Jeep gladiator rubicon vs. Chevy colorado zr2-2019 off-road truck comparison

Jeep Gladiator Rubicon vs. Chevy Colorado ZR2-2019 Off-Road Truck Comparison

This video chronicles an off-road truck comparison test of the 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon and the 2019 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2. The Gladiator is by far the …

Max d – Virgins are trying to be tough … cute

Dylan morgan – Why do they use a leveled gladiator? If it was leveled it would not drag? More you can get it from the dealership, like the zr2.

Michaelxie1978 – I’ve owned 3 Wranglers and 1 Chevy Colorado LT. I love my wranglers and wanted a Gladiator but I would like to say that it is a very good choice with their AutoTrac 4WD system making my life in the mountains of PNW so much easier. Only problem of Colorado is no longer aftermarket accessories to choose from.

The vega – The power for the gladiator would be awesome!

Johnathon castro – That jeep is driving to damn limo off road !!! Wtf Jeep !!! Zr2 is a bad ass truck.

Spencer t – This by far is the best review. Unbiased and very informative. Thank you guys!

Squid burton – Both of them: How are they doing?

Courtney mann – I love jeeps

Drunken chewbacca – 40mph + is key on washboards

Leonardo Cucchiara – Why did not he use the off-road cruise control of the tubulars? Thats what it is there for…

Yote yeet – General Motors manufactured trucks do not care

Eman WacaGator – Not ready for the Gladiator. I bought the 2018 ZR2 & 2018 ZR2. Best of both worlds. More ZR2 offers gas & Duramax. The Zura Duramax has 369 pounds of torque. Thanks for the video..

Barry – The Jeep Gladiator is great for $ 50,000 to $ 75,000.00 for a Rubicon which is alittle too crazy.

Gbcamaro gcamcamaro – In 10 years there will be no longer solid ax.they drive like shit

Ggqbc – If you’re gonna charge 60k … you should have 360 ​​front back side cameras … love trucks but need with makers to start making them because of the features and interior and innovation. Awesome trucks tho just limited by american automakers

Ratero death – Speech at 12:00
These guys shouldn’t be off road vehicles

John smithherson – You should always make your decision after the hype has past. Buying on impulse will be your winning regret. Salesmen are only out to make money .

Craig schultz – Zr2!

Corbin’s stunts – * switches to the cockpit jeep view during suspension test-camera shakes a little bit "these switches to colorado cockpit view during test-camera suspension shaking violently" I think this truck likes the higher speeds better "I Call Bull # 128514; jeep definitley won that one # 128514;

Mike cav – If you don’t have the extra money for a road bike and it’s better than the ZR2! The chief does not come close to the ZR2 when it comes to comfort! The ZR2 could be a little bit better than that, but it’s better than The Jeeps only I’m concerned it’s a fact that you can make it at convertible open ride.

Kim ian – Coloradoooooooooooooooooooooooo

Edward need – ZR2 overall ZR2 overall.

Arnold galician – This channel is booty for off roading. They use 4L for everything when not needed. All the places I saw in this video my 1978 would be able to match these vehicles in 2×4. 34 mins of bias garbage

Tom thorn – Considering the Gladiator loaded is $ 65,000 I would take the Chevy over it any day of the week!

Ryan foster – I just bought ZR2 Duramax Diesel and I love it. It goes anywhere. I was out wheeling in Hollister and it went everywhere. I love it.

Austin mcfarlane – I want to zr2 diesel. Its perfect

Robert Holmes – Both are Crap and OVERPRICED!!!

Tim judge – The people commenting on this forum do not even understand off-roading. If they knew more about how to wrangler (and the gladiator), then again, from the comments, I know who is Sor, if you want to spin around in dirt, Whatever, but over Colorado’s mountain roads no way has a handle that could . Why do not we hang up both the glad and the chevy and inspect the damage, much less see the chevy try to extract itself. NO WAY!

Mariani lim – Shitbox reliability and problems. Avoid at all cost. Do not buy Chevrolet Gold Jeep.

Craig bruce – What’s this world coming to ?? Jeeps trying to look like hummers..

Hummers trying to look like Jeeps ….

Best jeep ever ?? The CJ 5 … $ 70K for a Jeep ?? Get real ..

Revolvin goatt – Chevy and Chrysler and Ford make terrible products compared to TOYOTA.

Revolvin goatt – Hahaha hahaha tacoma

Yvonne you – Jeep Gladiators are very nice and will
Take it

Yvonne you – Everyone please love a Jeep Gladiator Jeep Gladiator


Amphictyon1 – Colorado ZR2 by country mile (in which ugly color white gold red look way nicer). The ZR2 is $ 4000 less money, better off-road, and more on the highway, more better mileage, more way in diesel, more way better looking. Though they have both lockers, the ZR2 is a totally different league than the Jeep, which looks old and will probably end up aging like the Hummer. This Jeep reviewer was embarrassingly biased while the Asian dude was just frank and honest. The ZR2 Wins Easily and nicely looks, too; that ugly blue did not help him against the red jeep.

Hatuey mcfarland – I’m a Jeep guy but the Chevy looks good, more subtle. If it has the diesel engine even better.

Louis barningham – Chrysler Trash vs GM Garbage

Bavarianrev – If you want to bland truck, buy the chevy. if you want some heart and soul, buy the jeep.

Alexander Blackburn – So not the most capable Chevy vs the most capable jeep in the class. Consider the Bison vs. the gladiator.

Keith C. Brown – Hey what’s my Calvin guy from Porsche, what’s up Big Guy? Long time no see … cool video! I shall subscribe…

Proulx guy – Shitboxes

Boots n pants – Thank you doctor from Jurassic Park

Vic C. Jr. – 4 "LIFT for Glad and DONE!!!!!

Jeffrey serious – Im not a chevy guy but I’d rather rather own the zr2. Finally chevy builds a midsize truck worth talking about.

Ben From SK – One will last 3 years without major problems.

Tacomahnster – Jeep’s interior design is hands-down the best for domestic mid-size truck offerings. Looks like they’re actually doing it, and it’s not just bland curves and cheap looking plastic (* cough looking at you Ford and Chevy *).

Tacomahnster – One feature I love on my new Tacoma is being able to record a breadcrumb trail on the nav system. Helps immensely for off-roading out here in the desert with a gazillion road forks everywhere you go. Do not offer these?

Tacomahnster – The Jeep would be my choice, but I wish they would up their game in the reliability department.

Tim latcham – i love my GLADY

Metaltera86 – Gladiator is a great step for jeep ….

Afont501 – They have not tried rock climbing. SMH The ZR2 would have schooled the jeep….

Dudley holland – Checkout TFL review of the JL kittens trying to tow its load rating and failing miserably.

Betancourt manual – Is it cold? You guys wearing jacket and you are in the desert…

Nathan explosion – ZR2’s blue paint on the Jeep.

Neil barnes – You guys are such off road rookies it is not even funny. You have the beat equipment but lack the guts to really test it!

Anthony gonzales – I just looked at a new gladiator and started it all over the place. The sales said geez feels like it’s going to stall, sorry fiat is junk! Worst part is the truck was a Rubicon with a 59k sticker

Cowboy boots – The guy in the head is trying to speak with him.

Casper 24 – The Jeep Fanboy Is Rediculas Everytime He Can Knock Zr2 He Does.he Acts Like A Bitch..

Piss mcgyver – IMO, Jeep should have more closely mirrored the AEV Brute pickup design. The Glaz is too long, the tires are too small for the wheelwells, and the failed IS test is inappropriate.
I’ve also seen another video featuring a 2-door concept version of the Gladiator, which is much more "Jeepy" than the production model. Jeep really should consider this version of the current model.

Curt hensley – Jeez the wrangler has won some girth. For this kind of money I could build a bad azz cj8, or even a tj unlimited. And chevy is a fiat

Jasswear – Old dude just drug the sh * t out of everything on the bottom jeep and tried to say it was just the tow hitch every time. Improving funny as hell. Good thing it was a loaner.

Jasswear – These 2 guys are horny as hell.

RayJ-HT – I can not have reached the knights on the ZR2. They showed it to be so rampant then he jumps out to exaggerate getting out. They just kept making up stuff to complain about.

Hunter tomlin – For the price of these posers.

Josh brown – They also forgot to mention that if you get the diesel version of the zr2 it will tow 7000 pounds as well

James middleton – Like to see them in mud & snow. A lot of us get the 4wd for. I do not go to the desert, but.

Nicole grieve – These guys are so biased its crazy. I’ve owned Jeep so its better. Do not listen to them.

1ST General – The thumb hiding was distracting

Robert peragine – They’re both junk

Cosmic charlie – Polishing turds.

Atrophy p – The Ruby Gladiator is in a league of its own.
Chevy had to outsource AEV to churn out the Bison, in order to desperately try to compete with the Ruby.
Aiming the Ruby Gladiator with Mopar parts, and the AEV Bison is shyte.
And it is.
So is the raptor.
Do you wish you could have anyway?
Darn right.

Rick tret – Not really a test of off road capability. I have a ZR2 and a 2011 Wrangler Rubicon unlimited. The Rubicon is the king of off road, I’ll take the Chevy.

Filthy ogre – Attacking take a trd pro

Monsterbaby – These are not really trucks. Keep making the passenger area larger while reducing the bed of the truck. These are not your working man’s trucks anymore they are just glorified SUV’s.

Saimhaim – Dirt road test.

Charles clement – For all you people who like the Chevy, I’ll bet you’ll see more Jeeps / Gladiators / Wranglers on the road than this Chevy thing. You do not see women driving ZR’2’s..Women drive Wranglers.We all know they Are way smarter than we men. The Gladiator is my choice. Do not be caught dead in any Chevy. period.

James postle – Why are they complaining about zr2?

PRNC LGN – The gladiator is so ugly

Dagon curtis – LOL, they are going so slow, they are going so slow, they are doing it in the video, Happy Easter Mabey even slower.!

Yvon larocque – Wow this is the worste testing ive ever seen … testing at 4×4 at 2 kms ?? … lol … ive done all of these things in my 68 vauxhaul at 50mph. And no dings or anything happened..realy? The .. if this is how they test their units??

Tony stone – Come on video proves all zr2 did much better

Steven james –

Chevydmax1000 – It was very obvious the Jeep was very biased towards the Jeep. It was very disappointing, and the viewer decided for themselves. Since they have been awarded the ZR2 Jeep is a lot more expensive than the ZR2. Big success The Jeep gets into the $ 60,000 range you load with all the options people like to have. Jeep overpriced it. It’s too long and should be offered in a regular cab.

Najee jackson – Zr2 Wrangler Gold Bronco

Almeida – I’ll take the Tacoma every day, every day.

KooLaidblue – Edmunds sucks at truck reviews. Now they’ve got a middle aged asian hipster.

T4nkc0mm4nd3r – As expected, the ZR2 was much better, but I would say that I thought it might be.

Still, I would never buy another Jeep. Our 2016 JKUR was only good offroad, and even better than crawling than my Raptor is.

Will james – Shit review from two idiots, one is drawing parallels with the first settlers ….. omg … what a dick

Plum bum – Blade review covered nothing important !!! Except to go get some groceries lol

G man – Drink everytime jeep guy says "but its not that bad!" You will not make it half way through the video. Jeep drag on the tubes … but its not that bad! Totally biased. Comments are pretty unanimous in favor of the zr2, including for looks … and it’s thousands less! You can get a zr2 Bison for the price of the Gladiator…..

Paul siegel – Still need a true compact pickup…..

James mines – U did not see any pice of shit chevy in any of the world war’s

James mines – Do u no what u get when u cross a Toyota with a Chevy u get a toilet

Pete mountain – Haha They’re complaining about an off-road truck being high

Roads traveled – Like your videos- if you are ever in MI come check out the Silver Sand Lake Dunes- heres my Colorado ZR2 on 35s ripping around with some tacos @

New hamburg joe – ZR-2 hands down

Floyd johnson – I thought they were both of them when they would really take them where needed 4×4!!

Happy car reviews – I like the ZR2 but I really would like to see the GLADIATOR vs The RAPTOR.

2A556FMJ – You guys need to take shots or something during the interview section, it’s like watching paint dry. Should really consider hiring out for this. Love the contentedness of the brain.

Sean baney – Just want to say we buy it because they drive on the highway. It does not bother you like it or you get used to it.
What we are after the road gets better IFS only flexes as much as it would be stock when lifted.

Aj sap – 2.5 inch lift with portal axels on the Gladiator would be a dream.

Woodstock dave – I’ve learned a lot watching this video. Things like a grown man, never saying "rub a dub dub"

Yougottab kidding – Wow guys, worried about scraping wheel flares on ZR2. So do not all vehicles, by law have fenders that cover the wheels? In your search for things? In your search for things?.

Rick james – Not sure if these people are the right people to review off road trucks

Chief mime – These two need another job. What needs to keep Jeep Jeep and let Chevy from the trucks. This is getting pathetic. Anyway, buy American made.

John dyer – Comparing junk to garbage !!! Imported Chev to a Renault style crap. Didn’t work in the 70’s it’s not going to work now !

Skylinevspec000 – Holden Colorado lol … good luck with that … Hope Gm let Chevy actually make it right as the holdens are piles of unreliable crap….

Brian lampright – Great review !! Keep it up. Love how thorough this field is all over the world and even a ramp index. And I think you are good with each other.

Donald smith – I would not buy any of these trucks ", all trucks should have at least 6 ft bed with the option of an 8 ft bed!!!

Fan ye – ZR2 has so much more vibration than Gladiator, the guy in ZR2 can’t even talk properly.

Rogue yamaha – ZR2 FTW.

From seed to shatter – Chevy has been making trucks for years. Also there are two majorities of people who are young people who are driving it. I can picture a lot of dirt bike chicks.

Sun and moon – Very simple answer, jeep will be a minor.

Mike v – Nice add. Parking lot princess!!!

Bluffmagic – The approach and path could have helped the Jeep.

Steven wants – Edmunds is the new Motor Trend

Chas106 g. – What about a Jeep brand truck that looks like a truck? They have done it before. Maybe Dodge or Ram will come with a mid size truck.

Wobblepizza – The ZR2 looks better, the jeep is probably a better experience. Better visibility, can get a manual, manual t-box (solenoids transfer cases SUCK), and you can put the top down. I’d be interested if it came in a Shorter cab & a half version, or even a single cab.

Virginia paintball – Zr2 is the ass. Jeep is better

Daniel parrish – Price out for replacement for multimatic shocks on the zr2.

Blue patch1413 – Nice job, boys

I PEEL U – Asian guy gets fucked on the road at Honda 12:27 .??

FedUp UnionWorker – At least the Chevy does not look like a POS! Jeep h2 hut!

Old griz – Chevy wins again……

Frederic flintstone – Completing about the height of the bed just makes you look like total pussies lol. You’re obviously not a good guy, but you know it’s better than that. I hate those short beds where you can not do without lunch without peeking out. Why Do you have a fucking truck at that point?

Thom – If I were to put on my Jeep fan boy hat, I would choose the Gladiator.

But if I would choose utility and functionality, then I would get the Colorado ZR2. Does the Colorado ZR2 have skid plates?

86 45 – The Gladiator wont be around long. Stay in your Jeep lane! That thing is hideous.

Scipheroth – God i wish i lived in japan … north america keeps going backwards in vehicles ……

Isaac kamau – The Chevrolet Colorado is a better value for money, it will be cheaper than the Jeep / Fiat (Chrysler). Lol

Rodney meneses – Nahhh, gladiator all the way……..

Holmberg log – I just noticed it was so easy to get hold of it. That’s frickin cool.

Vinnie gunns – Spotter? The JT has a front facing camera …

Gearheads Off-Road Garage – Is this even a comparison? Lol

Hilljack – Going hilarious to see even Jeep guys take the Zr2’s side of the Jeep is obviously too low and too long to be an off-road vehicle. Look at the gladiator and cut off the bed and bring the wheels up to the cab farther and what do you see? Jeep Jeep, Jeep, Jeep, Jeep, Jeep, Jeep, Jeep.

Jason grimes – Sounds like a commercial Jeep. I drove both the Rubicon and the ZR2 and just bought the ZR2. There was no comparison. As far as height is concerned, my wife is 5 ‘2 "and loves it.!

Brooke turner – Not really a fair comparison. Of course people choose the Jeep but how much does the Chevy cost? Less right,.

Dune yolo – Chevy are like Buffers eventually every bitch owns one ☝️

Rxibot – The whole point of the gladiator jeep is to give a jeep to something like that. The Chevy is so much less 2000 pounds less pulling power then the Jeep

Rusty hackelford – The Fiat Jeep Gladiator Rubicon received a star crash rating…
It’s basically a rolling death machine, made by Fiat.


Craig r. – Jeeps are almost pointless because if you want to Jeep, you want to Jeep and nothing else will do. That said, I’m impressed with the ground clearance of the ZR2 and totally get the desert truck thing-the more the merrier. Good review And keep the off-road stuff coming!

Furniture guru – Scrambler 2.0?

Boardman getpaid – 700 pounds of oranges in the Jeep bed .. that was a huge tree

Furniture guru – Why in the blue hell are they calling this a Gladiator? It’s just a
Remake of the Scrambler. Who’s jacked up idea was this? It looks like a current Jeep Gladiator pickup.

Rexb16 – Can anyone tell me what trail they were in the last half of the video?

Thestarlitetraining – TOYOTA Tacoma would smash them both … long live the King Tacoma!

Ephesians 6:12 – Idk … how aggressive the camera was vibrating in Colorado zr2 and the way his voice vibrates … seems rough to me.

Donald salkovick – Wait until the Jeep gets a few miles on it and develops the infamous

Hoodmobbin – Damn people are dumb. Quit telling people to sub, we all know what to do. T down for stupidity

Kurt kreiss – The ZR2 looks like the future, the Gladiator, well … needs work. Fiat quality … I’ll take the Chevy

Tiersmoke92555 – #RPP

Brynnon heller – Guys are dumb! Get some D *** MEN that actually do this stuff to test! They probably both own a Prius! Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator . Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator!

Muckster101 – Ricky Bobby with his hands lol

John ashford – The only, ONLY thing, the Jeep has gone for its solid front axle. They should have released the diesel option at launch, to make it competitive. I’m not saying ZR2 is perfect, but … nice try jeep, but go Back to drawing board.

Stanley Kania – Toyota Resell Value says it all

Exodus fivesixfivesix – The TRD is not a winner?

Always be smart – Lol this asain dude is a roit

The internets – Fun fact: A five foot bed is not useful.

530alpha – You need to compare those to my H3T alpha hummer

Mike c – ZR2 all day LED DRLs and HIDs.

Cesar castillo – I wonder if Jeep will do a 2-Door version of the Gladiator

Trav city – I have a 2018 rubicon and a Chevy Silverado so I am a fan of both. These are really not in the same class. Most people who buy the Jeep are probably buying the top off. There are definitely better off off road vehicles if that is your goal. If I were to replace my Silverado, I would defiantly take a look at the ZR2. I would definitely not be replacing my JLU for the Gladiator.

MadMax TheCrazy – What is that phone mount in the rubicon?

Joe will counter – Get a Tacoma in there and stop wasting my time.

CubanAmerican HVAC – The ZR2 looks badass, the Jeep looks weird to me.

Jonathan doey – I am a Jeep guy who said these guys are on cracking the Gladiator is better than the ZR2

That aussie bloke – Maybe next time you are off road and get some guys that can drive off road and know what they are doing

John birkholz – I was surprised by your video and enjoyed it. I did not know you did videos. Enjoyed and will look for more.

Andres saucedo – i think this is a jeep promote?

Why rumad – Im a Ford guy and I know the ZR2 has better suspension. It can keep up with a Raptor offroad of this jeep wont.

ScottaHemi – It’s bad GM doesn’t have an SUV based on this truck.

They could call it the trailblazer or something!


Savan cleland – Hate to break it to you Edmunds, unlike your most biased, most people prefer the ZR2 over the Gladiator. Just a lot of positive comments are positive ZR2 comments while less than 5% are positive Jeep comments.

Michael brown – I mean towing shouldn’t be a topic with midsize trucks but if that’s all that that’s wrong I’m ok with that.

Savan cleland – Do not know in over deeping? Do y’all know what overlanding is? The ZR2 is practically made for overlanding and every single cupid is essential when overlanding.

Rudaripu – Is it me or the doors of the gladiator were wobbling in the woops?

Demon36952 – Jeep Gladiator Rubicon vs trd pro!!!

Deadly platypus – 1.The engineer sounds like the ZR2 is shaking him to death…

2.Approach / departure / breakover are easier to fix.

Martin gavin – The zr2 is so much better, these guys are knowing what they are talking about!

Zac abt – When is it coming to Australia

Mystic Daves Tarot & Machine Shop – To train farmer once said to me, they were looking at a nice shinny new truck, "Sure would look nice with a load of cow shit in the back." Around these parts of the world drive trucks and woosies drive pretend trucks. It intended for men drive shinny cars that are almost, but not completely, totally unlike trucks? This truck is useless.

Justin snyder – So boring. Get some young people who know how to have a little fun. Grandpa offroading using snooze control. All talk and no go. Shuttle and drive those offroaders geez.

Tore hansen – What if I told you about Google Maps you can download maps and use them offline?

Proulx guy – Gubbment Motors of China vs. Italy, two shitboxes going at it lol, they should of the 3rd shitbox, the ranger

Nemeanion – A lot of angry ZR2 fans in this section.

March – They should have added the TRD Pro in this comparison to those of ZR2 (which is very capable)

Drew3811 – 2 min in the Colorado is ugly, gladiator for the win.

Nick castle – Lol at everyone saying the Jeep lost just because because it was sooooo many features of the Jeep that was not even mentioned hmm the diesel gladiator

Nick castle – No mention of the front trail camera

Matthew schiebout – The interior of the chevy can not hold a candle to the jeep.

IlistentoGutalaX – Attacking in love with the Jeep Gladiator ❣️

Matthew Moody – The zr2 is for young boys and women. Like the camry.

Terrence wuttunee – Your full of shit

Francisco Viper Diaz – Just a couple inches (workshop) for tires (both vehicles) and go !!.

Pete k – 90% of the zr2 owners will not be doing any worse then this test track … good review for the new zr2

Dolv dervish – Maybe it’s just me but it seems kinda like a basic rookie move to an RTI test.

David stair – Wow … that introduction was painfully scripted…

Cnovz – Keeping my tacoma

Dylan has – Nothing puts you in the middle of the action like a jeep? How about Dirtbike’s, SxS’s and Atv’s.

Schwarttzy – The aftermarket will make the Gladiator a clear winner. Just try and put 37 inches.

Jeep gladiator rubicon vs. Chevy colorado zr2-2019 off-road truck comparison

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