Jeep gladiator project update and build plan

Jeep Gladiator Project Update and Build Plan

It’s been a few weeks since I brought home to 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon …

Larry – I really like your channel, and I’m very excited about it. Needless to say, it is an impressive vehicle right out of the gate. I’ve been watching Ronny Dahl too, and lately he’s been on an absolute rip on GVW, And overloaded rigs. This info, and the fact that my Taco needs to be a long-distance driver, I’m having compromised in certain areas. First is on RTT. I opted for an extreme Hiker off road trailer. It does not have a big kitchen and drawer set up to save weight, but it does have water and a pump and ample storage shelves. More inexpensive. The truck bed needs to be flexible so I am going to run L-track tie down on the floor of this Way I can add or remove some points as needed, and keep my gear modular, taking only what I need for a specific trip. I’m bi-passing heavy drawer systems or fridge rails to save weight and maintain modularity. My sliders are steel, but everything needs to be aluminum to save weight. It is not the road to the road, but it can not be used for a long tim e, to find a kayak for a long trip, and a trip to Moab, or head to Idaho for both overlanding. . and paddling. My last trip Was over 4000 miles, so you can see why.

1974 metalmover – I can not get past how ugly the gladiators are … especially from the rear …. they look like an old model t pickup …. rickety and weak.

Ricky ng – Hey Brad, do you have the regular vagabond or the xl version? If it’s the regular version, have you slept in with your own yet? I’m debating between the regular and the xl and want to see how to be with two adults In It. Thanks!

Mg mg – Please check that out I think you like it

Michael fulmer – Gotta say it.i love this channel. Hope to see more on this build too

Jonathan flowers – Hey I’m having this huge debate about getting the gladiator sport and the future, or is there a lot of difference between the sport and the Rubicon model? I wanted it for 85% city and 15% over-landing.!

Francesco guarino – Hi Brad, How are you connecting the mini to the internet? Is it tethering to your phone or does it have its own data plan?

Maxwell cohen – Maybe trailrecon could develop a circular gas tank that mounts where the spare is to increase capacity. Once you go over 35’s it’s wasted space. You can fit a spare 37 under the bed.

Maxwell cohen – Hi Brad, I was wondering why you were on Milestar Vs. the Coopers on your JK.?

Colorado4x4 – Unbelievable rig. So cool. I love the idea of ​​the pickup.

Scott K – Shoulder of just bought in Tacoma.

B. his – Really wanted to see inside

Sandra had – Very cool

Kelly fonts – Sorry if I missed this, what did you choose 17×9 wheels?

Bobby harris – What tunner did you use when you upgraded to the 35’s

Oliver 11 – With so many folks wanting the same things you do not want jeep build jeeps already set up? do not expect answer answer I like to hear from Jeep.

Patrick carroll – Sorry, the "stretch" Jeep is just plain ugly and unwieldy.

Neal johnson – Ok when does the 6.4L Hemi go in???

N noddy – Can you take the tray / bed off the chassis? I am thinking of a custom canopy to go on the back. Would appreciate appreciating people who actually have a Gladiator..

Ftttlife – Great vids!

Chris wilson – Just me gold does that look heavy top?

Michael nunnally – Would love to see an honest review / comparison video of the roam fold out. the smittybilt.

James flynt – I use the Yaesu FTM-400XDR for commo. The head unit mounts to my Off-Road JKE Vector using 67 Design mounts and the base unit can be behind the glove box, under a seat or on the back wall. It covers 2m And 70cm Bands and is capable APRS with its built in GPS.

Ferrotes – Thanks for existing: we love you.

Goodoldgamer – Go with aluminum over steel whenever you go, especially if you’re overlanding more than hardcore offroading. oven

Ro baas – The RTT box on the bed frame … It’s a better look on the Wranglers … The GFC RTT on the top The Leitner frame, is a better fit and look … and much Less wind resistance … lower center of Gravity, gas milage, etc … at twice the cost;) … I was just visiting GFC today and they just turned out a new batch of RTTs … $$$…

Off roader – Penalty the link for the tent rack

Bradley dills – Where’s the peanut butter for the pancakes?

Paddy westside – The 35’s look just perfect on the gladiator … no need for 37’s imo

OFFRD – I agree that the Sport Max Tow would have been a better overlanding platform. That 1,180 lbs. payload is going to evaporate quickly with all the stuff he’s adding to that truck.

Wiggelpuppy – Tell me more about the pancakes

John mills – 150 lbs. added weight with wheels, 150 lbs. added weight for RTT that 1,100 lbs. payload will be eight in time.

Kilometer – Brad first off love your videos. What is your camera setup?

Stanley Furash – Love the truck.
Did you have to take the rack?

Myke shawz – Hi Brad, GREAT Vids .. Avid Fan and subscriber, just got yourself overland gladiator, do you still have the stock wheels and bumper? Let me know…

Shelby brashear – Cool 100k plus jeep

Vadim zubkov – You should get

Steve tabor – Hey, Brad playing, wrestling, wrestling, doing, doing, doing, doing, doing, doing, doing, doing, doing, doing, doing, doing, doing.

RANCT1 – The Gladiator is my future purchase, I’m planning for you with my Jeep … Nice video # 128077;

Dakumi life – Man, if every jeep was not ugly enough, this is the ugliest vehicle I have seen in a long time.

Åke pettersson – I swear; the pancakes…..
Share the receipt …. and I subscribe….
Improving a promise

The roaming huckleberries – Looking forward to watching your build as I do mine. Haven decided on a rack yet. May custom. But that Leitner rack looks pretty cool.

Claude – The truck looks great and will be following you. Thanx for the video

Jeff gibson – Hey Brad … how do you get your fridge set up gonna lay out, or do you know yet? Going trying to decide between a gladiator and wrangler (rubicon on). Just sayin

Augie Wolff – What ever happened to your XJ?

Gerry doc – Okay doc, I went to mountain road with my stock JKU and loved it. Got any other recommendations for socal?

Troy neally – I need to start putting videos … so I can get you back to the top of the road … just at the eyes of this guy at least 400+ dollars … WAY TO GET YOUR HUSTLE … A good way To pay for your hobbies.

Gary molony – Does this run hot like other jeeps? JK is great but wow it runs hot. Have to say im lovin the glad.

Dan vizcar – Two 50k + Rubicon`s at home plus your jk. $$$$$

Yarn yak – Your last 3 videos made me start falling in love with the Jeep Gladiator! Can’t wait to see what you’ve done with it!

Bryan hernandez – Congratulations on the big 200K Brad subscribers!

Mark wolf – Great vehicle and will be following along to see your progress. Envy you at this point. Would not be so cool but would be really cool!

Mike gruber – I have been working on an onboard water system but you seem to have a collapsible tank on your side?

Isaac garcia – I think you might want to go to some places

Nicholas mollenhauer – I have a tj, on 35s, amd I just moved here to San Diego from Tennessee, and I’d love some advise? I’m watching your channel constantly thinking about a gladiator? What’s your take? My 2 door is small for a Long time and what do you want to have a gladiator??

Habaz – Ism thinking of some kind of brackets that they can slot in and then lock them down with some kind of cargo rack. padlock.

XXX – I love the wheel design and size! it looks great!

Amos cardoza – I’m interested in your power management system. She’s looking good!!

Sam m – Great video..hitting that notification button

James ferrer – Can u adopt me??

Legendary 1941 – Love it! Nice job so far on this build! #JTLIFE

John mantey – Lookin ‘Good, Brad! I can not wait to see you and take your Gladiator both in the build and on the trails.

Jeremy knight – I have thought about your skid plate ideas. I have aluminum has it line X’d. That would make it stronger, if not better than steel and puncture proof. That stuff is amazing. Keep sharing your life with us. Your vids always make my Day better. Jeremy knight

Casey 250 – I love that rack system and the extra lockable storage. Weight savings is a huge consideration, my JK is a pig and my next build is going to be waaay lighter.

Nicholas nelson – You should look into the deck for storage in the bed

Geoff milton – Steel is inexpensive … wait a sec.

Jon s – Will bed bend overtime with weight that’s what I’d like to know. Are there braces out yet like the ones for tacomas

Jon s – Watch out Marco new Chuck wagon in town lol

Jess arellanes – It’s looking really good,

Edy the coyote – You bought a Gladiator! You asshole Great rig You’re taking it to the next year Expo?

Sam ballard – Hey Brad I know it’s probably somebody’s already mentioned it Milestar also comes in at 38x 13. 50 that would be perfect for that vehicle

ABW 77 23 – NC MOUNTAINS ❤ …. # 128076;

AC130 reaper – What RIM width fits on the P245 / 75R17

James mullarkey – Hey, what did you think about the light bar? is this a bad enough issue to not install one? thanks love all you vids!

Jonathan edradan – Did the rub 35s?

Vargas chirs – I feel like you’re denied the fact of it being a truck with all the stuff in bed. But just done me

Charles gardner – Great upgrades to the new rig. Question any updates on the 99 Grand Cherokee as well?

Drew toner – Some kind of skid up under the bumper, might help a
Lot too!

Roger halt – Based on your previous build, I waited to see what is coming!

Tom d – It will be nice to see a larger fuel tank to replace the stock, or designs for an auxiliary tank.

Jason molihan – Hell buddy, you should have just bought an RV.

Mr haun – Man u can pimp some hoes in the woods with that truck lol. Dam jeeps are making truck now

Soul surf – Great build and look forward to your process.

Joseph patch – My wife would like to know what toilet product (s) you use while overlanding. Special, what are you using when your wife is overlanding with you. May be good to a short video on this topic..

Chanse ormon – ARE and READ Shell Camper Shell for the 2020 Jeep Gladiator

Chanse ormon – +TrailRecon I’d get a Jeep Gladiator Overland with the 8 Speed ​​Automatic Transmission My Gladiator will be White with Tan Leather Interior I’d have an engine block heater installed on my Gladiator for the Wintertime my Gladiator will have Body Color Hard Top And Also the Hard Top Headliner

Joel lopez – Cam through your channel and I have your say. They are very well edited and the context is great.

Benjamin schor – How to get rid of the Leitner rack installed?

Clay massey – Try the decked truck bed

John p – Seems like the gladiator is nothing more than a bad imitation of a pickup truck

Oscar Gouveia – If you are seriously considering an expedition, you could check out Pierre Saint White’s 4xoverland channel. He has many experiences in overlanding expeditions, mainly Africa.

Webb brock – You mentioned bed lighting, the KC cyclone for under the hood might work good. But love your ideas for this build. Looking forward to see this build

Vegasdavetv – Looking good so far working on mine

DtotheMFinJ – Uh oh … looks like Marco has some trail cooking competition!

Liz b – I have a lot of plans when I get my gladiator. I want an extended hard top that extends to the back of the truck. Making it more extended in the inside. A long roof rack to tie down cargo. Of course a lift kit and Bigger tires. And a sway rear tire holder so I can hold 2 spare tires and still have great access to the bed. Just love brainstorming for my gladiator, it’s fun making it your own.

Pindal mapu – I have that Leitner Cargo System with the big box, installed in a Tundra, it’s really good and it helped me a lot to rearrange my things for overland…..

Iammachines – Wow that was some fast upgrades. I saw a red gladiator with the Leitner rack floating around the gram but did not realize it was Amelia already hah. I have the ACS Leitner for my Taco and I’m in the mood for the best mods. Absolutely love it # 128077;

Wxguy – 199K. Damn that was fast! Loving how it’s coming along.

Paul kaiser – Loved the video !! I know you are thinking of solar energy? (For back up power)
Ronnie Dahl (who you can know) has several water solutions, not only on his rig

Don mohring – A turbo will help for efficient power and fuel

2fuzzies – Running a switchpros for about 3 years. It’s wonderfull, much smaller footprint than the spod. Solids state, no mechanical relays. Has an app to program and control it with BT. Dual battery setup for all your camping bling. An auxiliary tank where the Spare tire is moving the tire somewhere else. Rack on the hardtop gold swing gate / rear bumper? Arb dual compressor with a small tank too. Shiney side up, rubber side down.

Earlbond007 – Call redarc for power management that’s what patriot campers uses

Earlbond007 – Put the Evo off-road gladiator rear bumper on your angle

Andy mckane – Hand made blueberry pancakes? What’s your idea of ​​camping out? Seriously, the pancakes look great. And so does your new gladiator.

Bruce wootten – Hey Brad, just wanted to say with Mike Matter on the big bear trail. Black Oops duties for a Jeep that was having trouble. One of these days I’m going to meet you hello. BTW feels like a friend request on FB.

Af22raptor23503 – Bravo-Zulu, it looks like Master Chief Emilia is on her way!

Michael nares – Nice job Brad. you’ve got quite the little production going on brother. and the collaboration with marco and michael …… sweet.

Millennium overland – Which Jeep has been the daily driver lately? I think there is a jealous silver Wrangler moping around the driveway.

LWRC – Too bad Jeep didn’t come out with the Hard Rock version of the Rubicon … that MOPAR bumper you bought was stock on the Hard Rock on the JK!

TheWozWizard – I am beginning to wonder if there is a lot of things going on there. With other catalogs for biggest tires and highest lift. I am reminded of the fact that the man who originated modern overlanding.

Kalvyn Zethaphon Chittavong – Hello from Montreal Brother !

Jack vanderhyde – GL keeping dust out of anything lol. A positive air pressure.

Wesley mcgonagle – Gidday Brad, Redarc OZ and USA … indicated not bias. Butt !!! If you want to get the best Solar / Dual battery powered system set up … you need to get started with RedArc from Australia … they are In the USA and have revamped my Jeep with the Manager 30 …. Check it out … its future proof !!!! Cheers the KWOZUSA.

Flame on x – You still have your other jeep

Matt b. – Would you like a dual battery instead of a solar? Solar jeep carries.

Matt b. – Fresh blueberries, are they the ones from the back of your home drawer fridge? Haha

Pray 1 – I like your money jeep better. Wanna sell it to me!

Informed citizen – Are you planning to regain with the 35’s or are you gonna wait till you move up to 37’s? Love the rig btw.

Phil ward – Boron steel skid flat wing AEV? Lighter and stronger than steel.

Phil ward – Do not like the cab-height bed racks.

Ro baas – As a weight … payload capacity … A few weeks ago … I traveled from Bozeman to LA, via Mojab … + close to max payload capacity … + tires, winch, plywood, etc … Passengers…

75 mph max speed ……
Also, running on Falken 35s, with Mopar 2 "lift…
Suffered a twist fracture in front windshield … in deep shock compression … in tight Interstate 65mph turn … (s) … within an hour of Bozeman … coming down the Continental Dived … on I- 90…

Also, rehearsed fender weil (shredded once before) … being shredded in compression turns … at slow speed … in the path of the M / T…

Truck handled perfectly, with all the gear stowed low, with back seat and front seat in plywood bed "tunnel" cover…

Now, have Leitner Frame and GoFastCamper RTT (140 lbs) … and it’s definitely going to be a mountain bike. . More the runabout…

Mike robbins – Thanks ….. For what you ask .._. Well, first, for the great video about your new rig. Second, I just wanted my JLUR 2 1/2 inches and I was trying to decide which wheels I wanted. After seeing your Icon wheels I have now decided. I had it down to 3 different wheels and Icon was pretty much my first choice even before seeing your rig. Now sure. I had also decided on the Patigonia tires. My reasons for picking them is Cost and weight.

JASON’S WORLD – Spend that $$$$$$$$$$$$$ !

Ricky mcfarland – Im betting you will come with the extra fuel tank very soon!

John stup – Will be looking forward to see you mods to your Brad Gladiator. Oh, and blueberry pancakes are the best! Yum!

Austin barnett – Love the plane, man!!!

Steve hogue – You are excited as a schoolboy who got his first bike for his paper route. I know, I’m a dinosaur.

Reece dye – If you want a good power management system for solar and extra power for fridge and charging. Down here in Australia Red Arc is the best for all your solar systems and for your camping needs

George lansberry – Awesome work so far Brad! I’m holding off until they release (hopefully) the 3.0l diesel gladiator!

Tower head – Love the outdoors, I’m a sucker for off-roading.

Vasily Lantukh – Sounds like you just need to go with the PCORE setup Brad.

Sifilmaker – Awesome Brad .. nice job. I’m waiting for the diesel version .. Love that rack, love the channel, keep up the great work.

Grant crawford – Damn you have been busy lol

Gene z – Great job on the video as always! Really looking forward to watching you build the JT and the future trips you will take it on.
. The pancakes looked awesome! 0lllllll0.

Michael crossman – Litebrite just got rid of their stock mopar bumper.

Smarter than you – As soon as the diesel arrives. Going in San Diego and hopefully I can catch some runs with the crew

Hoeffner – You keep talking about your gladiator name. Identifying the name of your wrangler?

Brandyn rupp – I did see this rig in a colorado a week or so ago?

Vittoamp – Lite Brite is doing it right

Banshee107 – This build is SSSIIIIIIIIIIICK!

Gray goose 4×4 – Love your videos sir / long time subscriber and you always produce good content

Toledo Bend Adventures MG – Red bow for your electric needs!

Rick shigley – Love that you’re always in a haha ​​tshirt. Great start to your build too! Can not wait for more.

Have – Snorkeling ?

2019 JLUR Silver Metallic Ticket – Hey Brad question … how much are you running on road in those tires? And have you got an issue with the TPMS sensors?
Thanks bill

Joed596 – Lots of good, ambitious plans. . . Good luck brad! oven

Francisco robson – I liked it

AddictedToSpeed – I’ve only watched you so much, but I’ve seen you wearing 5.11 in each of you, from you like pews?

Stefan s – A longer, more expensive JL … very enticing…

Prophet seven – Hopefully someone will make one of those racks. That can come off so you can use it as a truck when needed.

Mike hoffman – How are departure and approach angles?

Mark remillard – Can they make it a little bit longer and add a few more doors

Adrin balili – Are all your cars jeeps?

302Visuals Photo – YAAAS PATEGONIAS. I love my 37’s.

Brice swan – Looks awesome Brad !! Cant wait to see the evolution of this build!

Ril850 – I got same wheels on my F150 last week. Hope to see you on the trail

Matt ansbro – #jeepgoals Love the build and the walkthrough! Thanks for sharing.

Honda man – It sounds like you know that the bed rack was not good for you. Sometimes fun might look good but it does not work.

4×4 CO – I’d be giddy as I had that truck. Looking forward to see you and others to their Gladiators.

Mattsynth – I am not a big fan of these Gladiator’s goal I am sure you will get a lot of use of yours.

MrGurthBrooks – I have fified .. i defiantly recommend the aluminum bumpers and what not … surprisingly if you have issues there to fix unlike steal, and even with the belly pans. my father has all aluminum on his FJ cruiser and he is a fraction of The weight that the steal setup is … saving gas is one of his things that he wants.

P lastr002 – Metalcloak is coming out with a 4 "gamechanger lift with an option for the 6pack shocks. That would be perfect for 37s!!!

Christian snapp – Hey brad i saw your friend

P mag – Jeep and get yourself to the Ford F-550 … more and more
Do not forget to add that kitchen sink

Dgomez626 _ – Hellcat swap it at Most Wanted 4×4

Great white shark – Your channel is doing something right because you got a toyota guy watching your videos. We are all Brothers in offroading. Most are jeeps. 95% of people will help each other. thats what makes offroading so fun. The Companion of Enjoying Gods Creation .

Julie Leenaers – Brad, my husband and I love your videos, you have a great personality (you’d make a very good car-journalist). But, we just don’t like the gladiator. Still, we’ll be following with great interest.

Casey lawton – "do not want terrible gas mileage" throws 37s on it # 128514;

Gary k – Great build so far can Brad Brad # 128077; # 128075; Brad # 128077; # 128075; Brad

Kourgath007 – Dual battery options for all of your overlanding power needs?

Rob the elder – Aluminum skids front and rear make sense. With the brake over the steel for the vitals in the middle

Wenger austin – Hey brad! The cooltech mount system for a handheld snake cb works well in the jl

Donate coker – You are cooking right along, can not wait for the next one!

Craig woolbert – Saw ya on the way up there on Saturday. The super funny thing is me and my nephew were talking about you and then off in the distance we see a gladiator with a yellow JL. ——– Wow moly that’s Brad! Lol!!!!

Kevin burch – Since you’ve had a good time, you can look into a Styker CB / ham. I know you’re trying to conserve space though. I am sure they have a different radio.

Gabriel bozeman – How do you pay for all these accessories (and the truck!) And mods?

Andrew Turner – Such a cool build, really excited to see where it goes.

Matthew hatton – I went to camping world and got me a little solar panel that mounts to my roof and my batteries charges as well as their sun # 128514;

2bond007 – What do you need the iPad for?

Matthew hatton – Man I want to do an expedition all the way down to the tip of South America. I think that would be a good expedition # 129305;

Kyle shepherd – Beautiful truck, I’m excited to see how she evolves!

Jae ewing – Gas mileage is a concern, yet your wanting to go with 37 "tires???

He who doesnt reply to replies – Gotta be honest …… not really digging it

Bilogistjim – Please check your PO Box, I feel you a letter.

Gman p – Cant wait for the install vids

Winnie ray go – What about a Fast Camper system with an awning ?

Nicolas kabsy – You should go check out WAYALIFE! He actually has a video: "Jeep JL Wrangler CB Radio Mount for Overhead Installation-World with HAM Radio and Gladiator CB Bar" you mentioned a long range option for Amelia and I thought this could help!

NC_JK_CRAWLER – You and @litebrite should collaborate as they are giving their ruby ​​JL front bumper away. It would be cool to see your Gladiator and their newly upgraded JL together.

The bass fam – Get an overland trailer

PK – What rivet nut tool did you use?

Scott moore – Brad is excited for you. Try to keep it that way, like stay with 35’s, see what you can and else do. Simple is usually better, and more likely to do what you do. Looking forward to you long trips. S

Abdallah khartoum – Cool set up great off-road gear.
Would I like to know the purpose of balancing the road with a rock all night? Instead of just finding a spot near the camp without squeezing your tire!

Eddie & terri strong – You might want to look into the Front Runner Drawer system as it gets you to the bottom of the bed. They are in development now.
Also, please let us know what you are going to know about the larger fuel tank. I think this is one of the major shortcomings..

Great videos! Keep it up!!!

Largonut KE0VXL – Brad, have you not lifted at all yet? Are the 35s rubbing?

GEN2-X – Alu-Cab canopies look functional with side opennings.
Custom alum.fuel cell mounted in-bed close to cab … extra 40-60 gal.
Nice platform for a build for sure.

Al nosnerd – TITAN May offer something Tank wise

MazeVX FPV – You’re really screaming plans pcor gold 50ten

Heart mit – Hey Brad I just installed a Clayton off-road long arm 3 1/2 inch lift with Fox 2.0 Shocks with bfg 39 km3s.On My 14 JK and it honestly rides drives and handles better than my wife’s 2017 JK. You would not believe the Difference, you should give them a call

WW MOTOVLOGS – How to buy a trailer, like a patriot camper, or opus camper, or something else for the kitchen set, it will be more important for your family, and do not forget about the weight of the suspension and it should be balance. Anyway your Car was totally cool…

Kg – I have a shell with a bed on the inside. That is not enough to keep Mojave dust and silt out off the interior. I want to change the bed.

Jeep gladiator project update and build plan

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