How to load a plywood in a jeep gladiator truck

How to Load Plywood in a Jeep Gladiator Truck

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Free mind 78 – I hope the next video shows how to load 2x4s …. the possibilities are endless. Im selling my ram tmrw. # 128169;

John russian – Its a truck bed man just throw it in and strap it down with the tailgate closed. jeep acting like they’re reinventing a truck bed

Mr. Clean d – Wow stupid video..

Kyle burdick – This is the stupidest thing ever ever seen.

Steven piper – Park it and get a man truck!

James josker – If only they made a single cab, long bed. Not everyone wants a 4-door. oven

Sat – Wanna know how I haul plywood in my truck?
I’m in the bed and close the tailgate.
Also, I doubt any jeep owning a dick beater.

Thearkside – How to flex your jeep gladiator on youtube.

Clifford – I can not do without my 2×4’s

Traveling_Whiteman – Surprised that jeep is not upselling some attachment that’s a few big. Jeep people tend to put too much money into their depreciating assets.

Traveling_Whiteman – Step 1-Buy a truck. Step 2-Refer to Step 1.

bob.Evans. – Not a truck 6 foot bed

Johnathon castro – My 05 Honda Element Carries plywood very much more about 100 other things !!!! Lol

DTF 907 Down To Fish – When I first got my brand new Jeep I was excited when I first got my brand new Jeep I was excited to start selling it Quadratec wanted to charge me 2 Grand for shipping for $ 2,500 worth of gear I regret my Jeep and Dodge Jeep and Dodge Ford Jeep and Dodge Jeep and Dodge

Chase beavers – Buy a trailer oh, of course..

Abdul has – Or you know … get a truck pickup.

M – Just keep the tailgate closed and put in a normal truck

M – This was the gayest video lmao


Luke litterello – Or just get a truck

Xxx tomax – Lol that tape measure

301steady – The "2X4" at my local home are currently 1.5X3.5 Were your "2X4" s current 2X4’s 1.5X3.5’s?

Matthew perkins – This is likely to be a plywood or drywall?

Hookuh jones – So somebody at the top of the pile of shit, what do they want. Everytime jeep keys becomes a bigger pile of shit so it should have been.

Chrialvarez – Blade … just get a normal truck.

Jeremy wells – All we wanted was a 2 door with a new truck bed nooooo

Jeremy wells – Only Jeep owners would need a step by step…

Laurens dekoekkoek – Funny everybody bitching about the gladiator is usually one of those

Nathan camel – A solution to a problem that should never be solved…

Arctic ninja – Fix it again Tony.

Callie masters – All that money and you have to buy boards to be able to haul flat stuff?! Where’s the humanity in that?!

Eric Rayno – Overpriced under powered by Shit Jeep Gladiator! Anyone who buys this is a fucking idiot!

NiceWhenEarned RudeMostlyElse – And fuck you quadratec. Would you like to know if you have not paid youtube to spread your filth. useless ass company.

NiceWhenEarned RudeMostlyElse – Fuck this if you are an adult and can not figure out how to load the wood just by looking at it, you do not need to do it. You’re not even gonna watch to see if there’s a Joke. i don’t want this bullshit.

Elisha hassell – Or you could buy a real truck?

Hockeyplayer0241 – Get a real truck

Greg ryans – "Get a truck."

Josh t – The plywood also like it said. Look at the bow ounce he puts a few sheets in

AE86 hatch – Never done before this guy is driving a truck in mind blown

T2 KDAWG – So you’ve gotten to cut the pieces of two-by-oven just to haul Plywood and then fix the damn the tailgate properly! Sounds like you need a real fucking truck to me! That’s a play toy! I just wonder how good it is compatible with the Honda Odyssey? Lmfao it’s like the people you see with the trailer hitch on the fucking Mercury’s and they Lincoln’s and the Priuses and don’t forget the Honda Element because remember that’s a four-wheel drive Beast! Not … ….. ………… Eep eep eep eep eep 。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 。。 。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 Ep Eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep eep a 100k Jeep track hawk like it’s fucking Great car! Just keep the straight six’s right. Oversize Load For Plywood I’m Pissing Laughing! Fucking pathetic that’s you You can buy a bugged up piece of shit that will not be worth anything before it’s even paid off! I could probably get you to craigslist from 1500 to 2000 Maybe it’s less than that! Spend 40K you’ve got to be a moron you’re probably the same guy that’s buying all of them yet cups and shirts and hats! It’s a status thing huh? Sound like the guy type to sit down when you pee fucking beta bitchs. Bottom line they are so cool they just glamor and the glamor nothing more than just something to you just fine picture you are so stupid he thinks he’s going to pull a 20 foot you will not be able to jump to 18 foot Carolina Skiff Just saying your own stupidity at least let him get the bugs worked out just that’s worthy of the Rubicon! 60k I could really buy a truck.

Tanner toby – Wow you know what? I think a Prius can carry Plywood sticking 5 feet out the back

Mach n – The fact jeep people need an instructional video on how to load a sheet of plywood is funny enough.

You’re g – All these truckboys are here on the gladiator is nicer then their mobile shit

Joe young – I doubt people who buy those shit boxes have any intention of hauling stuff around.

Mathew cummings – That’s a cute little honda ridgeline. I know it is not going to be a jobsite.

Jamie carter – Gold ……. buy a chevy

Ryan bear – How to put charge in new gladiator. Sell ​​40k jeep. Buy used 1500 or f150 for 5-10k.

Jake’s garage – How to load a sheet of goods?

-Open tailgate
-Place sheet goods in bed

Amazing Going How Do You Know Engineers Made The Wheel? 48 "It’s like a crazy coincidence or something, it seems like a bunch of hoops to get into a" truck ".

Ben howson – "How to load a plywood in a Jeep Gladiator?"
Get a truck…

Nicholas livoti – Or you could buy a utility trailer.

Jacob brown – I hate this.

Sanford bath – So Jeep knows they made the bed too short.

Oven – So ugly ~

Chett smith – Its a jeep thing

Countless people overpaying for a box that never changes

Its a jeep thing for sure
No power

Nuff said !!!

Juan calmell – You have to prep lol. Fucking retarded

Ali wrinkle – Do you really need to go to a couple sheets at plywood? Just leave the tailgate up and throw the plywood in there with a couple straps on, like everybody else does. Its crazy how Jeep went through all that trouble for something so simple

Zander cotter – Gloves for plywood

Brandon hutsonpillar – Did "so many people" really want to know if they can carry a 4×8 piece of plywood in their brand new Jeep Gladiator?

Jacob james – Wow, a subject is worthy of a video.

John precious – Get to f250. Long bed ford…….

Bbc dp – Poop .. overpriced … just get a real truck

Carolina mud reaper – The fact that they did not have anything to do with a second item instead of using a throw away 2×4 is laughable. Probably will need to waste 2×4’s everytime you want to haul plywood

Shadow collins – How about ATV. Honda canam kawasaki????

David bennett – The title should be: How to haul plywood in a Jeep Imitation Pickup Truck. Not a pickup truck. Too bad Jeep (Fiat) is smart enough to bring back the Real Gladiator Pickup Truck. They were really great trucks. Hell even the long Comanche Was a great little truck.

Emilio0587 – Oh, I’m looking for you how to load you plywood into it so I can build a little shack to live in. Knowing good and well I was able to pay for this Jeep Gladiator..

Benjamin dewitt – Dumbass

Wintersburg outback – I remember when trucks were made with a big bed to carry a piece of plywood and close the tailgate.

Chris baumann – Hey rob! Nice video! Jeep Wrangler, O.E.M. Half-Doors !! Where are they in status? Where are some pictures? Lots of people are curious !! Please update, asap!

Cafe0letriumph – Imagine going to Starbucks with plywood in your Gladiator!!

MattTM – Jeep could just make the truck we really really wanted anyway. # J6 ….. so you have to worry about these types of things. oven

Wally fronzaglio – 40 to 65k and have to hate a bag of groceries

DO NOT LONGER – Going not actually level, they specifically made the tailgate slightly higher than the rest, so it’s tipped up a tad, that way the load is a lot less likely to slide out, because it’s tilted down going into the bed. Very minimal amount, almost Unnoticeable,.

Mammon mcbean – I never knew one to watch a video to put plywood or anything else in the bed of a truck.

Random gearhead – I’ll keep my long bed

Zack falcon – Question: Is it okay to run without a third brake light? If you leave the tailgate in this position, you lose the third brake light.

Bernie mcconnell – Do you know how to load three sheets of plywood? Stop calling your house "the job site" lol

Kyle barendregt – Lol what a bread in the ** . Cool jeep tho

Dan soderholm – Could not you use 2×8 for the back?

Jesse richards – Be on the lookout for my vid on how to load plywood into an F-150, it’s 7 seconds long # 128514; # 128514;
Seriously though, the Gladiator is really cool…

Rui silva – Nice small size road pickup truck.
But for building supplies I will spend my money.

Jacob davenport – This video is for yuppy dads who got their first "truck."
You can do this with any truck. This is nothing new, or specific Jeep.

theHighDesertPioneer – I never knew people so much about hauling plywood until the Gladiator came out. 48

Jon steffen – Rob! Epic video, surprise it doesn’t have 5 MILLION views already, but you failed to measure / mute if the gas tube fill the interferes with the plywood ….. lmao, did you have to notch the plywood? sincerely your Buddy on jeepgladiatorforum

Nightstalker – Wow! Great to see you finally got your gladiator!

Hue u – I like how the pockets in the wheel arches the 2×4’s in the weakest orientation for load bearing. #jeepengineering

193001 kiplssd – I’m sure Rhino or someone will come with 2×4’s

Spencer gaither – Cool i got the plywood.
You get me the Gladiator .. # 128521;

How to load a plywood in a jeep gladiator truck

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