Is the gladiator worth $ 60,000? 2020 jeep gladiator review

Is The Gladiator WORTH $ 60,000? 2020 Jeep Gladiator Review

Is the 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon worth $ 60,000? Find out in this full review and tour! The 2020 Gladiator is powered by a Chrysler-sourced Pentastar 3.6-liter …

Brent ferrell – At the.

Grumpleslam alabaster – 60k for a mid-sized, short bed with gas engine, and manual seats.

Rt40ish – Wish they would do a two door version. Find this one very long and long.

Elliott spencer – Stressed pay 37,000 out of the door for a base model. Taxes, total drug fees outside the door and 3 inch lift and larger tires

Crazy what people are paying for a first year model

Considering Chrysler / Fiat gonna have recalls

J. G. – F150 raptor is not competitive with jeep truck. Raptor way above. More like Toyota Tacoma and Ford ranger.

Jody reedy – Hey guy call a car it’s a truck! 11 times you said it would be a great drinking game 11 shot dang !

Soillife1 – He would drive it. But he is only 14 .

Francisco javier – Rys Chrysler products reliable # 128514; # 128514; # 128514; # 128514;

Allen – NOPE!

Good luck – In my opinion this is the best truck ever made, very steep

Angelo gonzalez – Seems like the big call 3, are over pricing their trucks and SUVs and also everyone else else these days. I say no to your title.

Carrollton colvin – It’s not a car it’s a truck, you don’t have a lock.

Russell frew – Not worth it

Christopher dorsett – ITS NOT A CAR! QUIT CALLING IT A CAR!

Frog dog – Jeep priced this out of the market. i can get a loaded ram power for cheaper.

DO NOT LONGER – As soon as you said "This car" I was like yeah, not gonna listen to this anymore.

3hunglow – Waiting 6 months ago for a giant factory. The winter is coming…………….

SuperSilence23 – Carried a truck not a car

Regis iley – Maximum price I’d pay for one is low 40s. 60 big is almost a new diesel.

Lowbusa trucker – When I called it a car ….. next video

Jose arambula – It’s not worth $ 60,000. Definitely over priced.

Devastator89 – The JL Rubicon has literally all that stuff. It’s not unique to the gladiator

Honeybadgerl39 – Not a competitor for Raptor. Not even in the same league as Raptor!

James jr – Nooooooooooo, it’s worth 35k period. Jeep ripped off over priced.

PREFERRED MOPAR – Call the Haha Jeep one more time .. Haha
It will be the hottest vehicle of 2019-

Russian matthew kings – At the.

Greg wallace – Chrysler products are reliable …….? Where have you been living …. under a rock?

Greg wallace – It’s not worth 60k.

Ckline111 – It’s a truck. Not a carrrr.

Krasnaludek – The only problem-the wheels on that silver are an abomination. You compare anything larger than 17s on a Jeep … NEVER.

Will m – Basically it’s a truck with a generic V6 Dodge Grand Caravan engine with mediocre towing capacity, probably a poor crash test rating, smaller interior. For 60K you can get a nice one.

Pedro hizzle – Purchasing buying the base model in black $ 33k. Lifting it 2.5 ", adding 37s Adding leather seats Now $ 40k tops and nobody will ever know.

Lenny7118 – Jeep over priced this SUV! Of course the Jeep Fan Boys will disagree. Some other auto maker will offer you a similar truck for much less.

Danthechevymanc6 b – I do not want to watch the video to answer your question. No Jeep Gladiator (let’s face it, it’s just a Wrangler Unlimited stretched out) is worth it. If Jeep keeps inflating the price, it will make things easier for one another. FCA Should be great Suzuki has brought the Jimny to the USA.

Miguel becerra – I can buy me 4 used Rubicons

Robert Snell – You still have a door where you can not touch the buttons…..

Aleks A. – Comprehensive review. Good job! Invest in a better gear, you have potential.

SQUADX GAMEISLIFE – You are a very small youtuber but I loved your review

Greg scott – Did u get a chance to test drive the Gladiator??

Kenneth G. Arnado – Aye, Gladiator II

Is the gladiator worth $ 60,000? 2020 jeep gladiator review

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