josh what is he running on the street? Lastly, how does it feel for the city? Thank you

Jon shearer – Going to Tacoma guy but I waited to see more of the gladiator on the trail and how you build it out. Great video Brad # 129305; # 127995;

Armee green – You’re in the middle of the night (probably not okay) But I sometimes feel like I’m watching a nature show on the Science and Discovery Channel, learning how to rare oculus spider in Tanzania it’s very professional. Nice Brad videos. I We have a vibeiously through you guys..

Mrcrankyank – Can be expected to see these in Aus # 128076; # 127997;

Wreckdiver61 – Considering the temperature in the dessert, how were the trucks running. Improving guessing 115 * -120 *

Rolling jung – 🙂 ich glaube is gibt nur einen weg one den Neid etwas zu stillen …… in die USA Auswandern 🙂

Darkstreak aia – I think his trucks are inspired by a cow # 128004; moo moo.

Adam clancy – Way to go Doc! Always bring the first help. So glad you made this video, it’s been awhile since I saw a trail run from the ground up.

Jordan yang – Gladitor looks amazing all blacked out.

Shane booth – Be interested in whats in the 72 hour survival pack.

Jordan yang – In stock what Jeep will do 95% of people will ever need to do.

Jean capispisan – Go for 40 inches

Jeshua offroad – Can’t believe how small the 37’s look

Errik Hadringer – I would like to see the Gladiator go up the hill in 7 minutes and 17 seconds not down it. Going down is so easy to gravity works for you

Vasil Sivilov – You went to the dark side Brad?

Rusty wolfe – I like it..On license plates?

Rogue109 – @ 2: 12 Come on Master Chief, you know that "fire extinguisher" will not put out a vehicle fire. Carry has real fire extinguisher … not a 2.5lb unit. I carry a 5lb unit and a 20lb unit. If you Had to fight … and you know it, you know it will be be a cigarette. I respect your med-kit, I reject your fire extinguisher. (respectfully of course)

Rogue109 – I do not want to be a hater, I have owned Jeep JK for the last … uh … 6+ years? But the Gladiator is a pick-up truck. If you want a pickup truck there are great options out there that probably cost less … I do not know, I hate pickup trucks and do not follow the prices, but I’m guessing. So why? Why buy one? I really do not understand. Can this do your average pickup truck with Lockers can not do? Ok, bring on the hate!

Boslla lighting – The easter jeep safari concept

Anything is Everything Not really – It’s so wey 35s we have a stock truck, my life is 4 inches and I’m trying to do it with it. Kinda surprised jeep has a dana 60 under the gladiator.

Loner stoner – Niceee

Phillip craggs – Not a fan of the 4 door Gladiator. but once lifted and at least 35s it looks ok.

Dark horse designs – Awesome! Love it

rob_RT – Love the vids … JT’s are ugly as hell! maybe one day they’ll grow on me

Jeff p – So, to compensate for it, will be there 4.5 ot 6 "lifts you think?

Phil ward – Why the truck? Is there a way for you that the Wrangler will not do for you?

K5EDD – All you guys buying Gladiators.

Calb salamone – First guy with a camping shell on their gladiator will get a throat punch from me!

301steady – This is the BEFORE-Wait until you see the AFTER. I just got mine with the same REDLANDS license plate frame. Going wheelin in a few days. Nothing crazy I’m going to do some upgrades.

AngelTheFiend – Nice test and trial Brad too see what you wana upgrade # 128077;

Mike stroup – Driving the long wheel base gladiator gives you a sense of what we are Tundra owners are up against our "Wide Hipped Girls" … he he he …. great video!!

6foot6 E – That thing looks sooo good in black

Jose Saldana – My question is not so great when they are 15-20 years old with so much fancy electronics

Red rock crawlers – I can see how a small lift and some 35-37 inches can make a big difference for the gladiator

William Dykes – I guessed you were a Marine. Now my guess is that you’re spending your time in the FMF with Marines. You are very squared away.

Kill coll – Not gonna lie the extinguishing fire is a little small especially in the gladiator. The one you have had less than 10 seconds of powder in it.

Fastgixxerlv – Ooooo the black one looks sweet!

Duoglide69 – Cut the tail end down, 12 "lift, some hp rock pro 60’s front & rear and 40" tires to start.

Greg ellingson – Brad you should hurry and call Eibach spring in Corona you will have a lift kit they did my 2019 JLUR with the 2.0L turbo and most of all I love the stock feel with the 3 Inch lift I drive mine 100 miles top quality.

James flynt – Jeeps gotta do something about that fan on the Gladiators and JLs. It is louder than a C-130 at takeoff.

Steve anderson – JKU, JKU, F250, JLU, JLU, JLU
However, we are waiting for you

Alden meyers – Where is the adventure being prepared for everything???

Michael mathis – Beautiful weather! Deserts are so beautiful if people would just spend time in them and what better way than overlanding in a new Jeep!

Cr1138 – It’s a scrambler. And, by that I mean it’s supposed to "scramble" -not crawl.

This is not its application.

Ellie – No one:
Brad in every video: "Improved 6 foot 2 and i made SO focused in here!"

Driven mad! – Awesome brad video! Love watch stock rigs out on the trail! My 2 door JL Ruby is still in stock after almost a year. Not sure how much of it is by my choice

Scruffster – Never mind giving you a hard time for that track. oven

ABW 77 23 – Looking forward to Can .. Can not wait 40s # 129300; NC MOUNTAINS.

1SYCRYD – The Gladiator is cool, but your JK is cooler and more capable … Stick with the JK …. Jmho, I think you got suckered into the Gladiator hype

Old man build – Thanks for the show. Yes I like the 37’s. Do not keep us in the cold. Keep up the good work and where will you go, 3 is the lift + 37 the friends tire = 40 "your Tire." I’m sure You will get this right for a long time.

Nathan pitcairn – Going so far to see what you’re going to do to Amelia # 128578;

FPV _ Airborne – This is great. Can not wait until they arrive in Nee Zealand if they ever do, going to buy a couple years if so!

Inca jeep – Love it!

Billybadass411 The First – Going not to a fan Gladiator, attacking hate it, I just think I need one. With that said, I will watch any video you put out. You make great stuff. Who knows, with a little of your magic, the Gladiator could grow On me and influence me to buy one. Keep it up!

Timmy b – Can you wait to see what you do to this!

Joe – You never know when your Jeep will burst into flames in the middle of nowhere. 🙂 poor coyote

First time off-road gladiator jeep x2

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