Jeep gladiator 2020 | test on board full

Jeep Gladiator 2020 | Test on board full

Get all the details of the expected pickup of jeep. Jaime Gabaldoni the new Jeep Gladiator 2020.

Gustavo avila – $ 1,119,900.00 MXN # 128561;

Julio Rooms – I wanted to rob the true designer who modified it was a 100% Mexican brick car and is from Tijuana. first time it’s all in this truck type design is not the origin of the company

Miguel arranges – It’s broad that a bus.

Sebastian lara – Jaime good road runner

Luis perez – Speedometer in 120 km, will be 120 miles

Aramhisz – Jaime, how is the theme of the safety against pedestrians? Because this bumper of metal must be so much in the case of having an accident with a pedestrian.

Luis fernando luy flowers – How good is jeep, as always better presented by Jaime.

Ignis Natura – $ 60,000 us .. o.O..

Tino rivas – If you will be able to understand me one but that will be standard

Gabriel aoiz – New gladiator ?? I have a jeep gladiator from 70jajajajjaja find out well

Carlos Gomez – Oven

Andres olea – Nothing like a raptor

Carlos Gallo – It’s beautiful
Tare taur me one: "v

Greetings and good video

Baph med – I find an egg of Easter in the consumption of GASOLINE

Rafael millan – Between so much for nenas, the gladiator jeep.

Rafael millan – Amazing.

Edgar rice – Comanche … I have been your number

Paco cobos – In the past, I have already done so, and have not done so much.

Brenda cedillo – This Precious But the Ford Raptor I love more # 128525;

Fabio puglianini – Great match if you need this type in pickup… !!

Orellana vlogs – Is a spectacular of machine

Jamietzon alonzo – Hey, you could have a review of the Nissan Frontier?

Marco Antonio Flores Hernandez – So many gadgets and mariconadas of comfort in a car ….

Francisco Javier Zambrano Gutierrez – Fiat shit all chrysler group

Yazmin lara vlogs – Ay No Sleeves # 129324; Hanging kid


FRANKIAXE Spain – Jaime knows the ecodiesel 3.0 engine will come to europe?

Ernesto randon – What returns on 4.0

Hector j – The year of 1947 if it was beautiful

Diegosanz – What will be your price?

BLANK JET – Do not get me because alzuki jimny hits me?

Edel awnings – The camper van shit that is seen to the pellets of prieto already jaajajajaja already a thousand times to a silverado 2019 jeep never a good one that wangler shit because it was not appreciated that the hammer and the electronic components of its same way is indestructible and too Hard the suspense that the insurance is so much more important than that it is appreciated by the car And they delights this brand, exaggerated engines and consumers of such time as the brand dodge, and you know why? They are not always looking for chragas / Ram / durangos I already have the first list of classic i je je je je je ej ej

NFeaRd !!!! – IIIIIIIIIo

George27484 – It’s a wrangler with open and enlarged cashew nuts

Daniel will have – 260 Torque Connectors for a V6 3.6 lt ?

Scuash shoo – I like a lot for the front camera, good tool

Jorge zambrano – If to portray a Tacoma in Mexico is a danger for the rats of back paws, it is safe for you to the first stable that the sauces of the agency.
Insurance has cost like $ 2,000 dlls in Mexico. oven

Flako loko – Standard series with a turbo diesel would be Eighth Wonder

N 90 – I charm myself is thinking about it

The rubber – All together the lintel is the preciousness of the bus

Jorge benavides – With V8 would be excellent

Roads traveled – I almost bought a Gladiator but ended up in a Chevy ZR2. Stock, a little more capable off road because of of greater breakover angle Gladiator can fit 35s stock. If you want to see 20 Colorado ZR2, AEV Bison Editions, have a swapped V8 ZR2 and a utility box from General Motors Engineering Team, check out our Drummond Island, Michigan. We’d love to get some Gladiators to wheel with! @

Panzertroll – What good are you taking over the wrangler that probaste xd

DR Christian Robles – Excellent review jaime, every detail of the trucketa shows it a great job looks since Sinaloa mexico

David cuts – The truck of my dreams really!!

Ryan will ramirez – KAMACHO POPE;)

Tony rodriguez – Pork saw a lot of gas

Tony rodriguez – Lastima I and this baby in diesel

Juan arroyave – The vehicle that you used is the diesel version?.
Regards excellent channel and very good audiovisual production!

Robrto channels – The Single Bad Is Getting A Lot To Hummer H3t

Herme cuts – Because in the Jeep 4.0 engine insert inline V. Will be because the 3.6 uses less gas gasoline. This 4.0 engine does not change. I have Jeep # 128665; Cherokee of ’98 has 21 years and still uses it now

Jesus gonzalez – Like that won’t bother me losing my kid: /

Juan diego galician – And of some misfortunes 18:11 already the break

Jesus vega – You have a lot in the road of compa

G A B R I E L F D – Please, How Much?!

Ivan Macias Del Pino – Good video from spanish to greeting

DRUMS-ADVENTURES JGNB – Use ALSO BELL instead of ALSO GOAL, which you always use. I see that the bell does not exist in you language The choice of one or the other depends on what you decide on how to say "on the ground in the wrangler BUT too in Other FSA products" you have to decide: on the ground in the wrangler bell that in other FSA products.

Do you have a good time?.

Diego was – This unbelievably equipped

David Valle – When will undergo new Honda Accord 2019 Turbo Touring 2.0

Anonymous anonymous – I’m always tasted the jeeps, there’s a lot of great wagoneer, the pick up cherokee, the traditional jeeps, we used to go to the shop, very good brand, the compliment, greetings since mexico, very good memories, before suburban And The wagoner was used to the best of the world.

Jose Luis Ramirez – Great


Tabito baez – How much is the jeep

Lalo corrctz – Aesthetics as I distinguish the female is

Ruddy gerarditis – For 16 quintals hahahaha

Ernesto casillas – Excellent you add at FB

Alejandro Murillo – Trash of trusty well engine economy and lacks grace and torque

The leader garcia – Jaime greetings from venezuela would you compare this jeep with its competitor toyota tacoma?


h rgon – Jaime I think the toyota tundra surpasses this type of land I want to know your opinion

Jonathan hidalgo – Jaime you are the best, do you want to buy a motorcycle?

Arthur palomino – The diesel version is trades???

Selsk torsk – The goodness of the height is the subject of the distance between axes. In this vehicle, you will appreciate the distance between you and yours..

Jr reason 209 – Good idea they had this model jeep greetings and well job

Peter aldan – Good solution of the front camera.

I’m you priest – Mopar supports the use of haul picking nobility

Oscar loses – Very Good Behiculo The Fault The Cable K Bring It Not Adapted For Pulling Case

Facundo arnedo – How will you walk in the puna? At 4500 masl?

Lubin jimenez – In almost all if you eat products i’m very good at a mechanical workshop like the lad rover and i’m not so much of the easter egg just to signal your military heritage

Alexander – How cow sedients.

Alexander – With you reviews!!

Father caesar – By end a circuit of decent off road test…

Victor fajardo – 3

Hector pc – Since the reason is the windshield is foldable? Not understanding someone explains me

St frame – Oh, great, thanks for the information of my country. greetings from peru

CARLOS ZAMUDIO – Excellent pick up jeep

Julian already. – I stress that the grammatical structure that this lady uses does not know how to use the copulative connector "on the ground" because every one says "on the ground" uses the "pero" (7:19, 13:04, 16:07 , 18:05, 18:57, 21:04, 21:14) could not decide "on the ground" and immensely decide.

Ricardo vilchis – These explanations TAAN DETAILED of what will abase me quickly, should Gabo Salazar and the very dynamic in

Frederick florian – Female.

Guillermo alejandro – 9:06 so that you want the buttons of the wind if you will not occupy you.

Ariel mainieri – Take a look at the sea and enjoy the sea in the middle of the lake .. But the price in the middle of the countryside round the sea at $ 120,000 goal..

Carlos Rodriguez – Jeep doing that AEV when he did the gross.

J. C. – But what I see, another great American garbage.

BRITOWSKY BRITO(OlllllllO) 4x4ever Jeep

Diego Alberto Arellano Zepeda – I believe the only competence for this thing would be the same sahara and the tacoma

Lavrentizodiac – Very nice, there is that Syrian couple to see if his good

Andrés Arellano Vallejos – Great work gabaldoni

Juan Carlos López Palazuelos – The rangler

Elkin Mario Perez Echeverri – Excellent vehicle

Rufino avina – Pity of Poverty # 128557;

Alldair kings – For when the gmc sierra 2019 ?

Piero amaya nassi – Dodge Durango engine 3.6 6cylinders

Totalgamer001 – Just that i need it for my ranch.

Mark fanning – Hideous

Arturo castillo – It was not 27 years ago that jeep to pickups again, since that year 2004 bag the crude jeep double cab, and there exactly is the same.

Rolling vegas – Three tones of drag weight????

Gem – The only thing that is not the taste of this pick up is very small, just like those of the Renegade. They must have been and always

Jose Henriquez Carrasco – The box the pones 4 bad is a gladiator list that was sold

Roger port – Friend, good friend Suzuki Jimny 2019.

John diaz – Is that interior in the Tacoma? oven

Daniel Calderon – Very cute likes me but that normal jeep

Oskar duarte – …

MARCO ANTONIO MARTINEZ BAÑOS – Excellent review Thanks jaime

Marvin lopez – Do they make videos in Spanish and insist on POWERar words en français? If you are a gladiator, you should know how to be, it is in Spanish. # 128553; ignorant pro-gringos are … # 128553; # 128544; # 128544; # 128544; # 128544;

Wölf gögler – If the stakes that take care in offroad

Ther Doctor776 – Chevrolet Colorado is wearing it a lot


Crystopher189 – The least I would like to know that the interiors are so beautiful, I do not think its too much to unravel, and I do not have the crystals the bajaia so that the octopus would not come in, this beautiful one, sorry that it Did Not want to evolve fuel and features?

Leo the nile – Solo is a Wrangler with a box, mmm is rare, but not the best Wrangler and a Ford Raptor.

Miguel larrovere – Jaime congratulate you on this video, this issue of the Jed of the 60s and 70s that in the USA call J10 or J20 is here the Gladiator. The concept of Jeep J6 aqua trucketa called Baqueano. I think it would be a good idea to have a gladiator for it. Well that’s my humble opinion. Jaime Eduardo SmoK of the Gladiator in the minute 23:28, here in Argentina Eduardo Smok is a journalist very respected and the driver in the test of cars, I like to imagine that he wanted Tuts the pleasure of meeting him in the Jeep event. Cordial greetings from Cordoba, Argentina, where you too follow your test, follow here.

Fabian moya cruz – To mahindra

Cazorla samto – There are those who think of the young Barbones, instructors, with lovers and lovers of 4 * 4, and the conquerors of JEEP.
An excellent option to complement the market tastes me a lot the balance of the Chevy Colorado goal I have but my imagination will wait for me until the end of the year for the promotions and gathering the money.
Regards Jaime Gabaldoni enchants me with the huevitos of Easter you have been the following you since 5 years ago

HELMUT AR – More than a wrangler a gladiator

123456 123456 – Video of boring shit

M ᝨ E ER ERERE – 21:58 "Una cute" already .. fuck this, good video

Jesus – 18:11 hahahaha protect them from some misfortunes

Alvaro flowers – We are not interested in Guanajuato bajara if or with any guns pick up but with these models …

Jafet ruiz – Jaime greetings from Panama ✌

Othonomas – 2 to take, when I’m a millionaire

Magnus B.Y.M.B.. – Jaime Greetings from Colombia Jaime Greetings from Colombia.

Fernando lizcano – Which owing technical specifications. I fall with gabo.

Fabian castro – Hahaha I do not like the FORD RAPTOR! but very good your videos after much !! hug

Alexis sanchez – Tsss ya love me: ‘v❤️

Dark alias – And watched at least 15 or 20 videos about the jeep galiator and nobody had mentioned the brands of motorcycle rim in the box, good job.

Santiago Jose Chacon – Oven

Martin Peña – With me you get a jeep tease but when you have a lot more coaches in your life, you’re looking for a vehicle that you can enjoy.
In conclusion with a Jeep that will not happen. # 128554; is the reason that discourses me.
It’s my opinion.
Thanks for the Attention.
Greetings from Peru # 127477; # 127466;

HOUSEWOLD – Automatic nooooo

Jorge mario musumeci – Must have the grill of the gladiator

Jose Juan Bello – Jaime all these pick up his inferior in off road, has no jurisdiction this jeep.

Cw600p – A lot $$$

Raul – "from some misfortunes" the best!

Fabio diaz – Hello Mr. Jaime, it’s not for the least preclude your work, nothing like that. With the respect you deserve, Eduardo Smok Auto up to date on YouTube. I believe I could cash out the best way in which we sit. Cordial greetings from argentina!

Ivan Francisco Lopez War – You talk about "Crawl Control" that treats the Rubicon version.

Cristiam fast – Hahahaha 18:10 from some unfortunates

Jose Yever – Hello be Jose yever and seal refections for jeep willys and wagoneer in the cdmx mi cell 5549259524

The lush ray – If the u stand engine hemi uviese falling perfect # 128076;

Juan gabriel 2t – It’s cabrooonaaa

Luis mendez castillo – Transmission manual. Only for 4×4 double differential evils. Box of 18 speeds ..

Marcelo venier – Excellent # 128077; # 127808; # 127808; # 127808; # 127808;

Santiago Bermudez Bald – What a wonder by car! Blessings!

Alex varela – Looks like Mahindra if the front grill you remove.

Super noobIt’s super female, You are like a box with bad but what it costs $$ 00000.00 They played play from Nintendo Labo

Alberto tapia – Very good video like everyone who has a view of the world.

Fat fat – Ufff now if you are marrying me

Saito-san – I think that the joke of the stage of the mechanical box, child is quite nostalgic and I have a true car for Males, I got back from the first generation that I had my priest 1986 with mechanical box

Hector ibarra – Pontiac aztek in the vein so ugly

Luis flowers – Pretty bus Rough drinks gasoline as an airplane. They lack the engine like the 4 cylinders EcoBoost of Ford. When the logren will be a great genius

Leonel Demaria – Very good product greetings Jaime

Oscar garduno – This super ugly the truth does not like that thing

Alvaro Diego Valencia – What differentiates are there from brutus

Edward – Will Conc the laziness cars. It was better with live audio

YummydoG isPrankster – Are you a current jeep?

Marcelo alejandro ganon – This number in Argentina was used in the 1960s with the IKA Jeep Gladiator !!!!!!!!! a beautiful and fantastic tricky pick up !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus reds – You are beautiful

Xonexcro – This new jeep is a beautiful thing, no place for a jeep with this bus, great street, good guys and it’s off-road and it’s going to see you off-road trucket, jeep rifaron.

Gustavo mendez – Autos and Jaime Gabaldoni … His Best # 128127; # 128127; # 128293; # 128293;

Daniel C.R. – What is a European pinch will never tend to be for ills

CARLOS MARTINEZ – It is good, too bad that jeep still did not develop efficient engines that did not drink fuel like cow sedates.

Cesar will counter – Excellent video Jaime Greetings from Panama

Luis rodriguez – Fantasy vehicle

Jose Leonardo Rodriguez Cortes – Jaime, excellent video, you enter the detail without so much repetition, so I like your channel … Follow …

Jose Juan Tadeo Sanchez – 18:57 camera treats in the front grill for support .. # 128527;

Agustin raineri – Q no the grab a raptor xq the broken the ass

Carlos 008 – And the gross jeep ?

Ale vergara – And complain that the mahindra is square hahahaha

Jhon j will control c – What a good video!!

But knowing what you know – 17:02 The Bedliner is a squeaking, btw job painting bedliner

Ronald urviola – That system of sound leads in speakers ???

Cristian harvey guzman sands – My sister always has a wrangler # 128525; # 128525; # 128525;

Jorge tamacas – I am not a fan of the pick up, but with this gladiator, for which exception. It seems to me that lives very good equipment. In general I have tasted a lot. Greetings from Salvador, Jaime, a very good job!

Ariel gonzalez neck – Jaime, Believes that harian has version 6 × 6

Alberto cruz – I do not like it, I prefer the tacoma

Alejandro Escobar – It’s always asked me how much does it cost me to drive the batteries?

Jose luis – Good video

Álvaro Diaz – Great video jaime

Daniel raptor91 – What would your rivals be? oven

JESUS ​​MOYA – 18:10 # 128514; # 128514; # 128514; # 129305; # 127996;

Gaxiola_ dani – Overland version supports offroad capability? How to beach?

Jhonatan cross – No one does reviews like this men!!
Jaime you are one of the best I hope to continue with you reviews!!

Sebasmm262 – I like it when I do not like music. It has a lot the way of filming. This good one who was filming inside was always beautiful when I was already outside. This good way in the exchange before and your way of expressing you have distinguished But too because there is many reviews of cars. But as Jaime none. By the way I am known that way is always the best. I follow since earth enchanted me

Mayky gil wild – Jaime has you the new toyota Hailandel

Irving gonzalez – Other hummer h3 with box

Javier – In the words of "Scrambler" would have better, also is an overlander good

Marcel cariat – With current falls gladiator otacoma trd pro

Mayky gil wild – Very pretty trucketa

Francisco siles – No one decrees Jaime Osea and the Wrangler design does not look like a totally cloudy vehicle, it seems to be Wrangler

Pablo narvaez – © ||||||| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | © © © 128 128;

Ronnie mccrea – How will the end of?

Carlos Esteban Piña Garnica – All passionate: 3

Fredys Josue Mendoza Sanchez – I hope the diesel version has a manual box when the test is done to the diesel version as well as the F-150 diesel

Jeep gladiator 2020 | test on board full

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