Jeep gladiator vs. Ram rebel vs. Power wagon: you can be surprised to learn which is the cheapest!

Jeep Gladiator vs. Ram Rebel Vs. Power Wagon: You May Be Surprised To Learn Which Is Cheapest!

Description: Andre and Nathan show off the most off-road capable trucks you can buy from FCA. But you’ll be really surprised to hear which …

Bob vincent – Nice video guys. I get a little disappointed at FCA Power Wagon tow ratings though causing PW smack talk. That Power Wagon can safely haul BOTH those other trucks together we have a big heavy gooseneck trailer simply by adding two. I have a 2016 PW and Have pulled 17000 in a dump trailer, on the rear receiver. And nearly every day, in that same 3500lb dump trailer, I pull an 8300lb Yanmar excavator, plus it’s extra buckets and accessories, for about 12k on the ball. So, people can Not know what mine can do. I did install steel wheels to handle the daily loads because i wore the bead area on the original alumies. Now to the half tone. No doubt that I had a 2015 eco diesel half tone with 4 corner air, It blew my socks off with what it could do, but the PW can do more, and better with it’s supremely beefy axles and frame.

Sasha shpiruk – Can you get the hemi rebel without and tq?

Eman WacaGator – Jeep should have gone the falcon shocks, way better…

Gator nation – I would take my $ 60k and buy another Toyota Tundra

Retroity – 60 ‘? I’m getting a Tundra TRD off-road and upgrading the tires. I’ll keep the other 15k in the bank and drive trouble for the next decade.

In a perfect world I’d choose the RAM Laramie Sport 4×4.

But I’m poor so I’m getting the vehicle with the least liability

Grantland gamster – 60k for a v6 lol

ALYX2YONDE – Nop to those disposable vehicles, Tacoma forever haha

BUGOUTSTUFF – I think there should be a Ford Raptor full size in the mix!!

Bowtech1020 – I’m a jeep guy … But I would take the power wagon.

Mars hand – Just eye candy for me. At these prices I can buy Ridgeline and civic.

Tom thorn – You have three vehicles that have all quality issues! The president of FCA was giving a speech at the beginning of the year and said, "You are here for the first time." The dodge trucks for example are getting pretty small starters. Having a lot of bad luck and we have had a lot of bad luck on the market. For $ 65,000, they are only $ 65,000.!
I would like to have a nice full size F-150 Gold Chevy Silver for that price a Rubicon any day of the week and twice on Sunday!

Showtime Chris C – Have you seen dodge consumer reviews lately, worst car manufacturer still in business

Wayne wicks – It’s a nice italian pick up lol

Jack boy – For me personally power wagon all day.

Pickle ahoy – If you had 60K …. you should buy a Corvette instead

Scremfak – Does the Power Wagon have a front end? Kind of a big deal!

Marty schmidt – The Jeep Gladiator will hold its value the most.

Zachary zarko – I’m not going to be one of those three, and I hate Tom Selleck Mustache on the Rebel. If I had to get a Ram, I would buy an all-new Ram 1500 Limited Crew Cab Short Bed 4×4 in Delmonico Red with a 5.7-liter Hemi.


Ron smith – 60? Ouch

Rep toob – Occasionally when Andrea talks, his accent disappears for a few moments. Just an observation.

Gary finnstrom – Would never own a truck with the stupid roof roof

M9A1 MAN – E-torque systems are already failing. NO THANKS.

Wilfried gronau – 19 gal for the v8 you must be joking ha ha no way

Chet budreau – Comparing an OP worthless jeep lmao !!!!!!

Nicholas murphy – The Power of the Jeep is most expensive

Carp spudpicker – I hate when they are talking about a video but do not say what they are talking about. I just bought a 1933 Rebel with a msrp of 69 CDN $ 350.00 and got 23,000 off between the manufacturer discounts, rebates and dealer discount. $ 46.350.00 before Tax and financing cost. A gladiator with fewer options, less truck capability, and less refinement for on-road driving (where the truck will spend 90% of its life) will cost 10k more than the Rebel and gets worse! Too much hype around This fact is FCA is cleaning up with the Gladiator, and that’s just business in my opinion, your idiot to pay the price of them.!

Robin bulgrin – This channel has been officially turned into a commercial fca. You bitches sold your soul!

Edisla2013 – Do you guys ever use these vehicles? If you’re in the market for a Jeep Rubicon Gladiator then I would definitely consider purchasing Ram Power Wagon. You’re Concise The Ford Raptor and the Ford F250 left me wondering the same thing. Very different Vehicles with different purposes in mind. I used to enjoy your videos but you’re starting to lose me.

Mrjjthor thor – Power wagon all the way

Mr. A. stough – Compare MPG for the Power Wagon, compare.

Corey jerrod – 60K budget, Wrangler sport, Hellcat engine swap, Rubicon running gear.

Corey jerrod – 3:54. . . You better hold true to your word. I want to see the SHAG !
Must ! !

Trevor mangus – Of the 3 choices Power wagon hands down. I would love to see diesel in the power wagon or diesel truck with front and rear lockers

Ryan smith – Why are people putting the tradesman power wagon as the regular power wagon?

Zeleni Zub – Power wagon with 3.0 diesel. Am i the one who thinks this way?

Johnnybabee – Definitely the wagon. Sure the Raptor may be faster, but the Wagon goes places Raptor only dreams about.

Rachelle b. – Used 911?

Gotstuff stoppa – Love the whole TFL CREW.

Ron wakefield – I like that my Power Wagon fits 35 "tires even though seen some put on 37s which depends on actual size may rub

Robert Holmes – If I had 60 big, I would not buy FCA JUNK, I would choose, Buy Honda or Toyota….!!!

Jason boston – The Power Wagon may be a little more capable than the Rebel, mostly because it’s a 2500, but the interior of the Rebel is second to none. I’d definitely pick the Rebel.

TheMystro1971 – The power wagon is in its own off road class. There is really some off road racing for the Power Wagon at any price point. Consider monster Did you consider the Power Wagon leave the Raptor spinning its wheels and stuck on the off road gauntlet? ??? 🙂 There is only one Power Wagon.

Marine4life0 – Gladiator

TheDavePhan – I would not spend that much money on a car or truck. But if I HAD to choose one it would be one of the rams. Probably the power wagon.

Cff121 – If considering gonna spend 60k on an off road truck, save another $ 7-10k and buy the F-150 Raptor. Much better than Mopar products and it also completely outperforms them.

Medic dan – 60k at the bedliner … Ridiculous


Patrick the – Ram and fca is killingin the games we # 129309; # 129300; # 128372; # 128372; # 128372;

Kevin’s game room – If I had $ 60k I would not be spending it on an FCA product lol

Tom reed – I would pick the rebel it’s the most off-road able it tows the most

Joseph j – I would go with the Power Wagon

Tim roberts – You guys from great reviews

Dwight adas – Thank you!

Rob379 – I choose none … they are dodge, exspecially the Jeep.

David lives – You mean the scrambler?

Edgar rodriguez – I went for the rebel and I am glad I did. Kids have enough space in the back is so comfortable 5.7 Hemi. All thanks to your guys videos!!

Mrvegaslive – None of them

Mark chirillo – 4 doors, tinted windows, black rims, this may be the thing, but its still UGLY !

David baker – Gladiator sucks

Chris cosentino – 60k for a jeep that uses a prop rod for the hood … Ridiculous # 128529;

Mike petrilli – I can see Nathan’s boner

Jorge lancaster – For $ 60K Buy the Tesla Model 3 and used Jeep TJ.

Billy tm – It almost seems like the TFL gets royalty checks via FCA regarding how many videos we can post in the new Jeep Gladiator. Sheesh, enough has.
I get it. It’s a very short mid-size pickup based on an off-road vehicle …. we know it will outperform other mid-size trucks, especially going off road.

Kevin spacey – If i had 60k id buy land lots of land a stupid overpriced pickup truck … and with that land id use my 89 Jeep big wagoneer.

That or id buy a nice boat and enjoy myself on the water

Scott Bott – The 2020 Jeep. 7 months BEFORE 2020.Hmmm..
Leave it to FCA

Rick Sanchez C137 – That Jeep Gladiator …. add a pop up camper and live in the woods forever…

Tyler clasp – I’d buy something with TRD Pro in the name if I had $ 60,000 lol.

Eichler721 – The Tradesman with Powerwagon package is king of offroad, a 9k trailer behind them and the Powerwagon will leave the Rebel. It’s just a better deal. It is in the fuel economy being bigger but it is worth it

Trout – If I had 60k I would not waste it on a new truck. I’d just dump it into my current truck..

Oscar Celorio – Love the Rush shirt! Can the Tradesman Power Wagon screen be upgraded to 8 "? I need my Android Auto.

Charlie odom – Are people paying 60k for a jeep? You could not pay me 60k to own any of these!

I will, but take an old Jeep, swap in a small GM block, Dana 44 axles, atlas t-box, and a tko 5 speed. I had a lot better vehicle for less money.

Legalize Marijuana – All three are beautiful but I would take the power wagon. I saw it on the NYC.

Alan croker – 60k plus for any of these is outrageous.

Matty1053 – I must be the only one…..

I would NEVER my daily driver would never be an offroading vehicle. Any offroad vehicle I would own my vehicle camping. or the weekend cruiser.

Nelson gonzalez – If I had $ 60K I received any of these vehicles.

Kyleloew432 – If I can get a heavy duty for the price, I’m definitely not spending so much, that same price on a midsize truck. That’s like spending the same money on a full gallon.

Jeremy rhodes – So is the RAM 2500 2dr 4×4 with the possible power wagon? I do not want the 4dr.

Jeremy rhodes – What is it about a manual transmission that causes the towing to decrease so much??

Samus989 – I paid 57k Canadian (42k USD) for my power wagon, brand new, 50km on the clock. direct from factory. Has all the upgrades except sunroof, which I did not want. Canada always gets better deals on vehicles, not sure why. Oh, and the drug thrown in lifetime oil changes.

Free skiing – Real trucks do not have four doors.

Will barks – Power wagon without hesitation every time.

Dan r – Power wagon

Sherburne lee – Fiat junk really shame

Zachry diehl – Did … Did he draw his beard with eyeliner? The color does not even match.
How embarrassing.

Honey pink – With the Fiat Dodge you need to add the extended warranty and the cost of a ride from the shop to that 60k.

Mason sheltrown – Powerwagon


TheArkDoc – Of the 3, the Gladiator is the only one of these three. But if I was buying a new truck for offload, it would be a raptor.

Brainfuck10 – Cool they made some luxury trucks, now they need to focus on entry-level trucks, they are more affordable and just as capable!

Oliver jarquin – Dodge, Dodge, Dodge, Dodge, Dodge, and Dodge

Jonathan c. – Where’s the raptor fit in this?

R m – Power wagon

Stuntman 660 – All are over priced. I’ll keep driving my 15 yr old truck!

Derp mcderpface – Power wagon all the way..unless u have a vagina..then go with the’s the new Subaru Outback for the millennial dikes

Tactical shtooper – The answer is: none of the above. I would rather buy a Toyota Land Cruiser or a Ford.

Zach zimmerman – I would pick none. Rather have the ford raptor

Joel hullum – Cheapest 345 hemi trim, stroke to 392/400, forged internals, fuel pump upgrade, single turbo kit, forged tranny. 600+ rwtq / hp and still under 60k.

Tony hightower – Will the rebel rear seats recline or is that only Laramie models?

Robert Delgado – If I had 60K solid buy a house

Woof beast – $ 60K for a 6 cyl truck.
No comment necessary.

Woof beast – These jackasses are total shillings for Fiat-shocking.
Everyone knows the new rams are a disaster.

Woof beast – I would not buy the Jeep because it’s a Fiat; the Power Wagon is out because it’s a Fiat and the Rebel is out because it’s a Fiat.
BTW, the e-torques are constantly working their way out of the fridge. Fiat shares.

Fuck I Talion In Sinine "Trucks".

Twis7edAsh ice – If I had 60 Grand I would not buy a Ram or Dodge brand. Lol

Steve kraynik – When the top goes down the price goes up.

I must give – When you say $ 60 WHAT STICKER price which no one country. When you see $ 60K you can take $ 10K off at any dealership. So you’re really looking at $ 48K to $ 50K vehicles.

Iron rod – Is that ray novel ?

Penny steve – If I had $ 60k I’m not buying any dodge

Donny donowitz – For $ 60K For a fiat? I believed in that.

Jesse richards – If you have $ 60K & want maximum capability & fun, buy a brand new F-150 STX, Can Am Renegade 570 ATV, & Yamaha VX WaveRunner & still have money for gear & accessories for all 3 vehicles # 129335; four
But to each their own # 128077;

Red haired – Not everyone buys a truck to tow and / or payload. That being said, out of those three choices, the Power Wagon is the one for me.

Steve irnwitt – Loaded f250 diesel or power wagon for 60k

Alex trainer – F250 with carli kit

Jon older – If I had changed $ 60,000 in a low cost SP 500 index fund such as FXAIX in say 2009 I would now have over $ 242,000. Going keep driving my old F150 and invest it instead. Nice looking trucks though.

SoCalSlaughter – $ 60k? Buy a square suburban body, LS swap it, $ 10k in upgrades like suspension. Pocket $ 40k and laugh at Jeep owners.

Strix2035 – I would keep it in the bank and lease the rebel

Bad tripp – Dodge / Jeep = Lemon Law will not cover. Absolute trash!

J pr – None of them-improving buy what I currently have-a late model, low mileage Toyota Landcruiser 200….

Jack beavers – I would pick the Rubicon jeep all day long on any given day. It’s my dream vehicle of all times

Zach summers – 60k for a jeep lol

Victor johnson – For about $ 30k you can build a custom CJ that will do everything better.

Easliy displeased – I have a last year before I moved out of country for a bit. Wrinkles better than my wife’s range rover, I jumped off roading no issues. Interior is incredible, and the phone is awesome.

Buster 210 – Go get a trd pro

Jason bowlin – I compared buy ni

Soupy chang – * if you had 60k and a small penis

Matt smith – The power wagon the rest are underpowered

Robert Rustenbeck – I just went to RAM’s website, the Power Wagon Package is not showing anywhere when building the Tradesman.

9 series – The power wagon package only comes with the 8 speed automatic if you want manual transmission then you get the Cummins diesel (was being corrected 2018 was the last year of manual trans with diesel)

Organic mechanic – RUSH-The best Canadian band ever!

Shawn ridge – The Rebels tow rating and the Rebel.

Gabriel turbeville – $ 60,000 I would not buy any of these pieces of crap

Steve st martin – Ford raptor

Cody smith – I plan on getting a new rebel but might look at the PW too.

Kermitwc7 – As always, thanks for the great video!

Where’s the Gladiator towing video?

Having been mentioned a few times.

Cummins12valve !!! – Great video and info. Love the Gladiator but the price is scary. Power wagon for the win.

Jackson lewis – Fca could get the price of the lower gladiator ……. if they simply based on the wrangler on a similar frame of factory ……. frankly even the non loaded……

Jordan north – How did Chrysler manage to produce a 3/4 ton full size truck that tows less than its half tone ram rebel.

Mike tacey – The competing wait to see these three segments. Ike gauntlet and off road.

Andrew DeBoer – Can someone tell me why they keep saying the rebel is an offroad truck? the only offroad feature has a rear locker. You can get that in a basic tradesman.

Darin know – Used land cruiser

6utierrez – Can someone tell me what features come standard on a Rubicon??

Marshall hall – Wow

Yusuf kacchi – I will take the sierra daneli!

Trucks cars and campers – Excited for that gladiator Ike gauntlet!!

Crimsontang – Lol that’s got you from the Gladiator’s hood pop? Imma steal somebody’s intake manifold while they’re in a store or something.

Chris powers – The gladiator is a rip off, what is jeep thinking?

Bill thompson – Since they’re all Fiat, how many transmissions have been blown up in the making of this video?
Do you lose 30% of your vehicle when you drive it off the lot?

Vinny wine – You are airways redding my mind and giving me what I need.

Tom davis – If I had $ 60k

Weekend warrior – Abble translated

Blake zimmerman – The power wagon is really capable, the Jeep is small enough to genuinely off-road. That price is absolutely insane though. Sure I could buy a lower trim, but I wanted to have more. It should be mid 40s top trim for the gladiator.

Guyito martinez – For $ 60k? I would buy a k5, swap in an LQ9, I / H / E + cam / heads (maybe nitrous), custom 4 link suspension and cage it … and deposit the other 45-50k into my savings account … # 128514;

MrWarez – Wow, that rebel interior is nice!

Gator nation – I would get a Toyota Tundra TRD with everything about 100,000 miles.

Peter Ökvist – I’d buy a raptor!

But i live in sweden so it’s almost 120,000 usd with taxes … so maybe a ram? 85,000 usd!

Thomas Rossi – For that money, have a Raptor. Gold has TRD Pro

Ryan l – To be honest I feel the power wagon is the most underrated truck on the market. I have owned a 2012 Raptor 6.2 and now I currently own a 2018 Ram Power Wagon. To be honest I had zero mechanical issues with the Raptor up to 100k miles When I feel like the ultimate off-road vehicle with a sway bar disconnected. Now I know Raptor and Power Wagon are two different species. From Rebel, Gladiator, and Power Wagon it’s the Power Wagon. Not only for towing but for how big it I. honestly believe it can be more anyway long live the underdog POWER WAGON !!!!

Bigad23 – Rebel all day. Nathan brings the fun to TFL! Love the personality!

Michael fucks – None of them!

Larry tillick – Congratulations, you guys compared to mid-sized truck with two full-sized monsters and their lack of ability? Nice job. Ever hear the phrase, "apples and oranges".

T55k – RUSH !

Strategic bushcraft – The Raptor is what I would get. Even though I have used it for the rotary dials for shifting I still don’t like them. Nissan Titan 4X Pro with the Diesel Engine.

Jim ferguson – I would love to see a shootout between the Power Wagon and the Gladiator.

Bernard f – Being being after 5 FC Mexican Mexican Mexican Mexican Mexican Mexican Mexican Mexican Mexican Mexican Mexican Mexican Mexican Mexican Mexican.

Thomas disharoon – I would buy ford version of powerwaging

Lucas LeCompte – For 60k you could buy used ram 2500 with a cummins, make it into a power wagon, and have a pretty decent boat.

Upstater 5.9 – If I had 60k I’d buy at 2018 Cummins lol

Damian gutierrez – It depends. You want to go on the road and go for it, or you just have to go on a big ranch. And the rebel would be for someone who does not go off road a lot.

B curzon – The Gladiator Rubicon does not have a higher payload capacity than the Colorado ZR2. I have a 2019 ZR2 and I just checked my door sticker and it shows 1249 pounds of payload capacity. I imagine the Bison has lower payload because of the weight of the Armor, and the ZR2 with the light bar has a higher payload than a loaded Gladiator Rubicon.

Rangel06 – If i had 60k? I saved the half 30k and the other half for tacoma.

Turbojunki – ZR2 payload is more than the Gladiator shown. My 2017 ZR2 IS 1249LBS. I know that was the head of your head.

Matt albers – Improving still better 10k with the power wagon than the rebel!

Fuat mondal – Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge Ford and Lincoln

Bingoman 92 – Good comparison can we also compare off road specs?

Matthew nagle – 60 grand for FIAT *

Mark k – Nice shirt Nathen …… My fav band of alltime!!

Dialysisforever – 60K, In reality, I would keep my 99 Ram 4×4 and buy a Hellcat.

Dan stewart – I compare any of these. Fiat Chrysler’s reliability is horrendous. Also, they never paid back.

Michael Crouch – Great comparison, as usual!

Wylthon saints – Cool trucks

Dialysisforever – Why can’t I get the PowerWagon package with the 2 door? That’s crap !! Thanks for the review.

Orange taylor – I have driven the power wagon working on a dealership and i have driven the rebel i pefer the wagon power for towing and off roading

John maher – I agree with Nathan

Jair rodriguez – If I had 60k I would buy used raptor and used 2 door rubicon jk

Rich s. – If I had $ 60k I’d take a built Jeep Gladiator … from 1965..

The 2020-up Gladiators can wait

Gilbert arnold – Great video thank you!

Nilson are – Man, please! Do not talk about the EPA numbers … just say what you got in the tests ok.

Joseph Quintiliani – Power wagon without question for me.

Jo hannes – I believe believing you guys showing the interior of the Ram. wth?

Nader kavandi – I would say 2014-2018 Sierra with the AT package is better for less money. Or just get the Denali with the 6.2 and take it to an aftermarket shop to install the off-road goodies (if you really need them)

Sugarbaresnuffy – Thanks Nathan for showing your Canadian fans a little love!!

D’arcy jousset – Rush

Bretz71 – "This Gladiator costs Cough cough . . . DAYUMN! Nuff said.

Levi p – I love the looks of that rebel, but that Power Wagon ….. It just DO NOT CARE!

Rabbit sports – Powah!

Chris umel – Though published all Fiats

Brian austin – Ford!

Clay free – If I had $ 60k … I would have paid off in the backyard now! oven

Way, way too expensive!!!!

Iwilleatyopussy – Honestly the only thing the Gladiator or Jeep has got going on it’s option to be able to get to the doors and roof off. Jeep Other than that Jeeps are ugly and overpriced way

Bretz71 – This video was recorded the same day you did the review of the $ 80k + Ram HD Laramie. Either that or Nathan has been sleeping in those clothes.

Jeep gladiator vs. Ram rebel vs. Power wagon: you can be surprised to learn which is the cheapest!

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